Hello everyone how are you hope you all are doing well this is a one shot story just about shivika but oberoies are there as well
Ishkara are married aswell as rumya
Tia’s pregnancy is not revealed yet
All family members have accepted anika as their daughter in law
And shivika are same like in serial still on the same track

So let’s start with the story

Shivaye was very upset beacuse of tej as he always thought that tej likes his success but never thought that he was jealous of him shivaye left the home when tej burst into anger
Annika went to her room closed the door tears were rolling down from her eyes thinkng of what tej did with shivaye she changed her dress and wore the white frock with chorridar she was just setting the bed when shivayes comes in and locks the door.first time annika saw him with tears shivaye was just about to fall when annika saw him and holding him said
And when shivaye saw her he hugged her tightly and annika understanding his situation reciprocated the hug
Shi:annika I am totally broken can you believe the great shivaye singh oberoi has broken from inside
Ani:(while hugging)said:shivaye always you can’t face the world you are a human who has a right to cry to laugh to love
And shivaye hugs annika more tightly
For 10 minutes they were standing in the same position
Annika broke the hug
Annika caressing shivaye’s cheeks said:you always say na that you are soo strong and so brave so where is your bravery now
And annika was talking and shivaye suddenly kissed her on her lips first annika was shocked but then she aswell reciprocated
They ended the kiss as they were out of oxygen
Shivaye took annika in his arms and took her to the bed
Made her lay on the bed first kissed her forehead then cheeks and then finally on lips they both layed on the bed and shivaye again kissed her
Next morning in oberoie kitchen
Ishu and somu were there making breakfast when dadi pinki and jhanvi came ishumya took ashirwad from them
Dadi:ishu puttar annika kahan hai(ishu dear where is annika)
Ishu:dadi pta nahi meny subha sy unhy nahi dekha(I don’t know dadi I didn’t saw her from morning
Pinki:mamigi soo rahi ho gi(mom she w’ll be sleeping)
Jhanvi:par annika toh roz jaldi uth jati hai(but annika wakes up early in the morning)
While in shivika’s room
Anika woked up and saw herself in Shivaye’s arms she didn’t wanted to wakeup but…….when she saw the time un wantingly wokeup she took shower and wore a green shirt with white skirt she was standing in front of the mirror smiling while she was watching how cutely shivaye was sleeping
She came out of the room and realising the time she rush to the kitchen
In kitchen
Anika entering good morning
Ishmya:good morning bhabi
Ishu:why you got late today
Anika:woh alarm nahi baja(the alarm didn’t rang)
On breakfast table
All were present their just shivaye wasn’t there
Om:bhabhi shivaye kahan hai(where is shivaye)
Ani:pta nahi I guess woh soo rahy hon gy(I don’t know maybe he’ll be sleeping)
Rud:I will just go and wake him up
Shivaye came from back
Shi:no need for this I am already awake
And he comes and sit
Annika serve the breakfast to all when she went to shivaye she served him and was about to move when he holded her hand
Now in whispers
Ani:kya kar rahy hain app mujhy sab ko serve karna hai(what are you doing I have to serve breakfast to everyone)
Shi:mujhy tum sy baat karni hai(I want to talk to you)
Shi:yahan nahi(not here)
Ani:toh phir mera haath choriye(then leave my hand)
Ishkara and rumya saw them
All together ahem ahem
But shivika didn’t reacted as they were busy talking with eachother
Ru:bhabi app ajj sab kuch bhaiya ko hi khilao gy kya(bhabhi will make eat bhaiya all the food)
Ani:no…….rudra I was just coming to you
As she was about to move shivaye was not leaving her hand so she hitted on his feet
Pinki:kya howa(what happens)
Shiv:kuch nahi maa kesi kerri ny kant liya(nothing mom and ant has bitten me)
While annika was giving him a mysterious smile
All were happy when tia comes
As tia comes to the dinning table everyone stands up seeing her
Pinki:tu yahan kuon aaie hai
Pinki:mat bula mujhy mom
Shi:tia come to the point why you came here
Rud:koi naya khel ly kar aaie ho gi
Tia:crying with her crocodile tears shivaye baby mein tumhary bachy ki maan bnnany wali hon mujhy pta hai ky tum meri baat par yakeen nahi karo gy iss liye yeh dekho meri dna report woh bhi india ky sab sy best hospital ki our mujhy pta hai ky ap sab iss sy bhi agree nahi karo gy iss liye yeh dekho and she shows them all some pictures in which tia and shivaye are on the bed together
All saw the pictures and were shocked including annika
Pinki slaps shivaye for doing such a thing before the marrige all the elders were shouting on shivaye while annika was standing silently pinki noticed this and said
Pinki:annika tu kuch nahi boley gi itna bara kand kiya hai iss larky ny our tu chup hai
Annika looked in Shivaye’s eyes and went from there
Annika camed in her room and instead of crying she messaged someone
While ishkara and rumya got a message at the same time when they saw their mobiles they silently moved from there
All gathers in front of anikas room and om knocks the door
Om:it’s us annika
And annika opens the door and let them all in
