Short Story : His success Blabber [Chapter 2]

“Why would you want me to work as his secretary. He doesn’t even need one.” She said barging in Samrat’s office. Samrat sighed. He was already tired due to the same discussion with Neil.

“He told you that?” He questioned, but it was more of a statement. She nodded. “Sit.” He said, pointing to the chair in front of the table. She sat down muttering, “At least, you know how to talk, unlike him.” Samrat chuckled.

“That’s just one of the many reasons why I want you to work for him.” And that piqued her interest. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“You see, he joined five months ago, after returning from Canada, along with Radhika, his twin.” Samrat started.

“Hmm.” She nodded.

“And I have to say that I’m impressed by his efficiency. He became the CEO due to his calibre not because he is my son.”

“I keep tabs about my workplace, y’know.” She intercepted.

“Yeah, as I was saying, he has been giving his best but he is a newbie and doesn’t have the much needed experience. He has his ego, so I can’t be the one to supervise him.” Samrat continued.

“So, I’m his supervisor? Y’know I have been working as a public relations expert, not as a CEO or finance head or anything else. How am I supposed to supervise him?”

“I know. It’s not about teaching him about finance or all that. It’s about teaching him how to make his way with investors and partners and media too.”

“He has got quite a reputation with ladies.” Samaira said to which Samrat just chuckled.

“That he has, but it doesn’t help his case. Instead it worsens it. Most of our delegates have a traditional approach to every thing and to business too. And his womanising ways are a great threat for our company. He is still an amateur and they don’t believe he has the potential.” Ajay said.

“Neither do I.” Samaira said to which Samrat nodded saying, “But, you will.”

“And I have decided that we are gonna get him married.” He said and her eyes widened not quite believing that her new boss would agree.

“He’s ready for it?” She asked.

“That’s nothing to worry about. Our main concern is to find a girl for him.”

“How’s that related to me working for him?”

“Oh that! You are going to arrange meetings or dates, whatever you call them, with the shortlisted girls.” He answered and handed her a file.

“And if all of them are rejected, you have to look for another set of girls. All the while, I want you to try your best to tame him. To tune down his wildness.”

“I am not gonna babysit him.” She protested.

“Sam I understand where you are coming from but I promise I will post you in Delhi after all this.” Samrat coaxed.

She sighed. He had hit the rod when the iron was red hot. She had always wanted to work in their outlet at Delhi. Not because everything was fine there, but because every thing was worst. And being a sincere employee, she wanted to strengthen their position in Delhi.

“I..” She started but he cut her off, “Listen Sam, I may sound harsh but my decision is final. You don’t get to change it. I hope you realise that.”

She stiffened but then chuckled humourlessly, “Don’t worry Sir. I know what my position is. I apologize for trying to act out of my league.”

“Sam..” He tried to say but she was out of his cabin before he could add something to his previously incomplete sentence.


Sam contemplated resigning. There were numerous companies who would happily hire her and not force her into a job like this. But then there was no guarantee that anyone would hire her so easily. She had been working for ‘Dazzle Dizzle’ since four years and almost everyone knew that. Chances were that no one would consider hiring her thinking that it was some carefully planned plan of hers and Ajay. Business world was like that. You could trust nobody. Neither enemies, nor friends, or kin. There were sharks lurking around in the depths as well as shallows around the small fish, keeping a predatory glance at their preys. It was a shame that ethics and morals were just a talk, while the workings were highly unethical and corrupt & power hungry.

Looking at the brighter side of things, she realized that once this bride hunting business was finished, she could shift to Delhi permanently.


“Have you arranged the meeting with Arihant Kapoor?”

“No, Sir. I was going to do that.”

“Excuses. What have you been doing since morning? Sitting casually or strolling in the office like leisure?” He snapped.

“Nothing much, Sir. Just made your coffee about ten times. Got your meetings fixed with Tandons, Guptas, Magotras and Bedis after an hour long persuasion with each of their P.A.s. Revised your points for the meeting at nine. Photo-copied all the notes. Got details of the foreign company whose manager you’re supposed to meet at five at Café Cupcake.” She said and he looked at her, astonished.

She continued, “And yeah, got another set of girls shortlisted for you. And the rest of the time, you know I was just chit-chatting with my bestie, Bonnie and then I went for a stroll in the park behind this building.”

