Short Story: All I Want For Christmas Is You


Gizelle caught the coat more tighter around her body. It was freezing cold. She shivered as soon as she walked out of the front door of her house. She smiled even though her feet dip deep in the thick layers of snow that lay covered on the road. Everything was coloured white. The houses. The trees. The ground. The streets. It was a thick, beautiful and a pristine white spread all over.

Gizelle loved december. It brought out the festive spirit along with it’s bleak cold. It was mesmerising. Lovely. Gorgeous. She sighed when some of the crow nest black curly strands escaped the tight ponytail from the top of her head and fell on her face in an irritated mess. It grated her nerves. She glanced at her image in the street windows of a shop and froze. She looked like such a geek, in a long loose grey t-shirt, faded ripped demins and a checkered blue shirt that almost drawfed her thin physique. One of her arms had a puma college back and the other hand held a thick biology book. Her pale skin looked pasty and shrivelled. Her face was round with a dented chin. She had boring brown eyes and at 5’4, Gizelle looked unaturally mundane. She always hated her nose. It was long and beak like and her cheeks which heated up and reddened almost every time the cold breeze flew past her face in a whip. Jason always made fun of her cheeks, nose, neck and ears. He said that she blushed easily.

She bloomed pink more whenever he teased her. Sometimes, which was often, Gizelle wondered what he was doing with her. Why was he her best friend. Most part of her brain reasoned that, there was an immense family history friendship to look at. Gizelle’s mother got along with Jason’s mother as if house on fire and also they were childhood best friends. And both of their, Gizelle and Jason’s father’s too spent the weekend at each other’s houses, which lay opposite to each other. And also they work together in the same company. So, come on, they would have ended up as friends even if the universe decided against it. It was genetic. The legacy of their mother’s being best of friends continued in both of their genes, hence they did have a great friendship, but except that, Jason’s family was more richer and had a house enormous almost resembling a mansion, but the Carter’s never boasted. They were down to earth, friendly, cheerful and warm people and so too was Jason.

He was a big 6’1 tall goof ball. A very very handsome goof ball. He had dirty blonde hair which lay dishevelled in every direction on his head, which again he pulled at hard whenever he was frustrated. An aristocratic nose which often flared in bouts of anger. A fine refined sharp square jaw which always set hard and gritted, but amongst all these features that made his face look grim, and the one feature which seperated and said a story of their own, of his mood swings, are the most fascinatingly warm and affectionate deep blue eyes.

They made him look less fierce and more a laid back fun guy he generally was. Well, except a heavy sharp dose of cynicism coloured in his drawly talk, he had deep layers of genuine care for the people he made belong as his own. He was fiercely protective and never hesitated to show it out, and he was her best friend.

But one thing, Gizelle never acknowledged and hurriedly burried deep in a box the thought whenever it crossed her mind. The thought that she secretly was in love with her best friend. She didn’t know when it happened. How it happened, but it happened nonetheless.

Isn’t it ironic though that apart from being best friends, Gizelle will never be more than that to Jason. It would be laughable if ever such a thing happened. He was the campus star. She was the campus geek and a wallflower who always hovered in the background. She was always angry with Jason for bringing her into focus of his friends. They were rich. They were arrogant. They were sneery. She didn’t like to hang out with his group in the caffeteria. She was safe near the corner table. She was just happy to be his friend and nothing more. This love, infatuation, crush whatever it was, it’s actually a process which every girl goes through when she meets Jason or ever stays into the warm smiling focus of his eyes. Yes, that was it, Gizelle thought and brushed it off.

Still with that thing going over and over again in her head, Gizelle failed to hear the constant honking of a car from across the road travelling along with her walk to the side.

Jason drove his car around the corner of the street where he knew Zella would be walking. His best friend since childhood and still is at twenty. She was as stubborn as a mule. She was an independent soul and had a dentless self respect. Yeah, that blo*dy determined self respect of hers was a pain in the neck. Says that she already is hitching a free ride in his car in the evenings, and that she didn’t want to impose him too much. That damned manners of hers.How can she speak like that. If everything was inseperable between between the two, then why should a few paltry gestures become an insult to her, like when if he offered her a few gifts and favours she becomes taut and adamant refusing it all. She made him feel like a big jerk when she does that, walk in the cold and snow. Her form was a purple blur across the street. Jason cursed inside his head, thought that he should have been persistent. Should have pushed her reluctant stubborn self inside his car. Instead he just let her go in his anger towards her. He felt bad and hurt looking at her walk so lonely in the street. His hand tightened on the steering wheel and he gritted his teeth. She was deeply immersed in the snow, but still held a smile on her lips. Her cheeks were flourished with rosy hue. She had always a light in the hazel brown deer like eyes. He had always thought those were uncanny. Her thin form kept shivering. Ah hell, he groaned in his head, if she keeps on like this being hard on herself, then she was going to be sick real soon. Concern along with deep rising anger pumped into his veins. He was going to wring her neck someday. Impossible woman. He sighed heavily trying to get in control of the frustration she manages to colour the every nerve of his brain, yet he smiled shaking his head looking at her face that covered now in a deep blush. Whatever the hell were her thoughts, she always was lost in it. He wondered of what made her face crimson, and just like that his thoughts took a new turn. He gulped hard thinking of the million images that swirled through his mind in just a second. He shook his head.

“f**k.” He whisper cursed, clenching his jaw.

Gizelle was his best friend and will always will be. He wasn’t going to marr their friendship with a paltry fling. He shuddered thinking of the consequence of it. Gizelle was deep. She would hurt like hell but wouldn’t show. Again the f**king self respect of hers. She meant more than that to him. He would rather die than put at stake of what he has with her. She was his stronger side and as well as his vulnerable spot. She was his ultimate girl. The flings that he has will come and go but her, she was always is his dear Zella bear. His bestest friend ever. Period. Written in stone and all that shit.

He shook his head of it all, and went into a gear of his nonchalant self. He didn’t want to fight with her which they were often doing this week.

Gizelle shivered suddenly and felt it go through into her bones. Hell, she should have gotten into the car while Jason offered it. Suffer now you idiot.

“And there she goes, unaware and dreamy into the world of her own, Oh, behold there she is, The Princess Of The Eternal Nature with her throne…” A deep burring sing song voice travelled into her ears and froze her feet into the ice filled ground.

Her wide eyes swung around and instantly caught a pair of the laughing blue eyes she had been thinking of all this while. Her face morphed into a smile and an instant laugh escaped her lips.

“Oh jeez, Jay, I hope you don’t sing poetry again. It’s going to make all the wild animals to come out of the forest in anger at you to avenge the lost peace.” She snorted out a giggle.

Jason smiled wide at her suddenly. She gasped as the pearly white teeth flashed boyishly and the specks of deep blue in his eyes slid down at her body.

His ever famous black Imapala honked again, and Gizelle winced at it’s high screech.

“Get in, Princess, before you freeze to death.” He called out loud the nickname he assaulted at her mind time and again.

She hated the word ‘Princess’. It was mock to her plain Jane appearance. He knew it well that it riled her up bad and he had immense fun at her sulky attitude after it.

She shook her head, shivered abruptly as the cold hit her strong. She cursed in her mind and hurried inside his car. He pushed a button and the car top went up into a close. Gizelle hurriedly switched on the heater in the car. It warmed slowly and lazily.

“Damn,’s too cold out there.” Gizelle muttered in a shiver and turned her head to his side to observe him with intent eyes.

He was wearing a deep purple sweater over a white shirt, with beige trousers. Except he was clothed thick in a black coat. He covered his dirty blonde hair with a same purple coloured bean hat. Though the shiny strands of golden attached to his forehead in a dishevel. His eyes annoyed caught her wide gaze. Gizelle hurriedly shielded the dreamy look that entered whenever she looked at his endearing face. All humour left his features when he glanced all over at her shivering form.

“I don’t understand why you take these long walks to college when we go to the same place. It’s ridiculous, Zella bear, when I see you walking in the cold.” He muttered low in a growly tone.

There he goes with another nickname. This one was pretty much warm and endearing and only reserved for her.

