Shivika Ts~Love confession~ft.Oberoi Family (By Anya) Last Part

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Shivika TS~Love Confession~
(Last Part)

All of them chated a little with each other and then retired to their respective rooms as they were also really tired.Shivaay got a call so he attend it while annika was in the room.She saw that the frame was kept on the bed and an idea came into her mind.She bought a hammer and some nails and stood on the headboard and started maving holes on the wall. shivaay entered the room and saw her doing this.He smiled seeing his cute wife and went towards her.Annika felt a tickling sensation at the back of her waist and stiffen.

She stopped hammering on the wall and turned around to see her naughty husband smirking.”what are you doing billuji..?”she asked with a raised eyebrow.”can’t you see I’m doing something..aankh kya ghaas charne chali gayi hai?”she said playfully while a frown came upon shivaaay’s face.”what with your language annika?and what is ghaas..char..watever…”he said being irritated.”wo sabh aapko samajh nhi leave it..and now come and help me..”she said and pulled him on the head board too..”ye kya kar rahi ho tum?”he asked being clueless.”Arre frame laga rahi hoon..”she said as a matter of fact.”kal laga leti..abhi itni jaldi kyu thi…”he asked.”nhi mujhe abhi lagana hai..”she said stubornly”chaliye mujhe wo frame utha ke dijiye..”she added and shivaay handed her the frame quitely as he know that it is useless arguing with her.

Annika held the frame from one side while shivaay held it from the other and they hanged the large frame on the wall and got off the head board.they stood on the bed and smiled looking at the frame.They looked at each other and shivaay side hugged her.they stood there adorning the beautiful frame which was a collage of pictures as if all of them are scattered around.By looking at it…wirlpool of memories came across shivaay.It contain all the precious moments of his life.

“aap bilkul waise hi hai shivaay jaise aap bachpan mein the..dekhiye bilkul same to same bas beard ki kami hai..”she said and giggled while pointing at the picture of a 5 years baby playing with a gun.”Aur ye app chaaro kitne acche lag rahe hai..ek saath..”she said looking at the picture in which prinku was sitting on a cough crying as if she was scared while shivaay was sitting beside her trying to calm her down, om was holding ear of rudra and he was giving a painful expression” Om toh pehle se hi saanth swabhaav ka tha aur rudra ki aankon mein wahi shaitaani jhalak rahi hai jo aaj uski aankon mein hai.Prinku toh pehle se hi maasoom thi..dekhiye kitni cute lag rahi hai..roote hua Aur aap..aap bilkul ek bare bhai ki tarah apni behen ko shaant karwa rahe hai”she said ” aur ye dekhiye..isme toh aap lag hi nahi raha ki aap wahi SSO hai jo itne akdu hai..”she said while looking at a picture in which the four of them were wearing the same clothes as in the previous one and in this rudra was holding his ear and was doing up and down while the three of them were laughing.”accha mein akdu hoon?”he asked with fake anger voice…”haan toh ek no. ke akdu hain aap..”she said”accha..”he said and started tickling her.She was laughing like anything and begged him to stop while rolling on the bed”aur mein akdu hoon..?”he asked while tickling her.”nhi nhi bolongi…promise..”she said between her laugh and shivaay stopped.

She tried to calm her breath and give him a glare while he smiled sheepily.Shivaay laid beside her and she kept her head on his chest while he snaked his arms around her waist.”ye dekho tum bilkul aise hi lag rahi ho…”he said and giggled while pointing at a picture in which she and rudy were covered in flour and the kitchen was in a mess,she was glaring at him while he was giving a puppy face.”aur isme bilkul bheegi billi jo sirf sharmati hai..”he said while looking at the picture in which both of them were fully drenched in the garden and rain was pouring on them, being in his embrace she was blusing hard.She blushed once again and said”haan toh aap bhi toh bilkul bheegi billi lag rahe hai isse..”she said composing herself,looking at the picture in which shivaay was standing looking embarresed while his cheeks were all red and his one hand was at the back of his neck and the whole family was laughing sitting on the couch in the hall while annika had her hand on her mouth with eyes wide open.

