Shivya love wins sun mere saathiya intro


Hi I’m Rosie I’m currently doin an ff on swasan and raglak meeting there is and intro and part 1-8 pls read and comment because I check each and everyone every day I hope you love my ff also in gonna use the normal characters so I’m sure you know them Shivam,Riya,amit,preeti,nimmi.
Rani,sarla and shanti including the other people so here we go I will start after the marriage not before so pls give ideas
Shivam and Riya are sleeping.shivam wakes up and sees sleeping Riya.
He whispers she looks so cute when she’s asleep.shivam kisses her cheeks.
Riya wakes and says are you triying to take my advantage pls don’t and laughs.
Shivam says go I won’t talk unless you give me a prize.
Riya gives a tight lip lock to Shivam and Shivam gets really happy and says I love you shanti comes in and says sarko today I want the salary in my hands do you understand you better understand varna acha nahi hogs.
Riya interrupts and says dadi I can’t nor can Shivam we are saving money so we can have our house because further in love what if we have children we can’t all then love together also buaji has moved in and said she is gonna stay here for ever and pari thinks she is a queen.
Kaushalya hears this and says bas Riya you spoke a lot and yeah you can buy your own house but why give such a long and mean ghyaan that’s really unfair to jiji and her kids.just leave them and don’t forget this is ammajis house not yours.
Pls comment on my ff I would be really happy love you muwhaaaa

Credit to: Rosie

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  1. aj ka mere angne mein ka episode kb update hoyega

  2. Nice try.aisa bhi ho sakta hain

  3. I don’t know ill try to update it if I can

  4. Is the shiviya love going to happen in mere angne mein……. When will it happen

  5. You guys are pagal this is ff

  6. ????????? I want it to happens in mere angne mein

  7. I’m not carrying on

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