Gizelle sighed. And there they go again. They had this discussion before. She already takes a free ride in the evenings. He always wasn’t alone. His current flavour of the month graced the back seat. It was awkward with the hottest girl of the college glaring holes at the back of her head, because Gizelle sat beside to Jason. He insisted that she sit in the front, no matter what. He made it thorougly clear, these girls come and go in his life every week but Gizelle was his best girl always and forever. That had been some twisted crap he spouted when they got into a heated argument about his neantherhal ways of his putting her forcefully in the front seat of his car. He was adamant, and very serious about showing his displeasure over her walking all alone in the evenings. He got pissed instantly when she protested about it.

She was in the friend zone. A line to never cross, if she did, she would become like the to and fro women in his life. She shuddered thinking about it. Though it was never going to happen, but assuming it, she was afraid to lose his friendship, forever if she ever opened up about her uncertain feelings. A friendship so cared so deeply should never be ruined by her awkward confession.

At her continued broody silence, he grunted again in displeasure.

“I don’t understand what goes into that pretty little head of yours…I wonder sometimes..” He glanced across at her curiously with narrowed eyes.

Gizelle avoided his stare and looked anywhere else but at his eyes. Pretty? He was mocking her again with the word. Her cheeks bloomed pink as he chuckled suddenly.

“Jesus, what are those thoughts, naughty girl that’s making you blush?” He started teasing her.

Gizelle swung her gaze around sharply.

“Shut up.” She snapped.

He didn’t look any contrite, instead he smiled more widely at her again. That ever popular smile of his that reeled the RHG girls into a puddle.

Gizelle rolled her eyes at his smirking face.

“Do you always have the only thing in mind.” She gritted back.

He grinned, tightening his hands over the gear wheel.

“I don’t have to think about it. I get it any time in the day…or night…” He whispered quite scandalously into her left ear.

Gizelle groaned heavily.

“This is the reason I don’t want to travel in your car. You’re too…”She failed to find a word to describe the level of his arrogance.

“Too what?” He asked again in this teasing hint of a voice.

“You know very well about it.” Gizelle countered irritately and looked out of the window.

It was all fogged up. She took off her gloves and wiped the glass. The white specks of snow fell down in slow circles from the almost dark sky. It was still noon, but it was like a atmosphere of a setting sun. She sighed, it was days that she had seen a clear sky and the sun. But…

“I love decembers.” Gizelle dreamily.

“Of course you do.” Came his soft reply.

She was sure he was smiling and a wide one of her own touched her lips into a spread.

She was happy and content except that she longed for something else entirely. A hope flared deep in her heart. A hope that this festive month would change everything but nothing yet still. Such improbability of thought was never going to be a reality. Her dream would never come true, she thought sadly.

All she ever wanted for this Christmas was…..

Who knows what would happen next year. Gizelle had to chose between two amazing chances to as a career option. She had been very clear about her destination in life and she had chosen to work for the missionaries across the world. To work in NGO’s to rescue the orphan kids. Travel all over the globe. At least have a part in the change that seem to circle the world suddenly. A small part of what she had in her heart, could she not give it back. One was closer to home, In Pensylvania itself and the other is to travel to Japan. If she chose option two, then it will be a permanant seperation from Jason and her own family, because it wasn’t just Japan she had be, It was from Japan to Europe, Africa and Most of Asia. There wasn’t going to be a break in the programme. Only a few of the students with dentless score percentage in the required field are given an oppurtunity. It was rare that such higher rankling was given to any of the student so far. Gizelle had chosen option one. Closer to home, but the surprised principal Matthews gave her a period of time to decide. After the holidays, she had to make a concrete decision.

Of course, Gizelle didn’t say all this to Jason. He wouldn’t have given her the option to think and she was thinking lots.

Jason drove somehow in the normal range of a passive number to college or else he was always charging up on the highway. It was disturbing, but because she was with him he seem to have calm down this time at least. Jason was just a very aggressive driver. He cursed at the other drivers behind the wheel. He got involved in road rage. In short he was a complete boar. Gizelle acted as his pacifer. He made fun of her name, that she had too dreamy a name for too silent and demure a personality. She did not like his constant digs at her but she knew he only meant it as fun.

He stopped right into the parking lot of the campus and Gizelle got out fast because she was getting late for the biology class.

“Meet you in the evening.” She flung the words over her shoulder and hurried inside the building.

“Hey! Wait…” She heard Jason’s cry, but she shook her head.

He only wanted to make late so that she could sneak out of the college along with him and spend time in the nearest hangout restaurant spot of his group.

That is never going to happen. If she wanted the scholarship, she had to work hard. It wouldn’t matter to Jason. He didn’t have to do a thing. His was the major fund to the college. It was practically already his the huge campus.

Gizelle hurried to the lockers to get the required books, but just as she was about to open it, the locker door was banged shut and she winced and flinched away at the loud sound.

What the hell..

“Well, well, If isn’t Ms.Goody two shoes flying in early.” Came a drawly husky tone of the campus bad boy and bully Dustin Andrews.

Gizelle rolled her eyes heavenwards. Not this again.

He came into her vision, standing too close for comfort. He was smiling in a sneer at her. He was 5’11, Toned tatooed arms, Black hair, Brown eyes, and beefy at the same time. Black leather jacket, white shirt and ripped jeans. Well, he looked…er…clean. How did that happen. His trade mark style always was his weird sense of clothing. He dressed casuals. Casual in the sense could go to an extreme. Sometimes he wore knee length shorts and tank top. As if he was in an all night party. Slippers, holiday shirts and stuff like that.

But, today he looked a little groomed. Well mostly.

“What do you want, Dustin?” She sighed exasperated.

He flicked an amused glance down at her body. For being as notorious as a bad boy, he had incredible smooth tanned face. It wasn’t harsh. He had a hawk like furtive gaze, a rough chin and but his cheekbones weren’t jagged. In fact, if one can go over looks. He would rather seem like a boy next door.

But as the saying goes, You cannot trust a book by it’s cover.

“Do you always dress up like a stray?” He asked in a whisper, confirming her thoughts that he was the very definition of a jerk.

Gizelle shook her head and decided to ignore his presence and the smell of cigerettes that circulated around with his spicy woodsy after shave. It was a bizzare combination, but she didn’t find it displeasing. She ignored her thoughts too.

She tried to open the locker again but he put his arm over it.

Her forehead creased in annoyance. She scowled at his now smiling face.

“I have a class.” She bit out fiercely.

He stood more taller and she stepped back. He got out something from his jacket.

“Finish this assignment. I have to submit it in the evening.” He came back to all business in a voice that broached no argument, while handing her a blue folder.

Gizelle’s blood boiled as soon as she saw it. How dare he..That is never going to happen.

“I’m not going to write any of your project.” She scowled and tried to move past, but he caught her arm in a tight grip.

His face shoved down into her space.

“You’re going to or else you know what I’m capable of…”He threatened her.

Gizelle stood taut and blistering.

His eyes turned all shards of cold. Why was he so mean? Of course she remembered what he could do. He locked her up in the janitor’s closet and went about his business always when she refused to do as he said. She had been his victim since she stopped him mandling a poor looking fresher. He did narrow his eyes at her curiously for more than five minutes then. He let go of the collar of the poor chap and grinned at her suddenly and since then she was in literal hell. He asked her to write the assignment and as she refused to do so, He did what he did. She stayed there helplessly unless someone opened the door. Gizelle got in trouble with the principal when she was asked how she ended up there everytime. She had nothing to say about his troubling as she has no proof against his antics. He was also the student who had money and his father too was one of the trusties. The best way to handle it was to ignore him completely. He wasn’t a that big a trouble. He wasn’t nasty and harsh like those friends of Jason. In comparision he was much better a person. She didn’t know why he got such cliche title of a bad boy.

She tried to free her arm but his hand tightened more. She winced.

“Okay. Alright. I will do it.” She screeched caving in.

He released her abruptly and Gizelle managed to pull down to her feet.