“haan ye sabh tumhari kaichi(scissors) ki zabaan ke wajah se hua..”he said “haan toh main kya karti aap meri baat hi nahi sun rahe the..sirf phone mein baat kiye jaa rahe the aur mujhe bahut gussa aaya toh maine chilla diya”she said thinking of that day when shivaay was going to the office when she screamed at him telling him that he got a lipstick mark at the side of his collar and then realized what she said in front of the whole family,shivaay glared at her while she closed her mouth with her hand while all of them started laughing which made him blush.He soon made his way into his room not giving anyone the chance to tease him while she too left the place giving an excuse.

“aap toh chale gaye phir mujhe hi sabh tease kar rahe the..mujhe toh lag raha tha ki main kahin bhaag jaao aur ye sabh aap ki hi wajah se hua..”she exclaimed angerly.”meri galti..? really.. sabh tumhari galti thi kisne tumhe kaha tha aise bina dekhe chalne ke liye aur aakar mujhse hi takraane ke liye?” he said while defending himself.”aap bhi toh dekh kar nhi chal rahe the..”she too said defending her self.”haan..par meri koi galti nhi hai..”he said and flick his hair.

“bagad billa”she whispered while making wierd faces.”tumne kuch kaha?”he asked”nhi maine kuch nhi kaha”she said innocently.”hmm…aur iss photo mein tum dono kitne acche lag rahe ho jaise ek maa beti ek saath baithi hai..” he said while pointing at a picture in which she was playing the piano and badi maa was helping her to do it. “waise when did you learn playing it?maine toh kabhi dekha nhi..”he added being confused,”Wo aap jab office jaate the na toh mein isse learn karti thi..aur kabhi kabhi jabh aap raat ko so jaate the tabh”she said smiling at him.”wahi mein kahun ki tum us raat kahan chali gayi thi..I have gone to search you when I heard rudy scream and went towards his room to see him watching a movie and when I asked him why he shouted,he said that he found the heroine scary andthen out of the blue he said he was ok and asked me to go my room as you were waiting and when I came in the room I saw you sleeping peacefully” he said” wo actually uska wo sabh drama tha..when he saw me going to the room from back he asked you to go to your rooom as I was there…”she said giggling at her baby’s brother antics.Shivaay just shook his head in disbelieve.

Actually the frame contains a collage of all the pictures of shivaay’s journey from a baby to a perfect husband,a protective brother and a loving son.It also contain all the romantic moments which they share being unconsious of it and it credits goes to one and only our rudy baby.When annika saw these pics she turned itno a tomato as they all were teasing her.”Accha chaliye uthiye aur change kar lijiye bahut late ho gayi hai”she said while standing and making him stand.”nahi aise hi raho na kitna accha lag raha tha..”he winched.”nhi..chaliye jaldi se change kariye”she said while pushing him into the washroom and closed the door while he sigh in defeat and went to change.

within two minutes shivaay came out to take his night clothes as he forgetted to take and this all because of Paanika. He saw annika standing facing the other side looking at the frame with her left hand on her waist and the other hand was making some types of pattern in the air.He smiled seeing her like that and soon it was turned into a mischievious one.
He slowly went towards her.She bend down to pick up something when “annika see there is a cockroach” shivaay screamed and annika jumped in horror and stood on the bed .”cockroach..kaha..kahan hai..”she said jumping on the bed.”arre wahan..tumhare pair ke neeche..”he said while controlling his laughter.”kahan hai Shivaay…?”she said panickly and continued to jump.”Aap ko pata hai na mujhe isse kitni michmichi hoti hai ooh…God..!”she screamed and her legs entangled with her saree and she fall off the bed.

“aah…!”she cried out in pain and with this shivaay losses his last control and laughed out loud.Annika was totally shocked and understood that it was a prank while shivaay tried hard to control his laughter but failed miserably.He walked towards her side still laughing and extended his hand towards her.She didn’t took his help and tried to stood up on her own but once again slipped due to her saree.Shivaay controlled his laughter and helped her to stood up.She glared at him and adjusted her saree.He wiped out the tears of mirth from his eyes and tried to keep a straight face.”Are you ok Annika?” he asked concerned while seeing her rubbing her elbow. she ignored him and went towards the pool side while muttering something under her breath.”Kanji aankon wala..Bagad billa…Cheapde kahin ke…I hate him..”these were the words he was able to make out.

