Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 3a)

Hi guys i am writing next episode as I said supense in this episode and I am writing in two parts and adding new character which is not in the serial so let’s start the episode

Episode 3 a:

Omi,rudra and shiv entered the farm house and they went to their respective rooms and after that they started planning about suprise party for shivom mom dad anniversary so they called the decorators for arrangements and they called bakery shop for cake afterwards they ordered food from five star hotel for the party.

@ anika house
As Soumya ishana and anika were chit chatting anika got the call from the bakery she picked up the call
Anika: hello
Anita: hello anika we got a cake order for tomorrow from a business man so you should prepare the basic things as the cake is four layers
Anika: ok and what is the time of delivery
Anita: sharp 5:30
Anika: ok
Saying she cut the call but she is unaware of the turning point in her life.
The decorations started and the three brothers are giving instructions meanwhile one boy in 20’s enters the farmhouse and when the three brothers saw the person their eyes are widen. Shiv omi and rudra started whispering
Shiv: hey rudra and omi you both invited him no
Omi: bro i did not it will be rudra he might have done it
Rudra: no bro omi is telling lie
Shiv: now think what we will do
The other two nodded
Boy: hi shiv omi and rudra what happen i came after so many years you are not welcoming me
Shiv omi & rudra: nothing like that mohit we are suprised to see you (mohit is a common friend of shiv omi and rudra. He is a prankster and a big foodie he loves food more than anyone and always troubles the three brothers in short whatever he does the punishment is beared by them so they don’t like him)
Shiv: mohit can you go to home we both will come afterwards we are busy in decoration for tomorrow
Mohit: ok but i am hurt you both didn’t welcome me
Shiv: sorry on behalf of our three we will give you a treat for it
Mohit: treat pakka
Shiv: haa
Mohit went from there and the three made a sigh of relief
Shiv: we are saved
Omi and rudra: yes bro or else we will be dead
Shiv: i don’t when he will change he is a trouble maker than a friend i don’t know at which Time we beacame his frnd.
Omi and rudra: leave it bro we will think about it later now complete the work. They completed their work and went to their home.

@ anika house:
Soumya: i am hungry
Ishana: again started
Anika: soumu you had your dinner now only
Soumya: di i am hungry so i am going to eat my food which i brought in the morning bye.
Soumya leaves to kitchen for food here anika and Ishana are talking
Anika: i don’t know when she will change her eating habit i am afraid that she will get health problems
Ishana: its true but she is not interested in controlling or changing her eating habits
Anika: i cannot wait from tomorrow on wards i will prepare her food plan and she has to follow it
Ishana: di you think she will follow the food plan if you ask my opinion she will not follow the plan
Anika: ishu be positive and Soumya will follow the food plan or else you know whom she is afraid we will call him
Ishana: di superb i had forgotten if you do this then definitely she will follow the food plan
Soumya: what plan ?
Anika and Ishana: nthg just discussing about plans of our work
Soumya: oh I am getting sleep bye
The three went to their rooms and slept.

Precap part 2

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