Short Story : Love Me?

This chappy of this short story is dedicate to BRIN DI. almost everytime she is the first one to comment and trust me this elder sissy of mine has a way with compliments. no kidding. and sry brin di, almost everytime I forget to mention ur name. so this is a little redemption.


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Samaira Khanna and Neil Malhotra, best friends, family friends, neighbours, or whatever you call them, were truly made for each other.


Read on to know.

Samaira changed into her black skinny jeans and cute white crop top. It was her favourite set of casuals. Jogging down the stairs, she hollered, “Am going. Bye.”

Her mom, Piyali Khanna smiled. It was her daughter’s annual day at high school. Sam was playing Juliet in Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

“Best of luck.” Piyali said kissing Sam’s forehead when she reached the foyer. Sam smiled and ran walked outside.

“Neil…” Samaira shouted getting outside her house. Apparently Neil, her ride to school and her playmate, Romeo, was busy taking his time getting ready. He as usual, must be busy trying to look dashing, so that the sl*ts of her school come drooling over him.

Ugh. She groaned and shouted his name again. He lived next door. So he must have heard her shouting.

Neil sprayed the cologne and picked up his jacket. Looking into the mirror, he smirked seeing his gelled hair and crisp white shirt over his faded blue jeans.

Not bad, huh.

Grinning, he skipped down the stairs and was met with an angry looking Sam, standing in the corridor, leaning over the wall, with her arms crossed across her chest. He smiled at her and she scowled.

“You are looking cute.” He said, enveloping her in a hug and ruffled her hair.

“Honey, I am this close to murdering you if you don’t step back now.” She warned, sugar-coating her words in a languid drawl.

Straightening her hair, she scowled at him again. Probably for ruining her hair. Ignoring her, he whistled, flashing her his charming smile, and sauntered outside towards the garage. A smile made way to her lips as soon as he was out of sight. He wouldn’t change. And she didn’t want him to.

Prerna, Neil’s mother, stopped by to see the exchange between her son and his best friend. It had been seventeen years, since these children were born, and to date, they were inseparable. Together. United. They had stood by each other, through everything. Neil was a day older and that’s why he was protective over Sam. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. No one meant no one.

Sam followed him outside and sat in the car. Neil turned on the music player and ‘I knew you were trouble’ blasted in the car at the loudest volume possible. He groaned and drove out of the garage. Sam smiled and ruffled his hair, spreading them in different directions, turning his hairdo to the weirdest. Neil grumbled something and swatted her hands away while she gave him her sweetest smile.

The day went amazingly well. The play was applauded and cheered for. They didn’t kiss, if that’s what you are thinking. The plot was modified accordingly. Piyali and Prerna were proud of them. Samrat, Sam’s father and Ajay, Neil’s father were on their way towards their school. They all were going for a celebration. Arjun Mehra, Sam’s cousin, sauntered towards the group with his girlfriend, Radhika Mishra in his arm. He had proposed her just a week ago, on her birthday. And they both were inseparable ever since. And Chasni, i.e. Radhika was Sam’s best friend. That’s how she and Arjun had met. Through Samaira. Though they all were in the same high school, Arjun had never bothered to befriend anyone outside his group of friends which included Bonnie Shah, Teji Awasthi, Kritika Mahajan, Zubin Ahmed and Neil Malhotra. Sam was in the group too, but she preferred to be with Radhika.

When Prerna and Piyali were out of earshot, calling their respective husbands, Arjun decided to make his presence known.

“Aw. Couldn’t get your first kiss? What a shame! Even the play didn’t help you.” He mocked Sam who was standing looking sullen. She wasn’t feeling well. More like she had got a feeling about something bad which was bound to happen. Radhika punched Arjun in the stomach causing him to recoil.

Even though she was his girl, she still sided with Sam. After all it was Sam who had offered her hand for friendship, not her useless excuse of a boyfriend. Neil pulled Sam closer and Arjun smirked. “Shut up Arjun.” Said an aggravated Neil while Sam kept mum. Arjun looked at her. She hadn’t reacted like she always did. They all knew about Sam and Arjun’s teasing. Today it was him and tomorrow it would be her. He hadn’t intended to hurt her. It was a joke though. But looking at her, he felt guilty.