While in the hall every one went to their rooms and tia left while shivaye who was standing there thought to go to annika and talk to her but his heart was not allowing him to go and face her but he didn’t listened to his heart and went to the room as he knocked the door he said
Shiv:anika please open the door please listen to me
And annika opens the door he goes inside and was shocked to see ishkara and rumya there
Shivaye look downwards because he cannot face his brothers
And omru comes and hugs shivaye which leave shivaye shocked
And after that ishumya as well hug him and annik who was standing there just came to shivaye
Ani:shivaye you know what I have trusted you alot you are the one with whome I can spend my whole life and I still trust you
Shiv:annika how can you trust me once again I have broken your trust
Ani:no shivaye I’m shore ky wooh cheapde jhoot bool rahi hai
Shiv:but how can you people say this so surely
Om:dekh shivaye jab hum sab pictures dekh rahy thy tob wahan par date 12 December thi but remember that it ishana’s birthday on that night and all of us in our senses we celebrated her birthday
Ani:ya and on that night according to me tia was in london
Shiv:ya right laykin woh pics mujhy acchy sy yaad hai uss din 12 December nahi thi kyoun ky mein uss ky ghar 12th ky baad gya tha our meri shirt par coffee gir gai thi uss ny kha ky mein change karlon our jab mein change karny gya toh woh gerny wali thi mein sirf ussay hold karraha tha jab hum bed par gir gaye
Ish:woh toh theek hai laykin woh dna report
Som:dna report ka bhi hal hai hamary paas
Rud:woh kya
Som:mera ek friend wahin py kaam karta hai hum tia ka blood test ussy karwaien gy
Shi:yeh toh theek hai laykin ghar walon ko kesy mnaien gy
Ani:ek ik idea hai mery paas
And she tells something to all of them first om don’t agree but then he agreed
Next morning
All 8f them were on dinning table instead of omika
Rud:ishu bhabi where is o.
Som:shivaye bhaiya where is annika di
Shiv:I don’t know I didn’t saw her from morning
Pinki:oh my maata kahien annika abhi tak apny room mein beth kar ro toh nahi rahi
And all of them goes to anika’s room
Shivaye tries to open the door but she didn’t opened then rudra said to break the door
As they break the door the whole family was shocked to see the scene going on
Anika was laying down and om was on her like just falling nothing like couples but it was looking like that
Jhan:goes to om and shakes him and says how can you do this
Om:why mom why can’t I do it with my annika while shivaye did it with tia
Jhanvi was about to slap om when shivaye stops her
Shiv:bari maa yeh kya kar rahi hain app
Jha:yeh tum keh rehhy ho shivaye om annika ky saath tumnary room mein tha our woh bhi esy our tum mujhy keh rahy ho ky mein kya karrahi hon
Shiv:bari maa esa kuch nahi hai yeh dekhiye and he shows them a camera fixed with the wall and it is connected to shivayes moblie
And all of the elders see the video in which om came to annika she was having a cup of coffee and it falled on om’s shirt he was going to change when annia falls and holding her they fall on the bed
All the family members feel sorry for what they did with omika but shivaye tells them the whole thing about tia and this
After taking blood sample somu give it to the doctor
After 2 days report comes
Everyone was present in the hall
When the report comes first annika saw it and tears roll down from her eyes
Ani:it’s not your child
Everyone saw the report and were very happy While annika tells them a new plan
While shivaye call media and tia
Tia comes
Tia:sivaye baby why you called me here anything special
Shi:ya very special
And he takes her to the place where media is standing
Shi to the media:this is the girl who cheated me that I’m her child’s father but this dna report declares that she said wrong
Tia:shivaye baby
Shi:shutup tia
And pinki comes and slaps her
Tia chapter close
After 3 days
Annika was working in kitchen with ishumya when a servent comes and gives her a packet when she receive a message from shivaye
Shi:wear this driver w’ll pick you at 8:00 clock
Annika took that packet to her room
When she opened it it was a beautiful white gown and a chit was there written”you look gorgeous in white”
Anika wored the dress and got ready
She was just looking like an angel from heaven
She went down and driver was waiting for her she sat in the car
While they reached the place annika came out of the car and was amazed to see the on going scene the hall was beautifully decorthed with white flowers and some white black ballons and curtions
While she was searching for shivaye when some one patted on her shoulder
She looked back and it was shivaye standing there wearing balck suit he was looking dashing
Shi:are you searching for someone
Ani:I was searching for you
And annika was about to say something when shivaye puts his finger on her lips and said
Shi:shhhh today just I’ll speak
And he holds annika’s hands and said
Annika you know what I didn’t believed in love but know I do beacuse of you I never smiled but know I laugh beacuse of you I never broked infront of someone but I cry infront of you if no one trust me you trusted me and this all made me fall in love with you
And he sat on his knees and said I love you annika
Anika with tears:I love you to shivaye
And both of them hugged eachother
Happy ending
Sorry really sorry buhat zyada gussa aa raha hai sorry but please do comment please please

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