Shivika – Valentine special (one shot)

Hi guys today I am writing one shot on shivika as valentine special and there will be no family members i don’t want anyone in their love world

@annika point of view
Why god? Why you snatch my loved ones from me you snatched my parents than my uncle and aunt then my best friend and now the person who i love is in comma from last 2 yrs . First i met him when i was going to my home his car has dashed my Scooty and he didn’t apologise for that and instead he showed his attitude towards me i got so much angry that I had thrown cow dung on his brand car next time i met him in my house and then also we had quarrel i did not know that he will become my love and my life i can’t believe with whom i use to fight i will love that person and before 2yrs i had to marry him and i thought that it’s my destiny but after marriage after 3 months he met with accident and went in comma and today is valentine’s day every one will be celebrating but I am crying here on this day at that time a call came which bought her in sense she picked up the call
Annika : hello
Op: is annika speaking?
Annika: yes
Op: he came out of comma
Annika: what? I am coming
Annika cut the call she prayed god in her heart
Thank you god you have given me a new life now I won’t leave him she ran downstairs and took the car and went to the hospital she wanted to reach as soon as possible and she reached the hospital.

I don’t know from how many days I am in bed i listen crying sounds every day but I am helpless i am so sad that i am not able to console my loved ones i won’t leave who did my accident i know its not accident but a murder attempt to kill me and today i am finally opened my eyes and got to know that i was in comma from last 2yrs

Finally i am going to see him and I don’t know how to face him but now i will meet him first and today i will confess my love though i know that he doesn’t love me but at least i won’t feel regret that i did not tell him
She went in the hospital and started going towards his room
Annika opened the door and saw shivaay opened his eyes she run towards him and hugged him and cried her heart out
Annika: shivay you are fine naa I thought I lost you forever please don’t leave me again
Shivay was first shocked then slowly hugged her he thought she must be feeling sad seeing him in this state
Annika broke the hug and apologise for her behaviour and doctor came and said they can discharge him now but make sure he take rest for some days annika took shivay to home after discharging him and when he came home he saw no one is in home shivay asked annika where are the others
Annika: your brothers went to the work and others went to temple for you
Shivay: ok
Annika: shivay can i ask you something who tried to kill you?
Shivay: i don’t know but it’s not accident and how you know?
Annika: before going to comma you said not accident murder and slipped to comma
Shivay: yeah
Annika took shivay to room and took care of him
The whole day she did not let him do any work which irritated him he wanted shout and scold her but he is recovering now so he was not able to do anything

@ night
Annika decorated guest room with flowers and candles she set up candle light dinner she doing all the things but her heart is telling that dont propose him he doesn’t love you annika was sad but she decided that she will ready to face it. So the decoration is over annika went to Shivay room and asked shivay to wear the dress given by her he was confused meanwhile annika also got ready and went to shivay and tie his eyes with cloth by now he was hell confused and annika took him to the guest room and removed his cloth and sat on her knees and opened a ring box
Annika: shivay when i first met you i had seen your rude and arrogant behaviour and i hated you for your rudeness and we always fought but at that time i don’t know that i will fall for the person whom i hate the most but the truth is i love you shivay and i dont know you love me or not and i am ready to listen whether its approval or rejection will you be with me forever?
Shivay stood there froze he don’t know what to say but seeing her boldness he was suprised but he also have some feelings to her after her confession he also knows that he loves her
Shivay: I love you annika and yes i will be with you forever

Annika put the ring and hugged him afterwards they had dinner and both stood behind each other wishing happy valentine’ s day
That day become a most memorable day for both of them and after a year on their confession day only they have blessed with twins one boy and the girl and they live happily ever after

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    Cute. If possible,please write an epilogue?

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