Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 9)


Hi guys sorry for not posting for two months I wanted to post early but because of my work I am busy now a days but I will try to post next part as soon as possible and yes I will end this ff in 15 chapters and at first I thought 10 chapters but the story is slow so I have to add extra five chapters to it. Thanks to all of you for reading my ff and loving my story
So let’s start
Epi 9:
Shivaay and Annika became friends and they talked about their likes and dislikes and it went over two hours that they didn’t see the time and they realized when Annika sister soumya called her and Annika took her call.
Soumya: hello Annika di where are you? It has been two hours and you didn’t came home usually you will be coming at 5 o clock.
Annika: sorry somu I had forgotten the time and sorry I got urgent work and I became late and yes I am coming right now bye
Soumya: bye
Annika ended the call
Annika to shivaay: nice meeting you and I didn’t realized the time talking to you it’s getting late so we should leave now
Shivaay: yes same here and if you don’t mind we can exchange numbers?
Annika: not so soon my dear friend today only we met so I will give you my number one by one so note 9 for today and on second meeting I will give you second number
Shivaay: It’s not fair
Annika: everything is fair between friends bye
Annika went leaving shivaay there and here shivaay doesn’t know how to react to it whether he should be happy that Annika had accepted his friendship or sad for not getting her number thinking it he went to his car and drove off and here Annika also took her scooty and went to home
@Annika house:
Soumya and Ishana are fighting at that time Annika entered and saw them fighting and asked what happened that they are fighting. Ishana said first as why they are fighting.
Ishana: di soumya asked me which type of boy I want.
Annika: then
Ishana: I said abcdefg and soumya said that come from the dream world and you won’t find any boy. That’s why we both are arguing
Annika: Ishu what somu said is right but maybe it’s possible that you may find the boy and I had to warn you if you don’t find then don’t be disappointed because reality is different from fantasy.
Ishana: ok di
Annika: somu don’t hurt your sister feelings she had right to chose her partner and I also know that you are not wrong but please try to make others understand in such a way that their feelings is not hurt and its impossible but we can at least try not to hurt the feelings
Soumya: yes di and sorry Ishana I should not have talked to you like that and I don’t want to hurt your feelings but try to understand one thing whenever you are hurt I will be the one who feel more pain to see you hurt bye
While soumya leaves Annika and Ishana both are looking each other faces as soumya is not a serious type of girl and she never showed her love to Ishana in direct way this is the first time she is showing and for first time Annika became speechless and Ishana started crying by seeing her concern she is totally forgotten about her fight and went straight away to soumya room.
Soumya (herself): Ishana di I don’t know how to make you understand that in this world true lovers are very difficult to find and I don’t want you to hurt because of your choice of boy. Ok I agree that I had hurt your feelings but I want to show you the mirror of life. Truth is always bitter and accepting it is most difficult part of life I want you to accept the truth and live in it.
Soumya heard a knock on door
Soumya: come in the door is open
Ishana opened the door and hugged soumya while crying and soumya is not understanding what to do after a while somu hugged Ishana back and tried to console her.
Soumya: di don’t cry sorry for hurting you
Ishana: no somu you didn’t hurt me you had concern for me that’s why you warned me and I am crying because first time I am feeling your love, care and concern for me and I am so happy today because I got a good sister
Soumya: now stop crying and don’t make me cry as today enough drama had happened and I want to relax
Ishana broke the hug and said: ok I am leaving good night
Soumya: good night
Ishana left and soumya prayed o god please help Ishana to find a boy whom she wants and also make her realize that whatever I am saying is truth. Soumya went for sleep.
@Annika side:
Annika is so happy that she is not getting sleep she is reminiscing about today’s events she is so happy that this went with so many good things and she dozed off while thinking all the moments.
@shivaay side:
Shivaay is busy in his work as he got important work while working he went into thinking about Annika and smiled remembering when he asked her number if he wanted he can get her number by his sources but he liked the way Annika wanted give her phone number many girls are behind him but Annika is different he don’t know what the feelings he has for Annika and he wanted to know what he feels for Annika. Shivaay came out of thoughts when omi and rudra came to his room.
Rudra: bro where were you lost?
Shivaay: no where just doing my work
Omkara: don’t lie you will never lost while doing work and not only lost you are smiling what happened to you today?
Shivaay: nothing just remembered our childhood masti
Omi and rudra: yeah we enjoyed a lot that time. We wish we can go back to our childhood and live those days.
Shivaay: if you both want we can still do it and I will give up my work for few days
Omi and rudra: what? Are you mad we are grown up?
Shivaay: I am not mad and we are grown up that doesn’t mean we stop enjoying our life and you both only wanted to go in our childhood and I wanted to fulfill it and I think you both are grown so leave it.
Omi and rudra: no we didn’t say that please bro
Shivaay: ok then for few days we are going to shimla and there we have our house. Omi and rudra do you remember most of our childhood had been spent there.
Omi and rudra: yes bro that’s the most beautiful days of life.
Shivaay: ok then we will book tickets and go to shimla and I will take break from office work I had become workaholic since I became the head and I need rest from it.
Omkara: ok then I will take break from my art gallery it will be handled by my secretary
Rudra: my gym can me handle by my assistant so no problem.
Shiv omi and rudra: ok then shimla we are coming there be ready heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Precap: childhood masti

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