Short story contest ||swasan|| story 4


NAME OF THE STORY ;; Definitely maybe! !!!!!!!!
THEME ;; Dream vs Reality


Dreams are the wings to fly..
Reality is the freedom to fly…
When dream and reality become one …
How will be life…???
Lets begin…..


A beautiful morning…
We see the crowded streets and busy roads..
A girl is seen driving a two wheeler..
Its none other than our swara..
She parks her vehicle .
Suddenly she dashes with a guy..

Ofcourse dashing and handsome..
Before she could react …
The guy slaps her hard on her face..
Swara falls down…
The guy hold swara’s hands and ties it with a rope..
He lifts swara
Swara starts beating him..
He kidnaps swara..
Swara shouts for help..
Suddenly water splashes on her..
Swara slowly opens her eyes..
She is on the floor near her bed..
Swara lost in her own world of thoughts…..
Swara to herself..
He was dashing..
But y did he kidnap me…
(Swara is a journalist )
swara started walking to the bus stand..
Swara saw a bus
Swara runs and catches a bus..
Swara reaches her office..
Editor: swara..

Swara: yes sir..
Editor: swara you are getting shifted to mumbai..
Swara: ok sir..

At mumbai..
A guy is running..
He is asking everyone help but nobody is helping him…
Suddenly a benz car comes…
A guy with black coat suit gets down. .
Its our laksh..
Laksh : bhai lets kill him..
Another person gets down the car..
Its our sanskar..
Sanskar shoots the person. .
Laksh: bhai..
Sanskar: lucky lets leave..
(Sanskar a dreaded gangster..
Laksh his brother)

In the evening. .
Swara packs her bags …
A photo is seen..
Its her childhood photo with her bestie
Tears well up in her eyes..
Swara to herself: im going to mumbai after a long time..
Hope everything goes well…
Swara leaves to mumbai…
The next day..
Swara reaches mumbai..
Editor phones swara
Swara: sir.. i reached after reaching the house i will call you later.
Swara comes out and starts walking..
Swara : excuse me..
Its our sanskar..
Swara: please help me sir. I need to reach to this address…
Sanskar leaves..
Swara: oi mister…
Swara to herself : selfish..
Swara atlast reaches to the house..
Swara cleans the house..
She goes for shopping to the mall.
While going ..
She sees a vacant land..
She sees sanskar and his gang killing a person..
Immediately swara starts recording it..
Swara hides herself and leaves..
She prepares an article ..
Next day
Swara goes to her office..
On the way she sees sanskar

She starts following him.
Swara misses his car.
Swara: oh my god i missed him..
Swara reached her office..
Swara got interested in this matter..
Swara starts to follow sanskar daily..
She notes his daily activities and records all the details..
Swara starts to prepare an article..
Swara: mr.sanskar you are going to meet your end..
Swara completes her article..

Swara submits it to the editor..
Editor: swara whats this..
Swara: please publish this sir..
Editor: but..swara..
Swara: sir ..
Editor : i will tell you tomorrow. .
Swara: sure sir..
Swara leaves from office..
She is walking on the road..
Suddenly a car stops near her..
Before she could realize….
She got a slap..
She fell on the floor..
Swara slowly woke up ..
She saw a guy in black coat and suit..
Swara: who are you..
Slowly light falls on the guy..
Swara: sanskar….
Yes the guy is sanskar..
Sanskar: ms.swara..
Sanskar gets a call.
Swara slowly gets up and starts running. .
Sanskar notices it..
He asks his men to catch her..
Sanskar: not so easy miss shona..
Swara keeps on running. .

Swara: its the dream..
I should escape..
Swara slips and falls on the ground..
Swara: ouch..
Slowly she turns to find sanskar..
Sanskar: swara are u an athlete
How fast you run..
Swara: who r u..
Sanskar: superb acting swara..
He slowly comes near her.
Swara moves back..
Suddenly someone holds her.
Sanskar: nice entry laksh.
Sanskar ties her hand..
Swara: laksh stop this..
Sanskar: laksh she knows u..
Good work miss swara..
Swara struggles to untie her rope..
Sanskar: laksh take this wild cat to my car..
Swara: sanskar i will kill you..
Laksh: bhabhi please don’t talk like this..
Swara: bhabhi.. And she faints..
Laksh: bhai..
Sanskar: place her at the back seat..
Sanskar: love you swara…
Swara slowly opens her eyes..
She tries to free herself..
Sanskar: shona ..
Don’t hurt yourself..
Swara: im swara..

Mr.sanskar i don’t. Know y u kidnapped me..
Sanskar: jaan.
Touches her cheek.
Swara: stop it..
Sanskar: i love u..
Swara: go to hell.
Sanskar: first time you were quiet
Swara: first time ah…
Laksh: ha bhabhi
Swara: stop it laksh..
Sanskar: laksh bring us food.
He unties swara hands..
Swara pushes sanskar..
She starts running..
Swara goes towards the door ..
The door opens..
Sanskar and laksh are standing there.
Swara moves back in fear..
Laksh: bhabhi…
Swara: mr.laksh im not your bhabhi..
Sanskar: wow you look cute when you are anger…
Laksh: ok swara ..
You cannot escape from this place..
Swara: laksh y did you kidnap me..
I didn’t do anything. .
Sanskar: great. .y are u following me..
Swara: vo….i …
Sanskar starts to move towards swara
Sanskar: swara
Y u want ti expose me
Swara: because my parents were killed by a gangster
Swara cries..
Sanskar goes near her
Swara hugs her..
Laksh: swara bhai kills only wrong people
Swara: laksh nothing can justify what you do..
Sanky: shona i love you..
Swara: sanskar leave me..

I want to live for years..
Sanskar: sure shona..
Laksh: swara please stay here..
Swara: i need time..
Laksh: but swara..
Sanskar: drop her..
Swara goes to her job..
It has been a week..
Laksh and swara are in touch..
Swara: lucky how is your bhai..
Laksh: kuch kuch hota hai..
Swara: stop it laksh..
Slowly swara starts to feel for sanskar..
Laksh: sanky tell her the truth soon..
Its a month now…
Swara proposes sanskar..
Sanskar: swara i am Acp
Swara: oh.. What..
Sanskar: swara im an under cover office..
Swara hugs him..
Sanskar: so this is for acp..
Swara : arey i love my gangster..
Soon swara and Sanskar are married..
After three months..
Laksh: swara im hungry..
Swara serves laksh.
Sanskar pouts..
Sanky: shona you’re not serving me..
Swara pinches his nose..
Laksh smiles..
All the three share a hug..

Guys dreams are things which are real..
Believe me life is a fairy tale..
Where hardwork leads to happy endings….
Thanks for reading…

Hi Readers…..You can judge the story and give marks……scheme of giving mark is

~Concept ;; out of 5 marks
~ Name of the story ;; out of 2 marks
~ Justification the theme ;; out of 3 marks


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