Shivika Ts~Mislike me Not~(By Anya) PART 3

Author’s NOTE [6.5.17]

Hello my lovely readers!

I know I know I’m beinga she devil LOL But please pardon me for being this late.Ok I will say it! I’m 1 month 13 days late see I said it LOL I’m an honest girl you know

I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for making you all wait for it.But I can’t help it.And I had made some difference in the plot and I hope that you all will love it the way I loved it doing it and also that I will first end this story and then will continue the rest.Then It wil l be easy for me to go with the flow and I will be able to give you all updates faster[hopefully can’t promise as we don’t know what is store for us in future]

Thank you all of you for being my patience readers my darlings.

Sorry for not replying to each of you in particular! It’s my busy shedule which is not letting me to do it!I hope you all will understand it.And As I have seen the feedbacks I will say only one thing that you all will be satisfied by my dicisions.


It’s in prinyanka’s pov.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos.

Happy Reading.


Part 4

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”
— George R.R. Martin

“Prinku”saumya said and this took me out of my reviver.”Annika bhabhi is awake”

My whole body shivered as I stood up.I looked at saumya who just blink her eyes to assure me that evrything will be alright.You can do it Prinku! I tried to encourage me.But my mind reported”How can you meet her eyes Prinku?How?Whatever had happened with her is all because of your brother.You are shameless!you are still going to face her”I just closed my eyes as I know my mind is over powering me”No prinku how can you believe it?your superman can never do it right?So go and make her understand that it must be a misunderstanding.You love both of them then how can you see them live without each other ding everyday?”My heart commanded and i started to took small step towards her with trembling leg.

My vibrating hand took hold of the door’s handle and I slightly pushed it to see annika sitting on the bed pressing her soft fragile form agaist the bedrest lost somewhere looking at the open window.My heart squeezed in my chest when I saw her like this but I have to do this.

“Anni”I called out softly while trying to hide my nervousness from my voice.she didn’t responded,I took a step forward and went beside her”Anni”I called out once again,she looked at me, My breath caught in my throat when my eyes caught her gaze.It was shell empty like there was nothing.She stared at me like that for a long time.

I don’t know what to do?What will I do?tears continue to decends down my eyes.i touched her hair and stroked it when I heard her winch in pain.I immediately removed my hand from her fearing that it will hurt her.

“what happened anni?Are you ok?”i asked with a tremble voice and looked keenly at her forehead to see a slight cut over there and I realized that it is the same wound she got that cruel day which havn’t recovered till now.

She held my hand and made me sit beside her,her face showing an instant she was hugging me tight and sobbing loudly.I couldn’t do anthing as I was also crying with her.”Prinku I lost my child! I was not able to save him.Plese bring me my baby.Please I beg you”anni sobbed while pleading her making her drenched in the pool of helpnessness.

“Ok tell me shivaay can never do it right?He loves me?he can never betray me?plesase tell me that he can’t do this. Prinku say something just gave me an assurance that he was not the one I saw that night even if it is fake but please tell me that I had been mistaken.Just once”she said while coming out of my embrace and holding my hand,shaking me pleading me to say the LIE.

“everything will be alright anni”this is what I was onlty able to say.

“When?”she asked with a desperate voice

“Soon!”I whispered.

“Ok first you eat something my darling.See you need to be foit and fine so please eat this”I said while forwarding a spoon of ssoup towards her mouth while she just jereked it away from my hand”Wat Is wrong with you Prinku?Here I’m asking you to tell me that shivaay can’t do anything and you are making me drink this blo*dy soup?I don’t want anything and I don’t want anyone please go”she screamed and tried to push me away but I held her tight in my embrace while storking her back trying to calm her down

“I’m Sorry anni for this but I promise that I will make everything alright”i said while trying to give her assurance while she stopped struggling

“Thank for this fake assurance prinku”she said and I felt a burning sensation at the right side of my chest and it was unbearable.

After sometime I felt her hot breath becoming normal and I realized she had slept off as doctor had given her a doze so that she can rest.I with utmost care made her lay down on the soft matress and covered her with the duvet while kissing her forehead and attening to her wounds.Maybe I won’t be able to ease her internal pain but i can do it for her external ones.I stayed their the whole night stroking her hair and looking at her face which had a number of lines of distress , the person who once was able to make everyone happy was now devasted.

I wiped my tears as I know that what will I do next.

All I wanted to do was to go and ask bhaiya why did he did all this with this pure soul?Didn’t he loved her?What made him do that filthy stunt?Doesn’t annika love was enoght for him?I just wanted this damned answers and I will get it at any cost this morning.I will not feel weak infront of him I’m her sister but I’m also anni’s frnd and I won’t forgive him for his deeds.

Maybe there must be something wrong? My mind interrupted once again making me think about it once again.havn’t you seen Shivaay that time?he looked so incomplete so devastaded.

But this time my heart to said the same and I can see the ray of hope once again but still Anni’s condition doesn’t let me go beyond it.I sigh a defeated one,looking out of the window to see the moon shining brightly in all it’s glory,giving me the guts to make everything alright.

But I need someone beside me.I can’t do it alone.For the first time in my life I’m feeling all alone maybe because shivaay bhaiya is not beside me.A whimper escape my mouth because the person who was my strength was the one I’m going to deal with.Maybe Om bhaiya and rudra bhaiya can help me.But if I’ll tell them about they will be really woried and will come home leaving all their works.

My gaze went on the person who was sleeping beside me while I can see tears running out from the corner of her eyes and at that very moment i just pushed all the thoughts at the further corner of my head and only kept one thing–I need those answers from bhaiya and I need to do this alone.

Yes prinku you need to do this.Ok scratch this YOU WILL DO IT.

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
— Veronica Roth, Divergent


I know it’s too short but I think here is the point where I should stop.As the next update will show that Prinku will be in OM facing Shivaay.I hope I have given some clues also.Maybe.And if you have any problem so ask me about it I will be glad to clear your queries.

And One more thing soon there will be the entry of our beloved Omru in the coming chapter! So gear up guysss…!

With Love,

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