Shivikaa: A Mistake – Part 4

In Oberoi Mansion,
All turned to the spot, and found,
Tej: Really that’s great, at least good to hear that Shivaay can find his lost life in Chennai
Ru: ( excitedly) I love you Papa and kissed him endlessly ??????? (until tej gave him a push)
(Om and the others could not believe their ears)
GA: ji Papaji
Tej: Ok I heard a good news after a long time in Oberoi Mansion for my Shivaay why don’t you all celebrate and be careful never blurt our secret randomly u know ur Choti ma ryt
O: (beliwerd) Really Mr. Oberoi u r happy for Shivaay r u alright
(Gauri manages the situation before Om hurts Tej)
Ru: In today’s party u’ll all get to njoy Rudy’s spl fruit punch (smirking cunningly)
(Just then Daadi Pinky Jhanvi Shakti join them)
Pinky: For what’s parties Rudra
Om: Nothing Choti ma as Shivaay decided to move ahead
Daadi: Ha Haan khotey (grand son) u all can organise a party and njoy
Pinky pov
Y do I feel something fishy. Ufff ho Pinky ur thoughts were ryt these Om Rudra fake love towards my heera beta (son) now as he left they r partying and Wen he was here they faked concern.
(All dispersed)

At Devi Mansion, in the hallway,
Araav: Anika r u sure u can manage the kids alone
Anika: yes sir I can u needn’t worry
Arudra: Aarav don’t be typical, Anika can manage the kids well, more than us and moreover without her they won’t leave
Araav: Didima I’m not typical I just worry for her as she have to manage not only the kids but business too single handedly
Uthra: uff ho Papa don’t u know Amma’s capability
Araav: Papa??!!(confused)
Dev: Yes Mom is teaching us Hindi
Araav was shocked Arudra managed him, which didn’t go unnoticed by Anika she felt helpless, she sent the kids to pack their bags…
Anika: Sorry sir I didn’t intend to hurt u
Araav: (angrily)Just leave
Anika felt sorry for bringing his past once again infront of him.

Precap: Shivaay reaches airport………….

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