“Sorry Sam.” He said hugging her. Sam was taken aback by the hug and moreover by his apology. She was too busy probing her intuitive powers to know what he had said earlier.

“What are you apologising for?” She asked pushing him away. Though she loved him and he was her cousin, she couldn’t hug him for more than a few seconds. It wasn’t his fault. It was just the fact that she couldn’t let anyone touch her except Neil. No she didn’t love him that way. But she was familiar to his touch. Also, he had always protected her. Saved her. And she trusted him more than her own self. She knew if she was to change her clothes in front of him, she could do it without any hesitation. Not that she was shameless. But because she knew he would turn away closing his eyes.

“For mocking you about your first kiss.” Radhika answered.

“He doesn’t need to. It’s been like this with us, as always.” Sam replied smiling a little. Radhika smiled back and pulled Arjun away from Neil and Sam.

Sam was still worried about something, so Neil pulled her closer, hugging her. He cupped her face after releasing from the hug. She looked at him with a little smile.

“What’s it, Sam?” He asked, not beating around the bush.

“I’m not feeling well.” She answered.

“Are you ill?” He asked again and she nodded a no.

“Don’t know why but I am restless.” She said, ducking her head down.

“Don’t worry. I am with you. Everyone is. Nothing bad is gonna happen. Alright?” He coaxed and she nodded.


“Sorry we couldn’t save them.” The doctor said coming out of the operation theatre. Prerna and Piyali cried consoling each other. While Neil and Sam stood still, unable to accept the truth. That their dads were no more.

#a few hours ago [ A/N : Hehe hashtag twitter. ok let’s shut up. this is a serious moment.]

“Is this Prerna Malhotra?” Someone from the other side of the phone asked. Prerna quirked up. It was Ajay’s phone.

“Yes. Who are you?” She asked praying that everything was alright.

“Mam, we need you to reach the city hospital as soon as possible. Mr. Ajay was involved in an accident. And there’s an other man with him. His identity proof says he is Samrat Khanna. Do you know him?”

“Samrat is our family friend. Are they both fine?” Prerna asked trembling.

“Mam, we’ll divulge those details as soon as you are here. Please make it fast.”


Arjun felt a tear rolling down his eyes. It wasn’t supposed to happen. None of them was supposed to die. How could they? When their children were still growing? Still coming to know about the world?

His feet took him to his cousin. She was his first priority. As much as he loved teasing her, he loved her more than that to leave her alone at a time like this.

Gathering her in a hug, he stroked her hair providing comfort and Radhika did the same. She was with Neil, rubbing his back, soothing him. None of them said a word. Neither Neil nor Sam. Neither Arjun nor Radhika. Words weren’t needed. Presence was.

Prerna and Piyali were an unconsolable mess. They both loved their husbands unconditionally. It was a dire loss for all of them. The accident had left them shattered. Hours ago they were all happy enjoying the success of their kids’ play and now…


#seven years later

Neil cussed punching the wall. It had been seven years since the accident. Seven years since he had lost his dad. Seven years since he murdered both of theirs fathers. His and Sam’s. He shouldn’t have suggested to go for the celebration. Had he not said that, they wouldn’t have rushed to school and got into that accident. It was his fault all along. Only his.

Sam cried buying the orchids and lilies. They were their favourites. Ajay’s and Samrat’s. It had been seven years since she lost them. It had been seven years since her one suggestion broke their families. Had she not suggested the idea of celebration, they wouldn’t have died in the accident. She knew Neil held himself guilty, but he wasn’t. True, he suggested for a party but it was her who stubbornly made them agree to come. It was her fault all along. Only hers.

Arjun sighed hugging Radhika. Today was the day when seven years ago an accident changed everything and yet nothing. Everyone’s life was same. Prerna and Piyali had long ago accepted their death and moved on. Everyone else had too. But neither did Sam nor Neil. Both of them held themselves guilty, taking all the blame for the damage they had went through. And yet none of them had cried for their death. They were lifeless statues all along. Even when Samrat and Ajay were buried. At their funeral, everyone who knew Samrat and Ajay had said a few words. Everyone except them. They had been mum even then. They were keeping those emotions bottled up. And it was frustrating. Dangerous. Toxic. None of them was ready to show his or her vulnerability.

