Short Story: Lurking From The Beyond (Prologue)

Prologue – (Sneak Peak Into The Story)

It was a foggy night and the dark around was covered in a thick mist. It circled a heavy cold sliding through in the glass doors and freezing the walls of the department cabin. Reeves put on his badge, a thick overcoat and the gun inside his jacket. The weather wasn’t a deal too a bother until it hindered his job. He’d been called not once but continually the whole week. One of the cases he’d had, the woman who had found her husband talked it to her close friend. The close friend, Regina Linton’s husband had contacted him through the firm. Reeves had been with a lot of consultants calling him up here. Now that he was done with all of those, the Linton house case was all that remained now.

It was far away into the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales. The Linton house embedded in the heart of the green valley stretched and swanked around with a far end moorland. Reeves had to travel out there and look into the matter. The man, George Linton had sounded scared and hasty. His message on Reeves phone had been hurried and his voice was quite alarmed.

He got into his car and worked it on the high way. Reeves was thorough in his work. He was sharp and nothing but suspicious. Because suspicion was the key point to the crime. Where everything is considered and nothing is left but the carcass of the suspect running free. Reeves job was to find those and put the wrong doers behind the bars. No matter what wasn’t seen he needed to run for the chase which surely were hidden in the shadows. And he really liked to chase into the dark. That was the only reason he’d chosen the profession. He really did observe what was behind the dark exterior and facade and camouflage of each and every person concerned in the case. Because they hid behind the face mask of placid. Giving away nothing and staying inside the armour of self defense.

He reached the place around four hours after he’d left the department. The night drew into a much starless and inky black. It was around two in the morning and he saw with narrowed eyes the mist clearing away and a house coming into view. The property was quite large. The house stood in the midst of the moorland. Standing out as the Victorian monument. Reeves parked the car and observed the premises around. Everything was quite around and was more closed off and empty. The house seemed eerily silent.

He got out of the car and walked toward a grass trodden area. It crunched under his shoes as he sauntered toward the centre. There were seven floors to the house stretching vertically with numerous windows to each room.

He straightened suddenly and his eyes turned into narrowed slits. Curiosity peaked as he observed the far end corner window of the seventh floor. Only that room had a light. Yellow. Blinking. Candle light. It flickered by the glass of the widow. His gaze was arrested when a silhouette moved closer to it. The flickering blurred the shadow but it loomed there closer.

A sound of creaking disturbed his attention and his stealthy look moved toward the front porch. His eyes winced as the lights flooded the area of the steps. He blinked when a man around his mid thirties, dark haired, a little round in appearance walked hurriedly with a limp on his right leg. When he walked closer, Reeves observed his face. He was flushed and panting. His features were of an effable man. The gentility of his face told him that he would get along with any smiling person as long as he was heard, too. A giver. That Reeves observed.

“You came, Detective Austin Reeves.” He exclaimed a little over anxious croak.

Reeves shook his hand. “Just Reeves,” he said back gruffly.

The man smiled and moved back taking a deep breath in. “Reeves.” He nodded his head.

Reeves focus moved back to the window and he observed with a flicker of surprise that the silhouette wasn’t there anymore at the window but only the flickering of the candle was.

George followed his gaze and suddenly he cursed. He looked visibly anxiously frustrated. “Damn the candle,” he muttered under his breath.

Reeves brown eyes moved toward his blue ones. “What do you mean?” He asked curiously.

George looked back at him with an unreadable expression. As if he weren’t aware of such a thing and finding it hard to get it around his practical mind. Something was beyond his understanding which seemed to have shaken him to his core. Frightened him to the depths of bones. Challenging his mind into believing the impossible.

