My shocking surprise (Part 2)


Hello all I’m Sv back with the next part of the short ff and i have changed the title and hope this is a suitable title for it and sorry for the confusion . I wanted to give you guys a surprise but i got surprised and please do say me your views as they are my energy booster. The link of the first part is

Part 1

Enjoy the ride….

Arjun was again started his story of Radhika to sam and sam was really irritated as she was hearing the same record for more than 2 years.
Sam ; Arjun can you please shut up. I want to sleep , dont start the record again.
Arjun ; What is there for you, your boy friend is going to propose you tomorrow. Sam tossed herself from the bed and with the heads up she saw him with curiosity “ do you think he would propose me tomorrow ??
Arjun ; Then why the hell should he call you tomorrow for dinner?? I guess that guy will surely propose you.
Sam ; If that happens then i would be the luckiest in thew world.
Arjun (with a disguised face) ; Haiyaaa still 2 papers to complete and you are having those papers for more than 2 years and you are dreaming for a proposal.
Sam ; If you speak then i will say that you will not see your flight girl again, Arjun jerked and sat with a angry face.
Arjun ; Sam even as a joke dont say that. i cannot take that and was in tears. Sam saw that he was hurt she went to him and hugged him and said ok baba she will be waiting for you . He too hugged her back and said “i wish she is waiting for me”

Radhika is standing and a guy with a ring is proposing to her.
Guy ; Will you be the part and parcel of my life and will you always fulfill my life with your presence and will always hold my hand to travel the whole world. Radhika blushed and said “I will and gives her hand to him. He kisses her palm and wears the ring and sits in the floor because his legs were paining.
Guy ; Is this not a bit filmy radhika ??
Radhika ; Neil shut up bhai this is perfect na ?? Sam will surely say yes to him na ??
Ankush ; She will say yes but he should kneel down for atleast for 5 minutes but his legs are shaking for less than 2 minutes. Radhika giggled.
Ankush ; Man did you forget the way we used to kneel down and keep our hands up for the homework which we used to forget and laughs. Radhika and Neil too laughs.
Neil ; And the way we used to do sit ups by u holding my ear and me holding your ears and all the 3 blasts in laughter. Just then Radhika remembers her Arjun and blushes .

Flash Back

Arjun ; So where are you up to ??
Radhika ; Boston for studies. You ???
Arjun ; To my cousin’s house . But she is yet to come .
Radhika ; I cant get you .
Arjun ; She was studying staying in my house but as her studies got over i’m going in advance to make things ready for her as she will take my life if the things are not kept proper as she does not what she wants but she needs them, so…..
Radhika ; So you are going there to make those things available. Right ?? Arjun nods
Radhika ; Ok i believed you and turned her head
Arjun ; What ?? i said the truth to you and you are saying that you trust me but….
Radhika ; But not trusting…… Arjun you are saying something which even a kg kid will laugh at you say me the truth why are you going ?? Arjun stares at her and thinks “ How does she know that i’m bluffing is she has the technique of reading hearts ??
Arjun ; Promise me that you will not say that to anyone. She nods her head in positive way.
Arjun ; Well actually i had a car which my dad owns .
Radhika ; Ok ..
Arjun ; I crashed the car in the tree .
Radhika ; Ok…. then ???
Arjun ; thats why i’m leaving my house.
Radhika ; What ?? and shouted on the top of the voice and the whole passenger and the others where looking at her . Arjun waved his hand to lower her voice.
Radhika (husky voice) ; What ?? Arjun made a pout face.
Radhika ; you are running away for breaking a car ??
Arjun ; That is my Dad’s fav car if he comes to know then i’m finished.
Radhika ; So where are you going now ??
Arjun ; To my jiju’s house. My sister is with us and my jiju is in boston. After one month i’ll go back after my dad’s anger gets alright.
Radhika ; Are you scared of your dad ??
Arjun ; Not exactly but sometimes.
Radhik a; Really and looks at him with a mischievous smile. He saw her face and he too smiled and said “Ok i accept i am scared of my dad fine and turns his face. Radhika laughs at her heart out”

Flash back Ends….

