Short story contest ||swasan|| story 3


THEMES ;; Sacrifice , and a little bit of Jealousy


The story opens up with a girl running on the treadmill. She is wearing grey joggers with pink shirt and is quite chubby.

“Oh god, I need to lose weight before my wedding which is in 3 months.” The girls lips show moving while she sounds determined and worried.

“Sanara?” A woman says and walks inside the room.

The girl stops and gets off the treadmill.

“I have been searching around the whole house and you’re in the gym room?” The woman says and walks forward, she is revealed to be Sharmishta.

“Naani, I told you to take rest and not to worry.” The girl/Sanara says and turns.

She is revealed and a smile is on her face. Sharmishta’s eyes moist.

“What happened Naani?” Sanara asks as she approaches her.

“Nothing, I just remembered Swara…” Sharmishta says and stops her tears from rolling out.

“Naani, tell me more about Mamma and Papa… people say I look exactly like my Mamma but you say I am a mixture of Mamma and Papa.” Sanara sayss eyes moist. and makes Sharmishta look at her.

Sharmishta smiles and says “Haa, you look like Swara but you have Sanskaar’s eyes and your habits are just like your Dads. Outgoing.”

Sanara smiles.

“Naani, I keep on hearing about my Mamma and Papa separately, I even see their pictures but I… I never heard their love story before. You said you’re going to tell me when I’m about to get married, but look now Naani, I’m getting married in three months.” Sanara pouts.

“You don’t need to work this hard to lose weight… beta, your Mamma was also chubby but see, she got your Papa. That’s what you call true love.” Sharmishta tells.

“Naani, you told me this before but you never tell me how their love blossomed, Naani, I want to know now.” Sanara insists.

Sharmishta looks forward and says “I think the time has come to tell you about your Mamma and Papa. But first go and freshen up, I’ll meet you in your room.”

Sharmishta then leaves and Sanara looks on.

“Today, I will make sure I hear Mamma and Papa’s love story.” Sanara confidently says and moves her fringe to the side with her finger.

After a while, Sharmishta walks inside a room. She sees Sanara wearing a white frock with black spots and black tights.

“Your Mamma was innocent but I used force her to look classy and I guess that was the first mistake I made but look at me now… I’m the one who ended up in a simple wear.” Sharmishta says and approaches Sanara.

Sharmishta is wearing glasses with plain saree, her hair also turned grey as she’s ageing.

Sanara turns and smiles at Sharmishta. She throws her long black curly hair which stop at her hips behind her. Sharmishta grabs Sanara’s hand and brings her near a picture of Swara and Sanskaar.

“Today I am willing to tell you the love story of your Mamma and Papa.” Sharmishta says and looks at the photo.

“Tell me Naani, please. I can’t wait.” Sanara impatiently says.

“It all started off with when your Mamma…..” Sharmishta says and starts narrating.

A girl is shown sitting on the front desk of Gadodia Empires, a very rich and famous company/Lab that was rising to fame and fortune because of their genius interpretations of Science.

“I want to see my dad, Roy, I don’t care if he’s busy, I need to see him now!” The girl is revealed to be Swara Gadodia, daughter of the owner of Gadodia empires.

“Ms Gadodia, I’m sorry but your father is in the middle of a very important business meeting, I can’t allow you to enter the boardroom” the receptionist Roy said apologetically.

Swara rolled her eyes and said “Does it look like I care, just let me through before I get you fired for assault”

Roy sighed and let Swara through to the boardroom.

“What a bit*h” Roy thought while mentally rolling his eyes.

“Daddy!” Swara screeches as she sees her dad and several other men.

“Swara! I’m in the middle of something” Shekhar says looking annoyed.

“But daddy!” Swara groans.

“Princess here’s some money I’ll see you at home I’m very busy” Shekhar says after seeing Swara’s upset face.

“Ok daddy, I’m sorry” Swara says and leaves with a tear rolling down her left cheek.

Swara Gadodia was turning 21 in 3 months, she was very sensitive but tried to stay strong in public. She was usually shy but after a very bad relationship with a man 3 years ago she turned cold. She was still sensitive and shy on the inside.

After her bad relationship Swara gained some weight and now feels insecure. Swara slams the door of her Lamborghini Aventador Sv Roadster shut and sobbed her heart out.

“Why can’t dad understand that I don’t want his money, I want his love and attention” Swara thinks to herself. She wipes her tears and zooms off in a weary haze.

Scene shifts to the bank.

“For gods sake! Are you guys serious, please sir, I don’t have the money!” A man is shown with his back facing towards an angry bank manager.

“Mr Maheshwari, we’ve already told you multiple times! No we’ve given you 3 months previously!” The bank manager stresses.

“Please Mr Patel, my dads just passed away and I have my little sister to look after, I can’t afford to lose our house right now all I need is 3 more months please.” The young man is revealed to be Sanskaar Maheshwari.

Sanskaar’s dad had passed alway 4 months ago, 2 weeks after his 22nd birthday. Sanskaar didn’t have a stable job and relied mostly on his dads money so now that his father was dead he was in a difficult situation regarding the care of his 15 year old sister.

Sanskaar sighed and threw his head back. He was stuck, had no money apart from the money he was getting from working as a part time mechanic, and had to look after his young sister, Uttra.

“Just leave Mr Maheshwari, now! Before I’m forced to call security” The bank manager warns

“All i’m asking for is 3 more months!” Sanskaar shouts getting really impatient.

“Security!!” The bank manager, Mr Patel shouts.

Two security guards come and carry Sanskaar out, he jerks his arms to free himself and walks away feeling helpless.

He feels like life has given up on him. He slowly walks up to his bicycle and sits on it.

“What am I going to do now?” Sanskaar says to himself and starts peddling.

On the other Swara is driving and reflects on the recent scene. She increases the speed.

“Daddy and Mummy don’t even care about me!” Swara says to herself and tears roll down.

She changes gear and increases her speed.

Sanskaar is shown riding his cycle from the opposite direction and is lost thinking how he will manage a roof to live under.

Just then Swara’s car clashes into Sanskaar’s bicycle and Sanskaar falls down whilst Swara stops with a jerk.

Sanskaar’s arm hits the ground hard and he falls on his face. Swara rolls her window and looks out.

“Loser! Didn’t you use your eyes while riding your cheap cycle?!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar turns to her but Swara drives off without looking at him.

“She’s the one who hit me and is blaming me?! But the cycle…” Sanskaar says and looks at the cycle.

He releases a sigh.

“Thank god that the cycle survived or else my friend would’ve killed me.” Sanskaar says.

He then gets frustrated and hits his hand hard on the ground. Just then a hand is shown offering him to get up. Sanskaar looks at the hand and then up.

“Come on young man, I need to talk to you urgently.” The person says and is revealed to be Shekhar.

Sanskaar takes his hand and stands up. Shekhar looks around.

“What do you want to talk to me about and who are you?” A confused Sanskaar asks while picking up his cycle that fell.

“Not here, come in my Limo.” Shekhar says and points at a black lavish limo.

Sanskaar looks on.

Shekhar signals the driver to come close and the driver starts the limo. Shekhar then turns to Sanskaar.

“What happened to you?” Shekhar asks Sanskaar.

“Nothing.” Sanskaar says and the limo arrives.

Shekhar opens the door and looks at Sanskaar.

“How can I trust you?” Sanskaar asks.

“You won’t regret it.” Shekhar smirks.

Sanskaar then sits inside, Shekhar does too.

“Cycle…?” Sanskaar says as he looks out.

Shekhar shuts the door and says “You would get the money for it.”

“What do you want?” Sanskaar asks while making himself comfortable.

The driver starts driving.

“Nothing much… I want to hire you.” Shekhar says and faces him.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asks and makes a confused face.

“I want you to be my daughters bodyguard, well you see, her Mom and I are very busy and think that if we don’t keep an eye out for her then her future would be ruined.” Shekhar explains and waits for Sanskaar to react.

“Bodyguard? Why should I? Listen, I don’t have time for all these…” Sanskaar says and gets up from the seat when Shekhar holds his hand and makes him sit back down.

Sanskaar looks at him.

“I’m willing to pay any amount.” A serious Shekhar says.

Sanskaar plainly looks at him.

“All I want you to do is be her bodyguard but she shouldn’t know.” Shekhar says and looks forward.

“Bodyguard or detective?” Sanskaar asks while looking at Shekhar’s face.

“Both.” Shekhar says without looking at him.

“And I heard you need some money? After the scene in the bank?” Shekhar ask and looks at him.

He was revealed to be in the bank during the time Sanskaar and Mr Patel were having an argument.

“Are you trying to use my helplessness as an excuse of me agreeing?” Sanskaar asks and looks away.

Shekhar grabs a black bag and opens it, he smirks and throws 1 Lakh on Sanskaar’s lap. Sanskaar looks at the money and looks on.

“Think about it… I want you to keep an eye out for my daughter and protect her and in return I’ll pay off your dad’s loans and you can save your sisters future and have a roof to live under.” Shekhar says and smirks.

Sanskaar was thinking, he had an option. At the moment, he was thinking about Uttra.

“Just my daughter shouldn’t find out that I set you up, you should meet her in the form of a friend!” A determined Shekhar say and looks forward.

