Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 6)

Episode 5

hi guys I am happy that you are loving my ff and I am sorry if I am unable to meet your expectations and I will try to keep my story interesting till the end so I won’t waste any time now.
So let’s start the story
Epi 6:
@oberoi mansion:
Shivaay omi and rudra are thinking about the last night incident and something strike to rudra and his face expression changed into shock and Shivom are looking at rudra that what he is thinking.
Om: rudra what happened?
Shiv: why are you shocked?

Rudra: bros did you remember in childhood also same happened and it is not done by mohit and it is done by Rohit
(Guys Rohit is mohit’s elder brother he is big prankster but always love to scare people)
Shivom: yes how can we forget him becoz of him we use get fever it means he also came here
Rudra: bro our first target is mohit now we will play prank on him than we will see about other one
Shivom: ok

Rudra: I had a plan
They three discussed the plans to take revenge on mohit
@dining table:
All are seated and when mohit seat on his chair he got up suddenly and shouted ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and when he turned back there a fork is there and he took out the fork and again he sat on the seat this time a blast sound came and he got up with jerk and ran from their shouting here all members are laughing like hell.


Shivom and rudra had put a balloon and covered in wooden plank and then on top of it inserted fork in such way that its ends will be slightly visible when he takes the fork the fork the wooden plank will shift to side and then balloon will blast at the second time.

@ Mohit side:
As soon as he opened the door the paint bucket fall on his head making drenched in paint after that when he took the step he slipped and landed on the bed and when he landed on the bed the bed broke down causing huge sound and mohit started shouting all the members of oberoi came running to the room and shocked to see it after sometime all started laughing seeing mohit.

Shivom has put paint on the top of door and tied rope on the handle of bucket other on door handle so that as soon as he opens the paint will fall on him and they put oil on the floor and they had taken the screws of bed
And now mohit got up with great difficulty and went to sit in sofa as soon as he sat he again shouted and seen backside there is a big hole in his jeans and there is iron box which is on he started crying like a baby and thought if he stay for one minute than god knows what happens with him he said bye to the brothers and left from the house

@oberoi mansion:
The three brothers are laughing like hell and they are partying because their plan had been successful and rudra spoke that it’s not over we have to plan against his brother also he use to scare us like anything and he finds different ways to scare us.
Shivom: rudra you are right but for now it’s enough we will see it tomorrow
Rudra: ok brothers but remember he will prank on you both again on night and I have decided that I will not stay here I will go somewhere and will come tomorrow morning bye
Shivom: rudra you are thinking too much nothing happens

Rudra: listen don’t estimate his brother you had faced the same prank twice but I had faced before so I am telling you if he had done yesterday than he will do today but tomorrow night he won’t do any prank because he play pranks on two days continuously.
Shivom: ok we will see bye
Rudra leaves the place after warning their brothers and go to his friends place
@ Annika house
Annika and Ishana are talking and soumya came and both Annika and Ishana went her and asked about gym.
Soumya: it’s nice and di what is the diet plan you prepared for me
Annika is shocked: how do you know?

Soumya: it doesn’t matter and I am hungry give the plan or I will eat by myself
Annika: here it is take it
Soumya: thanks bye
Annika and Ishana are looking at each other not knowing what happened to soumya
Annika: what happened to soumya and how she knows I prepared diet plan? And today morning she herself woke me and asked about gym and I am getting surprised by changes
Ishana: I will faint now itself see her she is changed in a day and is not arguing anything she is giving shock by shock today

Annika: my situation is also same but I feel she is hurt
Ishana: and I feel more than hurt she is sad with something
Annika: yes we will talk to her tomorrow morning lets sleep now

Precap: suspense

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