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It was morning time and as she woke up , she felt something strange, but everything is normal she murmured to herself, as she drew open the curtains of her room. The sun had risen high , and shone to its brightest, she ran towards her mom, who was cleaning utensils in the kitchen after, lunch, and offered her help, her mother looked at her and smiled, while drying the utensils with the cloth she asked her mother why didn’t she wake her up, as she was late for work already, and would be fired this time by that ruthless man this time,her mother coughed and she made her sit on a stool and gave her some water, and mockingly told her that she did it intentionally so that she loses job and , sit back at home and serve her,as girls are meant for household work, and she is of marriageable age now and should learn housework. Her mother kept her fingers on her lips, interrupting her talk, and said “No my child , I always want you to go ahead in your life, I never want you to stay….” Someone interrupted their talk and asked , the elderly woman to tell her that , her boss called as the meeting has been postponed and , gave her a holiday today, and stressed on the word ‘a paid holiday’ ,

a small smile on her face said everything and she hugged her mother, and then jumped in joy as , she hadn’t ever taken a leave since she started working there, as every off day costed her, as her salary was deducted , for every leave , even a half day, and it had been three Years , that she had been working without a single leave , be it worst weather or worst health, she was punctual to her work. The guy standing near the vegetable basket, asked her plans for the day, and their mother left the kitchen, and they both shared the plans for the , day as it was a holiday for both of them, and both had the same plan spending time with their beloved mother, their smiles . disappeared and they frowned, and there was dead silence, which was broken by the girl, who told her brother to do his work himself, and says she don’t wanna see their mother cleaning for them again,as her treatment is gonna start soon, and she should be in full health for that day, and they agree.

They spend the whole morning and afternoon together as a family, but in the evening their door bell to their surprise, it was the girl’s boss and his family , she looked at them in surprise , and they called them in and served, them tea with snacks, and the girl enquired the matter , and got another shock, the ruthless stricty as, she called him, came there with a marriage proposal of his son , for her, outside she blushed and looked down shyly and inside she was jumping with joy, as she loved him already and their , engagement got fixed, but to the boys dismay she asked to keep the engagement date after her mother’s treatment, but the boss had a problem as his boy was going abroad next month and wouldn’t return soon and they wanted, him to marry before, he leaves.

The girl looks at her mother who coughs, out blood and requests them, as she , wanted her mother to be a part of each wedding ritual, and it was her wish to do all the marriage preparations herself, unwantingly the boy’s side agrees and they present her with her first shagun.
As ritual they have to exchange sweets on the start of something good and new, they guy’s family had already brought sweets with them, and the girl offers to bring sweets from the market, so that the families could interact and bond with each other,and leaves happily .

On her way to the market she meets her friends and happily announces about her newly fixed marriage, and all congratulate her, and she buys the bestest sweets of the bestest shop of the market , and she reached her home in gusto, gentle comforting breeze blew, but it gave her a strange , gloomy feeling but she ignored , and thought it to be excitement, and happiness. She stopped at the door step, kept her hand on a chest ,took a long breadth and murmured something to herself, and with trembling hands, opened the door and said, she’s back home, but there was a strange silence and she heard only the sound of water flowing out of the tap from the washroom as she went there, she saw trails of blood leading from the drawing room to the washroom and she left the sweet box on the kitchen shelf and ran towards the washroom and , panting she says “mumma you coughed blood again that too a lot this time, please take your medicine and rest,

I will cleanup and manage the guests”, but as she stood up and took a look at the person , she was shocked to see her fiancé there , he was covered in blood and , cleaning himself , she offers him towel and tells him she’ll bring her brothers shirt and he could wear that , till then he should freshen up he looks at her and passes a smile ,she turns and while leaving says “ all must have taken mother to the hospital and you stayed back to inform me and that we could discuss about our marriage and engagement” as she looks back at him he, avoids an eye contact, she finds it fishy and , a negative thought about her mother strikes her mind.

As she leaves for her brothers room she sees more blood scattered , in the house and ignores it thinking, that they might have left hurriedly, and got confused so may be………
But as she looks around , she finds the family picture falling down and it’s glass had broken and blood on the nail on which it was hung, and the cloth on the small round table , was pulled forcibly, breaking the vase which stood on it, as a fragment of the cloth was struck , on the sharp , protruding edge of the table. “No-one form the house would do that” she thought to herself as she , went forward she saw the table cloth soaked in blood , and thrown behind the book rack, it looked the person who did it was in hurry as it was not hidden properly , and visible easily. She looked at it and frowned.

