Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 3b)

Hi guys this episode is a part of my previous episode and i am sorry for not updating at once. So let’s start the episode
Episode 3 b:

@ bakery
Anika is busy in preparing the cake while preparing the cake she is feeling some kind of happiness.
She prepared the four layer cake within the time.
At that time anika’s boss came to the bakery he came to anika and said that my reputation is in your hands if Oberoi like it we will get big orders from them.
Anika: don’t worry sir they will like my cake till now i didn’t disappoint you so now also i will not disappoint you and my cake is finished sir i will deliver it
Saying this anika left to the farm house

It is decorated beautifully and all the arrangements are completed and food is also ready and the brother are waiting for the cake delivery. When shivaay is about to call anika entered the enterance at that time shivay felt an unknown presence which made him to smile and anika to felt the same but shivaay covered his feelings because if anyone knows they will tease him and anika composed herself and entered the farmhouse at that time shivaay saw anika he felt attracted to her but didn’t show it anika situation is also same but brushed the thought and at that time rudra came there and asked who are you?
Anika: i am anika I came for cake delivery
Rudra: ok give the cake
Anika gives the cake and is about to go but shivaay called her
Shivaay: miss anika you won’t take the payment
Anika: sorry sir I had forgotten the cost of the cake is 40000 ( actually the cake ingredients are imported)
Shivaay: ok rudra pay the amount and we should get ready for the party also
Rudra:ok bro
Rudra paid the money to anika and anika went from there but lost in thoughts of shivaay she doesn’t know the feeling she is having her mind is opposing her feelings towards shivaay

All the guests arrived and shivom mom and dad got a big suprise from their sons and the party became a big success and mostly the cake prepared by anika is liked by the guests to such extent that their asking about the bakery shop.
Mohit entered the party and now shivom and rudra are thinking about whats going to happen they are talking with each other by looks
Shiv: rudra and om do something i don’t want to embarrass by that idiot
Om&rudra: bro we don’t know anything we have to save ourselves we are escaping you enjoy
Shiv: rudra and om i won’t leave you both i am escaping bye
Mohit : hello ladies and gentlemen man now i will make this a party a memorable so get ready.
Shivom rudra in mind: nooo please god save from this idiot
But god is not their side they three are drenched with mixed juices all the people started laughing they three got three different types of cakes on their faces and shivom got noodles and rudra got sauce all the people enjoyed.

Precap: brothers fighting with each other and taking solutions

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