short term breakup with career (part 1)


This is story of two forbidden souls who r in search for the love in their life and at a sametime story of bubbly lovely souls who r waiting for their soulmates …
this story runs about the four souls who have different perception about love…

character sketch:
Ragini Malik: whole and soul of $&R company a bubbly naughty little bit flirty girl daydreamer about her prince charming..she is the interior designer and an artist by profession. who is there to love only..
Lakshya Malhotra:an artist by profession a lucky go man loves his life more ..and a big hotty and handsome person any girl will wish for…
Sanskar Malhotra:
the mysterious hotty hanndsome .He is out of the world strict for time and a whole and soul of Malhotra industries no.1 industry in America. he loves his brother lakshya to the core .there is reason behind his rudeness (will reveal it later) ….
and most waited character…
one and only
$wara Malik: the girl whose world is only her sister Ragini.The whole Malik empire is managed by her and the lady who will not tolerate any misbehavior in time.she has the all things which can make anyone fall for her in first look .The attitude on her face is not easy to be handled by anyone….
si here we go

the see who have many rivers in it but never differentiate them love is also like that it happenes just happens without any conditions she once did it but what she got betrayal yes……Betrayal
the word is able to shatter anyone but she all on her own passed through it and now she is there only to compete just compete up become#1
we see a big bungalow with $&R carved on it .It has all the greenery of a garden anyone would love to roam and all long woods .We see inside home their is a gym ,art room,music room and every facilities which one needs for ravishing life .
Now we see a girl waking up it is still5:00 am the time “When legends wake up or go to sleep” she moves towards gym she is doing her workout and is full of sweat and she is lustening to songs then she mives towards her room and goes for a hot bath after coming from bath we can still see her long thick hair she goes to temple lighten diya and after praying moves to room where we see a girl who is sleeping with smile on her face and the first girl who was all serious till now has a naughty smirk on her face and snatches the quilt from girl and pours a water glass on her face and another girl shouts “swara i will not leave you now my hunk was just going to prapose me and u stupid woke me up ” by saying this she goes after swara and now swara says ” u will never catch me baby ” now ragini acts like she is having problems in breathing and swara panicks and goes to her and now ragini winks and get hold of her … Yes this is real swara who is only visible to ragini .
Now ragini and she laughs and thrn ragini goes for freshunup and noe swara and ragini moves towards office
Swara with attitude to face the world who is cruel to her and Ragini with attitude to find her charming Prince…
so please tell me about it and it a swasan raglak ff so please do comments

next part : heroes entry

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