Shooting Stars (Swalak, Ragsan) 2 shots Part 2


“Ragini, I want to tell u something.” Sanskar.

“Me too want to tell u something.” She.

“OK.” He smiled, for the 1st time she is going to talk to him something else than usual purpose.

“I’m not the one with whom u were supposed to get married.” She, without looking at him.

“What r u talking Ragini?” He, confused.

“Ur marriage was fixed with my younger sister but because of some reasons I’m forced into this marriage against my wish.” She.

He numbed with her confession.

“But, now, u r my wife, n I’m ur husband.” He said coldly n left the room.

“Swara it’s our last day here, I want to take u somewhere.” Laksh.

Swara blankly stared at him n then her mind flashed her about her home, family n everything n she became tensed.

“Hey, don’t react like that. I’m a good boy.” He, composed himself n she smile a little.

“So, what do u say?” He.

“Let’s go.” She.

“Not now, early tomorrow morning.” He.

Sanskar was lying on the recliner, deeply drowned into the fog of memories. Her eyes, tensed flushed face, sweet voice n everything, which made him mad on the very 1st day, when she came to gave a file. He smiled a little. That incident always made him smile, heartily but today something is missing, maybe his heart. She gave him his life’s biggest shock. He agreed for this marriage because he have a thought that he was going to marry her but here whatever she said that made him restless.

‘What if something like that happened?’ A piercing chill passed down his spine.

“Dinner is ready.” H e heard her.

“I don’t want to have.” He, annoyed.

She, never saw him like that, felt something strange but there is nothing more left between them to talk so she left the room.

‘Will she be able to accept this marriage, ever?’ He.

Laksh n Swara was at the Tiger Hill, it’s around 5:00 a.m. The red hues spreading over the white layer of snow. The sun slowly raised up from behind the great beautiful white wall of Kanchenjunga. She smiled widely, it’s a heaven. Now, she have no regrets for whatever she have done. N her silent spectator was continuously staring at her, amused.

“Hey, what’s there on my face, hmm?” She, looking at him.

“Cuteness, innocence, childishness, freshness n all the quality to be my better half.” He.

She shocked for a moment but then warmm feelings occupied her nerves. Addition to her happiness, the world she desired of, dreamed of n wish for herself is there, in front of him.


“I want to confess something. I know u, from the time, u even don’t know. Actually, I liked u, at the 1st sight, u were at the college’s Fresher’s party n that time I was there for my farewell.” He, smiled, “After that, I never have a thought that I’ll ever meet u but I’m fortunate.”

She was shocked at the same time fully loaded with happiness.

“Oh god! I discover something.” He.

“What?” She, confused.

“A beautiful angel, more than the sight of the sunrise.” He n she blushed more.

The MM is decorating like a bride for someone’s arrival. Everyone was busy in their working department. Sanskar’s eyes were continuously searching for Ragini, though their relation became as a namesake but they solely respect it n after all whatever happened, he loved her n love her. He was little drunk as couldn’t digest the fact whatever she told him, till now.

“Ragini, can u please come with me?” He.

She followed him, inside their room.

“I want to confess u something n please today, don’t interrupt me like before.” He, with a lot of difficulty, pulling her closer to him, holding her hand, while she observed him keenly,

‘Oh god! what is he doing with himself?’

“I love u very much, actually I fell for u at the moment u came here, knocked on bade papa’s head n after that whatever happened there. I know everything u did that time, ur tensed but cute face, ur twinkling eyes ur quivering lips n ur condition, crystal clear. I can’t forget that, never in my life, my life’s most happening day.” He circled his hand around her waist n pulled her more closer, “I want to take this relationship to next level, but also want ur happiness, what should I do?” He said in a haggard tone n hugged her tightly.

She felt high voltage passing through her every nerves, n the butterflies in her belly, because these little moments in these days with him pulled the feelings inside of her, for him. They remained like that, for a long.

“I need time for this.” She, controlling the urge to hug him back, because he was drunk n her thoughts restrained her to take stupid moves.

“How much? 1, 2, 3, ok 4 days.” He, still hugging her n she got shock n pleasure as well.

“Now, leave me n go to sleep, I have some work.” She.

“No, I want u here, with me.” He.


“I don’t want to hear anything, come, let’s go sleep.” He dragged her to bed, n she become tensed, now what?

“I can’t sleep with u, u r smelling liquor.” She said n then he left her hand.

“Oww…sorry. Now onwards I’ll never drink, promise.” He went to the couch.

“Shona, come, let’s go.” Lucky.

“But Lucky, how will ur family react, I’m tensed.” She.

“Come on, don’t think too much.” He dragged her.

“Mom..bhai…chachi…Uttara..where r u all?” He.

“Surprise.” All.

“Whoa.” He.

“Shona, u, here?” Ragini.

“Laado, what u r doing here?” Swara.

“Excuse me ladies, u know each other?” L.

“They r sisters.” Ap.

“What?” Sanskar n Laksh.


The Gadodia family arrived n Swara’s face began to fade. She looked back at Ragini then observed her marital signs, while Ragini assured her to be calm.

“Shona, come, I think u r tired.” Ragini.

“Shona, don’t feel bad for me, I’m happy with whatever happened with me, after all I got him.” R.

“But how all this happened?” S.

“Actually, u got into this mess because of me, I cleared mummiji at that time that I’m not interested in marriage, n after that u know. N don’t worry about the family they knew everything about ur escape n mastermind behind that, n this marriage was punishment for my deed but now it’s become their best blessing for me.” Ragini.

Everything got clear. The families again tied up the knot. Laksh n Swara got married.

At the terrace.

Ragini n Swara r sitting there looking up at the sky n a star passed by with a sparkling light.

“Don’t u wish anything?” Ragini smiled.

“I got everything, this time make a wish for urself.” Swara.

“I got him without wishing, now I don’t have to wish anything.” Ragini, smiled.

“Hey ladies, don’t u want to sleep?” Lucky.

“Oh yeah, Ok Laado, goodnight.” Swara left from there with him.

“So bad wifey, u made me wait, too long, now u’ll have to pay for this.” He smiled in mischief.

“Oh, really, let’s see, who will pay?” She ran towards the room n he behind her. At last he caught her, lift her up n headed towards their room.

“So, u r here, don’t u feel sleepy?” Sanskar.

“Oh, nothing just only want to have some fresh air.” She.

“U can say anything if u wish to.” He, thinking that she is trying to avoiding him n she got him.

“Do u believe in shooting stars?” She tried to shift his mind.


“Come on, tell me.” She.

“Actually, I don’t know anything, but everything which lead me to u, I believe that, I believe my love n the one in front of me. I think u took too much time than decided n see I’mnot drunk.” He.

She turned to other side to hid her blush but he thought it as her negative answer n start to move away but a hand caught his hand,

“Sanskar, I want to take this relation to next level.” She.

“Did u wish this from shooting star?” He smiled heartily n she hugged him tight while he hugged her back.

Thanlk u so much friends.

Collaboration by;

RSR & Shrijana

Credit to: RSR & Shrijana

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