Radhika rubbed his back. Today was the day when Sam and Neil would be mum to the whole world. They wouldn’t speak a word to anyone except each other. Every year Sam would go the crematory asking Neil to come. He would deny it but leave for the graveyard a few minutes later for Sam. They both would let their emotions overtake themselves when alone near their graves. They would speak to them hugging each other. It was the same every year. No one could make them talk. Not Prerna not Piyali. But they would both stay together. ‘Cause both of them had lost their dads. Both of them considered themselves guilty. Both of them would never forgive themselves for a crime they never did. Both of them had their families broken. Both of them had seen their mothers in pain.


#a month later [A/N : fast forwarding a li’l fastly. lol. that I should’ve written with the 7 years ago tag. ryt? ]

“Will you go out with me, Sam?” Saral asked kneeling in front of Sam.

Sam squealed internally. Why would she not? She had been waiting for this day since years. She and Saral had been friends since a few years. They had met during the second year of their college and had instantly hit it off. Neil had never liked it though. Seeing her with Saral. According to him, Saral was a douche bag, an opportunist. Looking for a chance to get into her pants. But she didn’t believe it. Why would she when Saral never left till now. It had been four years now since they became friends. Same college. Same workplace. She had started liking him a long time ago. But never knew of his feelings. Now when he was asking for a date, how could she deny?

“Yes, I will.” She said smiling.

He got up and hugged her.

“See you at seven. I’ll pick you up, alright?” He asked and she nodded.

“You’re not going with him and that’s final.” Neil said trying to make her understand.

“No. I am. I don’t get why I shouldn’t.” She said looking at Prerna and Piyali who bobbed their heads towards Neil. It was as if there was a tennis match going on. Neil would say no and Sam would say yes. They spooned a piece of the ice cream and looked at Neil for his answer.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I told you. He’s going to hurt you. He just wants a night stand. It isn’t anything serious.”

Prerna and Piyali looked at Sam now, waiting for her reaction. Sam quietly ate her ice cream and then replied, “I told you too. He isn’t going to do anything like that. If he had to, why would he wait for four years before asking me to go out on a date with him?”

“He wants your trust, Sam. Isn’t it obvious? Did he not go with other girls all the time?” Neil asked.

That shut her. True, Saral went out with many girls since the last four years. But could it mean that he kept four years of friendship with her just to get into her pants? Why would he stick for so long if he wanted just s*x? He could get it from other girls, right?

“That’s his choice. And I am not dumb, Neil. I know my limits. Do you seriously think I would let him f**k me so easily?” She asked getting up.

“Sit down, Sam. I am not saying you are dumb. I am saying that you’re too naïve for a cunning guy like him. I know you know your limits. But what’s the guarantee that he wouldn’t do something? What if he mixes something in your food? Or in your drink?” He asked looking at her.

She sagged down on the chair. Could it be? No, she trusted Saral. He would do no such thing. He wouldn’t stoop so low just for s*x. For something he could get in the wink of an eye. He was one of the hot guys in her workplace. There were many girls drooling over him. And she was one of them. So if he needed a one night stand, he could go for other girls. He would not destroy their friendship just for a meaningless f**k.

“I trust him Neil.” She said, finally getting up.

That irked him and before he knew, he was near her, shaking her shoulders, “Damn it, Sam. That’s what he wants. Why don’t you understand?”

“What’s your problem Neil? Why don’t you understand? I am going and that’s final. You are not my mother to stop me. I just told you cause it was my duty. I had to. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll let you interfere in my life.” She said furiously taking his hands off her shoulder.

His jaw clenched. The hell she would. She wants to go, so he will let her.

“Alright, go. But don’t come running to me when he breaks your so called trust on him.” And he walked away.

Prerna and Piyali sighed. Getting up they went towards Sam and enveloped her in a hug.

“Don’t worry Sam. He will cool down. You should get dressed up.”

“Yeah.” Sam said as she ran upstairs. Piyali dialled Radhika asking her to come ASAP.


