Shivika TS~seduction-a way of pacifying your love~ Last part!

HEllo guyzzz!! once again anya here..!! !’m so overwelmed by the response I got from my previous part.So here I’m again with the last part of my TS and this is strickly for 18+ so read it on your own risk… ok enough of my talks…here you go!!

kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos…


Annika went inside the kitchen and stood beside the counter.her eyes closed and she was breathing heavily.soon she took some deep breathe and tried to calm her raging hormones. She badly needed him but her ego was not letting her to forgive him.

She soon pushed all those thought at the back of her mind and started to prepare dinner.As it was sunday, all the servents had taken a leave.She was making the dinner when shivaay came there.he was in his night clothes looking all handsome in his white kurta pyjama.He was standing at the entrance of the kitchen door and was looking at annika with a smirk.Annika could sense his hard gaze over her but she acted as she didn’t noticed.

While making the dinner she mistakingly hit the ketchup bottle and all the ketchup fell on the platform.she was waiting for the pressure cooker to give a wishtle and unconciously put her palm over it.”fhail gaya Raita”she muterred and moved towards the sink to wash her hand.but someone had caught her wrist.she looked up to see in the pair of bluish orbs.shivaay had come and held her wrist”you know annika nowadays there is a shortage of water in mumbai and so we must save water”he said with a playfull smile.”why you are telling me this Mr.Oberoi”annika asked confused as why on earth he was telling her this??”oohh I see you didn’t understood, ok then I’ll show you”and after saying that he started licking her fingers.

Annika was taken aback by his actions and she soon sensed a tickling sensation at the pitch of her stomach.her breathe become shwallowed and she was all red.her chest was falling up and down.Shivay was really enjoying this side of his Paanika.he licked all the ketchup from her fingers one by one while she was standing like a statue.At last he sucked her finger hard and bite it.”aaahh”she cried out while taking her hand away from his hold and looked at him flushed.”see I saved a lot of water”he said while grining at her.Annika was recollecting at was had happened just now.She was feeling dizzy and left the kitchen without saying a word.

Shivaay was dissapionted at annika’s behaviour he thought that while seducing her she will melt down but she just went away without saying anything.”Is she is very angry with me”he thought sadly and began to cook what his wife left.He bought the food in the dining room and placed in on the table.He went towards his room and saw the room was closed.He knocked on the door once.

No response.

he tried again but he got the same result.He sadly went back to the dining table and sat down.

There Annika rushed towards their room and closed it.She was breathing heavily.Now she could not control her raging hormones as she needed him very badly.she craved for his touch.She only knew that how much it was difficulf for her to maintain her composure.His colonge was creating a havoc in her senses.She went towards the closet and picked up the clothes which shivaay had bought and went towards the washroom to change with a playful smile adorned her lips.”you are gone Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi”she thought and went to change.She heard someone knocking on the door when she was having a shower inside the washroom.She came out and was feeling shy in those clothes.

“how can I go infront of him like this”she said to herself while looking at the mirror.

“NO annika you can do this,he is your husband”she thought determindly and headed towards the dining table with a mischeivious smile.”time for some fun Mr.Oberoi”she thought.

She saw shivaay sitting on the dinning table and walked towards him shyly.Shivaay who was thinking how to pacify her sensed her and looked up.

The world seems to stop at the very moment for shivaay.he stood up and shock was writtened all over his face,mouth hanging open and eyes wide open.Annika laughed mentally while looking at shivaay.Shivaay came out of his shock state and started checking her out.He saw that the top was just able to cover her bosoms as it was too short.exposing her petite waist and her navel.the denim was just above her upper thigh,exposing her slender legs.His gaze then went towards her face which has a minimum makeup with the sindoor at the parting of her wet hair and nothing else.just simple.Her neck was adorned with the mangalsutra.her lusious lip was having a seductive smile and she bite her lower lips”How I wish I could just kiss her senselessly”he thought as her behaviour was turning him on. while her eyes were in the darkest shades of brown with a twinkle in them filled with love and lust.