He caught the sarcasm in her last sentence. Bonnie was her best foe, not friend & there was no park behind their building, not in the whole block either. Leaning back on his chair, he looked at her form, leisurely. Her black hair were pulled up in a pony, as usual. Her brown eyes, devoid of any kohl and her face, of any makeup. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt. Not professional, though, but she had got that from Ajay. He had no objection with her clothing.

“Eyes up here, Sir.” She said sweetly but he could sense the venom in her voice.

“Alright. I get it that you weren’t yapping or chatting. Now get to work. And before anything else, get that meeting fixed.” He said and his eyes went back to his laptop’s screen. He sat straight. Reading the email, he typed a response, his fingers clicking the keyboard furiously.

“Ass.” She muttered under her breath when he didn’t even try to apologize. Here, she had been working like a mule since eight in the morning and her stupid boss doesn’t even apologize after falsely accusing her of spending time in leisure.

“Ms. Samaira, I would respect it if you don’t use your vast vocabulary of expletives on me. I am your boss, remember?” He said, still not looking at her.

‘I am your boss, remember?’ She mimicked in her mind.

“And I apologize for snapping at you earlier.”

“Just for snapping? Not for mindlessly accusing me? And when you apologize, you should be looking at the aforementioned person being sincerely guilty, not trying to break off the keys of your laptop. That’s one of many basic etiquettes you need to learn.” She replied narrowing her eyes.

He finally looked up at her. Her brown orbs were narrowed at him, her pupils constricting. Pushing his chair back, he got up and sauntered towards her around the desk. She stood firmly, never flinching or shifting, showing no signs of nervousness.

That was a good thing about her. She stood her ground confidently and unfortunately that was what irked him. He wanted girls to swoon at his sight. To stutter, blush, stammer, shift, to be nervous and she was anything but that. She was trying to be tough. She wasn’t the first one to act unaffected. There had been numerous girls who acted unaffected at first and then came around eventually.

He stood in front of her, invading her bubble and she still remained stoic. Looking right into her brown eyes, he spoke softly, “Ms. Samaira, I apologize profusely for misunderstanding you and for snapping at you. It was a grave mistake which I’ll make sure never to repeat in the future.”

“Your apology isn’t accepted.” She said, looking into his eyes.

“What?” He asked, surprised.

“I said your apology isn’t accepted. You are not sorry. You’re just doing it for a formality and don’t deny it. Apologize when you really regret saying that to me.” And having said that, she walked away, her head held high.


“Arjun, I need a favour.” Neil said as soon as Arjun picked up the phone. Arjun was living in Delhi practising his degree.

“What is it? And you do realize that there’s nothing like favours between us, right?” Said Arjun irritated at his best friend for being so formal.

“Remind me that when you ask for her.” Snapped Neil. Arjun had been searching for his younger sister since years now. They were orphans. But one day, something happened which separated the duo. And till date, they had no idea about his sister, Samiksha. He and Arjun had been looking for her, but it had been years now and it was difficult to look for her when they had no recent photograph or any details of hers.

“You know Neil, when it comes to her,…”

“You can beg the whole world. I know.” Neil said.

“Yeah, got something?” Arjun asked.

“Not yet, but I will, soon. Trust me.”

“Hmm. What was it you wanted me to do?” Arjun enquired.

“Chasni is coming to Delhi. They need her there. I was thinking if she could stay at your place.” Neil said.

“I have no problem. But better ask your baby sister.” Arjun mocked.

“That is nothing major. I will make her. You sure have no problem, right?” Neil asked again.

“No problem dude unless your sister becomes a witch at night going on a killing spree with a blooded knife in hand.” Arjun teased.

“Just you wait, lemme tell her you said that and you’ll know.” Neil answered smugly.


“So how is it going? How much is he paying you?” Bonnie asked as she entered the washroom.

Samaira ignored her, drying her hands with the towel.

“Oh, come on. It will be a secret, y’know? I won’t tell anybody that you are warming your boss’ bed. Trust me.” Bonnie said, acting innocent.

b*t*h! Sam thought. How dare she imply that? But no, she wouldn’t give her the satisfaction, so turning around she smiled as sweetly as possible at Bonnie, “I’ll tell you if you tell me how much you take for one horny night.”