Radhika remembers that and blushes.
Neil ; Ooo gone again to the dream world. Oye chashni wake up. She jerks and comes to normal. Just then they hear a voice calling Ankush.
Radhika ; Bhabhi……. and looks at Ankush and Neil.
Sara ; Ankush dad and mom are coming up , wanna inform u guys as Neil was practicing i dont want you guys to get caught.
Neil hears the voice and jumps from this terrace to that terrace , his usual way as their house were next , next houses. He waves his hand and Ankush pulls sara to himself and she blushes. Radhika stands and waves back to Neil and looks at the moon in which she saw her Arjun’s face.

Next day…..

Neil was continuously practicing and Sam was in her own dream and Ardhika were caught by Nesam and they were torturing the poor ardhika by their blabbering and Ardhika would just nod and hear those blabber.

Raneil gets ready and there Samarj gets ready as Radhika was needed by Neil for a moral support and Arjun accompanies his cousin as he wants to make sure that the person is suitable for Sam as she was his little sister for him.

Arjun and Sam arrives at the venue – Restaurant, early and waits for Neil to come. At that time Arjun asks Sam to take a table which was reserved by Neil and he takes a table which he reserved. After 15 minutes Neil enters with Radhika . Arjun who saw Radhika was drum struck as it was after 3 years he is seeing her. She was way more beautiful than the way he saw her in the flight. But his face turned dull when Neil was holding Radhika’s hands.

He had tears when he saw them together. Then he was about to turn he heard her sweet voice “All the best dont blabber and say what you have practiced and i’ll take this table and dont forget to pay my bill my friend. He pulls her cheeks and goes to the table which he reserved and Radhika takes the table where Arjun was sitting as Arjun turned his face the other side. She did not notice Arjun and sits and prays for Neil as sam should say yes.

Arjun saw this and smiles thinking again hanuman chalisa. She opens her eyes and saw Arjun who was staring at her with out blinking at all. Radhika had tears and she without blinking sees her Arjun. She touches him and he was real and she is not dreaming she waved and pinched him and he shouted and rubbed his hand where she pinched Radhika smiled as it was her dream come true and Arjun was smiling with his signature smile.

Radhika (stammering as her voice got struck with the sudden surprise) ; Arjun ?? He nods. They were not able to continue the speech but looking this side and that side and looking at each other and giving a smile. She was practicing what should speak when they see each other but nothing helped.

Radhika ; So…………………..
Arjun (took a deep breath) ; I love you. Radhika’s eyes popped up. She got goose bumps and nodded her head as that was again the next shock
Radhika ; I just heard something , did you say me anything ??
Arjun (smiled at her cute childishness ) ; I said i love you and by the way what is your name ??
Radhika ; My name…….. you still did not find my name so i won the bet right ?? Arjun nodded and “i said you something for which i need the answer.
Radhika blushed ; Well i was waiting for the day you will say me i love you so that i can say…………..
Sam (Screamed) ; I love you , love you lods and she jumped and both Nesam were on the floor as she jumped and hugged him.
Arjun ; Radhika please speak out i was waiting for this day for more than 2 years.
Radhika ; You heard my answer from someone else . Arjun was in cloud nine. He stood and gave his hand . She blushed and gave her hand.
Arjun pulled her ; I love you Radhika .
Radhika ; I love you Arjun.
Sam from behind hugged him and said “I love you Arjun”
Radhika ; Sam ??
Sam ; Radhika ?? Neil came running and hugged radhika.
Sam @ radhika ; Do you know him ??
Radhika @ sam ; Do you know him ??
Arjun looking at them ; Do you know each other
Neil ; Do you guys know each other and there was a commotion between them and all were scratching their head. There was a bit chaos in the restaurant because of them.

