OK as per the current track promo mentioned on IG that bhoola bhai (abhi) will get shot by goons what if he himself gets irritated or his chuggy I mean fuggy gets irked to the core too….??? let’s take a glance….

Goons: hands up khabardaar Jo apni jagah se hile to (don’t dare to move ?)
Pragya: hein apni jagah se na hiley!!!!????( hein don’t move from our places)
Abhi: to kya bhai apni jagah par khadey khadey ya baithey baithey hiley ??????( then what you wish ? we must move at our places whether standing or sitting)
Goons while pointing gun on him: to saley hilega hi kyu seedha nahi baith Sakta kya ? ( you idiot why you wish to move can’t you sit straight )
abhi : mai kya yaha yoga karne baitha hu Jo seedha baithunga ???( am I sitting here for yoga that I will sit straight and meditate)
Tanu: lame joke Abhi
Abhi: tu to bol hi mat shakal Teri khud ki tootey hue photo frame jaisi aur baat b waisi hi karegi pagal budhiya ????( you better don’t speak your face itself is like broken photo frame and you are proving that also mental old woman)
Tanu shouted : Abhi……
Abhi making an irritated face: abbey e…. pao kilo ki python ??? chilla mat samjhi mera BP badhta hai ek to waisey hi awaaz kauwe jaisi upar se Sara din kao kao karti rehti hai abbey e (to goons) isko kyu nahi le jatey re dimag khoti kar rahi hai khali peeli cheah ???( eh python weighted 250 gms don’t shout at me okay because my blood pressure raises firstly your voice is already like crow and then always doing kao kao also hey idiots ( to goons) why don’t you take her from here she is eating my brain dude)
Goon shouted ???: Shut up…..
Abhi and Tanu sits silently then screen shifts towards Pragya she was calling someone from her phone for help but as per her habit Tanu blurted out that to those robbers and then they held Pragya by her neck …
Goon holding her by neck???: you think yourself as smart haah now you will die for sure
Pragya ?????: gardan chhor pehle meri nikamme dawa karaney nahi aayega toot gayi to ( leave my neck first idiot you won’t come for treatment if something happens to it)
Abhi: waisey hi 100gms hi hai chhor De bhai ???( leave her bro already she is of 100gms )
goons left her: sahi keh rahe ho bhai ( saying right bro)
pragya: kya right ?????? haan kya right !!! pehle ye batao kisne bataya mai call kar rahi thi ( right ;! what right??? leave that and tell me who the hell told them I was calling someone )
all pointed out to Tanu

pragya ????: arey e raja harishchadra ki chhathi aulaad (oh daughter of Raja Harishchandra (king who use to tell truth always))
Tanu: but my fathers name is not Hariahchandra ????
Abhi taping her head : its a way to say idiot ???
pragya continued: tujhe problem kya hai bhai ek baat bata Maine call kiya balance mera phone mera tujhe kya problem thi ???? nalayak (what is your problem my phone my balance I was doing the call the. what the hell was your problem )
Tanu: you are my problem always a hurdle between me and abhi
Pragya ???: tu hi rakh le is single battery ko mujhe nahi chahiye par meri jaan chhor ( you keep this single battery with you and let me live peacefully)
Abhi ??: single battery kisko bola b double battery ( whom the hell you called single battery you double battery)
Pragya??: you only
they begin to fight and goons got irritated then one of them held Abhi and shouted
Goons: enough of you all ????? now he will die if you spoke one more word
Abhi looking at gun: is it real??? or the one which is used for diwali crackers ???
Pragya: tera beda Garg satyanash tujhe ye diwali wali lag rahi hai ?? ?? phir kahega single battery nahi hai ( to hell with you… you are asking if it is diwali cracker and then you will say you are not single battery)
Goons: I will shoot him
Pragya: kya shoot shoot laga rakha hai ?? karna hai to kar do na Lekin ha hisaab se Karna shoot Bhaiya moti chamdi hai har baar Bach jata hai ( what the hell you are shouting you will shoot him shoot him of you want to do then do it idiot but be careful he escapes every time)
goons : hein ?????
Pragya: haan yr Marta hi nahi hai ek baar goli maar ke cliff me gira Diya tab to Maine bachaya par ye bach gaya ek baar gadi me break fail they gira par Bach gaya iski jagah gadi mar gayi haye meri gadi???? ( yes he use to escape every time once he was shot and pushed from the cliff that time I saved him but yeah he was saved then next time with car itself he fell down he again escaped but the car died oh poor car ???)
Goons: ???? is it true
Pragya: of course ???? that’s why he is loss of memory this time
They were talking so frankly Looking that Tanu shouted
Tanu ???: what the hell is going on here
Abhi; dikhta nahi mujra chal raha hai ( dance is going on here ????)
Pragya: aa tu bhi kar le haan par belly wala dikhaiyo ( come you also start but yeah do that belly dance ??)
Goons: Bollywood will also work
Tanu hearing that got shocked and abhigya rocked ????????

how was it okay it was the seed grown by my wasted brain I was too busy that’s why unable to upload and don’t want to cry with that reason so I am saying that enjoy this one the main one will be on air soon ?????

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