“What happened Mr.Oberoi?why you are standing like a statue?”she asked him calmly “And close your mouth,before mosquito would enter”she added with a chuckle.Shivaay’s face was worth watching at that time.shivaay who was in his own dreamland come out of it”nothing…come sit and have the dinner”he said while gaining his composure and behaving as he is not affected by her.”yes”she wispered and went, sat across shivaay.he too sat down.there was pin drop silence on the dining table when shivaay suddenly choked on his food because annika was tracing his leg with her toes, under the table and which was slowly making their way in between his legs.He looked up at her and saw her that she was eating her food being normal as nothing was happening under the table.Annika was finding it hard to control her laughter. “is she drunk?”he thought.She looked up at him”what happened Mr.Oberoi?why had you stopped eating?”she asked casually and then she bite her lower lip”Stop bitting your lips annika otherwise I will loose all my control and you will later regret for the deeds i will do to you”Shivaay closed his eyes and took a deep breathe to calm his inner devil.Her leg was creating a havoc in his senses.He suddenly stood up”I’m full I don’t want to eat more”he said while walking towards the kitchen with the empty dishes.

Annika followed him and sat on the kitchen platform while shivaay was washing the utensils.Shivaay was having a hard time while concentrating on his work as Annika was tracing his hand with her slender legs.She had a seductive smile on her face.Shivaay was amused to see this fierce and bold side of his wife.”you will be the death of me annika one day”shivaay thought.As she was countinue to trace his hand and when it was going upto his shoulder he left all the thing and went away.Annika smirked and went behind him.

She suddenly went and stood in front of shivaay stopping him and traced his face with her fingers in a seductive manner and as her finger moved towards his neck he groan in pleasure.she smirked and moved towards his ear “what happened Mr.oberoi?”she dangerously whispered and bite his earlobe.Shivaay was still like a statue but deep inside he was loving this side of his wife.

He pushed her off a little and tried to move away from her.She just pushed him hard against the wall and was going dangerously close towards him.Shivaay looked shock as she slided her fingers at the parting of his kurta tickling him.He was having a hard time contrling his wild desires.she opened the first 3 buttons of his kurta and smell his colonge.She missed being close to him.

He pushed her once again but stopped midway as he felt a tug on his hand.Annika had held his wrist still facing the other way.She turned and shivaay blue orbs met with honey brown orbs filled with hurt.He hated this so much while seeing hurt in her orbs and on top of that it was because of him.She left his hand and started moving towards the room when she felt a sudden pull and she was now facing shivaay.his orbs held guilt, anger of hurting her.she instantly held his cheeks with her palm and slightly noded her head in a no,a way to say shivaay not to feel guilty.

His orbs become in the darkest shades of blue as she started moving toward him.She tenderly pecked his lips as shivaay closed his eyes to feel her touch.She moved a little back and stared down at his eyes which reflected the same feelings as her.The same passion…love…lust.

They needed each other.


She moved towards him and once again his back collided with the wall.Shivaay let out a moan as her fingers found there way inside his kurta .She again bite her lower lips and this was it.the last string of his little control broke and now shivaay tossed annika around and she was now between the wall and shivaay.”you are gonna pay for this act annika”he said against her lips”I’m eagerly waiting for the punishment shivaay,I’m all yours”she wispered back.and soon he smashed his lips on her.they kissed each other passionately sucking,licking each other lips to the fullest.Shivaay hands slided towarks her petite waist while her hand found their way in his hair.They kissed each other hungrily until they were out of breathe.they parted and rested their foreheads together.”I’m sorry annika for that night”he said and soon annika captured his lips with her and kissed him hard.they bite each other lips chewed them.shivaay hands were now moving all around her back and rested on her belly button and he was drawing round patterns over there while she moaned in pleasure.Soon they parted being out of breathe”it’s ok shivaay”annika wispered and soon she felt dizziness as shivaay kissed her really hard this time.shivaay saw towards her with a smirk and again pulled her into a passionate kiss.He bite her lower lips and annika whimper while giving access to shivaay to enter her mouth and soon after they were fighting for dominence and shivaay sucked her tongue hard while his hand now found their way inside her top.Annika breathe stop for a moment and he just unhooked her bra in a swift click and his hand was now caressing her soft flesh.She let out a whimper in his mouth as he squeezed her bosoms.annika was now feeling weak on her knees but she was enjoying their hard kissing session.again they parted and rested there forehead together being out of breathe.”you are looking so s*xy annika I just wanted to eat you up” he said being out of breathe.”toh app ko roka kisne hai? Univerve ne?”she asked with a mischeivious smile.”so let start”he wispered hoarsily and again pulled her in for a kiss.this time annika tried to slide her hand inside his kurta but he stopped her “not so soon dear…” he wispered againt her lips.His hands now moved towards her hip and in an instant annika wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her towards there room still kissing each other.Shivaay entered the room and closed it with his leg and made annika fall on the bed under him and broke the kiss.