He grinned suddenly and his smile was a dangerous one. It didn’t reach his eyes. There was a glint of smugness in his gaze down at her. He had a buzz cut. He had cut off his black hair just recently and it did not lessen his personality but increased the girly devotion all around. The only song she could think looking at him prowl through the campus corridors was Rihanna singing ‘Rude Boy’ in a continued rewind casette. He was a biker. He was always on the road. He had four of the henchmen sorts and hoodie wearing buddies in his group. It silences everything around and the air around tenses when they walk through the lockers.

“There, it wasn’t so hard, was it.” He drawled lazily and drew closer to her.

His face wiped off any expression and his eyes became intense on her face.

“Regeant Manor. Sharp at five.” He clipped in a whisper, pushed back straightened, looked down at her in that intent gaze, turned around.

Gizelle frowned confused. Why was he giving her the address of the town’s cafe?

“Excuse me, what do you mean…”She almost screeched in a hiss when he spun around again.

Gizelle drew back.

“Come to the cafe.” He clipped again, as his large beefy hands went into his jean pockets.

Eh? Was he asking her on a date? She glowered pursing her lips.

“I’m not going on a date with you.” She muttered firmly.

He burst out in a loud burring laugh and Gizelle’s face burned up.

“Date? With you? Geez, woman. I wouldn’t think even in my dreams to go out with a wallflower, let alone be seen with one…”He looked around catiously, but the floor was empty as all the student were in class hours. His eyes came back to hers in a mock…….” It would dent my rep.” He chuckled lightly again.

Gizelle narrowed her eyes and she folded her arms under her chest. Her face was still burning. It warm here and she removed her gloves and coat. She shoved it in the locker which he left alone thank god. She was glaring still into his amused looking eyes all the while she found the notebooks for the next period.

“Then why the heck are you asking me to a café?” She gritted out while walking.

He followed colliding his left shoulder with her right one. God, he was all a stone wall she thought rubbing her hand on the place it hurt.

“I have a job for you.” He said a little softly.

Gizelle froze in her walk and spun a surprised glance his way.

“You have a job for me?” She asked in a little disbelief.

He stopped walking too and faced her. A frown marred his features.

“Yes. A part time job. Good bucks. Four hours is all that work in the evening.” He said shortly.

She stared into his clear brown eyes. Why was he offering a job? What’s the catch? Or to be more specific and cautious…was it a prank?

“A job?” She asked again with a nod and blink of eyes still trying to get around the fact that he was actually talking with her.

He sighed and looked away.

“I need help in my café. My waitresses aren’t really great at it. I think you would fit the bill to get in customers. Your sad face features would bring in some great sympathy bucks…” He drawled arrogantly in a flat sarcastic voice.

Gizelle burned up in anger but it didn’t reach the level of shock that went through her mind when she got what she heard coming out of his mouth.

“Reagent high is your café? But it isn’t that…..”She started in a splutter.

It wasn’t great a place like the way he was rich. It was all cute, cozy and lovable small corner on the street end of the town. It was the one awesome place she often thought to visit but because of all the studies she was immersed in it was hard for her to move out of the zone of ‘Home to college and college to Home’..

His eyes narrowed and he straightened.

“It’s mine. I earned it, however small it is.” He said fiercely all of a sudden.

He looked angry as hell. Not at her, but with something else. Well, she didn’t know he worked. That was indeed surprising. She slid her gaze all over his face in a thoughtful assessment. He looked honest. There didn’t seem to be any foul play in his eyes. He looked uncomfortable at her scrutiny. Well, what the hell, she could use some money. There were a few expensive study materials that she had in mind since really long but she couldn’t buy those.

“Alright.” She agreed finally and firmly.

He smiled and nodded his head but it vaporised just as immediately as it creased his features amiably.

“Remember. No blabbling about this around, it would….” He tried to warn her in a hard voice.

Yeah yeah..she rolled her eyes.

“Dent your reputation.” She completed his sentence in a dry voice.

He smiled again and bumped his hard shoulder with hers. Ouch, the idiot she growled.

“Good.” He said shortly and smirked.

He turned around and sauntered away. Gizelle shook her head and glanced down at her wrist watch. Her eyes widened. Oh, hell, she was twenty five minutes late. Her shoulders sagged down. What’s the point, the class hour was almost over.


Gizelle, Rasha, Jen and Michelle were at the Caffeteria. They were quite hungry as the morning drew down to a noon. It was a hectic work at the practicals. They four were dismantling a dead rabit. The strong formic acid smell almost killed their senses. It was a gruelling one hour session in the biology class that extended long. Thank goodness, that she went to the class anyway. She wasn’t too late though.

Rasha was the first to break the silence which was only filled with gobbling down of ample of lunch. The cheese sandwiches and the green salad was to die for here in the canteen. Yeah, salad and delicious? That was something which is rarely heard but actually it’s the magic of that spectacular warm mayo dressing with lot of chilly flakes they like drizzled over it that makes the veggies amazing to gorge on.

“I was thinking…” She started and immediately the table was surronded with three suffering groans.

“Oh god, whenever she thinks my heart starts palpitating.” Jen said shaking her head and taking a bite of the sandwich.

Her shiny blonde hair flew down in waves on her thin shoulders. She was covered up to her neck in a baby pink sweater that complimented her porcelain skin well. Jen was the most girly in the gauch.

Rasha gave her a droll stare. She was 5’1, black curly hair, hispter glass which hides most of her face and she gets pretty much dwarfed by everyone in their group except that she bullied all. You know as they say, short and sprightly, fierce and fiesty.

“Oh, come on. I don’t give that much of a disaster advice.” She defended herself and took a sip of the ever famous espresso of the cafeteria.

“You told us to burn down Yolanda’s locker.” Came a muffled wry voice of Michelle.

She was stuffing her mouth with the vanilla muffin that Gizelle made.

Rasha shrugged.

“She was a b*t*h and she deserved it.”

“But what different are we, if we do the same.” Gizelle tried to reason.

Rasha rolled her eyes.

“You and you’re self righteous attitude wouldn’t work here, babe. It’s pointless to be sweet.”

Jen ignored that. Rasha was always cynical.

“Oh, my god, Zel, there is a raspberry jam fill in this cupcake.” She moaned as the juicy, tarty sweet blast of flavours filled her mouth along with the vanilla cream.

Oh it was heaven. Zel could surely bake.

Gizelle smiled wide.

The group loved her homemade baked goodies and so did Jason.

Speaking of which or whom for that matter, her glance slid to the right side and got arrested to the centre of the table.

An instant low pain hit her eyes when she saw Jason’s strong hard arm cover the teeny tiny waist of Raina. The new hot girl in the campus. She was tall, beauty, brunette and s*xy as hell. As in long legs and all. He was with the hangout again. Her eyes swivelled to Matt, the quaterback star. He was all beefy, golden head and well built, but except all personality he was bad news. She knew why, because he destroyed Rasha’s will. He had constantly bullied her which she hid half a year from all of them. No, he didn’t bully like a teasing way of Dustin. He pushed her to the lockers once brutally when she refused to change places with the lockers. She was injured badly. Rasha did not come to college for more a month after the incident. She thought of changing colleges but once the girls went and made her come out of the fear, she reverted back to her old self except more sharper than before. She had complained to the principal about the incident and Matt was immediately was removed from the campus for a month, a half year community service and a half month of jail time and that’s that. He was free the next month and was back here.

She glanced at the other two guys who were the same as Matt was, the group completed with their equally barbie looking mean girlfriends. Rich, completely evil and bratty. She was angry and a question always clawed, why Jason was friends with those crap heads. He can do much better than that. He wasn’t aware or didn’t want to be aware of their natures she didn’t know. Frankly she stopped caring about it, because he doesn’t seem to get influenced by any one of them. He didn’t get thrown off the loop about right and wrong while in such company. He had a mind of his own and he used it intelligently enough.

As she kept staring, she saw Jason freeze abruptly mid laugh. His smile lightened and he seem to sense someone was watching him. He looked around and finally his blue eyes and sharp eyebrows turned in her direction. Gizelle smiled a little, he grinned back boyishly and signalled with his eyes for her to come across.

