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Hello everyone with spoilers and upcoming track video this idea comeup in my mind so I am writing it as OS hope you all will like it…

Scene 1

Shivay and Anika are getting ready for 2nd DNA test and Anika is looking at Shivay who is lost somewhere and same time he is trying to tie his tie around his neck, Aniks felt pain in her heart while seeing him in such a vulnerable state, she soon move towards him taking baby step and and she stop in front of him she look into his deep blue orbs which are sawing worry and tension to her and she hold his hand and move it from tie and she hold tie and Shivay look into her chocolate brown orbs which are reflecting love and care for him and he find some solace in it and unknowingly his hand hold her waist and pull her more near to him and instead of flinching Anika comfortably move close to him and she tie his tie and hugged him and she bring her lips near to his ears and speak

Anika: Shivay, I am there for and with you. Shivay, I’ll fight with you irritate you but if someone try to tensed you then I won’t spare that person so don’t worry and relax you are not at fault I trust you.

Shivay felt like whole world is with him and her words I trust you meant him more then I love you and he hugged her more tightly but soon they apart hearing Prinku who come to call them. And soon they reach to Dr. Chetterjee’s clinic and all the process is done on the spot on insist of Oberois but soon result is out and it is positive bringing smile on Pinky,Tia and Mrs.Kapor’s face while ShivIka are shocked beyond limit and soon they left from clinic and Shivay locked himself in study and Anika’s mind is working at abnormal pace to process whole happening and each time her mind point out at Tia but before she can go and interrogate her she overheard Pinky and Jahnavi’s conversation fromwhich she come to now that since yesterday morning Shivay didn’t had food and soon she come up with her khidkitod idea to lift his mood and she dressed up and performed on “Kajra re” song in front of him and at the end on song she is able to bring smile on his face and then she take him to their room and he make him sit on recliner she sat beside him and she bring food tray and she started feeding him and soon she speak seeing him somewhat relaxed

Anika: Shivay, yet I trust you and I ma strongly feeling that Tia is behind all this and she is doing something and something.

Shivay: But Anika positive reports and that too twice…

Anika: Shivay tell me how this test happen and by whom this happen???

Shivay: Anika that is irrelevant question for…

But before he can continue Jahnavi come there and told him to meet him in her room alone and Shivay nod and after taking last bite he left to Jahnavi’s room where Jahnavi informed him of things she heard before half hour while she is passing through Tia’s room

Flashback(Before half hour)

After calming down Pinky, Jahnavi is going to her room but her legs stop hearing laughing sound from Tia’s room though she is against of overhearing others conversation, today she felt like she have to heard this as she felt something weird. And soon her decision prove to be good as she heard Mrs.Kapoor and Tia’s conversation which is went like this

Mrs.kapoor: Good work Tia. And add this 20 lakh in that count which we need to take from Oberoi as soon as you get married to Shivay. You know I was worried about Mr.Chetterjee.

Tia: You know mom you don’t need to take stress cause money can by anything or anyone. And I when Pinky aunty I means to say that foolish lady informed about Shivay and Anika’s decision if 2nd time DNA test I already asked her about clinic and she blurt out name and make it easy for us and I sent money and buy Dr.

Mrs.Kapoor: You are brilliant my daughter I am so proud of you. Now none will be able to save Shivay Singh Oberoi from us and soon we’ll be owner of half of his property.

Tia: I am least interested in property I want that Anika to suffer due to her I lost Dushyant so she have to feel that pain of loosing loved one and I’ll enjoy the moment when she’ll cry for Shivay and soon I’ll send her to universe so she can’t interfere in my life later.

Flashback ends.

Shivay is feeling angry, shocked surprised and all such sort alien expression at that time and soon Anika’s words started ringing in his mind where she every time telling him that Tia is married and she felt guilty for not trusting her at the time where she is worrying for his future, reputation, family’s reputation and all and very next he decide to send Anika away from this all remembering Tia’s determination to kill her and soon he and Jahnavi discussed something but when they heard someone’s footsteps they stopped and next second Anika entered and speak

Anika: Shivay is everything okay???

Shivay: Nothing is okay ever since you enter in my life you created this whole mess.

Anika is shocked listening him and soon Shivay hold her by his hand and dragging her he come to their room and he took out papers from his wardrobe and speak

Shivay: Sign this divorce paper Anika I want to stay away from you.