“Where did she say he was taking her?” Neil asked as everyone looked at him. Currently everyone, i.e. Arjun, Radhika, Prerna and Piyali were sitting in the living room watching an old Bollywood movie.

“He messaged her saying that they were going to the club which recently opened.” Radhika said.

“f**k.” Neil cursed as he left for the club.


“Come on, Sam. Don’t be such a buzz kill.” Saral said forwarding her the drink.

Sam sighed looking at the glass. Any other day, she would not have hesitated before gulping it down but today she couldn’t take the chances. Not after what Neil had said.

But Saral had been pestering her since the past few minutes, so she grabbed the glass and gulped it down. The drink burned her throat and tasted somewhat different.

“What was it?” She asked as he forwarded her another glass gulping down his drink.

“Fruit punch.” He replied as she took the glass.

But ‘punch’ didn’t taste like that. Could it be that he had spiked her drink? But he was drinking the same too.

“Let’s go dance.” He suggested dragging her to the dance floor.

In a few minutes, his hands were moving sensuously up and down her body roaming at intimate places.

She opened her mouth trying to tell him to stop. She wasn’t ready for this. But her voice didn’t quite reach even her own ears. She tried once again, this time prying his hands away from down her waist. He seemed to get it. But then, he smirked pulling her closer, his hands now down on her butt as he whispered, “What happened Sam?”

She thought it was the drink which made him act like this. But what about her?

Neil glared at Saral who was now pulling Sam away from the crowd towards the rooms. He knew it. Thank f**k he saw that or else. He pushed his way through the crowd towards them.


Saral leaned closer pushing his face in her neck trailing kisses down her throat. She whimpered trying to push him away but no word came out of her mouth. He looked at her struggling form. Then smirking, he pushed her against the wall, “Can’t speak, Sam?”

She was shocked. How did he know? Did he? No, she trusted him. Thinking he wasn’t the reason she couldn’t speak, she nodded her head in a yes. Maybe he will understand. Maybe it was the bartender, not Saral.

He threw his head back and laughed heartedly. “Sorry sweetheart. Even though I would have loved you screaming my name, but I guess this will do better. You writhing under me while I f**k the living daylights of you, will work just fine. Wouldn’t it? We don’t want anyone to hear you screaming for help, do we?”

She gasped. Neil was right all along. Why didn’t she believe him?

“And don’t worry, you’ll be speaking again by tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, by that time, you won’t remember what is gonna happen tonight.” Saying that he pushed her inside a room. “There are some drugs which do wonders.”

Neil’s anger flared when he saw Saral pushing Sam inside the room. With quick steps he was outside the room.

As soon as Saral leaned in for a kiss, somebody knocked on the door quite furiously. Sam pushed him away, going for the door but he pulled her back. Then, pushing her in the washroom, he locked it and opened the main door.

Neil punched him straight in the face when the douche bag opened the door. Pushing him inside he punched him in the stomach causing him to drop down on the floor.

“You dickhead! How dare you?” Neil kicked him looking around for Sam.

She heard his voice. Trying to let him know, she banged on the washroom door.

“You locked her in there?” Neil asked kicking him on the face. Saral coiled and spat blood. Trying to get up, he pushed his left foot down but Neil kicked him again. Then bending down, he grabbed his collar and whispered, “One scratch. One scratch on her and I don’t know what I’ll do to you.” He stood up and kicked Saral under his waist. “You wanted to f**k her. Now let’s see if you’ll be able to f**k anyone ever again.”

Opening the washroom door, he was engulfed in a hug by somewhat messy looking Sam. She was in tears. She was vulnerable. And that angered him. She never showed her vulnerability to anyone except him. Turning to Saral he went on his work.

#after a few minutes

“Did he hurt you?” Neil asked as he looked at Sam.

Sam nodded her head in a no.

“Why did you come with him Sam? Were you going to let him f**k you?” He asked pushing her against the wall.

She looked down ashamed. It was her fault. He was right. She shouldn’t have agreed for the date at the first place.

“Speak up. Were you going to let him?” Neil asked, his anger taking over him as he grabbed a handful of her hair making her look at him.