She shook her head in negative. His smile dimmed slowly and a deep colour of annoyance set his face in stone. His jaw locked and his lips thinned out grimly as he glared at her. Oh heavens, so much anger. She just smiled impishly more as he kept his glare unwavering on her lips. He shook his head and ignored her right then and there as his hand circled more on the waist of the girl Gizelle loathed now.

It stung her deeply when he smiled at her completely focussing his attention on the lovely face of that witchy girl.

He did not turn in Gizelle’s direction anymore but continued on talking. Wow, he can be ruthless when he was angry and cold with her.

She turned to her friends and kept thinking.


Gizelle hurried out of cafeteria to attend the chem class. It was going to be an intresting class, because she really the subject except that, she wasn’t so great at it.

All of her geeky friends already ran for their respective classes and Gizelle again was late. It was her lazy limbs that wouldn’t co-operate with her will to be rigorous.

She reached her locker and took out the chem notebook and text. She carried the powerpuff girl pouch and looked in for the sketches she always carried, satisfied with everything she had, Gizelle hummed a tune and turned around. She shrieked suddenly when a large arm circled her neck and curled around her shoulders.

Her shocked eyes and hung down lower jaw turned to the side. She shut it close and clenched her teeth.

What the hell?!?

Dustin smirked down at her while walking.

“What the hell are you doing?” She whisper hissed.

His weight lay heavily on her to the side.

“Walk along, baby.” He whispered back amiably.

Gizelle stared into his face as if he was crazy. Baby? She shuddered in disgust.

“What the hell, Dustin, have you….” She screeched but as the students gathered around lifted their curious eyes towards their way, she toned down her anger a little…” Have you gone mad?” He bit out, trying to elbow into his ribs.

He was smart as he caught her arm and pushed it around his back and stayed it put there. Ugh! the idiot got strength.

“Not mad. Just a reminder.” He muttered down at her.

Reminder of what? She scowled.

“What reminder?” She glowered..”And, what happened to your rep now hanging by my side to a…” She started out in a rant, but he cut off and completed the sentence for her.

“What am I doing with a geek. Unpopular. A nobody. In short a wall flower?..” He stopped walked and flicked a forefinger under her chin which she swatted away.

Gizelle glared twenties times an anger with flashing eyes and snarling mouth. God, he was a pig. He could insult her well.

She set her jaw and bit the inside of her cheek. This was not the place to lose her cool. A corridor full of gossip hungry students. She hated attention and she most certainly was getting ample now. It was all because of Dustin. She remained rooted to the spot uncomfortable suddenly at the way the girls were staring at her as a matter of fact glaring shards of ice at her face, wondering maybe of what Dustin was doing with her.

Dustin looked aroud and then down into the girl’s face. She stepped back and a clear fear coloured her features. He frowned at the way the fierce anger left her face. She was giving control to the looks around. He saw himself in her. Two years back, he was too as this. Weak to the stark stare of the society. A panicked looked entered into her eyes and he needed to do something before she dissolves to the ground in a mess.

“I couldn’t care less about others.” He muttered down at her, coming closer and shielding her eyes by his broad shoulders.

She seem to come out of the zone as instantly as she lost focus from the number of the students gathering around. A look relief lightened her hazel eyes. A confused look furrowed her cute brows.

“Why so sudden a change?” She asked clearly bewildered by his tone soft.

Damn him, he has softened. He cleared his voice and changed his tone into a rough jagged one.

“Because the walls shouldn’t be penetrated. Corrosion happens when….”He started theorising when suddenly he was pushed hard and he staggared on his feet.

His surprised yet annoyed glance fell on this little ball of fiery black and apparently it has a face which was covered up by huge hipster glasses. He got arrested when a pair of large sea green eyes flashed through those glasses. A mess of long curly hair did the rest to fall down on the shoulders and hid the identity of a girl. At first Dustin thought he was looking at a gangly fifteen year old teenage boy but when his eyes fell down to the ample chest that heaved about while taking in angry snarly breaths, he confirmed that it was indeed a girl.

Deep purple coloured sweater t-shirt covered and came down to the tiny waist and a ripped blue denims clothed those slender legs. He kept staring and staring.

What the hell is this specimen? His left eyebrow went up at her glaring eyes which now turned to freezing cold.

Interesting. It wasn’t the reaction he usually gets from a girl but then again he still wondered if it’s a she or a he.

She shielded the girl who he was speaking to previously whatever her name was. This green eyed spitfire moved forward and put a small forefinger on his chest. She came closer and almost grazed her body over his and he straightened. Well, judging by the curves that suddenly elotrocated his skin he confirmed annoyed that it was a girl.

“You. Stay away from my friend.” The green sparkle warned him with still flashing eyes.

Friend? He flicked a glance at Gizelle, who was standing there shaking her head. Gizelle, yep, now he got the name finally.

Well, he was amused. He smirked down at the girl barely reaching his shoulders.

“Or else what, Green?” He bent down to her eye level.

A flutter of a confusion appeared on her face but she didn’t correct his words. There was this cute twitch to the buttoned nose as he named her ‘Green’. It seem to be a movement of unconscious annoyance. She had round bloom pink cheeks, sharp eyebrows and delicate spread of rose petal lips which if she widened into a smile would punch his gut with the affect of it. Though, he had an inclination that she used it to scowling and snarling mostly. She was refreshingly different. Mostly……Pretty.

“Or else there will be hell to pay.” She warned again in a cold voice.

Both of his eyebrows drew up at that. Well, this was indeed refreshing and he intend to thorougly enjoy it.

“Trust me, I’ll let you do it. Whatever you intend to do with me.” He smirked down at her meaningfully.

As instantly those words came out of his mouth both he and Green froze. What the f**k was that? Did he just flirt with this girl, whoever she was. Jesus, wasn’t he capable of finding better? He frowned annoyed as hell suddenly.

But it left as soon he heard a heavy loaded curse come out of her pouty mouth. Whoa! She was box full of surprises, wasn’t she. He wouldn’t have thought such graceful mouth would spout out dirty curses.

“Listen here douchebag, if you ever threaten Zella, I’m gonna cut off your limbs and feed your carcass to the vultures.” She gritted her teeth and set that delicate jaw in a set.

The girl was blo*dy thirsty. Interesting fact again he thought wryly.

“Oh heavens.” He heard a soft whisper of prayer from behind Green.

It was Gizelle. She was looking around the now crowded locker area.

Every head was whispering about, obviously keen always to encounter such scenes in the campus.

Dustin grinned down at Green. She seem to be oblivious of the fact to the crowd gathered around and something said that even if she did know, she wouldn’t care a f**k and as bizarre as it appears, he liked it. Immensly. Oh he most certainly was enjoying this.

“There aren’t any vultures around.” He countered dryly.

The little delicate finger was still diging into his chest. She looked thrown for a moment of not provoking any annoyance from Dustin, then her forehead cleared and that curve of a chin flung in the air.

“I will feed it to the dogs then.” She bit out acidly to his reply.

Dustin moved closer and down. He looked deep into her sea green eyes.

“Don’t you know the saying…a dog is a man’s best friend..” He responded dryly.

She stepped back and the finger was gone from over his chest. The loss of heat suddenly collided strong as a swift breeze of cold hit his body.

“Yeah well dogs are….” She started in a hiss with eyes of spitting mad rage again when Gizelle stepped in front.

“Stop it, Rasha. Look around.” She whispered warningly.




But he liked ‘Green’ better.

It suited her spitfire spirit.

She looked around narrowing her eyes at the now gathering more of students, guys and girls. A careless shrug fluttered her left shoulders.

“I don’t care.” was her reply.

His eyes focussed on her face. No, she was not afraid of any of ’em. Why hadn’t he seen her before? Who was she again? His curiosity peaked and his interest sparked.

Rasha flung her gaze back to Gizelle’s panicked brown eyes. Oh damn, she knew that Zel hated attention and there she went and created a mess, but what could she do. She saw red when Zel was held tight by this large guy. She looked uncomfortable as hell and that’s it, Rasha lost her cool. Nobody hurt her friends. Nobody. All the fiercely protective instinct buttons pressed into an SOS signal in her mind and she launched herself in front.