Bonnie’s eyes flared. “How dare you, you b*t*h!” She exclaimed.

Sam sighed. Bonnie was pathetic. She sometimes wondered if she knew any other word than ‘b*t*h’. “Like I said, your vocab’s getting old. But don’t you worry, Ms I-am-the-biggest-harlot, I’ll buy you a thesaurus and a dictionary too.”

Bonnie turned red from embarrassment. Here, she had been trying for months now to get into Neil’s good books and then suddenly a ‘behenji’ like Sam gets to be his secretary. Moreover Bonnie was his type too while Sam wasn’t.

“I am not a harlot, you are. Instead, you are the cheapest whore I have ever met.” Bonnie sneered.

“I see you have been learning new words. But are you sure you never looked into a mirror?” Sam asked, feigning innocence.

That really got to Bonnie and she raised her hand to slap Sam but our dear heroine isn’t much bad at reflexes.

“I would not do that if I were you, Bonnie Shah. And I wouldn’t think about f**king my new hot boss when my on and off boyfriend is a psychotic murderer and damn too possessive. So cut your wings before you fall off from the height of two feet you are currently at. And puhleesee, for f**k’s sake, stop thinking that I am easy and cheap as f**k like you.”


“You are supposed to meet a girl at five.” Sam said looking up from her notepad.

“Hmm.” Neil replied still looking at his laptop’s screen.

“Her name is Alina Mehta. She works in a corporate. She is twenty five. Brunette. 5’9.” Sam said trying to get a response from him but he was damn busy to pay attention to what she was saying.

It had been a week now. And it was a routine for her to arrange meetings with investors, pleading and pursuing their P.A.s. Making coffee for about ten times a day for him. Printing and photocopying documents and handling his flings as well. Starting today, he was supposed to meet a girl everyday until he selected the one for him. But that hot specimen sitting in front of her, lazily gawking at the screen wasn’t at all interested in getting to know his potential wife. She had long ago accepted that he was good looking in a ravishing kind of way but she wasn’t interested in him. It was better to accept the reality than to be in denial. She had seen many men like him and they all were the same. Not Arjun though. Or should she say, Dr. Arjun Mehra, the well known psychologist, whom she had met a few years ago. Arjun was the hottest guy she had seen. He had got a 10 out of 10 according to her scale for hot guys. And she felt safe when he was around. They were like friends now. Good friends. They usually talked over the phone. He was a busy guy. His workload was enough to scare someone off and so was his past. He had lost his younger sister, about more a decade ago. They were orphans but shared a very strong bond. Years ago, when the orphanage they were living in, suddenly caught fire, they were all sent for treatment and then to different orphanages. And that’s when he was separated from his sister, Samiksha. He had tried hook and crook to get information about her, but to no avail. What could a guy of twelve years do? Plead the authorities to let him meet his sister? Break through the orphanage and look for her? File a missing report? Hire goons to get information about her whereabouts?

Pity, he had done all that. But couldn’t find her though. That’s when he decided to do something, be something. Be someone whose name and power would make him meet his sister. And now, he was trying. He wasn’t going to leave any stone unturned to find her. That’s what he had told her and she believed him. After all he was the best brother any girl could ever get. And she was glad she could call him her brother. Not real though, but he was more than that. The last she had heard from him was two days ago when he told her that a friend of his, a powerful businessman was helping him since last few years. She prayed to God that he would find Samiksha.

Looking back at Neil she realized he hadn’t replied. So she moved forward and kept a photograph on the keyboard jerking his attention. He looked at the photograph and his lips curled up in a smirk.

She sighed inwardly. She knew it. The photograph would definitely catch his attention. The girl in the photo, Alina Mehta was smiling at the camera wearing nothing but a bikini. The photo was clicked at a beach in Australia where she was last spending her holidays.

“You are supposed to meet her at five. CCD.” Sam said and turned around to go when he chuckled softly and replied, “You are getting to know my likes. Its too soon for that.” When she looked at him unaffected, he added, “You’re coming with me.”

Now what would she do third wheeling his date?

“Its your date and I ain’t gonna be a third wheel.”

“You have selected her so woman up and deal with it. And who knows you find her to be the one for you?” He asked wiggling his brows.

