Shivikaa: A Mistake – Part 7

In Oberoi Mansion,
Rudra prepared his spl fruit punch,

At Om’s room,
Om: Gauri, I want to tell you something to you (hesitant)
Gauri: S tell me Omkara ji (blushing)
(Om neared Gauri and embraced her from the front, Gauri felt in shortage of breath and clutched her skirt tightly while Om tied her back knot and their lips were just an inch away while they were lost in each others eyes, suddenly Rudra knocked their door, Gauri rushed to open the door leaving a disappointed Om behind)
Ru: Bhabhi party mode is on come let’s go (and dragged her shouting at Om to join faster)
In Devi Mansion,

(The men spend some time together drinking)
Shivaay: Your kids r really sweet
Araav: Yea, I really love them a lot and miss them so much but needn’t worry they are safe With their mum, and will be njoying and wouldn’t miss me much
Shivaay: She is lucky as the kids really love her so much
Araav: No, actually the kids are lucky to get a mum like her,( unable to explain) leave that, What about ur kids Shivaay
Shivaay: (smiling scarstically) Nope not yet

Araav: Oh not planned, but u seem to love kids
Shivaay: Maybe coz of my wife, she handle them so well (admiringly)(Anika Sahil bond)
Araav: oh shit! It’s late I’ll hear ur love story later
(Shivaay gave a blank look)
Araav: (smiled and winked) Khanna told me ur and Mrs. Oberoi’s story, its unique as of known, bye good night
Shivaay: Good night
(The men returned to the respective rooms, Shivaay was given a room opposite to Anika’s room in the first floor)

In Shivaay’s room,

Shivaay pov
Unique love story … Yea it was indeed unique and recalled Araav’s question over kids
Flash back:

(Shivaay entered his room and called out for Anika and heard some noise in the bathroom and assumed her to be showering and smirked looking her clothes on the bed. Anika having no idea about Shivaay, entered in a bathrobe of full length, unexpectedly Shivaay hugged her from behind, startled Anika shouts gathering Daadi Omru in front of the locked door , realising it’s Shivaay her cheeks turned pink ,when a flash of his naughty eyes crossed her mind..that mockery laugh of his,watching her in the bathrobe, turned into a seductive smirk when he suddenly locked her arms against the wall, demanding her….She had no voice when being caged under his unadulterated manliness.., she managed Daadi excusing of cockroaches and Daadi kidded her that you r still afraid of cockroaches how will u then manage to bring us a Choti Billu thn, Anika was embarrassed and pushed Shivaay while he was busy teasing her Everyone r expecting her to be a mother but u don’t give enough time to me then how will you fulfill their wish, but she ran away being shy)

She should not have hurt me my brothers who yet love her the most. I dreamed alot Anika you should not have broken my oops sorry our family, and dozed off to a deep slumber…… All hurt……

In Airplane,
Dev: Mumma
Anika: sollu Dev ennachu (tell me Dev what happened)
Dev: Am I strong as u are
Anika: (laughing) U r stronger than me, Ok now sleep both of you it’s already late
Dev & Uthra: Ok Maa
An old couple who was watching them blessed Anika saying u r a best mother, ur kids r lucky Anika just smiles at them

Anika pov
Shivaay I wish you understood my helplessness, if today u would have been here it would hv been a different situation, u longed for our kids but I shattered all ur dreams……. What a woman am I but ppl here find me the best ?!!?! ( Silently cries)

Precap: Unexpected turns………

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much guys ? I need ur precious comments so as to continue according to ur veiws and expectations……….

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