Shocking Twist in SWARAGINI

Guys there is a shocking twist in swaragini
swara and sanskar are married and taking blessings then suddenly a voice come from staircases and we found her as ragini coming from staircases and shouting laksh everybody runs to her and she yells that laksh u are marrying some other girl then laksh came and says that she is marrying right girl and says that why he should again marry ragini as he don’t love her and tells everybody that he was doing all of this love drama with ragini due to property papers. everbody asks him that what is he saying then he replied to them as please don’t interfere as you all are forcing your decisions on me I want to live my life I want to take my decisions myself and said that he never liked ragini always hate her and continued her marriage and leaves every body hell shocked………

oh god dont know what will happen to ragini then
will she commit suicide or blame swara that due to her only she once again loose her love as she came in Maheshwari Mansion as a bride..

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  1. Wat the how could he do diz aid my ragini..l hate u laksh

  2. Roop durgapal is casted as kavya….. Kanchi was far more better than her

  3. Hi… After watching this serial since thé beginning we could see the évolution of each characters… I think the only one who has not understood anything (as usual) is Laksh … Everyone has moved on except him… But the thing he hasn’t understand yet is that He put himself in this situation since thé serial has begun by accepting to marry Ragini and living Swara at the same time … Now he is blaming everyone for His condition … Poor thinh 🙁 ;D

    1. * loving Swara
      *poor thing

  4. I just want plzzzzzz bring sum1 for ragini who will love her respect her nd understand her and will be wid her at any circumstances nd make ragini move on nd laksh? Make him realize his mistake nd love ragini bt will never meet her again i just want him to be away frm swaragini

  5. Please don’t spoil the relation between Swara and Ragini again
    We don’t want Ragini to blame Swara again
    Introduce w new mail character in ragini’s life whose entry will make Lakshya jealous and he will realise his mistake
    All of us want the relation between Swara and Ragini to be better ???

  6. No no no this can’t happen please don’t do this with writer now only swaragini became one if ragini again started blaming swara for this and stupid laksh can’t he see that she is changed now…..Please don’t make ragini commit suicide she is so sweet laksh doesn’t deserve her please make someone else entry for her she deserves much better…..and if it’s raglak then make laksh jealous seeing ragini with someone else…….Please tajeswi DON’T LEAVE we all LOVE YOU…… 🙂

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