She gasped. He had taken her off guard.

“Thank you for your concern but I feel I’ll puke if I get more of that, from you.”


“Hey handsome.” The brunette purred when she saw Neil. Sam cringed.

“And you are?” She asked Sam as she hugged Neil.

Sam flared. Really? She was the one who set up his date with Alina and now that b*t*h was asking her who she was.

“She’s my girlfriend.” Neil replied pulling her closer while Sam choked on air. What the f**k!

“I am….” She started but Neil cut her off, “She’s pregnant too.”

“I am..” She tried again but Neil did the same, “She wants to abort the child but I told her that there’s no need. She doesn’t wants to marry me. So I suggested that I marry a pretty like you who would love me and my child alike. You’ll right?” Neil asked Alina who stood still opening and closing her mouth.

“Why did you do that?” Sam hissed kicking his foot. He smirked whispering, “Baby, anger’s not god for the baby.”

“You moron. How dare you?” She asked attempting to punch him in the face but he caught her fist.

“I.. I just remembered. My boyfriend’s waiting for me. I have to go. And I’ll pray that she agrees for marriage.” Alina said, breaking their bubble and fled away.

Sam pushed his hands away and glared at him. Poking his chest with her finger, she growled, “You jerk. How could you do that? I am pregnant? With your child? And I am the b*t*h trying to take your child away by killing him?”

He smirked and she saw red. Growling she pushed him again, “You know what she’ll do? She’ll post this on her social networking accounts and tomorrow the headlines on the tabloids will be ‘The hotshot billionaire got his secretary pregnant’. You realize what’ll happen then? Your not so popular reputation among your traditional delegates will fall deeper into the earth. Your company will face the consequences. You idiot!”

“So you think I am hot?” He asked pulling her closer.

“You got only that from all that I said?’ She asked furiously. “Not the part where I told you what that b*t*h will do?”

“She will do no such thing.” He answered smugly.

She blinked. “Really? Are you a magician? Why will she not? She sure isn’t captivated by your magic.”

“Not by my magic but by my guards.” He said as he pulled her out of the booth and then of the café. Outside, there were men in black surrounding Alina while she was glaring at one of them who was holding a phone in his hands.

“Give me my phone you bastard. I’ll sue you.” Alina bellowed but the guard held the phone higher in his hands. Then looking at Neil he replied, “Sir here’s her phone. We didn’t let her post anything.”

Sam gasped. That jerk! He had it all planned.

“So Ms. Alina, you’re not going to tell a word about what I said in there, to anyone. Understood?’ Neil asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” She shot back.

“Yeah why shouldn’t you? That gets me to ponder over telling your father about your abortions.”

Alina gasped. “How do you know that?”

“I have my sources. Now if you’ll excuse me and my girlfriend.” Neil replied moving towards the car leaving Alina gob smacked.

“And Alina, wish your mother a happy anniversary. And your dad.. Oh, sorry he doesn’t need that ’cause he must be busy holidaying with a pr*stitute somewhere in Greece.” Neil said signalling his guards to follow them in another car.

“You planned it.” Sam accused as they settled in the car.

“Ms. Samaira, I’m glad you consider me that cunning but you see this piece of technology?” He asked showing her a Bluetooth. “My guards heard our conversation over this Bluetooth and y’know they are not just physically capable but mentally blessed too. So, they put their common sense in use and stopped her.”

“But she could have posted it while she was inside the café?” She asked.

“They were inside the café.”

“How do you know about her abortions and dad?” She asked still not believing him.

“Did you seriously think I would meet her without checking her background?”

“Why did you reject her?”

“She has f**ked ‘n’ number of guys. She could give me syphilis or AIDS.” Neil sneered.

“You are no one to say things about her. She may have been with different guys but you are no less. At least she is far behind you in competition over f**king up.” Sam snapped. Though Alina wasn’t innocent but that didn’t mean he could say anything about any girl.

“Geez. Calm down woman. Did you see how saccharine sweet she was acting? And she what does she do? Work due to her dad’s persuasion?”

“She doesn’t work for her dad.” Sam chimed.

“Her dad got her the job. And you think I’m gonna spend my life with someone as dumb as her who couldn’t see through our act?” He asked as the car halted in front of a restaurant.