“If I say yes then Uttra’s future won’t be at a risk and we’ll get our house back. And it’s not like I will actually fall in love with his daughter.” Sanskaar’s mind says.

“Okay, fine. I agree.” Sanskaar says and looks at Shekhar.

Shekhar give a winning smirk.

“You made the right choice. But make sure you don’t lose your heart to my daughter!” Shekhar warns and the limo stops.

“Don’t worry!” Sanskaar assures.

Sanskaar gets out of the Limo and stands at the door.

“You’ll find her in the Maaya Bar or the Privy Ultra Lounge.” Shekhar tells and puts his sunglasses on.

Sanskaar shuts the door and the limo drives off.

“Now I need to do his work, wait, he didn’t tell his daughters name and neither his.” Sanskaar says and looks on.

Just then his phone beeps, he takes his phone out and reads the message.

“Her name is Swara.” Sanskaar reads.

“Is he some mind reader or what? And how did he get my number?” Sanskaar says and thinks confusingly.

He then starts walking and says “The Bank must’ve gave my details.”

Scene shifts to a bar, Swara is shown drinking.

“1 more.” Swara requests while forwarding her glass.

The bartender puts more inside her cup. Swara feels sad.

“No one cares about me, you know my Daddy… he cut my budget! That’s so unfair! From 3 Lakhs to 1 Lakh!” An angry yet upset and drunk Swara complains to the bartender.

“Ma’am, you’re lucky you get at least 1 Lakh. We barely earn 30,000 Rupees.” The bartender says.

“Aww, but did I ask for your opinion?” Swara rudely asks.

The bartender looks down and Swara takes the sips. Sanskaar walks inside the same bar and looks around.

“How am I meant to find Swara in this huge crowd?” Sanskaar sighs and walks inside.

He is wearing jeans with white shirt and black jacket. Some girls see him and approach to him. He looks on.

“Come on Baby.” The girls say and drag him into the dance floor.

Sanskaar didn’t even realise when he got mixed in the crowd. He left his tension and motive and started swaying and enjoying.

“Hey Swara! What are you doing there?” A girl shouts and the sound reaches Sanskaar’s ear.

He realises his motive and looks around. He sees a girl walking in a short black dress which stops at her knees and is backless along with strapless. Sanskaar is mesmerised.

“Yeah, wait.” Swara shouts.

Behind that girl, another girl comes who is quite a little chubby and is wearing a black sparkly knee length volumes and backless dress with one strap.

“Which ones Swara? The beautiful one or the other one?” A confused Sanskaar says to himself.

Sanskaar walks up to them, Swara is drunk and is finding it hard to walk.

“Swara, who told you to drink that much?” The other girl next to her asks.

Sanskaar hears and looks at Swara.

“So this is Swara?” Sanskaar thinks in his head.

“Shut up Kavita! Now will you tell me what to do?” An annoyed Swara rudely yells.

The other girl who Sanskaar had seen and got mesmerised was Kavita.

“Kavita…” Sanskaar says in his mind and a smile appears on his face.

“Hey, excuse me… do you need any help?” Sanskaar asks.

“No! And who are you?!” Swara asks while moving side to side and feeling drowsy.

“Hi, I’m Sanskaar, Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Sanskaar introduces and forwards his hand.

Kavita smiles at him and shakes his hand, “Kavita, Kavita Sinha.” Kavita introduces and takes her hand back.

Sanskaar smiles at her and she smiles at him.

“Did I ask for your introduction?!” Swara rudely asks and falls forward but is caught by Sanskaar.

“I think you drank too much, you need to go home.” Sanskaar says annoyedly as she broke his moment with Kavita.

“Shut up! I didn’t ask for your opinion.” A drunk Swara shouts.

Sanskaar makes her stand straight and looks at Kavita. A slight smile appear on both of their faces.

“Do you know where she lives?” Sanskaar asks Kavita as his tone changes into a soft one.

Kavita nods her head positively.

“Can you help me take her home?” Sanskaar asks.

“Sure.” Kavita says and looks away.

“Her voice is so angelic, now I feel like whatever is happening is right. I wouldn’t have met Kavita if I had rejected that offer. But all I need to do is look out for Swara and romance with Kavita.” Sanskaar’s mind thought.

“You’re not taking me home! I don’t even know you!” Swara shouts and walks forward but slips and falls backwards. At the nick of the time, she is caught by Sanskaar. Swara looks at his eyes innocently.

“Ma’am, here’s your bottle of Vodka.” The bartender’s voice is heard as he comes closer.

Swara looks at the bartender and a smile appears on her face. Sanskaar makes her stand and Swara takes the bottle.

“You know bartender, today you made me happy by listening to all my complaints and giving me what I orders so…” Swara says and opens her nurse.

“Here’s a gift for you.” A drunk Swara said as she handed a bundle of rupees in the bartenders hand.

Kavita and Sanskaar look on. The bartender gets happy and thanks her and leaves.

“She’s so careless with money, people are dying and she’s just wasting the money on useless things.” Sanskaar thought and shaked his head in a disagreement.

Swara then looks at the bottle and opens it and starts taking sips. Swara had gotten addicted to drinking ever since her break up in the past. She used to and still does drink it everyday to get rid of her pain that no one can see. No matter how rude she is, she’s still sensitive.

“Swara, shall we leave?” Kavita, Swara’s 1st cousin and best friend says.

“Yah, let’s go.” Swara cheerfully says and starts walking but struggles.

Swara drinks the remaining sips and drops the bottle.

“I want more!” Swara demands.

“I never seen a girl that bossy, rude and spoilt before.” Sanskaar says to himself but Kavita manages to hear.

“I want more!” Swara yells and demands.

“This is enough, you’re not getting any more. You already had 6 bottles of Vodka and 8 glass of Whiskey.” Kavita firmly says and walks up to her.

Sanskaar was amazed upon hearing the amount of drinks she had consumed.

“Even I don’t drink that much.” Sanskaar says and sighs.

“Do I care?! I want one more drink now!!” Swara says as well as demands.

“You’re not having anymore.” Kavita says and holds her arm.

Swara jerks her arm and slaps Kavita across the face.

“How dare you say NO to me?! Who do you think you are?! You’re trying to steal my rights away from me!” Swara angrily yet drunkly and rudely shouts.

Sanskaar looks at Swara and walks up to her.

“Is this a way you will talk to a person?!” Sanskaar angrily says as he felt bad for Kavita.

Swara glares at him.

“You shut up! It’s none of your business and who are you?!” Swara says and pushes Sanskaar along with managing to stay on her feet.

Sanskaar moves back and makes a fist.

“No wonder her Dad sent me here! She’s so rude and mannerless!” Sanskaar angrily thought.

His thoughts were broken by Kavita’s sobbing. He looks at Kavita and sees tears rolling down her cheeks. Kavita wipes them and Sanskaar felt bad. He felt like something was pricking him. Just then two guards came.

“What’s going on here?” One of the guard asks.

“This man…” Swara manages to say and gets interrupted.

“We were about to leave.” Sanskaar says.

“Okay, we thought the there was a fight going on or something.” The guard says.

Sanskaar fakes a smile and nods no. Kavita grabs Swara’s hand and starts walking with her. Sanskaar also walks behind them.

After a while they’re walking on the roads. Swara is in the middle of Kavita and Sanskaar and is walking side to side.

“I wanted 1 more drink.” Swara complains being sad.

Swara loses her balance and falls on the floor resulting her anklet to twist as she was also wearing heels.

“Aahhh!” Swara shouts in pain.

Kavita and Sanskaar turn and see her, Swara starts sobbing.

“Aaah! Stupid heels!” Swara sobs in pain.

Kavita rushes to her and bends down.

“Swara, what happened?” Kavita asks.

“I fell! Can’t you see?!” Swara rudely says as she sobs.

Tears continue rolling down her cheeks.

“She’s crying over that? Meaning she’s a little sensitive or a lot?” Sanskaar thinks to himself.

“Do something!” Swara yells and wipes her tears.

“Who told you to drink too much?” Sanskaar says and comes forward.

“I’m not talking to you! And it’s all because of these stupid heels!” Swara angrily says and takes her heels off.

Sanskaar bends and helps Swara up but Swara seems to be in pain and cannot walk properly.

“I can’t walk, it pains!” Swara says feeling annoyed as well as irritated and upset.

Sanskaar ignores Swara and pulls her up making her stand. Swara then faints and due to that, Sanskaar unwillingly picks her up in his arms. Kavita stands besides Sanskaar and starts walking with him.

Both KavSan talk as they walk.

“Daddy doesn’t have time for me and neither does Mummy.” Swara utters as she’s half asleep and drunk.

Sanskaar hears her as he reaches the gates of her house. Kavita rings the bell.

“Thank you Sanskaar.” Kavita shyly says.

Sanskaar smiles at the fact that she had said his name, before he could say anything, the door opens.

Sanskaar walks inside while the servant looks on as he sees an unconscious Swara in his arms.

“What happened to Madam?” A worried servant asks.

“Ramdeen Kaka, not much. She drank too much.” Kavita explains.

“Where’s her room?” A tired Sanskaar asks as he had carried Swara in his arm throughout the way.

Ramdeen, the servant leads the way as Sanskaar follows him. Ramdeen opens the door and gives way for Sanskaar to enter. Sanskaar enters and places Swara on the bed. He moves back and wipes the sweat that slowly dribbled down from his forehead.