She slid her gaze back to the smirking fellow. He seem to be enjoying it, which was strange, because most of the guys she threatened would run miles away crying. This guy seemed to be amused as hell. It annoyed and pricked an itchy irritation. It irritated her that she was being an object of a laugh in his brown eyes. Why the f**k should it matter anyway, her mind growled out.

He seem to read her expression well.

“Sheath your claws, Green. I was just talking to your ‘friend’.” He replied nonchalantly in a deep drawly voice in reply to her deadly glare.

Green? Why was he persistently nicknaming her? She was going to carry on that threat if he does that again.

She opened her mouth to snap, but Gizelle caught her hand.

“Enough both of you. Gizelle, please, let it go. He wasn’t hurting me.”

Rasha fleeted a look at her friend. Her eyes dimmed of the threatening glare and she muted out her thoughts which were sizzling on her tongue to come out in a cold wave. Her temper drew down when she felt the freezing shiver that passed from Gizelle to her. She glanced around at the large guy again. He smiled across at her smugly. He was scruffy yet looked like just out of mag cover model or sprawled out of a bed as she glanced at his dishevelled hair. Eek, he had s*x hair. His clothes screamed money and he reeked of expensive. Brats. She hated those and him.

He was just like the guy Matt. They were all the same. She snarled once more.

“Fine then.” She sighed again, and squeezed Gizelle’s hand….”You know where to find me. I’m just here, alright?” She pacified the panic entering into Gizelle’s form.

Gizelle sagged in relief when Rasha calmed down. Thank god. She looked around and saw the crowd dispursing when their conversation became muted.

“Alright.” Gizelle agreed when Rasha squeezed her hand warmly.

Rasha hesitated a second, a worried look grimmed her features but she moved back to her locker. She still was closer. Gizelle sighed, that she can’t do anything about. Her friends were really protective of each and so was she.

Dustin’s eyes narrowed at the disappearing figure of the girl who managed to ruffle his interested in just minutes of a brief meeting. The scent of green apples lingered in the air. He narrowed his eyes when she still glared daggers into his eyes from across the locker. He smirked to get a reaction out of her, which happened immediate when the buttoned nose again twitched.

Cute girl.

“What reminder were you speaking about?” A swift sharp voice drew his eyes down to Gizelle’s tight angry face.

“Be there at the Café sharp at five, kid.” He muttered dryly.

She cocked her hips to the side and scowled heavily. What’s with these group of girls? Note to self, Wallflowers were resistent to his charm. He usually drew blushes and coy looks with his ever famous smirk. He frowned. Did he turn rusty? Did the kids around learn new tricks? Or were the girls just bunch of lesbians. Well, seems like everything changed since he left for six month community service. Breaking the glass door of principal’s office didn’t get him a reward. He was removed from the premises for vandalising the Uni property, whatever that was.

“You created this drama to remind me that?” She cried out incredulously.

He was already bored. He looked around. A blue eyed blondé babe was giving him the eye since long from the left side of the lockers. He smiled and saw the affect of it colour her cheeks. Well…he wasn’t rusty.

His eyes swung down.

“Whatever and don’t be late. I don’t like sloths.” He muttered and moved back to leave.

She glared just like Green. Speaking of which, where was she? He didn’t see her disappearing into the mess of crowd.

Well, there will be lot encounters with her, that he was sure about and that he sure again was going to enjoy tirading with her.

“I won’t be and I’m not a sloth.” Gizelle glowered.

His eyes swung down again, he slid his gaze all over her petite form thoughtfully for a second.

“Beats me if you aren’t.” He concluded in an assessment and turned but not before he saw her lower jaw hung.

He kept walking. He was going to be hard on her and she was going to cry. When it came down to his Café, he wasn’t all fun guy. It was the sweet fruit of his sweat and blood earnings. He didn’t like imperfection around it. He scolded. He bereted. He growled. He was downright harsh. Let’s see if she didn’t run away like the other waitresses ran with tears streaming down. If she did survive the first evening then he was going to hire her. He could see a hard worker and Gizelle definitely was one. One never knows though….

Gizelle couldn’t believe at his arrogance. The damned guy was impossible. She swung around and froze.

Oh hell! The day couldn’t get any better.

Jason stood there glowering at her. No, not at her, but at the disappearing back of Dustin. The fire in his eyes spoke volumes. He was pissed. He had the beefy yet toned arms folded on his chest. He looked really very very angry.

He glanced across at her and came striding fast. His eyes all narrowed looked all over down at her and came up to her face. Both of his hands slid around her waist as he pulled her hard to his chest.

“What was he doing here?” He asked in a low harsh voice….”Did he hurt you? I’m gonna kill him if he ever laid his finger on…” He started on all alpha fiercely protective.

Gizelle hurried to explain.

“Calm down, Jay. He was just….”She slid away her gaze and hesitated. She had promised, she wouldn’t blab and even if she did tell Jason that she was going to work in Dustin’s café, then he wouldn’t allow it and instead he would offer money to buy her the study materials. She hated it when he did that. She was getting an oppurtunity to earn some at least. On her own. Why shouldn’t she get some experience of working before she goes out full fledged into the world of missionary. She was in for lot of hard work and this part time job that she had already done in various restaurants around was a speck in comparision. Looking deep into the anger filled blue eyes of Jason, she just drew back….”He was just talking.” She concluded evasively.

His eyebrows drew together as he took in her reply. His hands tightened on her waist though and Gizelle winced. His lips thinned in a grim line.

“Just talking?” He asked in a low dangerous voice.

He peered into her eyes for something. The truth but she shuttered him out with a blank stare. His jaw set understanding her well.

He let go suddenly and she staggered.

“Guys like his type don’t just talk, Zel.” He muttered coldly.

Her body went tight as she felt it sting when he closed her off too.

“We were just talking.” She insisted softly, trying to remain neutral.

She didn’t want to fight with him always.

His shoulders squared as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“We?” He asked her curiously.

She opened her mouth to explain but he cut her off with another curt question.

“What were you ‘both’ talking about? He sneered the word ‘both’ in a mock.

Oh hell, why was he being like this.

“What is this an interrogation? I never ask about the many girls who move left and right about in your life, why am I getting a third degree suddenly when I just talk to a guy.” She shook her head annoyed at way he was making a petty issue as big as an argument.

He just shrugged.

“I can handle it.” He muttered nonchalantly.

The front of the golden hair fell over his forehead and covered his eyes mostly when he shrugged.

Gizelle narrowed her eyes at his tone.

“You think that I can’t handle a guy?” She asked irritated again.

He glared back equally pissed.

“No, you can’t. You’re not the type of the girl who would. Jesus, look at yourself” He growled low.

She drew back hurt at his face. Tears almost sparkled her eyes but she willed them in.

She knew, she wasn’t beautiful or pretty, but at least she didn’t pretend to be some else as one of the barbies he hung around with. If he was so disgusted with her then why did he befriend her even.

His eyes seem to catch her pained expression. He looked contrite immediately as an understanding seem to dawn into his mind of what he just muttered.

“Zel, I didn’t mean it like that…”

“Save it.” She cut him out, went back on her steps and turned around.

She winced when a loud curse vibrated around the walls along with a loud sound of a punch to one of the lockers. She turned around just to see his fist denting one.

She cringed. That would hurt like a mother now, her wide eyed gaze fell over his left fist.

Her shocked eyes then swung to his cold glare but he froze her out with a shake of his head. He turned around fuming and blistering in anger. His shoulders bunched and shook in the t-shirt sweater.


Chem class was ever dragging. Two hours of the time and she got bored out of her mind. Jen blocked out the lecture and simply scribbled down notes which consist of either drawings or pointless doodlings. Time passed as she moved from one class to another and it was already 4:30PM. Jen reached the library panting breathlessly.

“Once I get all the money, I’m going to quit part time.” She mumbled to herself in frustration.

Even though she was cribbing about working in the library, she longed to be here. Jen didn’t want to just on a long stool and dust off the racks. She wanted a cozy for herself and a nice book to read and pass the time deliciously. She sighed, if life was so easy.