“Your act. And why are we here?” She exclaimed as he got down the car and she did the same.

“I’m hungry.”

“But I’m not. And I’m going home since my work for the day is over.” She said and took out her phone to call a cab.

“Don’t worry, neither will I mix something in your food nor will I harm you.” Neil joked.

“No. It isn’t like that…” Sam said.

“Come on. Can’t you accompany me? I’ll drop you home later.”



“Joe Jonas is my favourite.”


“Justin isn’t bad either.” She said forking a piece of steak.

“Timberlake?” He asked as he ate a spoonful of fried rice.

“Timberlake is good too. But I was talking about Beiber.”

“You like that guy? Sorry, that girl?” Neil mocked.

“Hey! He isn’t a girl. He looks hot in those tattoos and all. And his voice is damn good.” Sam said eating her steak.

“Yeah! Definitely not a girl. And those tattoos are shit as f**k. Let’s not get started on his voice.”

“You called f**k shit. Seriously?” Sam laughed.

He just looked at her with his brow raised.

*** *** *** **** **** ** ** **

Heya guys so I am back again to creep you out. sry I had to end it abruptly but I wanted to rant and post this cause who knows when I will get a chance again.

So, I know you were expecting Ardhika but seriously speaking even though I love that pair, its just that NeSam steals my breath away. Alright more like Neil does. And blame it on Farha and Thena. Neil has grown on me so much that I go aw at the mention of his name. And many of us write about that sweet couple so I was like, why not Nesam?

I ain’t talking about Shravan Raddy. Though he is nice but I have my own version of Neil. Black eyes. Brooding brows. Sharp jawline. Square jaw. Wide forehead and gelled up hair. Just imagining that leaves me awing. Hard on the outside but all the softie once u get through. Sappy? Huh, what else can I girl of almost seventeen dream about? *dreamy sighs*

So tell me what’s your version of prince charming?

And guys I don’t creep u out but lets do a questionnaire. u don’t have to answer if u don’t want to.

so here’s it:

1. What do you like? Ice cream or Gulab Jamun?

I like eating them both mixed. its so yumm.. weird? ha! that’s who I am.

2. Who do u like more? Aham Sharma or Shravan Reddy or Siddarth Malhotra or Austin Mahone or Justin Beiber or Shahir Sheikh or Shahid Kapoor?

Geez that’s one hella lot options. choose wisely. I am currently fangirling over Austin Mahone. That’s guy is aww. He’s twenty, y’know? Just three years older. *Wink*

3. When urs happy wala b’day?

I have been asking this question to almost everyone nowadays.

I’ll tell u mine if u tell urs. *smirk*

4. Where would u like to go? Paris or Switz or Canada or Peru or America or Bangalore or Nainital or Shimla or Assam or Rajasthan or Neverland?

I wanna go Neverland and go all apeshit. haha. I would love going to Bangalore and Assam. I wanna travel through India and then around the world in eighty days.

And shree di, seriously if u r gonna tease me about Bangalore or America or US whatever it is, I am gonna pop out of ur phone or tab or lappy and lunge at u. so don’t try it. *sulk*

5. Who’s ur favourite author or writer or Singer?

I fell in love with almost all of the authors I have read. I like Jodi Picoult, Paulo Coelho, Donato Carrissi, Dan Brown. but I don’t like Chetan Bhagat. donno why. no offence to Bhagat’s fans.

singer toh beiber and mahone and imagine dragons and joe Jonas.

6. Have u ever wanted to cry and laugh at the same time?

I have. seriously. I was ill that time and shit, I went all bullshit. like really. it was embarrassing. very.

7. Had a crush?

I did or so I thought. there was I guy in my seventh grade I wanted to befriend. he was like the cool dude and he was pretty hilarious too. And I thought I was crushing over him. few days later I am down from the high and I realize that he was what I supposed to be my crush. it took me a great deal of time to accept that I supposedly crushed over him.

geez, i’m an idiot. none of u needs to remind me that.

and now, don’t laugh at me.