“Thank you.” Ramdeen says and starts covering Swara with the blanket.

Sanskaar looks around and sees a picture of Shekhar, Swara, Ragini and Sharmishta hanged on the wall. He walks out and bumps with Kavita. Both laugh and apologise at the same time.

“Thank you, if you didn’t help then I don’t know what would’ve happened to Swara.” Kavita says sounding thankful.

“You don’t need to say Thanks… friends?” Sanskaar says with a slight smile on his face and forwards his hand.

Kavita shakes it with a smile.

“I’ll take your leave and maybe meet you tomorrow.”

Kavita smiles and nods okay, Sanskaar gets happy from the inside but doesn’t show it much.

“Tomorrow in the Park near the ice cream parlour at 9:45.” Kavita blushes and leaves.

Sanskaar smiles and walks out.

It was morning, the sun rises and the rays fall on Swara’s face which causes disturbance.

“Ramdeen!!” Swara angrily shouts and opens her eyes.

She touches her head as Ramdeen rushes inside with lemon juice. He places it on the table near her and shuts the curtains.

“What’s the point of shutting them now?!” An irritated Swara shouts and picks up the juice.

Swara was about to drink it when her phone suddenly buzzes which irritates her even more, she ignores the buzz and gulps down all the lemon juice. Ramdeen, the servant leaves whilst taking the glass. Swara lies back and picks her phone up, she reads the message.

“Oh No!” A shocked Swara shockingly sits up while widening her eyes.

1 hour later, Swara is shown walking down the stairs in a turquoise knee length vintage retro dress with black polka dots. Her hair is out and is thrown behind her. She is also wearing a turquoise flats with a bow in the middle. Her bangle is noticed by someone.

“Baby, I love your bangle. You’re looking gorgeous.” A new voice is heard.

Swara fakes a smile as she walks down, a man is shown.

“Nikhil? Why did you come? I mean when?” Swara says as she acts confused even though she seen the message.

The man is revealed to be Nikhil.

“I sent you a message, didn’t you read it?” Nikhil, Swara’s fiancé says.

“I didn’t get the message, but a sudden visit?” Swara fakes a smile and asks.

“Yes, I came to Kolkata for a business meeting, I mentioned it all in the message, I guess you really hadn’t got the message.” Nikhil says and walks up to her.

Swara gives a worrying smile and nods yes.

“Nikhil, you take rest. I’ll talk to you in the evening.” Swara says in order to get rid of Nikhil.

“Baby, you’re gone so smart, I wanted to say the same thing to you but I’ll meet you at dinner.” Nikhil says and leaves as Swara nods okay.

Swara’s fake smile changes into a serious face.

“He doesn’t even value our relationship and came!” Swara irritatedly huffs and storms out.

Nikhil and Swara had been engaged since a year, Nikhil is Shekhar’s investor and also would to be son in law. 2 months after Swara’s break up with her ex boyfriend, Sam also known as Sameer, Shekhar finalised her relationship with Nikhil. Swara had behaved cold after the break up. She only said yes to Nikhil in order to save her Daddy from the losses as she knew they would lose the house along with the company if Shekhar goes in debt.

Swara was driving when she suddenly stops with a sudden jerk. She rolls her window down and sees Kavita and Sanskaar feeding ice cream to each other and are laughing.

“Who is that boy? And why didn’t Kavita tell me about him before?” A suspicious Swara questions herself.

Swara then starts driving.

“Sanskaar, I’ll leave now.” Kavita says.

“I’ll drops you?” Sanskaar asks.

“No thank you, I’ll go by myself.” Kavita says and starts walking as she blushes.

Sanskaar sees a white paper on the floor and picks it up. He opens it and a smile appears on his face. Kavita had given Sanskaar her number. Sanskaar was on cloud nine and was happily walking.

“Stop it! And move out of my way!!” Sanskaar hears someone familiar shout in anger.

He looks up and looks on.

“Swara?” Sanskaar asks himself.

Swara is shown standing near her car and facing towards the people who blocked her way. Sanskaar walked up to them.

“What’s going on here?” Sanskaar asks sounding firm.

“None of your business!” One of the man shouts.

“And who are you?” Swara asks rudely.

“You forgot me?” Sanskaar asks Swara.

“When did we meet?” A confused yet angry Swara asks.

“Don’t you remember smashing a bottle on my head and then stabbing me with it?” Sanskaar asks in order to scare the men.

The men look at each other.

“Oh hello! I don’t remember any of that and if I did then why are you still standing here? You should be in the hospital!” Swara tells and angrily looks at him.

“I don’t blame you, you were drunk. But now I’m going to call the police and get you arrested.” Sanskaar says and acts to be upset.

Swara looks on. The men then leave as they got bored of SwaSan conversation.

“Oh hello! You don’t know who I am!” Swara with confidence and head high says.

“And you don’t know who I am! I am the head of police departments son!” Sanskaar lies in order to scare Swara.

“Oh really? Your lies won’t work in front of me.” Swara crosses her arms and sternly looks at him.

“But I’m still getting you arrested, my Papa won’t let injustice happen to his son, he even said to me that ‘tell me that girls name and I will get her in jail! I don’t care if she’s a cm or pm’s daughter!’ And I said okay.” Sanskaar says as he acts it all out.

He looks at Swara and she gets a little worried. Sanskaar smiles a little.

“Listen, I…I don’t know who you are! You’re Kavita’s boyfriend right?” Swara says sounding normal as she doesn’t want to sound worried.

“No, not yet but maybe soon.” Sanskaar says and smiles.

Swara sighs and sits inside her car.

“Call your Dad or anyone but I don’t care!” Swara says and storms out in her car.

Sanskaar looks on.

“Weird, she didn’t even get scared.” Sanskaar says and then shrugs as he walks away.

After a while Swara is shown sitting in her room hugging her white teddy bear. A knock is heard on the door. Swara gets shocked and sweat of fear is clearly shown on her face.

“K…Kaun?!” Swara shouts.

“Swara! It’s me…” Kavita’s voice is heard.

Swara gets a relief and opens the door, she smiles but her smile disappears as she sees Sanskaar with her.

“W…why have you brought him here?” Swara worriedly yet rudely asks.

“Why? What happened? He was the one… yesterday…” Kavita says but was left incomplete as Swara turned away.

“So this means that boy was telling the truth? I hit him?” A scared Swara says in her mind.

“Yes, I was the yesterday incident one.” Sanskaar in a serious tone utters.

Swara turns around acting like she doesn’t care.

“So? Should I thank you for something that didn’t even happen?!” Swara rudely yet in one go says sounding les scared and more serious.

Sanskaar notices the sweat dribbling down her forehead and smirks.

“But he..” Kavita utters but gets stopped by Sanskaar as he forwards his hand in order to stops her.

“I guess I need to sort all this out.” Sanskaar says and takes his phone out.

Swara looks on.

Just then Ramdeen walks inside with a trolley of Alcohol. Sanskaar sees the trolley and then looks at Swara while raising one of his eyebrow.

Ramdeen leaves without saying anything. Swara looks at the bottle and approaches it.

“Why don’t you stop drinking?” Sanskaar asks while waving his phone.

“Because I don’t want to! It’s my choice and what’s it to you?!” Swara angrily says and picks the bottle up, she turns to him and sees him waving his phone.

She looks at him and then puts the bottle down, Kavita is surprised.

“You know, this helps ease pain but since you’re insisting, I won’t drink it today.” Swara fakes a worrying smile.

Sanskaar looks at her. Kavita then walks besides her and shockingly smiles.

“You’re saying no to Alcohol? Great.” Kavita happily says and hugs Swara.

Swara hugs her back and glares at Sanskaar. He fake smiles at her. Kavita breaks the hug and turns.

“Swara, meet Sanskaar, you couldn’t meet him properly because you were drunk yesterday and Sanskaar, this is Swara.” Kavita tells along with introducing.

“I know, I met her yesterday itself.” Sanskaar says with a fake smile as he looks at Swara.

Ramdeen walks inside and accidentally drops a plate, Swara looks at him.

“Ramdeen?! Can’t you just…” Swara was about to shout and say something rude but stop as Sanskaar flashes his phone.

Swara gives a worrying smile and changes her tone and sentence in to “Ramdeen, careful. Don’t worry.”

Which shocks Kavita and Ramdeen. Sanskaar smirks.

“And Ramdeen, take this tray.” Swara nicely order and then looks at Sanskaar.

“I won’t spare him, he can smile as much as he can, maybe he won’t be able to smile anymore!” Swara thinks in her mind and glares at Sanskaar.

“Excuse me.” Kavita says and leaves the room.

Ramdeen cleans the room and leaves with the trolley.

“I must say Swara, you’re learning very quickly…” Sanskaar sounds impressed and expresses.

Swara rolls her eyes and then raises her eyebrow as she crosses her arms and looks at Sanskaar.

“What do you want?” Swara sighs.

“Why do you think I want something? But even if I do, I won’t tell you yet.” Sanskaar smiles.

Swara looks at him, he then starts using his phone and Swara looks on. She moves forward and snatches his phone off him. He looks at her shockingly.

“Give me my phone back.” Sanskaar in a serious tone says.