Anika is broken hearing him, and she felt like someone is stabbing her and seeing her in such state Shivay’s heart is broken into million pieces and tears are fighting in his eyes to come out first and he is trying his best to not them come out and roll but he failed miserably and his eyes too flowing uncontrollably and feeling his tears Anika find it weird so she wipe her own tears and looking into his eyes she speak

Anika: Shivay, what you are hiding from me??? Tell me Shivay what is bothering you we’ll find out solution for it.

Anika’s broken heart is mending Shivay’s heart which have broken and shattered her heart into pieces and Shivay felt like killing his self for doubting her, hurting her, blaming her but soon he composed himself and shout on her

Shivay: That is none of your business stay in your limit.

By the time all Oberois including Dadi and OmRu who just arrived and Tia and her mom arrived there hearing him shouting so loudly. And Dadi asked Shivay why he is shouting and Pinky jump in conversation and informed about Tia’s pregnancy and how Anika is filling his ears to stay permanently in this house and ShivOmRu and Dadi and Jahnavi feel pathetic hearing Pinky but they choose to keep mum seeing Shivay’s signal.

And again in front of everyone Shivay speak loudly

Shivay: Anika sign the damn paper and leave from here right now.

Mrs.Kapoor and Tia felt delighted hearing this and even they give invisible HiFi to each other and soon Anika signed paper and she left from there and all depart to their room but soon Shivay call Tia in his room and Jahnavi and Pinky call Mrs.Kapoor in Pinky’s room and they discuss over something for a while and later they depart from respective room and cone to Tia’s room and entering in room Mrs.Kapoor hug Tia and speak

Mrs.Kapoor: Your finally would be in-law wanted your marriage to happen tomorrow in court after press conference and now just forget Dushyant he was bad chapter of your life now you have grand life ahead live it in Levisly.

Tia speak nothing as she is fighting with her inner turmoil but to avoid further conversation with her mom she nod her head and she took out her phone and watching at Dushyant’s picture in her phone she cried and caressing picture she speak wiping her tears.

Tia: Baby I’ll make each and every person suffer for your death already that Anika is out of this house and due to her only you died that day she is your murder if she haven’t come to resort that day with OmRu then I didn’t pushed you and nothing happen. I love you baby and our baby our symbol of love is also love you so much. And I promise you our baby will live life a king or queen at cist of Oberois and soon she drift to deep slumber hugging her phone.

And here ShivOmRu and Jahnavi are shocked beyond limit seeing this all in laptop which is sawing live recording of camera which is installed by Rudra in Tia’s room according to Shivay’s instruction. And soon Shivay shock is turn to anger and he is about to rush to Tia’s room to confront her but OmRu stop him and giving shape to their further plan they to retire to their room and soon Shivay look at Anika’s picture in his mobile and caressing her smile he speak

Shivay: Now no more hiding of emotions and feelings. Soon I’ll confess everything one this mess will sort out I’ll propose you Mrs.Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi. And he kissed picture and smiling Shivay drift to slumber while another side Anika is crying vigorously hugging Shivay’s picture she speak

Anika: Why Shivay you always behave like this with me??? I know you are hiding something from me but why you always send me away from you and why I am feeling hurt after listening your words why Shivay why????

And she don’t know when she drift to slumber.

Next day morning Oberoi mansion everyone wake up happily due to their own reasons and soon Tia is called to living room by Shivay and Tia with full pride and arrogance she make her entry followed by her mother and media started clicking their picture and soon one of them asked

Media person: So Mr.Oberoi….

But before he can continue his question Shivay cut him in between and speak

Shivay: Today I’ve called this press conference for special announcement and before announcement I would like to saw something to you all and I’ll appreciate if you people will cover it and he signalled to Rudra and Rudra play vedio on projector and seeing vedio Pinky, Tia, Mrs.Kapoor and Media are gasping and as it is sawing Mes.kapoor ans Tia’s conversation to take revenge form Oberois and have their property and soon vedio ended on Tia’s talking with Dushyant’s picture and seeing this all land beneath Tia and her mom is escaped and sweat started forming om their forehead and soon media people started throwing their questions to Shivay and Tia like

Media: So Tiaji is it true that you are planning this all??? Are you married to Mr.Oberoi for his property??? What loss he has cause to you and your family that you are trapping him??? Mr.Oberoi how you come to know about this all??? Since when you know all this??? If it is before marriage then why you married her???

Soon Tia shout and grabbing Shivay’s caller in front of media she speaks

Tia: Shivay Singh Oberoi how dare you playing your dirty game with me??? I won’t spare you.

