my Shona’s love story

Hi friends.. Im new here.. This is Aishwarya.. My friend suggested me to write this story.. Sorry if you feel it’s bad..

A girl is shown sleeping.. She wakes up with phone call.. She smiles says good morning Sanskar.. He replies good morning Shona.. Both speak for hours.. Shona’s mom come seeing her talking and tell her go get ready.. Shona smiles.. She goes to get ready..she remembers her friendship with sanskar and smile..

Sanskar place..
Sanskar is smiling seeing Shona’s photo and say bacchu I love you today im going to tell you.. His mom comes there and tell Shona will say you yes don’t worry.. He smiles.. She asks him to convert their 10yrs of friendship into love and make her my daughter.. He says ok mom.. She smiles and go from there.. He goes to get ready.. He wears her favourite white shirt and blue jeans..says Bachu what you will say me.. He leaves to meet her..
At park..
Sanskar comes..waits for Shona.. She comes seeing him.. He comes to her and say you’re always late.. She says sorry..papa was at home.. He thinks you’re papa is villain for my love story.. He says I wanted to tell you something.. She asks what? He says Bachu i wanted to say that.. She asks what? He asks do your remember our first meet? She nods yes..
Shona is busy searching for gift.. Sanskar come to that shop ..both select same gift.. She says i want this.. He says I want this for my friend tomorrow is his birthday.. She replies I want to gift this for my friend.. He says buy something it’s Feb I know gifts are on demand.. She stare at him and says I want this for my dad… He says sorry and gives her.. She helps him in finding gift for his friend.. Then say bye to each other..leave from there..
Like this they meet many times.. They come to know from their grand parents..that they are related to each other.. But bcz of some family issues Shona’s dad don’t like sanskar’s family.. With time they become bestie’s.. He calls her Bachu bcz of kidish nature.. She calls him babu bcz he acts like films star.. One day he takes her to his home and introduce her to his parents.. They both bless her.. His mom smiles seeing them together.. She signs him best.. He smiles.. From that day Shona gets close with his parents.. They treat her as their daughter..most of times sanskar asked his he really their son or Shona is their daughter ? They used to reply you both are our kids.. He used to stare at them.. His mom reply him daughter in law means daughter only na.. He says mom please.. Shona mom know about sanskar..not her dad.. Like this their friendship completes 10yrs..
Flashback ends…
Shona smiles seeing him.. He says bachu you always supported took care of me as a are best person I found..i love you.. She is shocked..doesn’t reply anything.. Just run from there.. He screams ill be waiting for your reply..
Shona comes home say about him to her granny.. Granny smiles and tell her to say what’s there in her heart.. Shona says im confused.. Granny tells take time but say him.. Shona nods ok.. Granny smiles..

A month completes..
Shona feels like someone near to her left her completely.. She decides to call sanskar and say what’s happening with her.. Lo Suddenly she falls from stairs..holding her stomach.. Her parents take her to hospital.. After some tests.. Shona parents gets to know Shona can’t be mother..if she wants to become mother means she should undergo treatment for 3 years… Her mom tell them to start treatment early as possible.. Doctor tell ok.. Shona gets to know about this..she cries and thinks to stop thinking about sanskar..say herself he should get someone best not a girl like me.. Granny thinks something and call sanskar.. She tells him everything.. He asks her to take care of Shona..ill say about this my parents and call you back.. Granny thanks him..
Sanskar say about Shona health issue to his parents.. His parents smile and tell him you love her right .. He nods yes.. His parents ask him to support her and help her to get confidence back.. He thanks them… He calls granny and say what happened.. She blesses him..and thanks him.. She tells Shona is call her and surprise her.. He replies ok..

At Shona’s home..
She is sleeping.. Sanskar comes home.. Shona’s mom and seeing him.. He says aunty and granny I want to be with her life long.. Shona’s mom tell him you tell this to her.. He goes to her room..see her sleeping like a kid and smile.. He holds her hands..she wakes up see him..sit properly..say you here.. He smiles and says you didn’t answer me so I came here.. She says I don’t like you.. He asks what about love? She looks at him.. He kiss her forehead..she starts crying and say im not capable of becoming mother.. He asks what you want to become mother without getting married..what your parents will think?? She hits him and say its serious matter..please don’t joke.. He asks her after marriage if you got to know about this then you would leave your hubby? She says yes.. He asks if you’re hubby had this problem then you would leave him? She says sanskar..shut up..get lost from here.. He hugs her..she starts crying..he says you’re a can you think of have 3 years..time you can become mother..don’t worry.. She says if treatment fails.. He says we can adopt a baby .. She hugs him back.. He says don’t worry after 3yrs..our marriage will take place..then within 3 months you’ll be pregnant don’t worry.. She hits him.. He makes her smile.. She says dad.. He says don’t worry for you I can undergo his tortures… She smiles.. He hugs her and say if you keep smiling like this I can do anything..