Annika went and sat on the edge of the pool and was cursing him.”abhi tak aye bhi nhi..SSO kahin ke yahan Wife gussa hai aur wo wahan par has rahe honge…”she said to herself being frustaded.She was talking to herself when a bar of dark chocolate came into her sight.Shivaay who knew that she was angry with him,went towards the kitchen and bought a bar of dark chocolate for her.As he knew that she can’t deny it.Annika’s face light up as soon as she saw it.She extended her hand to held it but soon realize that she was angry with him and took her hand back.”mujhe nhi khaana” she said and turned her head towards the left showing that she was angry.

Shivaay came forward and sat beside her.”nahi khaana?”he asked softy”nhi..!” she said.”nhi kaalo..”he said but the the same response.”Ok I’ll only eat it..”he said and started to unwrap it.She was looking at him from the corner of her eyes and tried to control her desire.He was going to to take a bite when she took it from his hand and started to relish it.She was buzy eating it when shivaay cleared his throat”Abhi kissi ne kahan tha ki..usse nahi khana ye”he said with a smirk and acted as if he was thinking something.She stopped and started to fumble..”hmm…aa…aap itna bol rahe hi rahe the ki maine socha ki becahra chocolate bura maan jaayega…so issiliye maine isse khaa liya…”she said and took another bite.”mujhe aaj pata chala ki chocolate ki bhi feelings hoti hai..”he said being amused.”haan hoti hai..”she said as a matter fo fact.

“aur wo kaise”he asked with a raised eyebrow.”dekhiye..”she started and shivaay with all attension listened to her.”mujhe na negative wibes aa rahe the arre Tia ki reiki wala..negative wibes…mujhe bhi yahi aa rahi thi jab maine isse khaane ko mana kiya..” she said as a matter of fact and took another bite of it.Shivaay stared at her blankly and within a second both of them burst into laughter.

Shivaay stopped and started to admire her while she was laughing.He was looking at her when she sensed his hard gaze on her and looked at him and their eyes locked.His eyes went towards her lips anhe extended his hand while she looked confused.He tenderly wiped the chocolate from the corner of her lips with his thumb and looked straight into her honey brown orbs.She closed her eyes and her cheeks were all red.He smiled seeing his effect on her.

she oppened her eyes and he started moving closer to her eyes widen in shock”Shivaay cockroach..!” she said frightened and stoood up in horror and her chocolate fell off her hand. now it was time for him to panic and in all this mess he misbalanced and now he was in the pool.Annika looked shocked at this sudden turn of event.She looked downward and realized that her chocolate was now not in a condition to be eaten and there was no cockroach but a toy which rudra was looking for , to scare sumo and with that she looked towards shivaay who was in the pool too shock to react.”mera chocolate..!”she said sadly but”dekha Shivaay jo jaisa karta hai waisa hi bharta hai…aapne mujhe daraya abh aap apne aapko dekhiye..kaise bheegi billi ki tarah aap darr gaye the..”she said and started laughing “The Shivaay Singh Oberoi jo kissi se nhi darta wo isse dekh kar darr gaya “she added while showing him the toy and started laughing.Shivaay came out of his daze and made a woe that the next morning he will not leave rudy for doing this.

Annika suddenly stopped and noticed shivaay’s well build body which was visible through his white t-shirt.The thin piece of cloth was flushed in his body like the second skin shivaay noticed this and moved towards annika and pulled her too in the pool.