Oh, how wonderful would it not be if she had only a little time for herself.

Jen walked to the left aisle of the wide wooden rack. The smell of the books reminded her of the aroma of first rain on the parched earth. She inhaled deeply. It was delicious and she was bookish. She loved classic romances. Every book was a diamond.

She gathered a few books for stamping. About a dozen students were still lingering. She glanced down at her wrist watch again. The librarian wasn’t around.

She bit her lower lip and contemplated. The librarian wasn’t here yet…hmm.

She smiled and rushed to the literary section. She took out a book that she thought of reading a while ago.

Jen hurried and perched herself on the chair of the reading table. Soon she was immersed in the scene of the second page.

The chair opposite to the one she sat on got occupied. She heard it jerk back but she didn’t raise her head to see whom it was occupied by. She turned the page of the book and looked up a second and pulled down her eyes back to the book again. About half way across the last line, her body froze in a lock. Her eyes widened on their own. She zapped her head back up again. She whipped it with such force that she wondered it didn’t snap into two.

She skipped lunch, beside the cupcake she had eaten there wasn’t anything in her stomach. Her eyes were acting up and conjuring images so bizarre. The hunger was getting even with her in vengeance.

She blinked rapidly to let the green haze to lift away but it was still there staring back at her in serene silence.

She gaped then gasped and spluttered crap.

“What? Who? You? Uh…um why are you here?” Jen squeaked.

She took a deep breath in and asked a sane question that she could manage in calm controlled voice.

“What’s going on? Why are you here in the library?” Her voice started rising again in panic.

What was Michelle’s brother, Nicholas Reeves doing here? He hated her guts. He thought she was bad news. Her face fumed when he flung those words in her face just a week ago. The reason to it was, Jen treated the group to a spa, when she won a competition in a marketing ad project. There was money prize so yes, why not celebrate with the girls. As apparently though, she didn’t realize that Michelle wouldn’t inform the whereabouts of the group to Nick the whole day. Jen didn’t know when Michelle slunk away. and went to a party. When the girls got a call from an unknown source about a drunk girl creating havoc in a college party, everything went berserk after they realized Micky was the one missing. But before they could reach worried frantic there, Nick had already took her home.

When she got around finally to Michelle’s house. Per se mansion, She had to face a fuming angry Nick. He flung accusations at her. Humiliated her and sent Jen on her way without allowing her to see Michelle. She was concerned and worried. Since the past few months, Micky became drawn back. Like she hid something. Someone. and it was frustrating when she remained silent about the matter after the incident. Nick was mistaken about Jen, but she can’t change his opinion of her and also can’t convince a guy who had decided that she was a brat and a sl*t.

Jen came back to the present from the fog of remembrence with a jerk. She saw Nick lean back stretching himself on the the chair more comfortably, like it was a daily throne for his highness. He wore an open neck black shirt teamed with blue jacket and completed with blue ripped demins. He kept looking around library but his eyes swung to hers and narrowed. He assessed her too.

His lazy green eyes drew down to her chest and down at her waist. Jen squirmed uneasily and she slid the hair strands behind her ear. She was wearing nothing spectacular. Just a baby pink sweater t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. She had around a light blue cotton jacket over the sweater, but still his gaze felt like he was undressing with his eyes. It was uncomfortable.

“So, you finally showed your true colours.” He spoke the words in slow drawly deliberation.

Nick glared across at the squirming girl. The girl who decided to ruin his sister at any cost. He didn’t trust her. She was too beautiful, blondé and gorgeous with light blue eyes. He slid away disgusted with himself looking at the way she stared back innocently with big large eyes, and his blood flowed south just as immediately thinking of ways to make them bottomless deep blue and filled with haze.

Covered with only his haze. His mania. Completely at his mercy. He shook his head to clear the thoughts. He really was disgusted getting attracted to her, but it was strong. Her affect. Her scent. She was a witch, a siren. Her innocence was seductive. The little movements of her body. Nervous flicker of gaze. Licking of her full red lower lip, the slid of a long blondé lock back her ears with those slender forefinger. All these movements came down to burning hot his blood.

Girls like Jen shouldn’t be trusted. He didn’t understand for the heck of it of what she was doing with his sister. He saw her, observed her hanging around in that group but then again he also saw her with random guys around the campus.
When Michelle came home drunk last weekend, he lost it. He knew for sure his sister got influenced, or Micky was a sweet kid, who never would break her curfew even in her dreams. Michelle was only a year younger, but she was more like his kid sister. He wouldn’t let any random girl be the ruin of her. Michelle was strong, yes, but she was a very sensitive girl and an introvert. He didn’t want her get hurt in the campus. He knew she had kind heart, and she had a history of getting used by freeloaders. He scowled, freeloaders like the likes of this Jen that Micky hung out with often.

But, this was surprising as he stared at the girl thoughtfully. He wasn’t prepared for this. Her greedy little claws clingy in a launch at his back. Her tactic. Find a rich guy and turn life easy forever. He hated oppurtunists like her and the more he thought about it, he hated most when she hid behind that good girl image. He did indeed encounter such girls. He wasn’t interested more than a night.

Jen groaned at his words. Man, was he crazy? Think about him being royal and all, he sounded very much like a fifteen year old. Whinning over and over again about only one thing.

She opened her mouth to say something anything in reply, but the words died on her tongue when a loud cry turned her head to the library enterence.

“Jen!” A voice yelled out her name.

She turned to see Annette and Ademar, the foreign exchange students come into the library. They both came around and kept walking towards her where she was seated near the reading table. They joined the business adminstration batch last year.

Both were fuming in anger. It might seem like they were buddies coming from the familiar grounds, but it all a show. Both were sworn enimies in real.

Jen’s confusion turned into bewilderment. She forgot about Nick for a second. She raised her left eyebrow at Annette in question.

“What’s going on?” She asked confused.

What the hell was going on really now? Jen looked across at Nick. He only shrugged.

“Jen, did you not attend marketing class, no?” Anne asked in a drawly tone and with a voice accented deeply of French.

Anne had an accent and a throaty husky voice that Jen envied. When Anne’s words registered in her mind, her eyes widened.

Oh hell! She looked down at her wrist watch. It was 5:30PM. Damn, she was already half an hour late to the extra class she took in Business Administration. Yes, she planned on to graduate a double honours thingy, in a hope to find better life later. Life was hectic and much more now that she was being leeched off some of her me time.

Anne came around and sat beside her and slid across a small square paper on the table.

Oh no, the ballet box team selection. Every week it was done for the students to form a group and work through an advertisement project. It was a best oppurtunity to get the maximum score in the internals for this year. The scores here were based on the student’s behaviour, the number of presentations, team work and group discussion. Most of the marks were based on team building. To cut the matter short, it was a gold oppurtunity for scholarship students like her. Next years tuition fee would be reduced to a nil for such students with highest grade. It would matter less to Anne, Ade and Nick.

External examination scores were beyond their reach, but this was in her zone. It was important to her. She was going to fail miserably now.

Anne continued talking.

“Well, we couldn’t find you after the name announcement for the advertisement project and it was shit to get to know that we all will be working together. Not you. Those two.” Anne flicked a disgusted glance at the guys.

“And Ade had been arguing with me there. Seeing this, Prof. Andrews made it clear that we should find our partners and get on and find a topic for discussion or else he threatened to rusticate us not only from the project but also from the Uni..”She said in a fast frantic flow of words and took a deep breath in..Her eyes rolled…”So, obviously I had to intervene and drag these guys here for discussion or whatever they do in marketing class.”

Ade who silently fuming all the while burst out in a splutter.

“I wasn’t arguing with you. It was you who started throwing a fit.” Ademar said with a scowl.

Even a scowl looked s*xy on his face. That was Ade looked. In all his golden glory.

Jen could everything together. She glanced across at Nick, who broodingly dismissed them all. What was his deal? Her gaze slid to the side to Anne. Anne was really beautiful. Long black hair. Hazel brown eyes. 5’7 and all lady long legs. She was a sweet person though. She always had a warm smile for everyone. Jen’s eyes drew up to Ade’s face. He looked displeased as hell. He wore casual best. The model of the Uni mag.

