Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 7)

Episode 6

Hi guys I am sorry for delay actually I went to my hometown for summer holidays and unable to update the next part so I won’t waste time
So let’s start:
Epi 7:
@Shivom side:
Shivaay and omi are discussing about what rudra said to them and somewhere they felt that if what rudra said become true then what they will do.
Shiv: omi do you think what rudra said is true?
Omi: bro rudra never warn anyone without any reason you know that whatever rudra warned about others became true.
Shiv: wait a second yes omi you are right then we should be careful
Omi: yes bro
Shiv: ok I have a plan we both sleep in my room and I will keep a bowl of hot water near the door if he enters through door his legs will burn and he will shout and we will keep radium masks on our faces so that he will be scared on seeing us and if he tries to come through window then we have to spread glue there so he will be stick there and on the floor we will spill grease oil
Omi: yes bro
Like this they planned and arranged all the things and they went to sleep but Rohit who thought to play prank on them don’t know that he will be trapped and went to the room.(guys you can imagine the scene what happened in the room)
Rohit went from their after his prank on them backfired and the brother had also put a camera so that they can see what happened in the room.

@Annika house:
Annika’s sleep got disturbed due to the sun rays and at that time soumya came to Annika room
Annika: somu u here what happened to you yesterday?
Soumya: sorry di nothing had happened and you had forgotten that you only said me about gym and diet plan
Annika: yes but how do you know I am having questions regarding it
Soumya: di I am your sister and I have ways to know what your thoughts and yes I am going to gym so I am going bye
Annika: I don’t understand her one time she is angry on me and other time she will justify the things
Ishana: good morning di
Annika: good morning why you woke up so early your dance class’s start after 2 hrs
Ishana: di I came here to wake u up because you have to go to cake shop early and my mom dad are going to Kolkata
Annika: yeah aunty and uncle are going today I had totally forgotten ok bye I had to leave early to bakery
Annika went to get ready and Ishana left the room and went for her dance practice

@rudra gym:
Rudra came to the gym but he is feeling drowsiness so he did few exercises and left to home early and informed his assistant to manage the gym for today. While he was coming from the gym he collided with soumya but this time rudra fell in arms of soumya and soumya is holding him he was half conscious state so he don’t know anything soumya make him stand and took a water bottle and poured water on his face and now rudra got consciousness and got angry on her but before rudra can say a word soumya said all the things happened and rudra was at loss of words because it is neither her fault or hi fault so he said thanks to her for helping him and bid bye to her and left from their and soumya thought he is not bad at all and went to the gym.

@Annika bakery:
Annika entered the bakery shop and started doing her work and at that time shivaay was passing by the shop in his car and saw the bakery he was hungry so he thought to eat something in the bakery and he remembered that this is the same shop from where he ordered the cake for the party so he parked his car and was heading to the shop he was feeling different his heart was beating fast he was confused a what happened suddenly that he started feeling he ignored it and went inside and here Annika also started feeling the same but she ignored it because she is indulged in her work at that time shivaay came to counter and ordered vanilla cake with choc chip toppings on it and one patty and Annika was near to the counter and heard the voice she felt it similar and turned to see who it was there came shock for her as she is seeing him for the second time and shivaay also turned and shocked to see Annika there he wanted to start conversation with her but not having any words

Precap: Ishkara meeting, Annika shivaay friendship, rudra seeing soumya anger with open mouth

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