“I don’t get it anymore the candle,” he muttered, taking in a heavy breath and again looked back at the window. “The shadow and the candle,” he said in a furtively scared voice. “We have searched the place. Went through the whole of the seventh floor and also…” He gulped hard and his eyes came to catch Reeves gaze. “The seventh floor,” he whispered shakily. He pulled at his dark hair helplessly. “I don’t understand anymore. How the candle appears there and also the shadow. It’s inexplicable. We live in constant fear. My wife and kids and the servants,” he said reading a bit in anger. “Wondering what makes the floor creak. Who cries in the night. What scratches the floor. What animal grunts,” he said gulping again. His eyes turned into a haunted shade. Dark in scared helplessness. “It chills my blood each time I hear the moans into the midnight,” he concluded shivering a little.

As George spoke, Reeves listened quietly to everything and his eyes drew around covering the area in his mind as a print of the place. Seemed like someone was playing it all and scaring the people of the house. The area looked quite rich. Any burglar would break in but Reeves wondered one thing. How did the person climb up to the seventh floor. It either must be an insider’s doings or that there was something more complicated than that. Reeves did not believe in the grave to come back and haunt people. The dead were better dead. He didn’t believe in myths and fables.

This case would be interesting until he found out the plan behind such arrangement of the seventh floor. He looked up at the window and his eyes narrowed while he listened to George let out his frustration over the impossible that he couldn’t believe.

He just had to find out the visible ghost hidden behind the fear of the unseen one…


Could You guys guess us?


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      not new…way old…evolved before dawn..does it mean u are here before these fan fiction sections have started??? As earth keep rotating…best friends fused into single entity..
      u both hv quite similar writing style and if one appear ,the other disappear…and that last line ”fused into single entity” its messing up wid my head yaar..
      is that mean u both r same or u r writing single ff???
      plz correct me if i’m wrong and i hv not yet read this ff cz my head is filled by mess..

  1. Chinmayi

    Godd…..wats this….blue+thena !!!!!!.. I always had a doubt of u both being the same…plss clear my confusion,and under which serial ff i can find this in future??…pls pls tell me,i dont want to miss this

  2. blue

    Yeah Thena and blue are bluena. And no we are not the same but different persons as joined forces. Lol if I’m at all a force Thena is a hurricane then. Wow I’m just baffled that everything thinks we are the same. I mean im pleased. Because Thena is up high on the top pedestal and I am nowhere at all near closer to her. But You made my day saying that we are same. Actually very happy and honoured to write with her this fiction piece and it ain’t on any serial. It’s a mystery story. And i hope u guys will support here.? thanks once again.

  3. karnika

    Oh wow u both is going to be much fun. But I really knew u both were different people. Bcoz ur writing styles are too good but different. Can love sparkle peaked up after three four episodes n kfar story intensity on all her ffs are from very first episode..also kfar ffs have large mahogony furniture or door and usage of ‘ sleep eluded him or sleep won’t come now’ and d word I learnt from kfar ffs I.e.’ looking incessantly’

  4. Anu-Annie

    |Registered Member

    hey bluena, it was awesom. u both rock like always and none of u is lesser than the other. u both r like soul sisters.. u both keep on praising the other while u both are god damn amazing.

  5. Peterpan

    Wowie wow wow i love ya guys..!!! Imma big wala fan of horror and thriller stories. I m aure i m gonna have a big time reading it. Btw i luffff u guys. Both are soung some excellent work man..oops ladies or girlies..hehe. waiting eagerly for the next part..

  6. swathi

    It seems like someone in the house is nly playing these pranks .Intresting update.
    Thena dea .I hv a request …plz continue writing “MY HATE STORY”it’s been months ,but still it’s prologue part is stuck in my mind.

  7. suga

    Bluena …… Is this s a dream?????? 😮 oh god not …… My fav writers gonna write a single ff dats fabulous 😀 😀 thena n Farah u both are two best writers of tu 😀 now it’s dis ff gonna b a big treat to us 😀 superbbbbbbbb one dears 😀 😀 loved it 😀 waiting for the next update 😀
    Thena darling I commented in CLS page but dono y it s not posting 😮 I ll never ever leave ur CLS track don’t think I missed it 😮 not at all karupu idhu vidadha karupu 😉 😉 hope they post my comment at least here 😮 loved it 😀 love u blune 😀

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