Jen gulped hard. Crapity crap. They were all the ballet team. Them all, her, Anne, Ade and Nick. Oh, god, she groaned. Why only her the unfortunate.

She saw this oppurtunity to shine through and get a recognition of her own, Jen saw it slipping away from her hands. She suddenly felt sweaty, nauseous and dizzy.

While she was wailing away in self pity and agony, Jen forgot where she was and what she was doing. She jerked back into reality when she heard a loud argument.

“Je vais cracher sur vous.”

Jen’s eyes popped out at that. She learned a little french in high school to get what Anne hissed out at a glaring Ade.

Translation: “I’m going to spit on you!”

The reply came immediate from Ade.

“Hey! Fourmi fermez votre piege.”

“Hey! Ant shut your trap.”

Oh no, he did not just say that to Anne. Jen could only stare horrified at both of the two. She recognised the fighting stance. Anne put her hands on her hips and Ade had his arms folded around his chest.

Ade flung those words looking down at her from his six foot height. He dismissed her with his left hand. He turned around to leave.

Anne looked like she would commit muder. She turned him around violently and shouted up into his face.

“Vous osez appeler moi une fourmi vous pigeon sans ailes!”
“You dare call me an ant, you wingless pigeon!”

The students who stood near the opposite aisle to theirs started guffawing hard.

Wingless pigeon?!? Jen’s face reddened. She could only control her mirth to an end.

Ade stiffened at that and looked around. He swung his gaze down at Anne and whisper threatened.

“Jure devant dieu! Que si vous me insultes encore.”
“Swear to god if you insult me again….”

Oh hell, all the laughter ended in her throat. She glanced across at Nick. He was watching the two too in amusement.

“Nick.” Jen leaned and whispered on the table that separated them.

He didn’t respond. He was doing a terrific in ignoring her. Jen shook her head at his stubborn nature and drew her gaze back to the two idiots.

“Oh non! Me grand gars va pleurer comments une petite fille…”
“Oh no! The big guy is going to cry like a little girl..” Anne said out loud in a continued french tirade.

Anne started laughing in a taunt.

Dammit! Why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop them? The drama seemed to be going from a funny sequence to a crime scene one.

Ade’s face turned to stone. He was looking down at Anne in frozen angry stare. Jen rushed towards the two.

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop it both of you, please!” She cried out.

Anne stopped laughing immediately. She looked at Jen and started to say something.

Before she could open her mouth, Ade walked out of the library. He turned around but not before flinging curt words in an overdramatic gesture, this time in deeply accented English.

“I’m out of here.” He cut them all off with shake of his hand.

Jen turned around to see that Nick was too leaving.

“Anne, I need to talk to you but I have to go now. I will meet you in marketing class tomorrow morning, yeah.” Jen hurriedly explained.

She hastened after Nick. She called out his name.


Damn, his strides were much longer than hers. She couldn’t keep up with his pace.

“Nick, hey wait!”

His head turned and he looked around to see who was creating a ruckus.

When he saw Jen, his form arrested and turned around completely to face her.

Jen reached him panting hard.

“What do you want? He half asked, half growled.

She frowned at his rudeness.

Why was he angry with her? What did she do?

“Look, about this project, let’s….” She started to say.

He didn’t seem interested in the conversation. He looked around frustatingly impatient with something. Not anything new to her. Nick was always catious about his rep.

His blistering gaze fell on her face.

“Look, Honey, I don’t think, I know you. Alright. So, stop embarrassing yourself.” He said in a cutting tone.

Jen’s pride stung. Who does he was? prince charming? The arrogant swine, She glowered inside.

“What the hell…I just wanted to…” She started again in an irritated voice, but she cut off again.

“What else does she want, Nick, except a little attention of yours.” A sweet drawly throaty voice travelled from behind Nick.

Jen’s eyes widened.

Shit! Samantha. Nick’s girlfriend.

She was this tall slender brunette. The megab*t*h of the campus. She had zero personality. It wasn’t the physical trait, it was the inner heart. She was cold through and through. She had a wide mouth, gaunt cheekbones and big large deer eyes and long black shiny locks. She came from behind Nick and circled his right arm and plastered her body to his side.

She had on a red knee length figure hugging dress. Diamond studs sparkled her earshell.

A little crowd gathered around the library corridor. Most were the minion girls. Samantha’s minion barbies.

“Give the poor girl a break. She just wants a few minutes of popularity.” She smiled smugly at Jen and whispered coyly in Nick’s ear.

Nick was still staring at her. A complete poker face. He shuttered his green eyes. His jaw though ticked.

Jen felt nauseous suddenly as she looked around the girls of her class who were whispering about.

“Is she bothering you, Nick. I could do something about it, darling…”

It? Was she addressing Jen as it?

But Nick shook her off and straightened. Still holding Jen’s pained eyes he moved forward.

“I couldn’t be bothered less….” He looked down at all over her form…”It would take a lot to bother me and she doesn’t have it her to do so…” He bit out angrily and loud.

Her face burned up with humliation when he insulted her.
“Why is she still standing here?”One of the girls from around whispered.

Jen straightened in a taut lock of muscles.

“I don’t know. Girls always throw themselves at Nick and troll around behind him like easy sl*ts.” The other whispered back in reply.

Four guys- Four girls. All I Want For Christmas is You….

Jason- Gizelle (Best friends since childhood) Gizelle had more than friend feelings. Jason is unware or doesn’t want to know. He loved their friendship more than everything and he didn’t want to mess it up being foolish. He is Uni’s golden boy. All good and amiable. But a turn of events leads to too good gone extreme BAD..He is a good guy gone bad….watch out for these two coz they are gonna create havoc of emotions together. They are volatile together. They are bad for each other yet are pulled closer to as if magnets.

Dustin- Too cool. Arrogant. Self made. Possessive of his Café. Loves to vandalize everything in the Uni. Got community service and six month rustication for breaking apart principal’s office. He is an ultimate definition of a bad boy.

But is he? He is caring. He doesn’t show it outside. He is soft and deep. He doesn’t want it to be known. He hides behind this image he created. An image that not one would dare to mess with. He is amiable. He isn’t complicated. And He likes Green…Haha.

Rasha, burned too many time for being sweet. She is turned into a whole different person after being bullied continously for over a year. She is all fiesty, fiery, cynical, sarcastic, at times mean and at times good. She is fiercely protective of the wallflowers.

See them collide Dustin and Rasha. He finds her amusing. She finds him irritating.

Nick, Rich, Handsome, Loyal, Practical and the very definition of calm. He loves his sister Micky to death. He didn’t want anyone hurting her. He is all hot and cold at the same time. He doesn’t believe in relationships. He doesn’t do cloy and sweet and mostly he hated a girl with veangeance.

Jennifer Garcy, Affectionately called Jen, is all sweet, big eyed romantic. She was all huge dreams and fantasy filled happy go lucky girl. She believes in love is eternal. She is too girly and beautiful..lest among the wallflowers. She craved to carve her own place. Her own name among the rich students in the Uni.

She is a hard worker and never will back out to reach the unreachable goals in her life.

Nick and Jen are constantly bickering. They are pure intense together. He has misunderstood her and hurt her like hell. She is constantly miffed by his arrogance and harsh behaviour but when he shows her care and softness, Jen goes all sighing and dreamy. He burns for her but he didn’t want to fall into a trap of false pretense again.

Jake is Jen’s friend…hmmm..but he is a friend to all the wallflowers, though he is closer to Jen. He is more like a sufer dude. He is sweet. He doesn’t judge. Doesn’t hide his smile and dimples. He gate crashes every party. He is smirking and mischiveous and he holds a secret…..

Cue in to Michelle’s character in next update…


Three more parts and this short story ends 😀

Gonna write it till Christmas Day 🙂

Believe in magic, don’t believe in magic….wanna see it?

Make your heart sooooooo big and warm and see the magic happen…

Smile so bright and happy that the gloom would shy away..