shivaay looked at the enchanting beauty in front of him.While annika lie there her hair in a mess her eyes closed her lips badly swollen bcoz of their hard kiss her top misplaced her shorts just a little down from it’s actual place.”you are ethereal” he said”so are you”she wipered and pulled him yet in another kiss.they kissed each other hungrily once again while annika nearly tore apart his kurta.shivaay hand was masaging her skin.they broke apart once again as they were out of breathe.Annika looked totally irritated by it while shivaay just chuckled as his impatience wife.

Annika watched her handsome husband’s well build body with lust in her eyes while shivaay smirked.She tried to move her hand to touch him when she realized that shivaay had tied her hand with pieces of his kurta.”aagghhrr..shivaay!”annika whined like a small kid whose candy had been taken away”not so soon Mrs.Oberoi”shivaay said with a smirk”your punishment is not yet finished”he added”than show me” she said with a smirk.

Shivaay just follow her instruction and attacted on her neck while his hand once again find their way to her bosoms.he kissed and bite her all over her neck while occasionally squeezing her bosoms.She just moaned in pleasure which arouses shivaay more.She tried to unwrap the knot but it was so tight for her to open it.Now shivaay bite her collar bone and moved towards her chest.He first kissed her cleavage and pounce over one of her bosom.He sucked her hard while his other hand was caressing the other one.Annika let out a scream as shivaay bite her pointed peaks hard with his teeth,then he moved towards the other one and repeated the process.Annika was now not in a state to say anything rather than asking him for her release.She tried hard to open the knot as the need to touch him had blinded her with such need that now she can’t wait.She with all her force at last was successful in opening the knot.Meanwhile when she was strugling shivaay had not left a single place where he had not feasted her smooth skin.He moved towards her legs and started planting kisses under her thigh.when he was pulled up by annika by his hair and was rolled around the other side with annika now sitting on top of him.he was too buzy in relishing her that he didn’t realized that she had freed herself.”now let me touch you”she said with a not so bitter smile,first she throw out her irritating top and howered over him like a hungry tigress.She kissed his well toned body and gave him a number of lovebites.Shivaay was now feeling restless.When annika sucked his nipples he lost all control and again rolled while traping annika under him.”this is not fair”annika complained with a pout.”every thing is fair in love and war dear”shivaay replied and turned her around while revealing her smooth bare back to him for feasting over it.Shivaay kissed every inch of her bare back while giving her harsh bite.”shivaay please”annika moaned and turned around while shivaay was on top of her.Shivaay noded his head in a yes while giving her permission with a peck on her lips.Annika without wasting any minute opened his pyjama and freed him with his pyjama and boxers.Shivaay too removed her shorts and panty so as a reflex.Now both were totally naked.Shivaay came up to her face and kissed her again while she sensed his finger on her small bundle of nerves.She shivered”Shivaay”she moaned against his lips and with a swift thrust he entered her.While her scream got unheard because of their kiss.Shivay started moving slowly inside her while she adjusted herself.they broke apart to get some oxygen.Shivaay slowy increased his phase and soon they were near to their climax.Shivaay pecked her and they both reached their climax at the same time.