Shivay: With the same guts you played your dirty game with me, my wife and my family. (While removing her hand from his collar) (And then turning towards media he speak) before marriage I come to know about her marital status and on marriage day she run away from altar and I married to Anika same day and she is right now not here as this ladies are planning to kill her.

And soon media covered all the news and now news started spreading like fire and soon Sahil who watch this wake up Anika shaking and he make her watch all this and Anika’s tongue is tied seeing all this a part of her heart is happy but another one is sad seeing he didn’t included her in his plan but before she can react her house’s door is banged and opened by Sundari bua and media people rushed inside and started throwing questions to her but she is not able to answer her and before more mess can happen Oberois entered inside and handled media and soon with help of Khana and security guard Shivay make media people leave from there and after their departure Shivay hold Anika’s hand and take her in another room and he closed door and then he hold Anika’s hand and looking into her eyes he speak

Shivay: Anika I know you’ve so many questions in your mind but trust me Anika whatever I did that was because I don’t want them to harm you. You are most important to me you are my priceless possession and I can’t let anything happen to you so I’ve to do that all drama but trust me I am too being hurt at that time even my heart is shattered into pieces but plz forgive me I want to spend my life with you, I want to listen your weird words like taddi, Kanji aankhe I just love his all words so plz forgive me for all my mistake and come back in my life plz.

Anika: But you make me sign divorce paper…

Shivay cutting her between

Shivay: That wasn’t divorce paper one is our marriage certificate and another is Sahil’s adoption paper and I want you and me to take his life’s decision as his parents so now will you plz come back to me in my life. I need you.

Anika is melt by his confession and she directly hug him and speak

Anika: I too need you Shivay.

Shivay break hug and he cupped her face and speak

Shivay: I love you Anika.

Anika: (With happy tears in her eyes) I love you too Kanji aankho wale baghd bille.

And next second Shivay capture her lips by his and Anika too started nibbling his lower lip and soon they started dominating another one tasting each and every corner of each others mouth.

And God knows after how many time but when they are out of oxygen they broke kiss unwillingly and next second scooping her in his arms he come out and ignoring gasp and hooting of his family he settled in car and drive back to Oberoi mansion and reaching there he again he scoop her in his arms and rush to their room and locking door he started romancing his wife and with few minutes they are in their born suite and soon Shivay marked her as his in all senses.

Okay done with writing now time for you all to start typing to let me know how it is???

Writing magic goes to pri.just outline is mine she did everything to it.

With love


  1. Smiling Angel

    Flawlessly perfectly potariat poetry like OS wonderful way of writing is awesome I went through this just because it come in my way while I am scrolling the page but after completely reading it felt like worth reading and I can read it again and again both the writer have done a wonderful job coz without storyline portraiting is not possible but even good storyline will won’t be effective if portrait is not done beautifully so Pri+Nans created this wonderful OS. Keep writing god bless you both. You both are talented writer.

  2. Aviana

    Di sach me aap dono ke collab hit hi note hai once again you both spell bound me I lobed reading it. Pri did and Nans Di you both are perfect cobo who create Dhamka and magic. I love reading your collab work to much. And coming to OS ShivIka’s romance at beginning then turning of events and Shivay’s anger and again turning of table in from of media and their confession awww so much beautiful I loved it. Di one more OS that too soon….(Being greedy)

  3. Rads

    Oh my mata aap dono ne to mil ke game ho Ishqbaaz k agale episode dekhne the WO hi dekha diye. Actually since two days I am checking this page to read Pri’s update on Dark FF or her new Known Stranger and new collab start by her but I didn’t find any so I was lil disappointed but while I am checked today and title attracted me so I thought to give it a TU and when at end I read Nans ans Pri I was like dancing and dancing and dancing I enjoyed it ye OS mere liye super se bahut upar tha isko 5S me complete karo na.

  4. Fama


    |Registered Member

    It was really awesome and romantic Shivika moment
    How I wished the upcoming episodes of the serial will be similar to your OS and Tia be forever and ever thrown out of Shivika’s marriage.
    You and pri will always rock with your superb wonderful and great imaginative ideas always.

  5. Akshaya


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful collab pies. This will really apt for the current track girls. Shivaay’s khidkitod plan.😘.
    Waiting for the next collab.
    Love you pies😍😘❤💋

  6. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    O lalalaaaa….. last scenes were so hawt…..
    The great plan of shivaay was stupendofaboulous…… loved it bubbles and chocopie!!!u rock!!!😘😘😘

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