Spread your arms sooo wide that the world could do nothing but to embrace you tightly…

Widen your eyes sooo big to the sky that the stars would fall in your eyes and stays in ur vision forever…


We always moan about nobody needing us, caring for us and all that stuff at home, right? Specifically me, I always do have something to sulk about. Petty things…but..i felt ashamed i moaned as small as fever when stuff with much more people suffer of..

But this day. Any day u walk out of the comfort of ur house and tread ur way into the streets n u’ll know how much the world needs u and wants ur care.

U don’t have to go and give away stuff…that’s not it and ur doing it for urself n ur peace of mind but not for others.

U don’t have to go and help people. Just look around the streets. There is a dying plant. U can water it. That is also doing something for self. There is litter everywhere. U can easily start clearing. There are live wires laying carelessly dangerous on the road nowadays. Roads unrepaired. Manholes uncovered. Inform. Act. There is stuff that makes u shake ur head in disppointment but other than that u often dont do a thing. Why not step forward. Right?

The feeling of doing something. Caring. Wanting to be needed. Just surpasses everything. Everything that had ever felt till now. It crosses even happiness. It’s something else. As if ur directly connecting to divine.


Yeah yeah, have turned philosophical n all suddenly, but yeh baat to sahi hai yaar.


And all i want this month is…God please sprinkle a few specks of snow here where I live. I don’t know how it looks in real but can feel it falling all around in pure pristine magic in my mind. I can feel grabbing the ice…the snowball and fighting… I just zoom away to a place where im in the middle of it and im rolling in it like a kid. Haha the impossible dream. It ain’t going to be possible even in million years here. Well, i don’t know about million years. Dat was a little overdramatic talk on my part. Don’t wanna sadden the offsprings. Million years me duniya kahahogi pata nahi….straying off the track again.

Please, friends do read this too and plsssssssssssssss do comment guys means a lot if u do. Ignore the typos yaar. Made Tooooooooo many in a hurry.
Haha, don’t worry, I ain’t gonna leave the story in a lurch. Gonna write this one in continuation.
Ah so excited to write more of this. Hope u like it 😀

Well, till next update of AIFCIY then,

Keep spreading care, friends. Love u 😀


Credit to: kfar

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  2. This is AMAZING farha!!!! ☺No word on Earth has been made to describe your awesome wrtiting skills!!! just have this charm of entertaining people with your brilliant stories!! ??
    I am very much eager to know the rest of it!!!!

    One question… you know French?? Or did you use Google translate??

    May you have a fantatic holiday and keep writing!! ??

  3. thank u dear
    wish u the same

  4. Nice yaar .Happy christmas.

  5. I like your story but, it’s a little confusing, can you make it a little clearer, and there are some writing mistakes, which confused me. BUT overall i love it , it’s unique.

  6. I have no wordz to say its just awesome

  7. oh farha really it is u. just seeing the intro i thought that it was u. but yet came to see the name of writer. n im happy. but plz update DT n FAA. plz im plz.plz. ok nw i’m going to read the full story looks like a big update. i’m so happy.

  8. Lovely story di. Thanks for posting it. Waiting for the next update Also very very verrrrryyyyyyyyyy eagerly waiting for DT SERIES ‘ next update. Plzzzzzzzs post that ASAP . Keep writing .Take care . Bye 🙂 🙂

  9. farha first “SHAKSAATH DHANDAVATH PRANAAM”. really i couldnt find any words right nw for u. u r just amazing. i think u hav a robot brain or something like nano brain. how do u think all these n u write it so beautifully n superbly that i feel bad when story ends. n think why it ended.
    she could hav written more even after bigggg updates. such is ur power. im just loving ur stories allllllll.
    thats true philosophical r nt. the situation is that n u need to change. im trying little things.
    hope i can make some change.
    waiting eagerly for ur updates. thank u for making me read. thank u so much. loveee u .

  10. Farah awesome yaar






  12. I caught you From the very first sentence of the story.I scrolled down to know am I right….
    Yes its you none other than you….kfar….
    I didn’t read the story yet….
    Let me….
    Merry x mas

  13. Farha after reading first para I thought that may be this would be ur story. And to my surprise it was.. You are too good Farha. Each of ur stories are so fantastic and different. Loved this one too. Love you yar..
    Update DT2 if possible. A long chapter too (only if its OK with u).

  14. Nice one yaar as usual…..

  15. Farha… Pls complete dt series first…

  16. Farah….. So happy to c u back here,…. I didn’t read it fully, just wanted to knw hu is dis amazing narrator ,……. Let me read n den I will cmmnt,k. Dr, plz updt chirpy beauty DT 2 series…… Plz. Plz ☺☺?

  17. As usual awesome fantastic and a complete different story …plzz update dt2 … last wale bi bht short update thiii Merry Christmas frndsssss

  18. heyy werz d 2nd part of diz??

  19. U r superb. . . No words to say dr. . . I luvd gizel n jason vry much, especialy der care for each othr. . . Luv u so much . . . Pls updt nxt part of dis n DT2 fast. . . Cant wait. . . Plz 🙂

  20. Omg farah your killing me with your amazing fantastic awesome writing skills! Please never stop writing! Make this your career, write lots of novels and books! Please i can assure you, you will be world famous !

  21. Also you said you will keep writing till christmas day and now its that day but I still cant find the rest of the story? You said there’s 3 more parts? Don’t make me suffer like with your other stories please sis I cant wait for your updates!

  22. hey, plz update

  23. farha u make us get addicted to ur stories n leave us. n we say to ourselves that Be patient. she will update soon. ur stories r sooooo superb that i cant stay for one day. ur stories n their characters r just too gud.
    Four boys n Four girls. everyone is diff in nature frm others. everyone has a diff character.
    Boys r as usual head weight cases n their possessiveness. one is possessive for family n friends, one for his sweet cafe, one for sis. n they dont know why they r falling for their girls. lol. i’m being over critic on boys.
    Girls i just love them. they r just toooooo sweet. n ambitious. the friends talk in canteen was very gud. n their nicknames r just as gud as they r.
    nw pairings, i wonder hw do u think all these. Jay n Zel. impossible couple. but i like their nature. he would rather die than put stake at what he has with her. n she will not leave his friendship for her crush on him. soooo deep. has so many emotions n i’m sure they will make us crazy with their feelings, thoughts n emotions.
    Nick n Jen a fighting couple. more hurtful n paining. he burns for her n she is attracted towards him. what will happen with these.
    i like this pair so much. Dustin n Green 😉 sorry Rasha. they r too gud. it is fun watching them.
    Jake n Michelle i don’t know abt them. but seems they r linking part for everyone’s life.
    plz update fast. waiting for ur stories eagerly. plz plz plz.

  24. another awesome story..u have every quality to be a best seller writer. Keep it going I will be the first one to buy that book….pls pls pls update DT series

  25. Dear farha
    Awesome yaar always admire your writing skills and But today I loved your thoughts greatly yaar really admired and I much more liked loved your humanity hats off to you
    Please extend this story too Long. Very young and energetic story.make it as having more chapter.

  26. Heyy farha when are you going to post next part?????
    We are waiting for it eagerly……
    Please post it soon…..

  27. Hey dear,

    Again a new story. Amazimg, awesome,lovely and there could be an endless praise about it but seriously I’m running out of words now. I really want to know how do you get these ideas. Your imagination is an extremely powerful tool. And the way you convert your imagination in to these long updates is unimaginable. I’m so lucky to live in your imagination. Believe me or not, if you publish your all stories then I’m sure a huge popularity and success awaits you! Good work dear and keep going on like this. So many different characters with different personality and emotions. Ok bye now, update dt also and take care.
    One lovee?

  28. Hey Farha another beautiful romantic interesting superb story 🙂
    Keep updating

  29. Hi dear.. very interesting plot.. cant wait for more.. thank you for all ur stories…

  30. Hello di !! Where r u ? U said that you will write this story till Christmas but u haven’t posted till now. Plzzzzz post soon. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  31. Heyy guyzz !! Z d 2nd part of diz updated??

  32. Wat bout 2nd part? Z it updated?? N wer do i find it?

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