Days goes… After 2yrs.. Shona comes running to sanskar and say treatment successful to 48%.. He lifts her and say thank you Shona.. She says you know on your next birthday I have a special gift for you.. He says before that you concentrate on exams.. She nods ok.. They get busy.. Both decide to talk after her exams..she hugs him and say bye babu..ill miss you so much.. He replies Bachu don’t worry about complete your exams then we can go for trip.. She smiles.. He kiss her forehead and say bye..

After 1 month..
Shona keeps calling sanskar.. She gets busy tone or switch off.. She is really frustrated bcz of this.. She tries contacting him in many ways.. She gets no info about him.. She cries.. Her friends see her..think to do something.. Ragini(her bff) call sanskar bro and try to get info about sanskar.. He tells sorry I can’t tell about him.. Ragini calls sanskar.. He receives call.. She starts scolding him..says bcz of you Shona is crying.. He replies if im there in her life she will cry whole life.. She asks what you are saying? He replies I have to undergo heart transplantation.. She cries and say bro plz tell truth..don’t fool me.. He replies im saying truth..i have to undergo surgery before 2weeks else ill die.. She keeps crying.. He asks her not to tell Shona.. She promises.. He says thanks good bye sister.. She asks please don’t say good bye.. He smiles and cuts call..
He remembers Shona..start writing diary..he writes you are my life..but today I don’t know till when ill be alive..i wanted to live with you but.. Please Bachu don’t cry..i want to be alive in your smile..the day you stop smiling is the day when ill die for sure..keep smiling.. Bachu I may die but I want to become your kid..if I die..i want to take birth by your womb..please marry..don’t argue..

Ragini takes care of Shona like a baby.. Shona keeps crying thinking about sanskar.. She says my fate is so bad that im not getting losing everything bcz of my ego..i could have said him not to go..i could have said him I love you more than myself..I love you soo much sanskar I want you..i want to see you once.. Ragini records everything..sends it to sanskar.. Sanskar hears it and cry..say I want to be with you Bachu..i love you soo’re my life.. Shona gets busy with exams.. She keeps trying to call him..but she gets only switch off msg..she cries.. She thinks of completing exams and going to his home..

After 2 weeks..
Ragini gets call from sanskar’s brother that he is undergoing heart surgery.. Ragini asks him give update about sanskar.. He replies ok.. She cries thinking about Shona and sanskar.. Thinks about their love.. She see’s Shona studying and help her out..Say her dont worry after exams you can meet him.. Shona smiles and says more 2 exams then ill go meet him.. Ragini smile.. They go for exam hall.. Then evening after exams Ragini gets call.. She starts crying..say left Shona..and went.. Sanskar’s brother asks her not to inform Shona,, she promises,.,
Last day before last exam of Shona.. Shona gets to know about sanskar death.. She cries.. Ragini makes her believe nothing happened to sanskar.. Shona keep crying..but she gives her exam and comes home.. She closes door and start crying.. She texts Ragini thank you for making me feel ok.but I know sanskar is no more.. Both cry..
Two weeks later.. Shona reads sanskar diary.. She cries more..bcz of that her health degrades.. Ragini keeps taking care of her.. Shona cries.. After 3months Shona is suffering from fever..she gets blood vomiting’s.. Ragini keeps taking care of her..shona parents are worried about her.. Shona holds her dad hands and say dad today im leaving to see my should be happy dad.. Sorry I loved him even after knowing you don’t like his family..sorry dad.. Her dad replies please Shona don’t say this will be know he wants to take birth as your son.. Shona smiles and say dad but I want to be with him now..all my life.. Smiles and closes her eyes… Ragini screams Shona… All cry seeing her death..

After 3 years..
Shona’s parents and sanskar parents are waiting for a small girl near school.. She comes running to them and say Shona is back.. They smile hearing her.. Ragini and Laksh (sanskar bro) come behind her.. She hugs them and say papa mummy..see everyone are waiting for Shona.. A guy comes there and say Shona your book.. She smiles and says babu.. She introduce everyone..saying he is my new friend.. She turns to him and ask what is your name? He says Sammy.. She says so bad..ill keep your name now see.. Your name from now onwards is babu.. He says ok.. Everyone smile hearing her.. Shona and Sammy both keep talking.. Ragini says I think really my Shona and sanskar are back.. Everyone smile..

Please let me how is this? Bad or good comments are welcome..

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    superb 🙂

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  10. awesome.. emotional one..

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    OMG!! sending shivers on me, i loved it so much, its really really so nice, one word-beautiful, wanna read more of your stories, 🙂

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