Swara nods no and throws it away, the phone flies and smashes on the wall which caused it to break. Sanskaar looks on while Swara smirks and then looks at him.

“What made you think I won’t do anything?! How dare you threaten me?” Swara angrily shouts.

Sanskaar then starts laughing which shocks Swara and she looks at him.

“What did you think? I won’t have any other access? That was Kavitas phone. My phones here.” Sanskaar smirks as he shows her his phone.

Swara looks on shockingly and then at the broken phone. Swara then gulps and looks at him, he smirks at her.

Kavita walks inside with a glass of water and looks at Swara.

“You must’ve talked by now and sorted everything out? Well Swara he was the one who brought you home in a drunken state. If you reached here safe then it’s all because of him.” Kavita tells with a smile.

Swara and Sanskaar both look on.

“So I didn’t crack the bottle on his head and stab him with it?” Swara asks in a calmed yet serious tone.

“What? Stab? Who told you that? He carried you in his arms as you fainted and brought you here.” Kavita says as she chuckles.

Swara then gets teary eyed and looks at Sanskaar, he looks at her.

“So his Dad’s not the head of police department?” Swara asks.

“No, his Dad unfortunately passed away.” Kavita says sounding sad.

Sanskaar gives a worrying smile as Swara looks at him, she then starts crying. Kavita and Sanskaar look on.

“He cheated me!” Swara angrily sobs.

“Who cheated you?” A confused Kavita asks.

Swara then wipes her tears and looks at Sanskaar angrily.

“You’re very fond of getting hit on the head right?” Swara asks.

She then bends down and takes an empty bottle out and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar and Kavita shockingly look at her. Swara approaches him.

“I was only joking Swara, I didn’t intend to make you cry.” Sanskaar defends as he moves back.

Sanskaar runs and Swara runs after him followed by Kavita.

After chasing him around the whole house, Swara gets tired and stops. Sanskaar also stops but far away from her. Sanskaar catches his breath and Swara sneakily stands in front of him. He gets shocked and looks at her.

Sanskaar then gets on his knees and holds her legs.

“I’m sorry Swara, I was only joking.” Sanskaar says trying to save his life.

Swara looks down at him. Kavita reaches there. Sanskaar looks up.

“Okay fine, I forgave you. Now get up.” Swara orders.

Sanskaar takes the bottle from Swara’s hand and stands up.

“You helped me yesterday so that’s why I forgave you, or else…” Swara warns while pointing her index finger at him.

“Sorry Jhansi Ki Rani, I won’t do life risking joke ever again.” Sanskaar jokes and continues catching his breath.

Swara looks at him and then walks away.

“Kavita, I’m going out.” Swara tells and heads out.

“Kavita, I’ll meet you tomorrow.” Sanskaar tells and heads out.

Sanskaar sees Swara walking up to her car and catches up to her.

“I also want to come.” Sanskaar says.

“Why?” Swara asks.

“Because I want to be your friend.” Sanskaar says as he remembers Shekhar’s words.

“My friend? It’s better if you stay away from me.” Swara says and turns.

Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her closer to him and didn’t know that she would come that close. Swara looks on.

Swara’s hair flies on Sanskaar’s face and he slowly removes it.

They have an eye-lock. Swara then moves back and looks away. Swara then sits inside her car and drives off before Sanskaar could react.

After a while Sanskaar enters a pub and looks around, he sees Swara dancing on the floor. Swara sees him and looks on but doesn’t stop dancing, he approaches her she moves back but falls and twists her ankle as she couldn’t hold her balance. Sanskaar rushes to her and helps her up. Swara tries to walk but couldn’t. He walks out with Swara as she hops and limps.

“What are you doing here?” A surprised yet angry Swara asks.

“I’m here to help you.” Sanskaar says.

“I don’t need your help.” Swara angrily says.

“Fine.” Sanskaar utters as he leaves her.

Swara falls as she didn’t have a support, she looks up and sees Sanskaar walking away and looks on.

“Oh hello!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar hears but ignores her and continues walking.

“What was his name again?” Swara asks herself.

She remembers Kavita saying Sanskaar.

“Sanskaar!” Swara shouts and forwards her hand.

He stops and looks on, he slowly turns to her.

“You can’t leave me and go!” Swara complains.

He walks up to her and then helps her up again.

“Friends?” Sanskaar asks with a genuine smile.

“If I don’t say friends then he might leave again.” Swara says in her mind and then says “Friends.” In a loud and annoyed tone.

“It doesn’t seem like you’re happy to be my friend.” Sanskaar says.

Swara ignores him and is finding it hard to hop.

“Where’s your car?” Sanskaar asks.

“Whenever I come to the pub, my driver takes my car away.” Swara says.

“Ohh.” Sanskaar utters and then stops.

He faces her and she faces him.

“Will you eat ice cream?” Sanskaar asks innocently.

Swara looks on and says “is this some time to eat ice cream?”

Sanskaar chuckles and says “There’s no time to eat ice cream. You can eat it anytime and anywhere, it’s only 6pm.”

Swara nods no but Sanskaar picks her up in his arms and takes her to the ice cream stall forcefully. Swara glares at him.

“Bhaiyya, give two ice creams please.” Sanskaar exclaims as he puts Swara down.

The man takes two ice creams out and hands it to Sanskaar. Sanskaar gives Swara one and then pays the man. Swara looks at the ice cream and then starts eating it. She starts enjoying the ice cream. Sanskaar smiles seeing her enjoy the ice cream while he eats his.

After a while Sanskaar and Swara sit on a bench, Swara is looking at the sun set and a smile appears on her face out of nowhere.

“She doesn’t seem like she’s a spoilt brat, she is quite different from what she looks like.” Sanskaar thinks in his head.

“Wow.” Swara says while drowning in the sunset’s beauty.

Just then she feels drops of water land on her face and then looks up, she sees the clouds normal and then feels a water suddenly splash into her face and clothes. Sanskaar sits up with a sudden jerk. Swara manages to open her eyes and sees some children laughing and spraying water at them through a pipe. Swara stands up.

“Oh no, this Volcano will erupt on these innocent kids.” Sanskaar says to himself.

Swara limps forward as she places her hand in front of her face in order to avoid the water touching her face. She manages to walk up to the children, Sanskaar looks on.

“Are you children mad? Go somewhere else.” Sanskaar says before Swara could speak.

Swara then looks at Sanskaar and snatches the pipe off the children.

“Kids, this uncle is so rude, he deserves a punishment right?” Swara nicely and childly says.

The children smile and nod yes. Sanskaar looks on. Swara aims the pipe towards Sanskaar and he tries saving himself. Someone is shown taking pictures as Swara is shown laughing as she waters Sanskaar. Sanskaar comes forward and snatches the pipe off Swara and starts watering her and the children. Someone is shown videoing that. Swara is having fun and is laughing. Sanskaar is surprised seeing her laugh.

The person finishes recording and leaves. It turns night and Sanskaar stops spraying the water.

“Thank you Kids, always remember, if you need something then I’m always here. My name is Swara, Swara Gadodia.” Swara nicely, calmly and happily says.

The children wave goodbye and leave. Swara turns and looks at Sanskaar who is shivering.

“Don’t tell me that you’re cold and you’re shivering?” Swara shockingly asks.

“I’m dancing aren’t I?” Sanskaar sarcastically says.

“Your so sensitive.” Swara jokes.

Sanskaar looks at her, both then start walking, Swara limps as she had hurt her ankle.

“Why did you water me?” Sanskaar asks.

“You were bothering me that’s why.” Swara says as she shivers.

Sanskaar starts sneezing and Swara smiles. Kavita comes and sees them two wet and joins them.

“Ka…Kavita?” Sanskaar says as he sneezes.

“I came here to buy ice cream but the parlour closed and the stall man left, then I saw you two, what happened?” Kavita suspiciously asks.

“Nothing, I fell in the pool and he saved me.” Swara lies and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks at her and then sneezes.

“Swara, let’s hurry and get you home or else you would fall sick.” Kavita worries.

“And m…me?” Sanskaar sneezes and then looks up.

“No one cares a…about me.” Sanskaar manages to say before sneezing.

Kavita smiles at him. She holds his shoulder and makes him look at her.

“Don’t worry, I will give you a full treatment and you will feel better in no time.” Kavita happily says.

Sanskaar faint smiles and looks at Swara. Swara was trying hard not to shiver in front of Sanskaar much. Kavita notices Sanskaar looking at Swara.

“Now can we leave?” Swara asks and then shivers.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Kavita says and moves back.

Swara limps forwards while Sanskaar walks forward.

“Sanskaar, you want to be my friend right?” Swara asks as she walks while limping.

Sanskaar looks at her and then nods yes.

“Then you have to give me a piggy ride back home.” Swara says as she gives him the serious look.

He chuckles and then nods okay. Swara limps forwards and he bends a little with his back faced towards her. She manages to climb his back and he starts walking with her on his back. She rests her head on his shoulder. Kavita looks on and feels a little jealous.

“I feel like I’m carrying weights.” Sanskaar jokes.

Swara picks her head up and then hits him on his head.

“Ouch!” Sanskaar hisses.

“You’re calling me fat? Leave me!” Swara angrily shouts.

“I was joking.” Sanskaar lies.

“But Swara, you also weigh and so do I, so he’s telling the truth.” Kavita says as she looks at Swara.