The restaurant management asked them to leave the place if they make so much noise.
Arjun asked sorry and they sat in a single table. Ardhika one side and Nesam on the other side. Neil saw Radhika blushing more than Sam but he did not know why is she blushing.
Sam ; Radhika what are you doing here ?? Radhika was about to speak when Neil said “ She came with me “
Sam ; You still have this habit of taking her with her brother everywhere ??
Radhika ; Sorry sam could not help as this is the big day of my friend’s life so i have to be the part of that and also it is also a big day for me too and saw Arjun and smiled. He too smiled at her.
Sam ; Do you know him Radhika ?? Before Radhika could speak Arjun “Say……… this is my dream i was talking about and raised his eye brows. First sam was not able to understand but when she saw him she understood what was he meaning with his smile
Sam ; So she is the girl you were talking about.
Neil ; Which girl ?? Chashni so this is your……. and he made an sign asking her is this the one whom she was talking again and again and making him go mad. Radhika just nodded. Neil closed his face and said ” Finally i got released from the same story hearing and sam too joined. Ardhika made a pout face.
Sam ; Oh my god , how i missed her god i’m sorry Arjun, she is also my collage met but 1 year senior to me and sam was explaining her collage days with Radhika and Neil and all the four in no time became close friends as they are gonna be a single family soon.

Precap – A big shock turn out to be a surprise for them . Last shot.

Thats it for this part guys . How was it ?? Did you all like it ?? Please do comment your views. Till then take care all stay strong and always smile.

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  1. Jessie

    The I love u part was a fun…its choo chweeet.. all 4 proposed.. loved it.. loved it yaa..waiting 4 last shot.. loads of love dear..

    1. S.v

      thank you jessie i’m happy that you loved it and the final shot will be done soon dear. Love you lods.

  2. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton brin .

  3. Muahhh….so awesome Epi..

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton sreee and thanks for the kiss

  4. Sammy

    Awesome sv ..hehe ..arjun blushing and all ha ..very nice ..waiting for the last shot 🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      Sammy thank you so much dear. Will update soon

  5. SV this was lovely full fun…have you read comedy of errors you can write something like that very well.. amazing girl…bless you mu cutie pie 🙂 love u

    1. S.v

      didi thank you and i want to say you something i have not read any books before it was only from here reading the ff i am reading something di but i promise you that i’ll read the book which you said di comedy of errors. Love you lods di.

  6. Superb SV…that was cute and funny…the chaos created lol.. loved it.. but precap is confusing..plz post

    1. S.v

      Ritu thank you what confusion there is gonna be a sudden twist against them but that will turn to be a happy moment to them . Dont worry dear. Love you lods i will update soon dear.

  7. Shree

    Wow!! Ponne I’m laughing like anything .. loved nesam… Ardhika incredible!! Too good ponne too Good..

    Love you ??

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Shree . Love you lods ponne muhhaaaa

  8. I like these kind of cute,sweet n lovely story…i love ur surprise twin…omg they made restaurant upside down…lol..u know how to calm a heart n soul…do write such stories more n more…I’ll read without hesitation…lots of love

    1. S.v

      Love you rossy for those encouraging words and i will write for you always and if your heart is calm down then i’ll be the happiest person. I can sense you were angry . Love you lods dear.

  9. wow..its really lovely episode….. 2 pair love proposal super………interesting story ……. u r amazing writer..ardhika flight scene awesome…precap is thirlling ..eagerly waiting next one..pls pls update soon…..thanks for updating .tc.

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton subha well i will post it soon dear. Love you lods.

  10. Sv.. this was full of fun and enjoyed…. really awesome….and was a shocking surprise…. Loved their bonding …
    🙂 🙂

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton aastha . Love you lods

  11. Sweetie

    Oye hoyee jaan..That was superb..Ardhika proposal was amazing.. 😀 I love you Radhika and I love you Arjun..Oh how I loved that part..Lovely shot..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

    1. S.v

      Jaan thank you . I know you always love your Arjun . Lol Love you tons jaan.

  12. Superb update…

    1. S.v

      Thank you Rite

  13. Nice surprise, loved it

    1. S.v

      Thank you gianna . Love you

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