Shivaay being out of energy put all his weight upon her and rested for some time.After getting some energy back he realized that he was on top of annika,He came out of her and with a “sorry”he moved beside her.”’s ok”she said and pulled him back on her and hugged him tight.”I love you”she said “I Love you to jaan”he replied and with a featherly kiss on her forehead ,they went into a deep slumber being exhaused not before covering their self with the duvet.

Shivaay woke up first and realized that he was still upon annika and moved towards her side.”She looked breathtaking ” he thought while looking at her.He slided a few hair strands at the back of her ear so as to have a clear veiw of her face.while she shifted a little in her sleep.Shivaay nuzzled her neck when he heard a soft mummer”you awake?” she asked”good morning Paanika”Shivaay greeted her”Gud morning”she said with a sleepy voice.He pecked her lips while she moved a little and realize her whole body aching.”U ok?”he sked worriedly while looking at her pained expression.”hmmm”she said in response”I’m really sorry if i was too harsh on you”he said with a apologetic tone.”hey!! stop talking nonsence you can never be harsh on me”she said in a little strick tone and kissed him.

“I never thought that you will be having such an effect” he chuckled while annika looked confuse”what?”

“I mean that I never thought that by seducing you,you will be that much turned on”he said with a playfull voice.She just laughed”if her husband is that much charming, than how can she not be turned on”she said with the same teasing tone.

“hey so you agree that your husband is s*xy?”he asked while raising his eyebrow with a proud expression.

“I was wondering that it must be a mistake but now I’m sure that it is true”she said,with her finger on her chin as if she was thinking something.Shivaay expression now changed into a confused one.

“what are you talking about Paanika”he sked fully confused.annika just pulled his cheeks as he was looking so cute with a confused expression.”aahh…Annika”shivaay whined as she pulled his cheeks hard.

“actually I was wondering that my husband had a problem with hearing but now I’m sure about it”she said calmly.”oohh that..woh toh hai”shivaay said casually but soon he realized what he said and looked towards annika who now bursted in to fits of laughter.Shivaaay was lost in her laughter but soon came back to his senses.”hey!! you think that I can’t hear properly”he asked with fake anger”soch nhi rhi thi billuji yakeen hai”she said gigling.”aur vo kaise?”he asked being irritated.”because my husband heard the word s*xy instead of charming”she said while emphasising on the word s*xy and charming.”and the best part is that he too agree for it”she added and again bursted out laughing.

“woh…woh toh aise hi muh se nikal gaya” shivaaay said defending himself.”woh toh dikh hi raha hai”she said while controlling her laughter.”Ok go,I won’t talk to you”he said with a pout and turned away from her.

“aww!! The graet Shivaay Singh Oberoi is angry”she said cutely and tured him towards her side and pecked him”I’m sorry’she added while holding her right ear with her hand.Shivaay now give her his million doller smile which would take any girl’s breathe away and hugged her tight while holding her bare waist while she too hugged him tight.

they were lost in each other embrace when annika said”waise shivaay mein appko ek baat batau?”she asked and he hummed in response”aap na mere s*xy se charming se aur cute se kanji ankhon wale bagad bille ho”she finished with a giggle and shivaay smiled. soon it was replaced by a smirk.

“so let me show you this side of me” he said ” the pleasure will be all mine”she wispered in a teasing tone.with that he rolled upon her and started tickling her.She laughed hard and begged him to stop,He stopped and soon after a few moment ago they both started laughing like a maniac.

“I love you”shivaay said between his laugh”I love you too”she said and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

and this is how they both started yet another morning with there adorable nok jhok with a pinch of romance in it <3.


so this is the end!! I hope you all like it and plzz don't forgot to drop you commemts…and silent readers also…it is really encouraging for a writter to improve and write more…

With Love,

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  1. awesome. amazing

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  2. that was fantabulous, cant imagine shivka this way …
    you are an amazing writer girl, loved it to the core …..

