Shivikaa: A Mistake – Part 5

At Devi Mansion, In the corridor,

Anika pov (crying)
What did u do Anika??! U should not have done this, u r responsible for the kids to be away from their mother’s love, u r responsible for Araav to be away from his wife, they should hate u for all these pain but instead they love you unconditionally and u repeat hurting them.
Arudra: (came behind Anika) Anika stop blaming urself whatever happened, fate is blameable u r no way related to it
(Anika hugs Arudra while the later consoles the former)

In Araav’s room,
Araav pov
Caressing a photo I am sorry Suchi I broke ur promise. I’m very bad l made Anika feel guilty for nowhere her mistake. I know our kids zidh (stubborness) was the cause. Now I must apologize to her.
In corridor,
Araav: (seeing Anika Arudra’s embarce understood what must have happened and recalls Anika’s fear guiltiness before two months how hard it was for them to bring her out of the trauma) Anika
Anika: I’m ( was interrupted)
Araav: I’m sorry
(Arudra managed both of them)
Arudra: (stern voice) Ok now Anika u’ll be late and will miss ur flight to Bangalore
Araav: Ah of course
Anika: I’ll be back ryt now

At the domestic airport,
(Shivaay reaches the airport, meanwhile Anika too along wid the kids Araav Arudra also reach there. Suddenly Shivaay feels Anika’s presence)
Anika: Sir u told you have a client to receive
Araav: Yea Anika, I wish to introduce him personally to u but
Anika: I know sir I would meet him after this one week trip
Arudra: That’s fine but that’s not needed Araav u’ll hv time to introduce Anika our client, as the flight is delayed for 20 mins
Araav: That’s cool then I just heard he reached I’ll be back with him
(Just as Araav left Dev urged for restroom)
Anika: Shyam ( their bodyguard) pls help Dev
(While Anika went along wid Uthra to restroom)
A few minutes later,
Araav: (on call) Shyam come to the visitors lounge
( Shyam left Dev all alone and went to the spot)

At waiting lounge,
Shivaay: Khanna I’ll be back
Khanna: Yes sir
(Just as Shivaay left Araav entered greeting Khanna)

At the Gent’s restroom,
Dev: (crying) Shyam anna( bro) pls open the door I’m afraid……… Amma
(As Shivaay entered the restroom he was shocked and attracted by the kids pleads)
Shivaay: What happened my boy
Dev: Uncle I’m afraid pls open the door
(Soon Shivaay opened the door two small hands embraced him and he too reciprocated)
Shivaay: Beta(son) how come did u get locked
(Dev explained)
Dev: I want my Mumma
Shivaay: Come along dear

Precap: Will Shivaay and Anika meet??!!!!…

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