Shivin – A Tale of True Love Part 2- First Thoughts about each other


Mohsin’s pov

It was a bright morning and I woke up when my Ammi started opening curtains and sunlight beamed into my eyes
“Uth ja beta kaam pe Nahin Jana Kya” she said
I love my Ammi more than anything else and I just love seeing her everyday first in the morning.
“Good morning Ammi” I said getting up and hugging her.
“Good morning bacha chal fresh hoke niche aja nashta tayar Hain”
I nodded and went to freshen up.
Today me and Abba are going to production house’s office to discuss about the new movie I am doing next. I am really excited for this movie because I loved the story from the time it was narrated and I just can’t wait to work in this project along side Shivangi.

Coming to her I have seen her in one of her previous movies and when I came to know she is working with me I won’t deny but I felt really happy.
God she is really beautiful ❤
I am also excited to meet her in real today

Coming out of my thoughts I went downstairs.
I can see everyone assembled at dining table to have breakfast. I went ahead and greeted Abba
“Good morning Abba” I said
“Good morning my Son” he said

I love my Abba. He is a yesteryear superstar and a great actor. He is my inspiration to be an actor and I wish to be a great actor like him more than a star.
“Good morning Bhai” my cute little sister Zeba said. I love my kiddo as I fondly call her. She is a professor and I am really proud of her.
“Good morning Kiddo” I said
And there comes Mr. Late Lateef youngest in our family my younger brother Sajjad.
“Aja beta hogai Subah?” I asked
He laughs and says  “Kya Bhai aap bhi na Good morning”
And then we starts having breakfast. This is my happy family my world and I cannot imagine my life without them.

When I am in my thoughts, My dad asks “Mohsin beta kitne baje pahunchna Hain producer ke office mein?”
“10:30 baje Abba 10baje niklenge” I said
“Theek Hain” He says and walks away to his room.
After sometime me and my dad leave for production house office.

Shivangi’s pov

I was in my room sleeping in my cozy bed hugging my teddy, I heard mom yelling and jerking me to get up.
“Shivi uth ja 9 baj chuke hain production office ko Jana Nahin hain Kya” Mom said
With that I jerked and got up
Oh shit aaj Meri meeting Hain naye film ke director and producer se
Oh shit I can’t be late

“Kya mumma pehle uthana Tha na” I said
“Acha beta ek ghante se chilla rahi Hun ab Jake uthi ho ab baatein band Kar aur jaake ready ho ke niche aja”
“Haan mumma mujhe late Nahin hona hain”  I said and hurried up to freshen up and get ready
After shower I was doubtful on what to wear after much thinking I picked up jeans and t-shirt keeping it casual yet decent.

Today I was going to meet the director and producers of the new movie I have signed.
It is a big production house and a big opportunity opposite a big star Mohsin Khan
I have seen his previous movies he is really handsome and when I came to know that I was casted opposite him a small part of me was really happy for being able to meet him and work with him
What? I can’t deny he is really hot and handsome who wouldn’t want to work with him
I also can’t deny that a small part of me is really happy to be able to see him in real today, I just hope I behave decent and not scream with Happiness there Infront of everyone.
I shook my head to get my mind off him and concentrate on work as this is really big opportunity in my career.

I am also very nervous to meet such big people in the industry as I also heard Mohsin’s father who was a superstar will also be there.
Uff Calm down Shivi just stay calm you can do it.

After that I went down to my mumma who was waiting for me at breakfast table.
I went and hug her. I love my mumma and whatever I am is just because of her. When I wanted to become actress and came here to Mumbai my mumma accompanied me and I stay with her here while rest of my family stays in dehradun. My dad is a businessman. Both my mom and dad supported me in living my dream of becoming an actor. I have a brother and sister whom I love lots. I often miss my dad my brother and sister as they only come here in holidays.

Breaking my train of thoughts, my mumma said
“Kya soch rahi ho beta Khao na”
“Haan Mumma”
I quickly ate my breakfast.
After bidding my mumma bye
I started for the production office with little nervousness yet I am confident that I will do it

Author notes
In this part I wanted to show Shivin’s individual worlds and Family little bit and their first thoughts about each other.
Don’t worry they will meet very soon and story unfolds
Will update next part soon
Thanks for reading ?

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