Shooting Stars (Swalak, Ragsan) 2 shots Part 1


Hello Friends. It’s a collaboration of two fans. So, let’s go…

She is in front of the main door of a big mansion, Maheswari Mansion. Her eyes caught the calling bell but based on her thoughts, use of it is a waste of electricity in addition to the noise pollution. She hate it’s sharp ear paining noise, so, always prefer to knock at the door, its the best way, for her, to sneak in someone’s possession. She was about to knock when her mobile phone buzzed up n she looked at it’s screen___Shona___screen flashed. She smiled, ‘At last, u came into my way, my poor little sis.’, a victorious smile passed through her face n her other hand did it’s work, knocking on____ something else, but not door, but it made a sound, weird one, n her eyes caught the person in front of her, drowned deep into the red shade, accompanied by a young man who is also standing with him, with a open mouth.

‘Oh gosh! did I just bang my knuckles on his bald head.’ She paled with the thought.

Nothing came out for a moment, silence occurred there. N then a beautiful lady appeared there, looking at them, confused.

“Yes beta, I’m sorry but I didn’t recognize u.” She.

“Ma..mam, actually I’m here to give this file to Mr. Maheswari. Actually my papa got a call from him to take this file here n he is busy, so I’m here.” She blurt out all, gathering her might.

“Oh, then Y didn’t u give it, yet?” lady politely.

“I didn’t see him before.” She in a low voice.

“He is in front of u, now u can give it.” She smiled looking at a tensed face of a girl.

‘What the hell, have u done, girl? Now run as fast as u can.’ She thought.

“Mam, nice to meet u.” She filled a deep breathe in her lungs n faced the ripened tomato in front of her, “Sir, I’m Mr. Sekhar Gadodia’s daughter n he send this file..”, Her throat dried seeing him, boiling in anger, “Ok, thank u. I’ve to go now.” She ran without waiting for any reply n the boy, there, smiled.

A girl is dancing in her room, like a mad, wearing shorts.

‘Yeah, today I won. Poor Laado, she always act like an elder sister, right, today her acts made her a postgirl. Yippie.’

She jumped in joy n fell down on on the bed on her back.

‘She is angry with me. Let’s keep ur ego one side n call her.’

She took her phone out n dial her no.


Two girls r sitting on their bed, one girl is continuously laughing while other is irritated.

“Stop it Shona. It’s not something funny, ok. What if it affect papa’s job also.” She.

“Don’t worry laado, nothing like that happen.” Shona.

“Hope so..” laado.

At the terrace.

“What r u doing here Shona?” Laado.

“Waiting for a moment to wish.” Shona.

“What?” Laado.

“See, there, shooting star. Let’s make a wish Laado.” Shona, excited.

“U do that, I don’t believe in such stuffs, girl.” Laado.

“Oh god! u’ll never change.’ Shona, then folding her hand n closing her eyes,

‘God, I want to live my life, in my way, please, be with me forever.’

Laado looking at her sister’s childish n cute act.

‘God, make her every wish fulfilled n give her everything she deserve. Make her always happy, n don’t give any pain to my puny, cute, innocent, momma’s bear.’

“How could u do this momma? I’m not ready for this.” Laado, desperate.

“Ragini, they r coming today n behave urself. We give u extra freedom doesn’t means, u’ll stand against our wish, in every matters.” Sumi.

“But mom…”

“I don’t want to hear anything, in this topic, got it?” Sumi.

“Papa..” Ragini turned to her papa’s side n he assured her through eyes.

“Laado, let’s go down.” Shona.

“I’m not coming.” R.

“Swara, take her down.” Sumi.

They r at the hall.

“So u r Ragini, right.” Lady, groom’s mother.

She without looking at her, nod her head.

“Do u remember me?” lady.

N then her eyes popped out.

“Aunty, u?”

“Yeah, actually I’m here for my son’s match.” lady with a smile.

“Excuse me, please u guys carry on.” Sumi, “Shona, come with me.”

They went to the kitchen. After some time, they returned with beverages.

