Shivin – A Tale of True Love Part 1- Introduction

Mohsin Khan is a Bollywood actor and he is from a well known Family and heir to yesteryear superstar Abdul Waheed Khan
He is a simple loving caring boy who admires his father and wants to become a great actor as him. He dearly loves his family consisting of his parents a sister and a brother.

Shivangi Joshi is an upcoming Bollywood actress originally from Dehradun, came to Mumbai to aspire her dream of becoming an actress.
She is cute simple and fun loving girl who loves her family a lot. His father is a businessman. She stays with her mother. She has a sister and a brother

Their worlds meet when they are signed for a prestigious movie under a big production house together.

He was smitten by her when he sees her for the first time walking in to the office of production house where he came with his father to meet the director and producer of the film.

Their eyes meet for the first time when director introduces them to each other.

That was the beginning to something beautiful which destiny has planned for them.

Let’s see how love conquers their hearts and how hard they try to keep it despite all complexities life throws.

Because True love never comes easy ❤

Author notes
This is my story on real life of Mohsin and Shivangi aka Kaira of YRKKH
Its not completely similar to their real life and purely my imagination
Please share your comments.
Stay tuned for the coming parts.

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