“Hmm, but he meant I’m fat!” Swara pouts.

Sanskaar smiles and looks at Kavita.

“See how intelligent Kavita is…” Sanskaar praises.

Kavita gets happy, Swara doesn’t care. Kavita and Sanskaar start talking and joke, Swara gets bored and falls asleep as she places her head on Sanskaar’s neck/shoulder.

Kavita and Sanskaar reach Gadodia Mansion and enter. Sanskaar finds it hard to walk up the stairs as he didn’t want to fall with Swara. Kavita notices and feels bad.

“Do you want me to wake her up.” Kavita says and holds Swara’s shoulder but Sanskaar moves away and Kavita looks on.

He smiles and nods no.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to disturb her, let her sleep.” Sanskaar whispers with a smile and walks up.

Kavita felt bad and then followed.

Sanskaar reaches Swara’s room and then places her on the bed carefully. He then takes her shoes off and puts the blanket on her. Kavita is looking. Sanskaar turns around and then walks up to Kavita.

“I’ll leave”. Sanskaar says and then suddenly sneezes.

Swara gets disturbed and opens her eyes. She looks around and then sits up.

“Why don’t you stay?” Kavita asks with a faint smile and not wanting to show him she was hurt.

“No… I need to go.” Sanskaar says with a faint smile.

“Why don’t you just say okay? You don’t need to act. Go get changed and Kavita, take him to the guest room.” Swara utters while covering her self with a blanket.

Sanskaar nods okay and Kavita looks on. Sanskaar smiles at Swara and she looks away.

“C…come, I’ll show you the guest room.” Kavita says and looks down.

Sanskaar nods and Kavita turns and starts walking. Sanskaar follows her. Swara gets out of the bed and goes to the bathroom.

Later, she comes out in an hour after having a showers and is wearing a comfortable sweater with pyjamas and is drying her hair. Sanskaar walks in and was about to say something when he stops seeing Swara dry her hair.

“What’s happening to me?” Sanskaar asks himself worryingly.

Swara turns and then sees him, she walks up to him and touches his forehead. Sanskaar feels a current and moves back.

“So you didn’t develop a fever? This means Kavita gave you a warm hot chocolate and medicines.” Swara smiles and turns.

“I came here to give you your phone.” Sanskaar manages to say abs forwards the phone.

Swara turns back around and looks at her phone. Sanskaar seems to be lost in her eyes, a smile appears on his face. He could see a smile on Swara’s lips as she takes her phone. Swara then looks at him and waves her hand. He comes out of his thoughts and looks at her.

Sanskaar, without saying anything rushes out of the room. Swara looks on confusingly.

After a while Sanskaar enters the room he’s staying in for the night and sits on the bed seeming tensed.

“I like Kavita.” Sanskaar makes clear to himself.

Kavita happens to be at the door with a glass of milk and hears. A smile appears on her face. She even blushes a little and then leaves with the milk.

“But why is Swara coming in my mind?” A worried and tensed Sanskaar says to himself.

Sanskaar brushes the thoughts and lies down.

“Kavita, Kavita! kavita.” Sanskaar says to himself in order to make himself believe he likes Kavita.

He closes his eyes and gradually falls asleep.

The sun rises and falls on the face of Swara, she wakes up with a smile and sits up. Ramdeen hurriedly walks in and walks towards the window.

Swara sees him sweating.

“Ramdeen, what happened?” Swara asks.

“Madam, I’m sorry, I forgot again.” A worried and scared Ramdeen says.

“Don’t worry. And take this lemon juice, I didn’t drink yesterday.” Swara in a calm tone says.

Ramdeen gets surprised and nods.

“Ramdeen, get me some mangos please.” Swara requests kindly.

Ramdeen gets shocked and nods okay, he leaves and walks slowly as he couldn’t believe what he had heard.

Swara’s smile then disappeared as she realises what she had done and said.

“What’s wrong with me?! Did I say please? And that too to Ramdeen?!” A shocked Swara says to herself.

Scene shifts to Sanskaar, he is shown sleeping peacefully. A girl flashes in his head and he gets a little disturbed and he starts dreaming.

Sanskaar’s dream:

A girl is running in a sandy place (desert) a song is playing the background.

“Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain, Tum Sun’ne to aap Kabhi.” The lyrics are heard and the girl walks slowly.

She is wearing a beautiful white chiffon dress.

“Chukar tumhe khill jaayengi, Ghar inko bulaao kabhi.” Sanskaar walks towards that girl and touches her shoulder.

“Beqarar hain baat karne ko, Kehne do inko Zaraa…” He makes her turn but his dream ends.

Dream ends as Sanskaar opens his eyes shockingly.

“Who was that girl?” Sanskaar asks himself.

He sits up and looks around, Kavita then walks inside with a cup of coffee. Sanskaar looks up at her and smiles. Kavita smiles at him too. He takes the coffee cup and drinks it, Kavita turns and sees Swara walking inside.

“Sanskaar.” Swara says in a serious tone and he looks up at her keeping his cup of coffee on the side and is mesmerised.

Swara is wearing a cream crop top with a cream net skirt while the white inside cloth stops at her thighs and the net over that stops at her calf. She is wearing silver hoop earrings with diamond in the top part with a necklace dangling down her neck and stops at her chest.

“Hmmm.” Sanskaar utters seeming lost.

“I need to talk to you privately.” Swara in a serious tone and a serious look says.

Sanskaar doesn’t respond, Kavita looks at him.

“Sanskaar!” Swara irritatedly shouts which breaks Sanskaar’s thoughts.

“Haa, tell.” Sanskaar says and looks away.

Swara turns around and says “Private.”

Kavita feels bad and hurt, she then walks out and turns but Swara shuts the door on her face. Kavita gets teary eyed along with angry as her anger is rising.

Inside the room Swara sits besides Sanskaar and gives him the worrying look.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks.

“If I showed this video in front of Kavita then hers and your relationship will be ruined.” Swara sadly says.

“Me and Kavita? We’re just friends but what happened?” Sanskaar tells and asks.

“Only friends?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes. Swara looks at him.

“Well we haven’t took it to the next level yet, we still need to talk about it.” Sanskaar discloses.

“Oh, so this means I can call her in?” Swara asks.

“What’s the problem?” Sanskaar asks and looks at her.

Swara opens her phone and shows a video to Sanskaar, its the same video someone took. Sanskaar looks on.

“Someone took this video and uploaded it on Social Media and because of this video, Dad and Mom’s respect will go down and my engagement with Nikhil will break.” Swara worriedly says.

Sanskaar looks at Swara and just then the door opens as Swara didn’t lock it. Shekhar, Kavita and Nikhil walk inside. Swara and Sanskaar look at them.

“See, just look at them.” Nikhil frustratedly says.

Swara stands up and Shekhar and Sanskaar look at each other.

“It’s not what you think Nikhil.” Swara tells.

“Then what is it Swara?” Nikhil asks.

“Nikhil, he’s just a friend.” Swara in a calm tone says.

“Just a friend or a BOY friend?” Nikhil suspiciously asks.

Swara, Kavita, Sanskaar and Shekhar get shocked.

“I’m sorry Uncle, I do not wish to carry out this relationship.” Nikhil huffs.

Shekhar gets shocked.

“But Nikhil, she’s saying it’s not what you think.” Shekhar worriedly tells.

Nikhil looks at Swara and she nods yes.

“Uncle, you’re only saying this for the investment right?” Nikhil asks.

“No Nikhil…” Swara says but gets cut off.

“No Swara! You betrayed me for him? Who is he? What’s his status? I didn’t know you were two faced and a two timer!” Nikhil insults.

Sanskaar angrily stands up and punches Nikhil in the face. Swara, Shekhar and Kavita get shocked.

“You! How dare you hit my son-in-law!” Shekhar angrily shouts.

“And you kept quiet when he insulted your daughter?!” Sanskaar asks in anger.

Shekhar is left speechless and looks away. Kavita and Swara look on.

“You sold your daughter to this man? Who doesn’t even know how to respect her?! And for what? Money? I’m sorry to say Mr Gadodia but your daughter is worth more than Money!” Sanskaar angrily exclaims.

Swara feels touched by his words and stares at him. Kavita looks at both of them sadly.

“Now I will not accept her or this relationship under any circumstances!” Nikhil huffs and leaves as he felt insulted.

Shekhar follows him trying to convince him. Swara stands in front of him.

“Thank you.” Swara says and then walks out slowly smiling to herself.

Kavita notices and gets upset and angry. She rushes to Sanskaar.

“Are you okay?” Kavita asks while cupping his face.

Sanskaar moves back and walks towards the bathroom. Kavita feels hurt and looks on.

After a while, Kavita and Sanskaar are walking. There is a silence in between them. She’s not talking to him and he has no reason to talk.

Both see Swara walking into Nikhils room and walk there. They peak from the window as they see Nikhil and Swara hugging.

“Nikhil, I love you! You’re a sweetheart.” Swara happily exclaims.

KavSan are shocked. Swara breaks the hug and looks at Nikhil.

“Is it paining?” Swara asks sounding sad.

“Obviously, he hit me hard. But there is one thing, he couldn’t stand any nonsense against you, does he really love you?” Nikhil tells and nudges her while asking.

