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Shivikaa: A Mistake โ€“ Part 6


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In corridor,
(Arudra and Anika were surprised as what look so long for Shyam and Dev to reach and thus Anika called Shyam, he realised his carelessness and explained, Anika rushed to the restroom)

In front of the restroom,
Anika: Officer my son got stuck inside pls help him out
Officer: Sure maโ€™am
( minutes later)
Officer: Maโ€™am no kid is found inside
(Panic stricken Anika informs Araav, he asks her to calm down)
(Meanwhile Arudra informs Anika Dev returned, Anika rushed)

In corridor,
(Arudra consoles Dev who was so frightened and was calling Mumma)
Shivaay: Beta(son) donโ€™t cry u should be strong u r a boy and boyโ€™s dont cry, U r strong ryt
Dev: Yes Iโ€™m strong like my Aamma (mom)(and wipes of his tears)
Uthra: Of course u r like mumma
Arudra: Thank you so much
Shivaay: Itโ€™s ok maโ€™am

( He greets them and turns to leave, suddenly he feels Anikaโ€™s presence. On the other end Anika is coming towards them)
( Anika almost bangs into Shivaay, just then he gets a call from Khanna and he leaves and Anika too doesnโ€™t notice him in a hurry )

Anika: ( hugs Dev tightly) R u alryt
Dev: yea Mumma
Arudra: Anika letโ€™s leave itโ€™s time for the flight
Anika: Yes Didi, bye take care
( Arudra bids them farewell and informs Araav that Anika & the kids left as itโ€™s late)

In waiting lounge,
Shivaay: Iโ€™m sorry Mr. Araav Khurana got stuck somewhere
Araav: Itโ€™s ok Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi
( Just then Arudra reaches)
Araav: Meet Dr. Arudra Devi our MD, Devi empires
(Shivaay and Arudra were surprised to find each other)
Shivaay: Good to work with you maโ€™am
Arudra: ( surprised) Mr. Oberoi???!!

Shivaay: Yea, is the champ alryt
Arudra: Of course, he left to Bangalore for a week with his sister and ( intrupted)
Shivaay: Mumma ryt, he loves her so much
( Araav understood what is going on)
Araav: Yea more than his poor father and thatโ€™s me

Shivaay: (surprised) So u r a family
Arudra: (lil sternly)Yea Mr. Oberoi
( Araav managed the situation and they led to Devi Mansion and made themselves comfortable)

Precap: Everyone miss their loved ones and romances………..

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