Shivikaa: A Mistake – Part 2

Yaar thank you guys for ur support ?, here goes the next episode,
In Oberoi Mansion, At the hallway

Pinky pov
O my Mata, Pinky now Shivaay wants to go’s to Chennai ?, it’s better at least co ladki inkae saamnae Nahi aajayaga(the girl doesn’t come to him). Now I have to make sures that I choose a girl for him in these months, waise mere Shivaay ki beech Woh suchai b nagi aajayaga kunki usne Om Ru ki Bina ja rahi Hain(anyway the truth won’t come infront of Shivaay as he is going without Om Ru).

Shivaay pov
Shivaay you have to go from here before anyone stops u or questions u anymore without the consent of O Ru.
Sh: Daadi main nikalti hoon(Daadi I’m going)
All (except O Ru): Take care bye.
(Shivaay leaves with Khanna)

Gauri pov
Paar Shivaay Bhaaiya pehli Baar Omkara ji aur Rudy Bhaaiya ki Bina batha jagai. Ab Omkara ji poochangi kya jawab thongi unko?! Arre Shankar ji (For the first time I hv noticed Shivaay Bhaaiya leave with out Om or Ru, now what will I answer to Omkara ji Wen he asks me Oh shiv ji)
In car,
Ah: Khanna just go to Sahil’s school before we reach the airport
Kh: yes sir
At Sahil’s school, (All were ready for a tour to Europe)
Sa: (excited) SSO aap, Anika Di kaha Hain!!??(Wer is Anika Di)
Sh:. (Compromising) She is not well a little, now don’t start to panic

Sa: y should I panic ur there wid her she’ll be bilkul teek(perfectly fine)
Sh: (emotionally hugs him,and recalls yesterday’s events) bade samajdar hogai tum
Sa: I may look like a kid but I’m well matured (does Rudra’s logic sign)
Then Shivaay gave Sahil some basic aids for the trip and reminisces Anika scolding him for giving things more than meant for necessities and gives a sad smile and ruffles Sahil’shair by bidding bye to him.

Meanwhile Khanna sends Anika the video of Shivaay Sahil’s moments.?

In international airport, (Chanda cums to meet Sahil)
Ch: Sahil wait
Sa: Di aap
Ch: Anika wanted you to have this and gives him a Krishna ji idol
Sa: thanks Di, bye

In Oberoi Mansion,
(O coming to know Anika is in Chennai)
O: Rudy r u sure Anika Bhabhi Chennai main hair
Ru: O what do u think I’m a fool

O: yeah u r
Ru: (fake cries) I’ll go complaint Bhaaiya
O: But Wer is Shivaay
Ru: wait I’ll go ask chulbul Bhabhi
O: I’ll also come along

Precap: What is Anika upto…. In Chennai

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