Sanskaar looks at them and Kavita looks at him.

“Oh come on Nikhil, if you said that to any other girl then still he would’ve said and done the same.” Swara explains.

“But Swara, you were such a darling. Thank you for understanding me.” Nikhil tells with a smile.

“I should be saying thanks to you, if you didn’t come up to me yesterday night then I would’ve died marrying you.” Swara jokes.

Nikhil looks at her and she pecks his cheeks. Sanskaar feels something and holds his hand in a fist. Kavita sees his fist and then locks at Swara.

“Now leave before your Dad comes.” Nikhil says.

“He’s gone out and isn’t coming back till late in the night.” Swara smiles.

Nikhil releases a breath of relief and smiles at Swara.

“I can’t believe you turned the whole table around yesterday…” Nikhil says while sounding surprised.

“You came in yesterday and…” Swara starts telling.

SwaNik flashback:

Swara was about to go to sleep when Nikhil walks inside. Swara looks at him.

“Hi Swara Baby.” Nikhil smirks.

Swara gets confused and stands up.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want this video leaked.” Nikhil says and shows Swara as he comes near.

Swara sees the video and looks on.

“Either say you don’t want to keep relationship with me or…” Nikhil evilly smirks and warns.

Nikhil had been the one who took those pictures and the video. Swara sees the upload button and presses it, Nikhil takes his phone back and looks on. Swara smiles and then laughs.

“Nikhil, thank you.” Swara laughs and hugs him.

Nikhil looks on confused.

“You sorted everything out, I mean I also don’t want to be your fiancé and was looking at great opportunities but you solved it yourself, thank you.” Swara says and breaks the hug.

Nikhil is surprised.

“So you also didn’t want to be in this relationship?” Nikhil asks.

Swara smiles and nods no. A smile appears on Nikhils face.

“So you love someone else?” Swara asks.

Nikhil nods yes and looks down.

“Woah, you’re blushing?” Swara teases and nudges.

Nikhil doesn’t say or do anything other than smiling.

“But how will we break this alliance?” Nikhil asks and looks at her.

“You have to suspect me and then cancel this alliance. Then Daddy would blame me but you won’t get blamed. But you have to promise me one thing.” Swara says and looks at him.

“Why are you going to take the blame on yourself? And what thing?” Nikhil asks.

“You’re not going to take the investment money back, promise and then I’ll help.” Swara says and forward her hand.

“Promise.” Nikhil says and places his hand on Swara’s.

Swara then tells him the plan.

End of SwaNik Flashback.

KavSan look on shocked.

“I must say you acted very well.” Swara says.

“Thank you gorgeous. But I didn’t know it will cost a heavy price” Nikhil compliments as well as complains while touching his cheek.

Swara caresses it and Sanskaar looks on.

“Who’s that lucky girl?” Swara asks.

“Alisha.” Nikhil blushes.

“Don’t tell me it’s Alisha Banerjee?” Swara shockingly asks.

Nikhil nods positively.

“Oh god, she’s beautiful.” Swara compliments.

“Thanks.” Nikhil says.

“Anyways take care Nikhil, hope to see you on your wedding with Alisha.” Swara utters and nudges him.

“You take care too and I won’t forget to invite you.” Nikhil says and hugs her and pecks her cheeks.

Sanskaar all of a sudden gets angry and storms off. Kavita follows him. Nikhil then leaves and Swara smiles.

In the evening, Swara is shown standing on the terrace staring outside when a hand grabs her and pulls her towards them.

The person is revealed to be Sanskaar. Swara stares into his eyes while he stares into hers. Sanskaar, without thinking or knowing plants a soft kiss on her cheeks. Swara closes her eyes as she feels his touch as his hands wrap around her waist.

Swara’s heart beats increase and her breathing gets heavy. She smells alcohol and before she could say anything Sanskaar plants a kiss on her neck which stops her from talking loud.

“Sanskaar, are you drunk?” Swara whispers.

“Shhh.” Sanskaar whispers as he places his right index finger on her soft lips while his left hand wrapped around Swara’s waist.

Sanskaar moves his right hand down Swara’s arms slowly and she shivers as she feels his touch.

He holds her hand and brings it up to his cheek and makes her feel him while he moves his head towards her ear to feel her. Swara could feel his heavy and warm breath on her neck. She brings her other hand up and wraps both of her hand around his neck and plants a soft kiss on his cheek.

Swara pecking Nikhils cheek flashes into Sanskaar’s mind.

Sanskaar moves back and cups Swara’s face and puts his lips on her lips and kisses her. Swara places one of her hand behind his head stroking his hair and kissing him back while the other hand rests on his neck.

The kiss turned into a passionate kiss.

Swara opens her eyes and realises, she breaks the kiss, moves back and pushes him and immediately turns while breathing heavily. Sanskaar looks at her.

“He’s drunk and isn’t in his senses but I was, how could I let that happen?” Swara says to herself while worrying.

Just then she feels heavy breathing on her neck. To avoid this Swara walks away from there.

She enters her room worriedly and stands in front of the mirror while looking down. She hears someone shutting the door and turns to see Sanskaar locking the door and looks on.

“Sanskaar, your not in your senses.” Swara says and walks forward.

Sanskaar turns and looks at her.

“I am.” Sanskaar says but he sounded drunk.

Swara was sure that he was drunk, he walks closer to her but she moves back. Eventually she merged into the wall behind her while Sanskaar merged his chest with her chest.

“Sa…” Swara utters softly but stops as Sanskaar had kissed her.

He was sucking her soft lips while she closed her eyes. Sanskaar breaks the kiss and slowly moves down to her neck and plants wet kisses. Swara’s hear beats increased.

“Sanskaar…” Swara softly utters.

Sanskaar grabs Swara’s waist and pulls her towards him while he looks at her with closed eyes. He blows on her face with his hot breath as his other hand travels up on her back. Swara feels his touch and shivers. Sanskaar’s hand reaches to her crop tops strands. He looks at her and then turns her.

He moves her hair to the side and blows on her neck and plants a wet kiss on her back. Swaras breathing gets heavy.

Sanskaar unhooks her crop top and opens the strands.

He slowly pulls it down and touches her bare back. Which makes her shiver. The crop top falls on to the floor. He moves forward and places his hand around her waist and his other hand unhooks Swara’s skirt and loosens it. It falls down. Sanskaar drags his index finger slowly from Swara’s thigh to her neck and makes her turn. Swara’s breathing increases. He picks her up and places her on the bed, she opens her eyes and looks at him. He looks at her.

Both share an eye lock. Sanskaar sits besides her and takes his shirt off. Swara gets the blanket and covers herself with it. Sanskaar then takes his trousers off.

“Sanskaar, do you love Kavita?” Swara asks with tears in her eyes.

Sanskaar leans inside and starts kissing, sucking and biting her neck. Swara starts moaning and groaning. While kissing her on the neck, he managed to get inside the blanket, the blanket stop half way on his back while he was on top of Swara.

He places one of his hand in Swara’s hand while Swara brings her other hand down and he places his other hand on her other hand too and both make love.

Swara’s scream was so loud that it woke Kavita up. Tears fall out of Swara eyes as she’s in pain. Kavita ignored it and went back to sleep.

All night both were making love and taking the pleasure of each other and the shining moon had witnessed them making love. They had become one soul. They had become each other’s. Swara had lost her virginity to Sanskaar.

The sun rose and SwaSan were shown sleeping. Sanskaar was sleeping on his stomach with one of his hand around Swara’s waist while Swara was sleeping straight. Both were covered by the blanket.

The sun rays fall on Swara’s face and disturb her. She slowly opens her eyes and feels a little pain. She sees Sanskaar sleeping besides her and shockingly sits up.

“Oh no, what did I do?! He was not in his senses but I was! How could I let this happen?! Shit!” Swara sadly says in her mind and blames herself.

She worriedly palms her head and looks down and is shocked to see blood stain. She picks the blanket up and finds blood stain on the sheets.

“I can’t believe this happened! I lost my… What had happened to me?!” Swara angrily says and is feeling disappointed in her self.

Swara starts sobbing, Sanskaar gets disturbed and opens his eyes. He looks around and then turns to his back and sees Swara. He looks on.

He sits up but his head is paining and he touches it.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks while touching his head.

Swara turns to him and then slaps him across the face which shocks him.

“You did everything and now your asking what happened?!” Swara angrily shouts.

Sanskaar touches his cheek and looks up at her.

“This is all your fault!” Swara sobs.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks and brings his hand down.

“Open your eyes then you will remember!” Swara shouts and sobs.

Sanskaar looks around and sees himself undressed and so is Swara, he glances around and sees blood stain on the blanket and their clothes on the floor.

“Oh fish! Yesterday I drank too much and…” Sanskaar says to himself and looks at Swara.

Swara glares at him while tears roll down her cheeks. Sanskaar then cups Swara face.

“I love you.” Sanskaar confesses.

Swara is stunned and widens her eyes.

“Will you marry me?” Sanskaar innocently asks and plants a kiss on her forehead.

Swara is amused hearing his words. She jerks him and runs to the bathroom while covering herself with the blanket.

Sanskaar looks on, after a while Swara comes out in a black lace peplum top which is sleeveless and black chinos with flat black shoes.

Sanskaar is ready in his old clothes and is mesmerised to see Swara.