8. Another embarrassing moment?

I have many but here’s one. since i’m going with my teen life so..

there’ was this guy who flirted with me. well at the start I was pretty dense about it. I mean I had known him for five years and he never joked with me. he copied all my answers in the exam though. And two years ago he was all cuddly cuddly with me. We had the same tuition so we would play and tease around in our classes. and one time I ignored him in the class and next day in school he was like, ‘what the hell do u think of urself? I have girls at my feet and who r u?’

I laughed out loud and my friend sitting beside me nudged me saying. that he was going all possessive boyfriend on me and I flicked her off. but then I got it. he would tease and rile me up and I would pretty much do the same. once in ur lab he said some kind of shayari when the teacher called me to the front. I knew it was about me cause the few students around us snickered looking at him and me and I was red while my and his friends laughed.

and then, last day of 2015, my tenth standard, we were shaking each others hand and hugging each other goodbye wishing new year, when he held my hand for a little while, it was all awkward and suddenly he says to my friends around that ‘dekho mjh pe kitna marti h. can’t even leave my hand’ and I was like ‘seriously dude?’ my friends laughed and he said dekha iske mann me laddo foota holding my hand and that’s when I turned red, and said to my friend a little louder that laddo nhicadbury ka silk foota’ and the guys around laughed.

seriously that was embarrassing moment. It has been two years and our subjects have changed and classes too but whenever he sees me, he’s like, ‘miss me sweetheart?’ and I flip him off the finger in front of everyone.

geez, that was long and seriously I no many of u will be laughing and snickering, but I just can’t be a devil and hang around scaring u off, ryt? and no teasing about it.

I can’t actually believe I wrote all that. its just been so close to my heart and just a friend of mine knows about the flirt guy. and that crush part, that was I secret I kept. but I don’t feel exposed. u guys have been like a family know. I have been around an year writing and reading about our cute couples, that I consider us all a close knit family joined together by telly updates. its like a social networking site for me that let’s me meet my new found family.

that got cheesy though.

alright, next question.

9. do u like this story so far?

cause if u don’t i’ll go apeshit. kidding. lol.

couldn’t think of anything else so..

10. whats that thing or person who/what would make u go down on ur knees and leave the world behind? Like pursue it/him/her leaving everything else without a care? like some thing/one u r so passionate about that u’ll shit on ur shit and go f**k the world fighting for it?

ah, pretty much vulgar I was ryt? but writing gets me to that. I am that passionate about writing that I’ll go shitty shit if anyone tells me to stop.

my family does it all the time and I am literally crying my guts out at the time. they don’t get that I don’t write cause its fun. I write cause it has become my life now. my everything. my cause of existence, I know I write f**k as shit but I can’t stop. I am trying to improve, and they don’t get it.

but to hell with what they don’t want to understand. parents or not, I can’t gulp it down when they ask me to stop writing, put it on hold for something else. its my first priority and they don’t get it.


writing gives me purpose.. ohh… its my everything..

beliebers will get it.

so lets get our shits back and go halleluiah..

I cussed a lot today. need to wash my mouth with gangajal or soap. but I won’t. hehe.. *smirk*

so dearies, that’s where I shut up and conclude the longest A/N.

see u down in the comments sec.


loadsa love… gorilla hugs… big choco fudges [cake]….. lotsa hot guys… and a prince charming riding a white unicorn to sweep u off ur feet.

that’s what I wish for u apart from a healthy life. and health includes mental, physical, social and every aspect of ur life..

‘so tell me girl if everytime we to–oo—u–ch
u get this kind of ru–uuuu–sh
baby say yeah yeah yeah…..’

‘we’re like na na na
then we’re like yeah yeah yeah’

haha.. 1D reference…

take care.


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    Anuuuuu…my lovely princess sissyyy….very very veryyyyyyy awesoooooome n outstanding beautiful update. …neil and sam….are always my favorite along with ardhika…but there is something with this neil….I know it’s crazyyyyy but he is very interesting…..loved all the scenes…neil apologized to sam…nut shr doesnt accept…lol….the best one was when neil bashes Alina….n sam’s shocked…hehehe…. superrrrrrbbb fantastic. …..I’m so glaaaaaddddd to see u with this amount of energy and your A/N brought your hidden side in front of us….lol…you’re sooooo lovely n chirpy. …that’s what we are our own new found little family…..where we can be ourself….share our heart to each other….so no teasing to you but this is so cute to know your embarrassed moments…lol….everyone has it and I do tooo… 😉 ….so coming to the answers to ur questions :::