As the girl continued her move she heard some strange sounds of moving table or someone lifting a heavy thing,she calls him and enquires , he pacifies her that everything is fine, as she enters her brothers room she finds droplets of blood on the wall, and as she goes inside the washroom adjoining his room and sees more blood there , and she thinks and decides to investigate as a person cant loose so much blood, and if lost would have died by now and she rushes down, and she finds him on the drawing room door and , asks him what’s he doing here aqnd he is unable to answer and tries to divert the topic by asking her the reason of her worried look and sweating to which stammers and as hiss attention , diverts she pushes him and enters the room and what she sees is horrible, she screams in horror and , eyes him furiously and hits him on his face with the nail which she collected on her way back, she , hits him on his eye and he shouts in pain , while his brother who is lying on the floor moves his finger, and with all his strength asks her to run and hide she , takes a last look at the horrible site where lay the bodies of her in-lawsand family members,and runs towards her room,

and doesn’t look back again and heard a dreadful sound of her brother screaming in pain , and rushed to her room and locked it from inside, and leaned on the door , she heard some footsteps approaching her room and swallows her saliva, she then puts her ear on the door and hears the voice nearing, and a sudden knock at the door set her on guard and a voice is heard calling out her name, it’s him, he begs her to open the door, she moves back a bit as he begins to hit the door hard, he promises her to stay at a distance from her, but she remains quiet but stays near the door, the footsteps start to retreat and after awhile when she outs her hand on the latch, bang and the wood pies flew in air and she sees a hole through which a hand emerge and begin searching for something, she screams in fear and as the blood soaked hand reaches the latch she hits it with something, and tries to stop it.

Then she opens the drawer and takes out something and suddenly the blo*dy hand retreats back with a jerk , she lets out the breadth she has been holding as she closes her eyes, flashes of the dreadful scene emerges infront of her eyes, where she saw four blood soaked bodies,her going to be father- in -law with a broken TV set on his head,her father on the floor with a live wire lying him, the going to be mother-in –law leaned against the wall and, a big spot of blood on the wall and the trail of blood that ended on her indicated her head was hit hard on the wall, and her mother , wholly soaked in blood just lay on the floor, brute she murmured , and a tear rolled down her cheek and as she opened her eyes, a lighter is shown in her hand, the guy outside yells at her and takes back his words , and the hand emerges again, and tries to open the latch again, THUD!! And the hand went numb, and a lady’s voice is heard saying,”stay safe my butterfly, fly high….”

A creepy silence hit that place
She opened the door and saw her mother lying on the floor gazing at the door, she went to her and felt the warmth of her body, in her hand was a piece f glass with which she stabbed him, and the girl hugged her tight, and looked around at the body of her fiancé who was smiling and looking at them and on the floor written with his blood “I LOVE YOU SUVI”, her eyes widened and she backend a little thinking him alive and checked his pulse, Is he dead? She thought to herself, but the pulse had disappeared, she took a sigh of relief an looked again at her mother who had a smile on her face and her expressions turned pale and peaceful……..
She hugged her mum’s body and cried out aloud………..


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  1. outstanding one richu.. while reading this I thought this story has richa’s style….its u yourself my sisuuuu 😀

  2. Yup itz me my dr well i really cant write complex and bombard words normally i try to keep simple nd detail as if i write groan as habit i wil xplain tha wrd too like wrd meaning and poetic sentence too i wil xplain it so bettr i just be my own way ☺ 😛 lol nd i realy misd a para were she kises hr dead mthr nd falls on knee and bead his body shout etc i thot it wud b 2 mch drama 😛 anyways thank u thanx a lot for reading k3Ep readin tc C U ♥ Gm hav a nice day
    nd its she puts hr hand on the latch nt outs 😛 my bad (>.<)

  3. Oh kyu aisa kiya what is the reason so much confusion yaar

  4. richa (titli)

    lol thanx4 commenting hayathi nd srry 4 confusion i wantd to keep it short

  5. Awesome, wowwww what a thrilling story. ..brilliant job richa dearyyyy. ..u nailed it…love you loads. ..

    1. richa (titli)


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