Swara walks past him and sits in front of her mirror/dressing table.

She puts her earrings on.

“If anyone finds out about this then I will not spare you!” Swara warns and puts her bangle on.

She puts a red lipstick on and turns around, she sees Sanskaar looking at her.

“What?” Swara asks rudely.

“You’re looking beautiful.” Sanskaar compliments with a smile.

Swara looks on, he comes close to her.

“Just forget whatever happened yesterday night!” Swara tells and gives him the serious look.

“What about my proposal?” Sanskaar asks.

“I need time to think, I’ll tell you today at 8:00pm.” Swara says and pushes him.

Sanskaar smiles and opens the lock, Swara smiles. Sanskaar turns and Swara makes a straight face.

“Don’t forget to change the bedsheets!” Sanskaar laughs and runs.

“You!” Swara shouts but Sanskaar was long gone.

Swara then smiles and looks at the bedsheets. She picks the blanket and bed sheet and throws it inside her bathroom and locks the door.

“He’s literally crazy.” Swara says to herself.

Sanskaar is shown walking and is lost in thoughts.

“Do I really love her? I don’t know when this happened but the feelings I get for Swara, I never got them for Kavita but now Swara is fully mine but I just need to make her mine from the heart.” Sanskaar says to himself and walks away.

Kavita hears and is angry along with teary eyed.

“Swara stole my love, how dare she?!” An angry Kavita says and wipes her tears while looking on with anger.

Swara was walking past Shekhar’s room but stops when she hears Shekhar shouts.

“How much money do you want?!” Shekhar asks Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks on.

“I paid you to be friends with my daughter but not to play with her feelings! You want more money right?!” Shekhar angrily shouts.

Swara is shocked and taken back. She gets teary eyed and runs away from there.

“I know you paid me but I love her, I broke your promise for not falling in love with her!” Sanskaar says with an honest face.

“Enough! Just tell me the price and I’ll give you more money!” Shekhar shouts.

“You can’t buy my love and neither I will sell it! I love your daughter and will always love her! She’s mine!” Sanskaar in a serious tone expresses and leaves.

Shekhar gets angry and kicks his bed. Kavita hears and looks on.

Swara reaches the hall and tears roll down her cheeks. She remembers Shekhar’s words and cries.

“Did Daddy actually pay Sanskaar to play with me? So he doesn’t love me?” Swara says to herself.

She feels a hand on her shoulder and turns around and sees Kavita.

“Swara, what happened?” Kavita shows fake concern and says.

Swara wipes her tears and nods no and leaves. Kavita gives a victory smirk.

“Without me doing anything, Swara moved out of the way.” Kavita says to herself and smirks.

Swara walks out angrily and sees her car, she sits inside and starts driving.

She remembers how Shekhar admits that he paid Sanskaar and increases her speed and stops the car with a sudden jerk.

Swara gets out and reaches a pub, she throws the keys to man/security guard and he goes to park while Swara enters the pub.

She storms to the bar place and sits down with anger in her eyes.

“Ma’am, I’m seeing you after 5 days.” The bartender says and forwards a glass of whiskey.

Swara looks up and picks it up, she was about to drink when someone holds her hand. She looks up and looks on.

“How dare you?!” Swara angrily shouts.

That person takes the glass off her, puts it down and slaps her across the face proper hard. Swara places her hand on her cheek and looks up. That person is revealed to be Sharmishta.

“Come with me right now!” Sharmishta angrily says and drags her.

After a while Sharmishta and Swara reach Gadodia Mansion.

“Mom, I don’t want to stay here, take me away.” Swara says with tears in her eyes.

“For now, go to your room!” Sharmishta orders.

Swara runs up, Sharmishta storms into Shekhar’s room and asks what’s going on, he tells her.

Swara is sitting in her room hugging her teddy bear. She remembers Sanskaar proposing to her and then the making love and then Shekhar saying that he paid him.

Swara then bursts out crying. She stops as she hears a knock.

“I’m not in the mood to talk right now!” Swara shouts.

She continues hearing knocks. Swara gets annoyed and then opens the door. She gets surprised to see Sanskaar.

“Swara, it’s 8pm. What’s your answer?” Sanskaar asks.

“No!” Swara angrily says and shuts the door but before she could lock it, Sanskaar pushes it open.

“I won’t be able to live without you Swara. I really love you.” Sanskaar admits.

Swara claps and says “Wow Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari, you should get the award for a great actor!”

Sanskaar looks on.

“I found everything out! My Daddy paid you to do all this right?!” Swara angrily asks.

Sanskaar is shocked.

“But Swara I…” Sanskaar says but gets a slap across the face.

“Just get lost!” Swara shouts.

“But I love you.” Sanskaar says.

Swara pushes him and he moves back.

“I hate you!” Swara angrily shouts.

Swara turns but Sanskaar grabs her hand and pulls her close to him.

She is angrily looking into his eyes, tears roll down her cheeks.

“I know your Dad paid me but believe me Swara, I really love you.” Sanskaar tells honestly.

“You love me right? Then prove it!” Swara angrily says and pushes him.

“What do I have to do?” Sanskaar asks while looking at her.

Swara walks out and Sanskaar follows her.

“Ramdeen!” Swara shouts as she walks down the stairs.

Sanskaar follows, Ramdeen comes out.

“Ji.” Ramdeen says.

Swara walks up to him and whispers something in his ears.

“But Madam…” Ramdeen says but gets cut off.

“Just go!” Swara demands.

Swara had planned something serious in order to get Sanskaar’s truth out. She gives him the disgusted look and looks away.

Shekhar, Sharmishta and Kavita walk down.

“What’s going on?!” Shekhar shouts.

Ramdeen comes in while dragging and blue drum. Swara walks up to the drum and smiles.

“Daddy, he’s saying he loves me but does he really?” Swara asks sounding angry.

Swara then tilts the drum and hot and burning coals fall out. Sanskaar, Kavita, Shekhar and Sharmishta look on.

Swara smirks while seeing Sanskaar’s expressions.

“To prove your love Mr Maheshwari, you have to walk on these!” Swara orders.

All get shocked.

“What happened? I just knew it, your love was fake and it was never there! You just want and wanted my money!” Swara angrily says and leaves.

Sanskaar looks at the burning coals and then takes his shoes off. He approaches it.

“No Sanskaar!” Kavita shouts and blocks his way.

He moves Kavita out of the way and walks on top of it.

Swara comes out as she hears Kavita shout. Swara gets shocked to see Sanskaar walking on the hot coals bare footed.

Sanskaar is in pain but isn’t showing it.

“What new Drama is this?! Do you think you’ll be able to get my daughter by this drama?!” Sharmishta angrily shouts.

“I already told you once and I’m telling you again! Swara will never marry a poor guy like you who has no standard! Swara can’t love a cheap guy like you?! Tell me, how much money do you want?!” Shekhar shouts.

Swara looks on. Sanskaar finishes walking on the coals and falls on his knees.

“I already told you once and I’m t…telling you a…again! I’m not selling or l…letting you b…buy my love!” Sanskaar manages to say even though he’s in pain.

Swara develops tears in her eyes.

“Do you know Sharmishta, I paid him to look out for our daughter but this betrayer fell in love with her! He, with full pride said she’s mine! But why will Swara even look at this low class guy?!” Shekhar tells as well as insults.

Swara looks on and then at Sanskaar.

“Your right Shekhar, why will Swara leave her lavish life and love this low class person?!” Sharmishta insults.

Swara feels bad and thinks “So Sanskaar loves me and I misunderstood?”

She sees Sanskaar trying to stand, but he manages to stand. Swara runs and hugs him which shocks Sharmishta, Shekhar and Kavita.

Sanskaar hugs her back.

“I love you too Sanskaar and yes, I will marry you.” Swara confesses which gives a double shock to Kavita, Shekhar and Sharmishta.

“Swara! Are you mad?” Sharmishta shouts.

Swara breaks the hug and turns.

“No Mom, I’m not mad, I’m in love with the person who respects my feeling, not like you two who don’t even have time for me so forget my feelings.” Swara tells with tears in her eyes.

Shekhar and Sharmishta look on.

“Mom, do you know one thing, he’s always there when you two weren’t. When I needed both of you, he was there but now I need him and both of you aren’t agreeing.” Swara says confidently.

“Do you even know what you’re saying? This low class person won’t be my Son-in-law!” Shekhar opposes.

“But I will only marry him! And if not him then no one.” Swara in a serious tone says.

Tears roll down Kavitas eyes and Sanskaar looks at Shekhar and Sharmishta.

“You have to chose us or him! What can he give you?!” Sharmishta asks.

“Happiness and Love which you or your wealth couldn’t give.” Swara answers back.

Shekhar and Sharmishta huff.

“And you know what, I don’t need all this! Nothing is bigger than my love and I’m ready to sacrifice this property too.” Swara angrily says.

“Sharmishta, she’s gone mad. Please explain to her.” Shekhar angrily shouts.

Swara holds Sanskaar’s hand and says “Come, lets go.” And starts walking with Sanskaar.

Kavita runs to her room. Swara had sacrificed her lavish life in order to live with Sanskaar.

Both of them were happy and they got married in the temple. 6 months later Swara is shown 6 months pregnant. Sanskaar is feeding her ice cream.

