Shoorpanakha an epitome of loneliness and meghnand a result of wrong upbringing


Shoorpanakha we all know her as the sister of ravan and who wanted to marry ram
Firstly he character sketch is intriguing as per skr her parents don’t seem happy by her birth and her mother seems to be just ravan’s mother but ravan loves soorphanaka atleast it seems so. She loved her person but he had married her with a motive worse than a political alliance.
She never received true love maybe sisterly feelings from mandodari but still for her blood relations matters I guess and when sees ram she is captivated but that was not love but lust caused by her loneliness and when he refuses and she asks laxman
Here I don’t like her character a guy will refuse and u will ask his brother he will refuse but ur stubborn or atleast ur ego wants to harm Sita
But my question is she didn’t receive true love but did she love anyone truly. It seems like they were all there to fulfil her needs. Servants are enough family is not needed. She wanted support from kumbhkaran like a spoilt brat. She goes to dandakvan inspite of ravan’s refusal and ravan is shown telling soldiers but I doubt if it is true love or if shoorpanakha dies it will become a stain on Royal reputation.
She described Sitas beauty and brought her kuls downfall. Did she love ram or had ego that ram loved Sita and tried to destroy their happiness or wanted to revenge ravan even after knowing it was her mistake of falling for the wrong guy. Revenge maybe it runs in her blood
I don’t know whether to sympathise her character but she was filled with imperfections
Btw She lost her nose they say then how did she breathe I know it’s silly but still how will u breathe maybe practically impossible ramayanically possible ? And that’s what I include about her character which I saw in skr
A humanly rakchas but filled with revenge which brought not her downfall but evils downfall and her she will be in Lanka right after vibhishina is crowned King??
And what about vibhishina she would have received love from him but she did not like righteousness
Closed her eyes to a blood relation God had be stoned her with

Meghnand aka indrajeet
I can’t believe that mandodari upbringing Is wrong I respect her for being good eventhough she is surrounded by evil but why can she stand up against her husband. It’s ok she could have atleast brought up her son well. It is sons duty to obey father but megnanad could have questioned ravan. Being loyal is right but choosing righteousness is better and his wife he thinks ekapatni viratham is an obligation he has done
And he too is evil minded and manipulates people as far as I can understand what is shown in skr . Maybe he can be killed by a person who sleeps for 14 yrs has got into his mind and is leading to his downfall. But shouldn’t boons be a motivation for doing good but after all fathers blood what to do??

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Nice analysis sister. I do not like Meghnad’s character. He appears very political, shrewed and selfish. I would like to knowsomething, was there a bitter relationship between Meghnad and his wife?
    Surpanakha, seems out of control at times, but her life background explains it all. SKR also haf shown a her as a normal girl before her matital disaster. She probably could not bear the shock after marriage of a cheater as well as her loss.

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice! I feel SKR hasn’t shown the good side of Meghnad. I have read somewhere that towards the end of the war just before his death, he realises who Ram is truly and what his father committed was a grave mistake. He requests Ravan to return Sita but Ravan snubbs him , to which he promises to fight but is always against the idea of Kidnapping someone else’s wife. I hope they show this. Buy otherwise I totally agree with you Sanjana 🙂

  3. Hetvi (Shreya)

    Dear ,
    meghnath and indrajeet were 2 different sons of raavan . you have written MEGHNATH AKA INDRAJEET . Maghnath and indrajeet were 2 sons of him . And secondly, as far i have read there was no child of mandotri and raavan . raavan had many other wives also .these both were issues of the other wives and not of mandotri.
    i totally agree with you on Soorpankha’s part . she became victim of politics and was used badly by his husband(i don’t remember his name)

    1. No dear both are same pucca sure and he is mandodari son only
      Check it out

    2. No shreya meghnad is the another name if indrajith….

    3. Supreetha (Soups)

      I have never come across this version Hetvi dear! Could you please mention where you came across this fact??? It’ll be helpful. Thanks 🙂

    4. hetvi(Shreya)

      Sorry guys. Megnath and indrajeet are same. It’s my mistake. May be the animated version has got the wrong version. But anyways mandotri had no issue. Raavan had many other wives. He had kids with them but not with mandotri (this news is damn sure)
      Sorry again

      1. hetvi(Shreya)

        Typing mistake
        Wrong information *

  4. Sanju this is really amazing analysis and coming to shurpanaka I felt while seeing this , she is suffering for someone’s love. But I have a doubt is vibhishana doesn’t love surpanka. And coming to meghanad , he loves his mom a lot but he always respect his fathers words only whenever mandodari l say him that he should not fight against ram he will say that she doesn’t know anything about war….I saw in ndtv ramayan first way of indrajit is he may do anything for his father. Secondly he recognised that ram is god he tried to explain ravan but he didn’t understand instead ordered him to kill ram even though he know that’s impossible he fought against ram bcoz of his father’s order…. If ravan was good meghanad will have been good bcoz of ravan’s bad deeds indrajith also gone up on him. I completely agree with u dear indrajith’s bad deed is only bcoz of his wrong upbringing….. Good job sweetie…. May god bless u….

  5. Ram was born around many thousand’s years ago and ramayan was written 6000 years ago i mean it was written before ram’s born when ramayan can be written b4 ram’s born and it’s simple that surponakha can also breath after lossing her nose and bivisan is called as ghar ka dusman i enemy of his own family because he chosed righteous instead his own family and you can find meghand’s spoilling reason mahabharat’s 100 kaurav and meghnad request ravan as he learnt that if ram and ravan’s fight happen then ravan will lose his life and ravan didn’t kidnaped sita only because of surpnakha’s request but that’s reason may be the insult in sita” sawambar there are many reason’s behind ramayan which is beyond of our understanding so guys you can learn about this unless you ask GOD HIMSELF because phd isnot enough for this

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I totally agree 🙂 I hope they show the good side of Indrajeet!

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