“Sumiji, please don’t take us wrong but we want ur younger daughter’s hand for alliance.” lady.

Ragini felt the burden on her shoulder shifted, where Swara felt like squeezing under the heavy burden. Ragini smiled looking at Shona n she irritated more.

“But, Apji…” Sumi, shocked.

“I know, we gave u a shock but there is no need to hurry, u can take ur time for ur decision. Ok now, I think we should leave now.” AP .

Swara was looking at the night sky, all lost.

‘Laado was right, I should have protest that time, but momma, how could she agree for this proposal.’

‘One day ur selflessness will cost ur freedom’ Ragini’s statement proved right today, she thought.

‘Tomorrow is my engagement as well as wedding, but how can I marry a person without knowing anything about him, like this. What about my dreams, wishes n life?’ A tear rolled down her cheek but a hand wiped it, soon.

“Laado, u here?” Her eyes widen.

“What u thought, if momma restrained me from meeting u, I’ll not meet u? I’m not the one to leave u alone. I’m ur elder sister.” Ragini, in a commanding tone.

“U r just 10 minutes elder than me..” Swara, in a complaining tone.

“But I’m elder. Now, stop ur tantrums n pack ur stuffs.” Ragini, directing towards the cupboard.

“What r u upto, Laado?” Swara in a tensed voice.

“U r going to live ur dreams sweetheart n I’ll not allow anyone to spoil it, not even momma.” Ragini.

“What do u mean?” Swara, in a same tone.

“I know what u want from life, so forget everything n be selfish for a second, what u want?” Ragini.

Tears rolled down Swara’s cheeks.

“U don’t need to say anything, I know everything. U r going for a trip to Darjeeling n u need to leave now.” Ragini, while packing bag.

“But I can’t let down our family. What will they do?” Swara, in a cracked voice.

“Don’t worry, believe me I’ll make everything right.” Ragini.

At Darjeeling

Swara is resting inside a lodge, thinking about her life’s most strange phase.

‘Don’t think too much, Laado will manage everything, just explore the world, live ur life.’ She smiled n stepped out of the room with her small bagpack.

She was at the middle of tea garden with the workers, clicking pictures with them n enjoying the greenery. The environment took a drastic turn just in a moment n its about rain, she hurriedly ran to the road n waited for the transport but before that clouds started storming n heavy rain drizzled. At last her hand lift up for a lift to a person on a bike n it took halt, just a little away from her.

A decorated bedroom.

A girl is standing, right in front of a window, in a bridal dress, looking outside, teary eyed. There r no. of stars, twinkling in the sky n a small smile creased on her lips.

‘Hope u r fine Shona, living ur dreams.’ She closed her eyes n a tear escaped.

The door opened with a clicked sound, it’s him, her socially n legally acknowledged husband. He smiled looking at her.

It’s breakfast time. Swara was occupying a seat n having her breakfast, alone, lost in someone’s thought.

“May I join u, please?”

‘oh god! m I dreaming.’ She thought.

“Excuse me..” He

“Yeah, sure please.”

“So, u r Shona, nice to meet u again. Well, myself Laksh Maheswari.” He smiled in a gentle way.

“No, actually that’s my pet name. Well I’m Swara Gadodia, nice to meet u too.” She, “How did u know my pet name?”

He forward her a hanky, Shona was stitched on there, it’s her.

A room.

A man is sleeping on the couch n a girl entered inside with a cup of tea.

“Excuse me.” She.

He jerked up n smiled at her. She gave him tea.

“Thank u Ragini.” He.

She smiled, a forced one.

“U can share anything to me if u want to.” He.

“Thank u.” She turned to go out.

“It’s Sanskar.” He.

Swara was roaming around the Botanical Garden, clicking pictures n exploring the beauty.

“Hey, what a pleasant surprise Shona, u here?” Lucky.

“Yeah.” She smiled.

“Want me to join u?” He, playfully.

“NO…not at all…a bad idea, u can join me.” She laughed at his paled face n he looked amused, at her.

Thank u so much for reading.

Credit to: RSR & Shrijana

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