She opened her mouth but he didn’t let her speak. Claiming her lips, he pulled her closer. She gasped as soon as his lips touched hers. Was she dreaming? Was Neil, as in her best buddy Neil, kissing her? She realized he was.

He pulled back and cupping her face, he asked, “Did he touch you? ‘Cause if he did, I’m gonna kill him.”

She chuckled softly. Would have killed him? She shook her head as she recalled what had happened minutes ago. Neil had almost killed Saral. Beaten him to a pulp and then he called the police. They could be here now, any moment. Saral was a blo*dy mess right now. Unconscious and bleeding.

Before she knew, he kissed her again. The kiss wasn’t gentle like the previous one. It was ferocious and passionate. It made her insides flutter and she shivered. He smiled against her lips as if he realized his effect on her. His one hand went deeper into her hair and he pulled her closer. His other hand went inside her shirt. Something fluttered in her stomach. Her hands went into his locks and he groaned. She giggled and pulled back. His forehead rested against her and he smiled at her lightly. She smiled back and closed her eyes. Did it really happen? They kissed? Chuckling softly she mentally slapped herself. It was real. But then, why did she kiss him back? And why did he kiss her in the first place? Did she like him? But she liked Saral. Then as if remembering something she opened her eyes and pushed him back. Taking out her phone from her pocket, she opened the inbox and typed something. Then she pushed the phone into his hands.

Neil read the message, ‘I can’t speak. Saral drugged me.’ His blood boiled. He looked at her who nodded, asking him to read further. He looked at the message again, ‘He said that I’ll be speaking like before by tomorrow evening and that by that time I wouldn’t remember anything which happens tonight.’

That bastard. So, he had planned so intricately. He turned around to kill that jerk when she stood in front of him.

She knew what he was going to do. And she wouldn’t let him. He had already beaten that guy and murder was no small thing. The police could he here anytime. She pulled him for a hug and he very reluctantly agreed.


She groaned as she tried to open her eyes. Her throat was dry. She licked the inside of the mouth trying to wet it but all she got was a bitter taste.

“f**k!” She cursed before opening her eyes. She sat upright and a glass of water was pushed into her line of vision. Looking at the one who offered it, she sighed and took the glass.

“Ah.” She whimpered at the movement. Her head was pounding. Drinking the water she pushed the glass back to him and pressed her head. He sat down near her. “What happened? Are you fine?”

“My head hurts.” She cried, “And my mouth tastes bitter.”

“Why are you here? Where is Saral? We were in the club. We were dancing, then what happened?” She asked looking at Neil.

Neil sighed. The doctor was right. She didn’t remember anything and it was good in a way. Last night, they had visited the hospital after handing Saral to the police. A few tests were done and the doctor had said exactly what she had told him. It was night now. A day later and she didn’t remember what happened. He had confessed his love for her the previous night when she told him she wouldn’t remember anything. She had whined saying that it was unfair on his part to confess when he knew she wouldn’t remember anything.

“You were drunk and Saral dropped you home. You slept all day.” He answered shortly.

She looked at him and asked, “Did we have..”

“No.” He answered abruptly. Getting up, he cleared his throat and said, “No. He didn’t f**k you.”

She sighed but then looked at him sharply, “Someone was so sure that he would. I told you he is a sweetheart.”

His jaw ticked and he turned around. “Rest. Don’t get up. Just message me if you need anything.”

[A/N : Uh uh, Neil’s jealous ryt now. Sammy don’t break his heart. Alright dear?”]


Heya guys so its me again. Haha. Gonna irk u with lotsa me. Exams on my head and I, well, I can’t study so here I am.

?da da da I can’t hold back cuz u have got this spell on me?

so dearies, the comment box is waiting for you and so are my eyes. to see how much u dis/liked it. Ardhika.. well not much cause ya know they fast forwarded with their life.. so and also my previous one shot was Ardhika so..

and before u say, whenever I think of a male villain, only SARAL’s name pops in my head.. so…

I am gonna be back soon with the next part. as soon as I finish it.


Arjun is gonna confess his love. Not that he didn’t, but he will say the much awaited three words you guys so wanna hear him say.


