Short Story : The Anjana Ajna Love [ Chapter 2 ]

Chapter 2 – Reality

Arjun sighed as he looked up at the ceiling. Things weren’t going good. They were turning messy. Very messy indeed. He had never thought that this shit would be so deep. He was on the verge of hurting her, the only thing he wasn’t willing to do in this whole charade.

‘He’s studying in SIIMS.’ Came the fax. What? SIIMS? But how. He had the worst track record. There was no way he could get an admission there. But again, he wasn’t just a human. And humans were far more easier to fool. It was a small task to manipulate their feelings and use them accordingly.

Arjun was just a few steps away. He wasn’t going to back off now. When he was near. So near.


She stumbled and he immediately came up to her rescue. It had always been like that.

“Careful, sweetheart.” He said in that deep, husky voice of his and she hugged him, turning around. He responded immediately as he lifted her up.

“Put me down, you idiot.” She screeched. She wasn’t a fan of PDA, but this guy had no problem shouting to the world that she was his. Mind, Body, Soul.

His long strides soon took her to their bedroom.

“Here you are.” He fell on top of her, after plopping her on the bed.

“You’re heavy y’know.” She mumbled while he was busy cherishing her. His lips had found her sensitive spot and she moaned as he flicked his tongue over the spot.

“I want you, now.” He growled and she surrendered. After all, this was what she was fated to. Her own mate didn’t love her. The only reason they were together was because they had kissed while drunk, at a party of one of their human friends and some of their clan members were there too. So, everybody knew that they kissed. Apparently, the only reason he was with her was because he ‘wanted’ her. In his terms, it was just pure lust. No attraction, or affection or anything else. But her? It had been two years since they were together and she fell for him. The unforgivable sin to ever commit.


Radhika cursed. What the hell was happening? Why was Arjun trapping her? She had trusted him, but he? She knew he was planning on making her his mate. Fake. But why?


“Mmm..” He groaned when she turned. His hands went around her waist and she felt it again. The strange feeling in the pit of her stomach. She gasped as his other hand cupped her br*ast and his lips traced her shoulders.

“Neil..” He closed her shut, his mouth over hers. His hands busy touching her. Still kissing her, he rolled over and with him, she did too. He let go of his hand around her waist as he grasped her hair. She followed. It was a routine, after all. She laid naked, on top of him, while he continued kissing her. His one hand, into her hair and the other moving up and down. And then, he rolled over.

“Wet for me, already?” He smirked, pulling his face out of her crook. His other hand, now free, moved along her front, touching every part of her body, leaving burning sensations all over.


She smiled when she realized he was still there, beside her. The sunrays penetrating their room signified that he had been here, the whole night. After a long time and she was happy. Looking at his face, her thoughts landed her in her fairy world, wherein, he, her prince charming would come riding on a white unicorn and sweep her off her feet. The tightening of his arms around her waist brought her back to reality.

“Neilu…” She called softly. She knew he hated that nickname, but it was fun seeing him riled up.

This time, he didn’t jerk her off as usual. Instead he consciously or subconsciously pulled her closer. She gasped as his hands caged her. They were still on the bed, tangled in sheets. Added to it, was the way he looked. His eyes, now closed displayed his serenity. His forehead, uncreased indicating his carefree demeanour, his lips upturned at the corners, just to reveal that sweet little smile of his. And his hair, they gave off that cute and innocent vibe. She chuckled internally. He maybe cute, or anything else, but innocent? Ha! Out of equation.

She called his name again and he mumbled, “Don’t go. I… wrong… I don’t want you anymore…”

Her breath hitched. Was he talking about her? Of course, silly! Who else could it be? But what did he mean? Don’t go? She wasn’t going anywhere. Doesn’t want her anymore? Ouch, that hurt! Did he really not want her? Well, he could do nothing about it. They were mates and she was gonna make him fall for her. She resolved, kissing his forehead and pried away from his hold. His smile diminished and his forehead lined. Was he awake?

“Sam…” He called, still asleep, his hands now touching the empty side of the bed. She grabbed his shirt from the recliner and hastily put it on. Tying her locks into a bun, she turned around and headed for the washroom.

She had just got into the shower when he barged in, calling her, “How many times do I have to remind you to not leave me like that?” As she faced him, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her hard. “Why don’t you f**king understand such a simple thing?”

“Neilu…” She coaxed, “You were asleep, so I thought to not wake you. That’s all.”

“I don’t care. From today onwards, you’re not getting up from the bed without me. Understand?” He barked pulling her hair, turning her face towards his and kissed her roughly.


He smiled. Finally! He was going for the semi final today. Clear this off, then the finals and then he would do anything he wanted to. His phone rang, bringing him out of his contemplation.



“Alright. When is it?”


“Hmm. I’ll be there.”


“I don’t give a f**k about him. Let him do what he wants. This time, I’m not letting him go.”



Ah! Things were going right, at least.


Heya guys, so petty li’l me is back. Hope you liked it. I know it was short but I had just this and I badly wanted to say hi and Happy New Year to you guys.

Sorry to say but I ain’t coming back anytime soon. This was just to tell you guys how much I missed you all.


Kriya, here is it. Thankx for commenting.

neetu, thanks yaar. hope you remember me from the ultimate jerk or prince charming.

Somya, sry yaar. I know this isn’t soon.

Brin, thanx for the praise.

Crazy girl, sry yaar I am too late na.

Jewel, sry couldn’t answer your question in this one. this one would have added more questions.

Vaishu, thanx yaar for the compliment. we all have read about werewolves and vampires and do they exist? so I thought why not create something of my own. right?

arti, thanx yaar and sry for being so fast. {pls note the sarcasm} sry really.

subha di, thanx a lot. howz ur job? don’t li’l kids give you a hard time?

farjana, u r right waise, this is gonna extend. waise fol toh I posted and here I am, after more than a month.

viprida, thanx a lot yaar. sry for being so soon.

Roma di, thanx a lot. how r my nieces and nephew. God, do they poke you, irritate you? tell me, i’m gonna deal with them. *wink* {miss ya, di}

Gauri di, thank u. talented and me? ha! out of the equation. alright, maybe?

so yeah, I missed ya.

Myra di, I don’t know whether u r reading this or not but seriously thanx for the appreciation. actually I wasn’t planning on revealing anything in the A/N but I thought better. So. pretty cool imagination, right?

this is short, sry. u’know I missed u.

jess pi, here’s the next part. I realized u r right. definitely more than two or three with my current word limit. Damn, u and farjana won.

so lemme disclose a secret, I myself donno yet If I am gonna make him yajana or not. u c, most of my plot is spontaneous, lyk, Sam was never going to talk to Neil on the river and Adarsh wasn’t supposed to meet her there. [chapter 7 where neil is about to tell her]






drop in ur views about the part and the new year wishes too. I dare you to just read and leave. [kidding guys.]


SMILLLLLE. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ o_O [Spread love around.]

song dedication : demons by imagine dragon

and purpose by Justin beiber

and cry me a river by Justin timberlake.


three cheers for the new year. hip hip hurray. hip hip hurray. hip hip hurray.



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    Thank god… u came back… its me crazy girl… how are you?? And episode was awsme… loved it… Happy new year dear tc ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Superb, awesome,excellent,outstanding and marvelous episode anu-annie darling…. I loved it…. Happy new year to u as well….

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    Hats off to your imagination and kudos to your narration, I never read stories like these but you got me interested and now am excited for more. Loved it

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