    1. I like this combo too…ice cream with Gulaab jamun ;*

    2. I like more neil….his character…jovial…can make you smile anytime….lol…but for Bollywood. …I like Akshay Kumar 🙂

    3. My bday is may 29

    4. Wanna go Neverland…forget about everything n just enjoy in my dreamland with my TU and watty friends n my kids …lol

    5. I love alllll my TU and watty writers who I read soooo far…all r brilliantly awesoooooome. …there is no doubt in anyone’s capabilities n talents…I love u alllllll my deariiiiiiieeess. …singer….music is in my soul….I love it to death…. .Bollywood singers….rafi, lata, kishore, asha, kumar sanu, sonu, alka, udit, ..arijit, armaan, shreya, all …pak singers…even Bieber n Taylor swift…..I love melodious music n soulful dances…my list is very looong…. 😉

    6. Sometimes I do…laugh n cry same time…lol…

    7. Yup…Akshay Kumar…lol…me oldiiieeee

    8. Embarrassing moment…in front of my kids…they say…you lil mamma…lol

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    10. My kids…I should say…they can drive me crazyyyyy. …but they are my jaaaaannn…I can do anything for them…

    So much of my blabbering… but u know ur lovely words made me so happyyyyyy. ..ur note to us is your best offer to get close to you…to know more n understand each other. be like this always n keep writing amazing stories for u and for us. …..stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss keep smiling. …I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss tight wala.. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ;* 😉

    1. Anu-Annie

      di u just made my day…so many compliments? i am red right now..

      Neil is toh my one true love.. my prince charming and all other things.. Akshay Kumar.. is one fit man..

      May 29 is faraway, right? lol.. mine is April 27, a day before mom and dad’s anniversary.

      neverland is my fav. and ur have one long list of writers and singers.. haha.. u like classical music, i gathered?

      and lil mamma seriously? hope jiju doesn’t call u that. hehe.. i am rofl. lil mamma? haha.
      sry di but u see that was a good one. tell my babies that they are just awesome. and i am proud of them.

      story ka toh koi ques bacha hi nhi that. but u said so many beautiful words. Nesam my fav. too. God i cant get tired of saying that.

      Yeah, kids are one hell of a package, cute sweet naughty and what not. everything in one. waise jiju is not ur jaan? han? what if he reads this? u won’t be spared then. haha.

      hey! u can’t blabber more than me.. i just wanted to get to know everyone. its been an year, i know and i am doing this now but better late then never, ryt?

      i love u more…. gorilla hugs and lots of ice cream with gulab jamun…

  7. Gianna

    What an update, loved it to the moon and back. You don’t really have to say it your love for Neil is clearly visible with the way to portray him. JB a girl, LOL. I have heard that before n it always gets me rofl. ???.

    So many questions? Curious are we? ?
    1. Ice cream, my combo is ice cream and cake.

    2. None of the above, my choice is the Greek God Hrithik Roshan.

    3. Sept 4. BTW Queens are born in Sept.

    4. Paris, and I pronounced it in French, wanted to visit that place since forever.

    5. I have many, with every good book I find myself a new fav but my all time fav is the Queen of Mystery herself. Agatha Christie.
    Fav Singer, Beyoncé

    6. Been there done that.

    7. Not one, not two but many

    8. Am not good at remembering names, so my embarrassing moments come when I bump into an old friend and I can’t remember their names when they remember me very well. So I sit there smiling hoping someone calls them out loud so I can get their names.

    9.NO, am LOVING IT.

    10. Hmm…. nothing rings a bell.

    Long comment I have ever written. Love you ???????????

    1. Anu-Annie

      Neil *dreamy sighs*

      JB is girlish,. i didn’t realize it till a month ago. i am not interested in checking photos. so this one time i downloaded a song which ahd his cover photo and that was ryt. but my friend asked me to check it on google and lo.. his pictures are hilarious. gosh all the while i was ‘true he is a celebrity but even commoners don’t post these typesa pics.’ and his voice is girlish too. i like some of his songs, the album purpose but that doesn’t mean we r gonna deny the truth, ryt?

      ice cream and cake? never tried. but i will. sounds yumm waise.

      hrithik roshan? God, i forgot him. i just put those options at random so.. but he is one hell of a guy.. His kids are sooo cute na.

      sept.. faraway. Queens? waise di u r our mystery queen.

      paris.. so i no where to kidnap u from. lol.

