Shivikaa: A Mistake – Part 3

In Chennai, At a mansion
A girl is seen running behind two kids Dev Uthra stop pls…… Oh god these kids are driving me crazy.(Smiles) and fakes being hurt immediately the kids come back Calling Anika Amma what happened…..
An: Matikkitingala (got caught) (smirks)
Dv & Ut: this is cheating Maa
An: everything is fair in love
Dv: and

Ut: war
An: Good now go get going to sleep ryt now and(closing her ears) no more excuses
Ut: ok but u should teach me Hindi
DV: me too
An: ok babe s I’ll teach you
A while later,
(Anika enters the master bedroom and greets a lady)
Arudra Devi: The kids got used to u Anika
An: yeah maybe
Ar: I haven’t yet asked u about ur past don’t know y I feel ur a family, the kids call u their mom, We trust u Anika Wen u feel to share ur pain pls do
An: (a little uncomfortable) of course Didi
Ar: ur silence means alot tumhara sindoor aur mangalsutra main tum Paar bahuth taakath Hain na, abhi b ussko bahuth pyaar Karthi hoon Na tum(ur kumkum and wedlock still means alot to u ryt you love him so much ryt)

An: romba kadhalikaran (love the most) mujse b sadha (more than myself)
Ar: I find and see it in ur face, ok romba(very) late aidichu poi thoongu (go sleep)
An: Haan Di good night sleep tight

In Oberoi Mansion,
( Gauri and Bhavya explain how Shivaay went in the morning to Chennai)
Ru: wow Bhaaiya Chennai ja chuki Hain ( bro went to Chennai) and dances
O: shut up Rudy
GA: kya hua Rudy Bhaaiya, y r u happy that Bhaaiya left us

Ru: Nahi ( no) ( before O could stop) Anika Bhabhi b vaha haain
Gauri & Bhavya: ( shocked) what??!!!!!!???……… Really ( excited)
A voice: what??!!
(Everyone freezed)

In Devi Mansion,
As Anika was walking along the corridor she stumbled and fell into a strong arms
Araav: ouch r u ok Anika
An: yeah I’m fyn, sorry
Araav: it’s ok, r the kids asleep
An: yeah

Araav: l hope they don’t trouble u much
An: No they r really sweet to say
Araav: thank you for giving them lots of love and making them comfortable without their mother’s
( was interrupted by Anika)
An: that’s my duty sir
Aarav: ok good night
An: good night sir

Precap: Who else got to know Anika is also in Chennai except Gauri Bhavya ??!!!!!
Arudra Devi portrayed by Dolly Sohi ?
Aarav portrayed by Kushal Tadon ?
U can find their pictures on the cover picture.
Anika has now learnt English, Tamil don’t confuse as therein Anika knows 3 languages. She is the caretaker of Araav’s children you’ll get to know about his past and connection with Arudra Devi in the upcoming episodes. Anika is not only a caretaker but holds a major role in Arudra Devi’s business guided by Araav they share a good bond.

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