Annika looked shocked”mujhe pata hai ki main bahut handsome hoon par aise kissi ko dekhna is a very bad manner..”he smirked and held her hand from backward and pulled her closer.She could feel his cold hands getting brushed on her bare waist and she was breathing heavily. She came out from the shock state and said”kya dekhna mein aapko nhi taar rahi thi..samjhe app…chane ke jhaar se utar jaiye..”she fumbled.”liar”he whispered hoarsly”tum mujhe waise nazar se taad rhi thi..”he continued while she was at loss of words”ma..main..aisa kuch bhi nahi kar rahi thi..main bahut seedhi saadhi ladki hoon”she said as a matter of fact.”haan mujh jaise handsome ladke ko dekh kar seedhi saadhi ladki bhi bigar jaati hai..”he said with pride.”No this is not true..”she argued”nope this is the were checking me out..”he said”no I was not..”she said.”you were..”he said casually.

This continue for two-three times when annika thought that she was loosing the battle and tried to change the topic “aur ye aapne kya kiya shivaay”she winched and made a pout.”Actually mujhe bhi na negative wibes aa rahe the pool se toh mujhe laga that the pool wanted you so I too pulled you into this”he said with a serious tone.”Haww…!meri billi mujhe hi meow”she said in disbelieve “hum toh sirf aap ke hi hain..toh tumhe copy karna toh banta hai”he said and winked at her while she blushed at his remark.”aaj kal na aap kuch zyada hi bolte hai..”she said shyly and moved from his hold and started to move away from him.

When she sensed a tug in her hand and turned to look around to see her bracelet get struck with his watch while he was smirking.”dekho ye watch bhi negative wibes de raha hai isse bhi tumse door nhi jaana”he chuckled and once again pulled her closer and she landed straight into his chest.She tried hard not to look in his eyes as she knew that she will be again lost in them and tried to free her bracelet from his watch.He held her hand and helped her to free her bracelet.She was not looking at him due to shyness and was blushing hard due to their closeness.”see you are again blushing..”he said huskily”issse yaad aaya mujhe…that you are gonna pay for your deeds”he said while she turned into a deeper shades of red.”maine kuch nhi kiya”she whispered not meeting his eyes.”aur naahi main blush kar rahi hoon..”she added.”hmm…wo toh dikh raha hai..”he said and lifted her chin so that her eyes met his.

“aap na ek no. ke cheapde ho..”she said and pushed him a little while he tightened his grip on her waist.”hmm…agar apni biwi ke saaath romance karne waale ko cheapde kehte hai toh I’m ok with it..”he said with a smirked while she smacked his arm lightly due to shyness.”aap na sach mein bahut bare cheapde ho gaye ho”she said playfully while he chuckled.

They were standing like that in each other arms being lost, in the middle of the pool.

Both of them were having flashes of their previous encounters…in this very pool and they were always because of anger but today something was different..they were in each other arm because they love each other not that they hate each other.There is a vast difference between Love and Hate but both are 4 letter words.One is the most beautiful feeling while the other is one of the worst feeling in this world.Their journey from hatred to love is something that no one can describe.And people says that it is very difficult to change hatred into love but as we say nothing is impossible,by seeing these two love birds we can say that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

The moon was shining with all it’s glory with the stars scattered around it giving the sky an ethereal look.these two were fully dreanched in water and both their bodies were flushed into each other.The distance between their faces were decreasing slowly…now there was only an inch left between them and their nose were touching each other.Shivaay held her cheeks with his one hand,annika had her eyes closed and her chest was falling up and down in a rymethic manner.He moved forward and there lips met.They just pour their love in this kiss.He was sucking onto her lower lips while she too reciprocated it.When they realized that they were running out of breath they broke the kiss.

Both had their eyes closed and annika rested her face on his chest,just above his beating heart.”annika can you hear something?”he whispered and hugged her tight”yes..your heartbeats..”she too whispered” it only beats for you..”he said and kissed the top of her hair.she looked at him tenderly.”and it will only beat for you till my last breath”he said and this time she kissed him being overwhelmed by him.Shivaay held her close and both of them kissed each other but this time it was more passionate.Both of them nibbled at each other lips,shivaay’s hand were moving freely at her back cherishing every inch of her milky skin while her one hand was in his hair pulling him closer while the other was wrapped around his neck.