      Agatha Christie! God she is one hell of a writer. So many books and God she is really the mystery queen. My friend is her stalker fan. I have read her ‘why didn’t they ask evans?’ and that book was awsm. i toh liked it. everyone has a diff. taste, ryt?

      thank god, i thought it was just tsupid me who laughed and cried at the same time. lol.

      bumping into old friends, that pretty much happens. with me its lyk people smile and wave at me and i do recognise them but feel lazy to smile and wave back so i duck my head down or glance the other side. haha…

      i am loving u..

      well i won’t say a thing about the last one.. hehe..

      yeah, that’s only me who van do wonders like forcing u into a long comment. lol.urs wasn’t long. did u look at the A/N? and now look at my comment too. it woukd be longer than urs. haha..

      i loVe U moRe…. ????????????❤❤❤❤

  8. Hi anu.. it’s totally mind blowing.. we’ll coming back to your wins…. 1. Only ice cream
    2. Sharvan reddy n also bad boy of bbntcb version and Ahem Sharma
    3. June 23
    4. Paris Rajasthan n Shimla… I always wanted to see these places
    5. J.k. Rowling because she made us love witches n wizards.. lol
    6. Nope I cudnt cry well so end up laughing.. as there’s no shoulder I can cry on to…
    7. I had many(no one knows abt it)?
    8. Same as gianna darling… ppl recognise me n I don no even their name… they no hell a lot of things abt me…
    9. I loved it when it comes to nesam n here Sam is bold… I like it more…
    10. My kids… I just adored them n I will go to any lengths to keep them happy..
    I wrote a lot.. take care n pls post soon

    1. Anu-Annie

      heya farjana di, just now realized that u r elder to me. and all the time i have calling u by ur name. i am such a stupid.

      which flavour do u lyk? choc. vanilla, strawberry?

      Yeah Neil is my jaan. Aham Sharma comes later.. hehe..

      June 23.. almost around the hottest day in India.. mine is on April 27.

      Paris Simla and Rajasthan. Nice combo waise. must visit in a lifetime places.

      Jk Rowling. nice but for some reason i have never liked Harry Potter that much.

      U can cry on my virtual shoulder..???? here they are.. lol..

      many? seriously? haha..

      PPL recognise u but u don’t. that’s pretty awkward.

      Nesam my fav. my jaan. more lyk Neil is mera jaaneman. like BBATCB wala Neil.

      Sam ka tried new character/

      Kids are just adorable. I love kids. Waise what r their names and ages? and give my love and kisses to them..

      U didn’t write a lot. i did.

      will try posting soon. take care love..

  9. Fanficoholic

    hello there. I think u dnt knw me bt I knw u. I didn’t knw tat u write stories. tis is the first epi of urs I am reading. I found u to be a fun girl. similar to wat I want in a frnd. so can we be frnds. I jst love the neil u ppl write mre than the neil in mmz. I am totally in this love with ur neil. reg ur questions
    1. I like gulabjamun in vanilla icecream
    2. among ur options I cant decide. bt my fav is barun sobti.
    3. birthday is 23 12 2000
    4. paris switz banglore. I jst love swisssss
    5. my fav authors r dan brown, Agatha Christie, aurthur conon doyleand yah me too dnt lyk chetan bhagat. my fav singers well in india they r armaan malik. shreya ghoshal. western no particular one
    6. no
    7. yes
    8. well I am really tired to typr tat so sme other day remind me I wll tell u. lollll
    9. loved tis to the core. even though I hav nt read the pre epi tis one epi can tell me that u r an amazing writer and tat ur stories r gonna be a hell lot amazing
    10. my dad. I can fight wth the wrld fr him. I can do anything in my limits fr him

    ufffff tat was a lng questionnaire. my exams r gng on so I am nt able to comment in any ffs. bt I cld nt stp myself frm ans these questions. okay bye bye its already late I need get back to studying or the mam in my class is gonna catch me wth my frnds phone and give a bigg punishment to bth of us

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