After few days Swara went to the market, she feels someone behind her and turns but it was too late for her to see as they had putted chloroform on her and she fell unconscious.

After a while, Swara opens her eyes and finds herself tied to a chair.

“Is someone there?!” Swara shouts.

A woman walks inside but her face isn’t revealed.

“Well Swara, hope you haven’t forgotten me?!” A familiar voice angrily says.

“K…Kavita?” Swara says as she recognises the voice.

The woman comes forward and it it revealed to be Kavita. Swara looks at her.

“Kavita, what is all this? Why have you kidnapped me? Are you playing some sort of joke?” Swara asks and tries to laugh it off but is surprised as she sees Kavita nodding no.

Kavita walks forward and holds Swara’s face.

“Because of you I cried and now you will cry!” Kavita angrily shouts and throws her face to the side.

“What do you mean?” Swara says as her eyes moist.

Kavita then slaps Swara across the face hard which shocks Swara.

“This was for slapping me that day in the pub!” Kavita angrily says.

Tears roll down Swara’s cheeks.

“Kavita, I’m pregnant… please leave me.” Swara says with tears rolling down her eyes.

Kavita laughs and then says “This is what I want to get rid off! Your child will die!”

Swara looks on shockingly.

“But why? What has my child ever done to you? Why should my child be punished?!” Swara cries.

“I loved Sanskaar and you stole him from me!” Kavita shouts.

Swara looks on.

“But he said he doesn’t love you.” Swara says.

“But I loved him! You stole him! He was mine until you came!” Kavita angrily shouts.

Swara looks on with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Kavita, I honestly didn’t know that you loved Sanskaar. If you told me before then I would’ve left him! Why didn’t you tell me before?” Swara cries.

“Why? So that you could be mahan?! He was always mine!” Kavita angrily says.

“You have enmity with me, I stole your love right but please don’t punish my child.” Swara begs.

“But this child is also part of you! I will kill this child and then you will cry and suffer and then you would know how it feels to lose someone you love!” Kavita huffs.

Swara nods no and cries as Kavita approaches her. All of a sudden, the police reach there with Sanskaar.

Kavita is shocked, Sanskaar reaches there and unties Swara and hugs her.

The police surround Kavita and she looks on.

Swara breaks the hug and Sanskaar pecks her forehead.

“You must be thinking how they reached here?” Swara asks.

Kavita looks at her.

Swara starts telling as she walks forward.

Swara’s Flashback:

When Kavita says she will kill her, Swara remembers Sanskaar giving her and an emergency bangle where if she starts her labour pain then she can press that button on the bangle and then Sanskaar could trace her location and reach her. So Swara pressed her bangle down to the chair handle and started hearing Kavitas other nonsense.

End of Swara’s Flashback.

“So this bangle wasn’t cheap as you said it was, it came in handy.” Sanskaar says as he holds the bangle on her hand.

Swara smiles and Kavita fumes, she sees the gun and takes it out and pulls the trigger before anyone could react or do anything.

The bullet comes towards Swara is slow motion and Sanskaar seen it. He moves in front and it hits him in the heart.

All get shocked, Kavita drops the gun. Swara widens her eyes.

“Sanskaar!!” Swara shouts as she sees her love, her Sanskaar fall in front of her eyes.

Swara bends down and keeps his head in her lap.

“Call the ambulance!” Swara cries.

Sanskaar smiles painfully.

“I…I lo…love you S…Swara.” Sanskaar manages to say and stops breathing.

Swara gets shocked and shouts “Sanskaar!!!!” On the top of her lungs.

The ward boys come with a stretcher and take his body, Swara freezes due to the shock. Kavita cries and the inspector takes her. Everything goes blurry for Swara and she faints.

After a while, Swara opens her eyes and finds herself in the hospital.

“Sanskaar!” Swara shouts and sits up.

Sharmishta rushes inside with tears in her eyes.

“Where’s Sanskaar?” Swara asks hoping the answer would be what she wanted to hear.

“He’s in the OT, the doctors are trying their best.” Sharmishta says while trying hard not not cry.

Swara touches her womb and then gets out of the bed.

“Swara, you should take rest…” Sharmishta says but Swara ignores her and heads out.

She sits outside the OT and looks at the door. Sharmishta sits besides her. Swara is worried and touches her mangalsutra.

“Paani…” Shekhar comes and says but accidentally spills on Swara’s head which travels down to her chin.

The sindoor from Swara’s hairline is washed away. Sharmishta sees this and looks on.

Sharmishta wipes Swara’s face with her handkerchief but Swara continues looking at the door.

Just then the doctor walks out seeming disappointed.

Swara stands up and walks up to him.

“Doctor… how is he?” Swara asks sounding worried.

“I’m sorry to say but we couldn’t save him.” The doctor says which shocks Swara.

Shekhar and Sharmishta look on. The doctor leave as Swara falls on the floor on her knees.

Sharmishta goes up to her and sits besides her, she makes Swara’s head rest on her chest as Swara bursts out crying.

“Sanskaar!” Swara cries.

Swara then stands up and rushes inside the OT. She sees him lying down and runs to him.

“Sanskaar, what is the doctor saying?” Swara manages to hold grip of her self and says even though her voice is cracking.

Swara shakes him but SanskaD doesn’t respond.

“Sanskaar, I don’t like this type of joke, please get up.” Swara pouts.

Still there was no response from Sanskaar.

Swara then shakes him and starts crying.

“Please wake up Sanskaar! Get up! For our child’s sake!” Swara shouts as he cries.

Sanskaar was officially dead.

Sharmishta comes inside and takes
Swara out.

Swara cries.

“He left me, how can he Maa?!” Swara cries.

Sharmishta hugs her.

“Swara, you can’t give up. You have to live for your child.” Sharmishta says to give her hope.

After Sanskaar’s last ritual, Swara was living like a lifeless body, she was only breathing for her would to be child but didn’t want to after Sanskaar had left her. Sharmishta took her to Gadodia Mansion and took great care of her.

3 Months later Swara gave birth to a daughter, they named her Sanara.

Swara had never gotten married after that and decided to live as Sanskaar’s widow forever until she dies

End of Flashback.

Sanara gets teary eyed while Sharmishta wipes her tears.

“Where is Maa?” Sanara asks.

“She must be in her room, talking to Sanskaar.” Sharmishta tells.

Sanara runs out of her room and stops outside another door.

A woman is shown wearing a plain white saree, her back is shown. She has a photo in her hand.

“Sanskaar, you know our daughter Sanara, she’s getting married.” The woman says and is revealed to be Swara.

She is shown talking to Sanskaar’s picture.

“I’m always your Sanskaar and will always be yours until my last breath.” Swara tells with tears in her eyes.

Sanara sits besides her and looks at her.

“Maa, your the world’s best mother.” Sanara says and pecks Swara’s cheeks.

Swara smiles at her.

“Look Sanskaar, this is our daughter.” Swara happily says.

“Maa, I’m only 21, can’t I get married next year? I don’t want to leave you so soon.” Sanara says.

“One day you have to leave, after all you’re a daughter.” Swara sadly says.

“Love you Papa.” Sanara says and kisses Sanskaar’s photo.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani starts playing in the background.

“Paas aaye..
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi” Sanara stands and walks out.

Swara caresses Sanskaar’s photo.

“Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile..” Swara remembers all her moments with Sanskaar.

“Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein..” Swara hugs Sanskaar’s photo and closes her eyes.

“Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha” Swara smiles as she remembers her and Sanskaar’s funny moments.

“Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan” She remembers Sanskaar getting shot and her smile disappeared.

“Hamari adhuri kahani..
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (x2)” Tears roll down her eyes.

“This is the reality Swara, even though you don’t want to admit it.” Swara says to herself.

Sanara is shown standing in front of the microphone and is looking forward. There is a crowd of people sitting down.

“Hi, I’m Sanara Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Sanara introduces.

“Today, my topic would be about Love. Know loads of people have different view on love but I only learnt one thing. Love is always there… you all must be thinking why I said Swara Sanskaar, well my identity is from Swara and Sanskaar. My mothers name is Swara and my fathers name is Sanskaar. I lost my Father when I wasn’t even born. Now getting back to my topic… in my opinion, love is selfless, it is when you show your emotion and accept the person whole heartedly for who they are, it is a connection from the heart. My Maa has been my Papas widow for 21 years… she didn’t have the strength to give his place to anyone else, she loved my Papa that’s why she stayed as his widow. She told me that Papa is always with us in our hearts. My Papa is in my Maas heartbeats, he’s in her every breath, he’s in her everything. People say I’m the reason why my Maa is living but no, my Papas love is making her breath. This taught me love never fades away, once your that persons then you’re always that persons. Love is a mutual feeling but what true love is, only true lovers will know… my Maa, Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari had never given up on life because my Papa was her life and will always be her life. She truly and will always love my Papa no matter what because she’s always his. She’s his and will always remain his. Swara was Sanskaar’s, is Sanskaar’s and will always be Sanskaar’s until she breathes her last.” Sanara adds and explains.

All the people clap. Sanara smiles.

Humari Adhuri Kahani sad tune plays as it shifts to the sun.

“Not all endings have an happy ending. In this story we, well I learnt that Swara is, will and will remain Sanskaar’s because she loves him. Unconditionally.”


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