Swara was kid napped by afarsh. Nikil and rag lak are searching swara . Sanskaar in his room unknow abt his wifes not wife but life kidnapping and halath.
Sanky in room.
San: swara ur here. What the hell make u here?
Swa: to see for once haa for once last.
San: what happen to u.?
Swa: be brave if any thing happen also.
San: swara princess iam angry but not to that extend that ur absence made me comfrt. I always longinng for u teddy.
Swa: u gonna miss me more. But not me.
San: stop ur nonsence shona it hurts alot.
Sanky came for ward and try to touch. But she fades away like a breeze.
Raglak entry.
San: wat happeb lucky seems to be tensed.
Luck : woh bhai shona is missing adarsh is behind it .
San: wat why don’t u aware me abt this .
Rag: u hate her naa.
San: sanskaar heart beat omly fot her. In any cricstance also.
Nikil rushed in shona is in xxzyyy .
When all mn & gm reached there swara is unconisious and adarsh is trying to remove her dupatta.
Nilkill engrosd with anger before he can dp anything .
Sanky kick adarsh out. Copp aressted him .
Sanky go towards swara and al are shocked to see white puff on her mouth .
Sum: shona wats happen beta.

Ap notice the bottle of sleeping pills empty.
Ap: oh god she try to suicide .
San& rag : no shona u can’t
They al rush to hospital.
In strecher swara gain little conscipus.
Swa: san. ….skaar i love u
San: do’nt put me to the same pain again.
Swara: sry
She falls to unconscous.
Swara in ot. Samky outside in the lap of ap. Suja ta consoling.
San : maa how can i hate her and how can she leave me. No i may die.
Nik(sarscatically): ohh u love her my foot.
San: u bettr keep quiet becz u dont know the love story of swasan . Ask ur ragz how my doll and i start our story
I hurt her becz its my right on my soulmatr.cutiepie is now angry with me but she cant tske it long.

To contd………

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..