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      Thank you balamirra for such a lovely comment…sweetie!!! It means a lot to me…

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  6. OMG !! Anya what to say , i have no words
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    My friend u just nailed it !!
    I just cant imagine shivaye and anika in such naughty way.. But i just loved it to the core ??
    Pls write a ff or an os.. whatever u want but pls do write..
    U r a born writer and im ur fan after reading this..
    Lots of love to u ??

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  7. What a chemistry !! How well described each n every moment ..great !! So romantic n naughty ❤❤

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  8. Ohh my god…its one of the most beautiful ff i have ever read on shivika…total treat…luv u so much ….????

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  11. This at best is pure illusion of a die hard fan. For a simple daily soap jodi if If every fan thinks like this they loose focus in life. Even for above 18 age group there is a fine thread bare barrier between sensuality and wild inagination. Pl avoid these unnecessary descriptions. That may at the maximum satisfy your imagination while writng but not going to improve either the roles or the story line. Pl I can only understand but can not appreciate this wild inaginations. Of these type of writings are encouraged in the name of ff Modi ji acche din bahoot dur hai .

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thnkxx drlng for a vry gud rectification note but let me tell u dat if sensuality wouldn’t have been a part of writing den fifty shades of grey would not have been the bst selling book of di year nd for ur kind information different country have different age of adulthood so it’s not di age but di mind who has di ability to differentiate between wat wrng nd wat is ri8 so if u r taking my writing in a wrng way den ur mind has not yet developed well
      Well thnku for di demotivation bcoz it will help me to write more good stories nd modi ji has nthng to do wid dis nd “Acche din” too.We r living in di 21 century nd so we should change wid tym nd if we change our attitude towards all dis den I hope dat we will get a btr society nd Acche din too…..still luv u

      1. See anya your writing is very well and I don’t agree with arl swathi but don’t bring Fifty shades of grey in between because of that book only HARRY POTTER is not at first and I am a big POTTERHEAD. I hate that book because just of this wildness, it is at first rather than Harry potter which is much more nice .

  12. Yvonne Codner

    Fantastic writing..Enjoyed to the max!!

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  13. I have read it 5time
    plz write this type of ff again
    it was really a pleasure for me to read it.

    can you post prev link plz

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      OMG!! 5 times… thank you sweetie for your feedback !! If you want to read it’s first part just click on my name and go to my posts..there you will find the first part of it…
      Will surely try my best to write more…

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    2. I too agree with safaq since morning i am reading your ff wow words are less to decribe this .
      I love plz continue writing like this . Keep giving us stories like this .
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  14. fantastic

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  15. Akshaya

    I read it from the first part . It’s super cool romantic two shots . I mean too romantic yaar

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  16. Mukta

    It’s just fabulous….

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      thank you mukta! for you feedback.. 🙂

  17. Anyakhan32

    @POTTERHEAD you are such a cutiepie!!! nd i respect ur feelings too nd i bought di book inbetween jst as a example to justify my writing nd not to hurt yoour feelings…Even I’m a big fan of HARRY’s just I wanted to make her realize that there are many things in India that are spoiling the ACCHE DIN rather than this piece of writing…
    Anyways thanks for your support dear..

    Love you,

    1. Yeah ! I know HARRY POTTER is so awesome . And I don’t understand how Acche Din are related to this fan fiction………
      And it’s ok , whenever my friends’ have to tease me they start blabbering about Harry Potter and I have a weakness that I can’t listen anything against it so I start shouting like hell it’s just what happened now.

      1. And which book and character are your favourite of series ?

      2. Anyakhan32

        yeah ! Hahahaha….you a such a darling..!!
        Harry potter will alwayss be my favourite character in the movie but,other than him, my favourite series is Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince and hermione is one of my favourite character…she was just different from other girls and she was mature too. since she was not from a wizard family she adjusted to the environment with ease…and her character was well written…I just love her(Not to forget Emma Watson she played the role very well and she is beautiful too)
        and I like lord voldemart nose too!!! “LOL” !!

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    It was really a big wow wala update

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