Radhika won’t be able to hear it. Technically she will, but she won’t remember that he confesses.



and what is gonna happen will make u hate me. There’s this huge plot twist. and I know many of u will come with a blooded knife, hunting for me…


so here’s buuncha wishes, loadsa love. gorilla hugs, hell lotsa chocolate or ‘whatever other flavour u lyk’ ice creams.
Shitloads of good luck and mama bear hugs and love….

loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaallllllllllllll

Gauri di, Jess pi, Shree di, Sweetie di, Brin di, Sammy di, Sree di, Gianna di, Dipika di, Roma di, if any of u is reading, then may u be known that I am missing ya. Sry if I forgot anyone.

there r many who left Tu.

Aasu, Myra di, Manha di, if u r reading this then I am glad.

Lol that was madness. So… let’s pack up with these love emoticons.


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  1. arti viswanathan

    Anu-annie darling superb episode. ?…. I loved it to the core…. I liked all the scenes… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…….

    1. Anu-Annie


      thanks a lot dear.. gorilla hugs from me *wink*

  2. Brin

    Outstanding episode, sad part both losing there father and then Saral trying to rape Sam but our hero Neil comes and saves Sam, Nesam kiss was awesome, Anu-Annie you nail it, well done waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Anu-Annie

      thank u di, Saral is toh the ultimate villian..
      WILL try to post next part soon.

      Nesam toh is my fav. pair.

      -loadsa lovee… and mama bear hugs

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    Its fantabulous… loved it…eagerly waiting for next one… tc 🙂

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    Now let’s come to the story, let me begin by saying that I knew it all along that this will happen, that Neil will confess his feelings and she wouldn’t remember a word and to be honest I loved that twist. See I am different, I love a plot with twists.
    Love this and waiting for the next. ?

    I don’t care if Rads turns deaf for a moment I just want Mr. Ego Mehra to say those three words. ??

    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ????????????????

    1. Anu-Annie

      yup all the love for Brin di, not an ounce for u.


      Well di, sry to break ya bubble but i too knew that she won’t remember a thing but there’s again a plot twist, y’know and only i know that..

      haha.. *smirk proudly*

      Arjun toh will say i love you, but i don’t think he will give a damn about his ego when his lady love is in dire condition.

      oopsy,, that’s a secret..

      Rads won’t be deaf..

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      -loadsa love for u… bear hugs and lots of choco pies…???????

      1. Gianna

        You don’t know how happy I am to know about these plot twists, I love me a good plot twist. wooohooo dire conditions? It’s just keeps getting better n better.

      2. Anu-Annie

        yeah dire conditions. haha.. better and me? good joke waise..

        i have all the plot ready in my head. just need to type it but have exams and practicals and internals and revision tests and cousin’s engagement. that is gonna tie me down but i am free so will try writing bits everyday…

  5. Hi anu… wonderful plot with sizzling nesam… now Tt Neil’s confession was forgotten n how they r gg to behave with each other.. waiting for next update

    1. Anu-Annie

      sizzling? God, u make it sound i wrote about the hanky panky.. but yeah, that was one smoking kiss…


      Neil’s confession she can’t forget na..

      will try posting the next one asap.

      love ya… take care.

  6. wow I really like this plot will wait for next part

    1. Anu-Annie

      thanks a lot amita. will try posting the next part.

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    They r my favourite.And NEIL-My heartthrob.

    This was fantastic update dear.

    He confessed his love n she doesn’t remember anything.but there is twist!!
    Did she really forget??

    He will say those three words she desperately wanted to hear!!
    aww!! exclusive.
    But there is a EXCLUSIVE TWIST too!!
    she will hear but won’t remember.

    Radhika in dreadful condition!!!

    series of twists!!!curious n eager for the next.

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    1. Love you soooooooo muchhhhhh Brin…you’re an amazing writer and very awesoooooome support and lovely human being. ..u deserve lots of love and appreciation…Anu’s this marvellous story is really outstanding. ….I’m proud of you alllllllllll deariiiiiiieeess…I feel very blessed to have u all in my life….keep spreading love in this lovely planet of precious gems…..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss….my best wishes are always with you ♡♡♡♡♡♡☆♡☆♡ ;* 😉 🙂

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