She pulled him closer and give him excess inside her mouth.Shivaay entered her warm mouth which still had the taste of dark chocolate in them and groan in pleasure.suddenly annika back strike with the pool’s wall and they realize that they reached the edge of the pool but didn’t stop.both of them were exploring every inch of other’s mouth.Annika was feeling as if loads of firework had been exploded in her stomach and she was feeling dizzy but shivaay held her tight and kissed her hard.soon both of their tongues were fighting for dominance. Shivaay held her cheeks with his palm and the kiss turned into a soft one. they were just tasting each other mouth and when they were satisfied, once again broke the kiss being out of breath.Both rested there foreheads together trying to calm their raging breath and had their eyes closed.

both of them opened their eyes at the same time and she was taken aback by the intensity of his eyes which show pure love and desire for her, she was not feeling shy because she too had mutual feelings for him. Both of them needed each other.Shivaay moved towards her swan neck and started giving her wet kisses there while she titled her head backward giving him more excess.She gave out a soft yell when shivaay bited the portion were her shoulder started and held his shoulder tightly, he roamed his tongue over there to soothe her pain and continue to mark her all over her neck.

Annika was not in state to say anything she just let him do watever he wanted when suddenly he scoop her in his arms and made his way to their room,they shared an eyelock.He entered his and closed the door while she blushed and hide her face in his chest.he smiled seeing her and made her lay down on the bed.He came on top of her while she lovingly at him.He put a few strands of hair at the back her ear”Annika do you want me to do this?”he asked softly and looked straight into her eyes.She just pulled him into a ravishing kiss and they both once again kissed.They broke the kiss and looked at each other.”make me your’s shivaay in every possible way..”she whispered and held his cheeks.”the servant is at your service madam”he grinned while she giggled at his answer.

he once again attached her neck and started giving wet open mouth kisses from her jaw towards her shoulder.He snaked his arms at her back while she lifted her back to give his hand a better access and he opened her blouse knot which led to the falling of her sleves.His hand then found there way inside her blouse while feasting on her neck, she roamed her hand all around his back trying to get rid of the thin piece of cloth.He looked at the enchanting angel in front of him who started back at him breathing heavily.”you smell heavenly”he said while she smiled.He went downwards and kissed her cleavage.She moaned his name which arouses him more.He tore apart her blouse and her upper part was left naked for hism to feast on.

Annika tried to cover her upper part with her hand feeling shy under his piercing gaze but he held her hand,she withdraw her hand and gripped the bedsheet tightly in her hand in either sides.He sucked her bosoms hard which made her forgot everything and played with her pointed peaks with his tongue.She was continuosly moaning his name in this process she was able to tear his shirt which was making her frustaded and freed him from his shirt.Now both of their upper trunks were flushed into each other.He moved downwards and kissed her stomach and teased her belly button with his stomach while she arched her back.His hands were able to free her with her saree and now she was only in her underskirt.

Her nails were making patterns al over his back but he was more preoccupied in that he didn’t realize it.Annika pulled him up by his hair and kissed him once again.She turned him around and kissed him hard.She broke the kiss and showered him with wet kisses all over his body while his hands were discovering all her perfect curves.And within few minutes both of them get rid of their reamining clothes and shivaay thrusted inside her warm canal while she scremed in pain.Shivaay was continuosly giving her pecks to reduce her pain and when she was comforable he increased his pace and both of them reach their climax at the same time taking each other name.

both of them tried to calm their breathe and looked at each other.”I love you..”shivaay wispered against her lips and pulled her into a kiss”I love you too”she said while breaking the kiss and they went into a deep slumber,wrapped into each other embrace with a duvet covering their naked bodies.

The morning rays wake up shivaay.He stirred a little and realized that annika was half over him and was sleeping soundly.He remove some of her stands which was covering her face and kissed her forehead.She stirred a little in her sleep and nuzzled more itno him while he smiled at her.He was making patterns at the back of her waist , which was giving a tickling sensation to her.”what are you doing shivaaay…Soone dijiye na..”she whispered sleepily”main kahan kuch kar raha hoon?”he said and continue to draw patterns.She looked up and saw him with a lazy expression he just pecked her lips”good morning sweetheart”he whispered”good morning”she replied with a yawn.He was going to kiss her when she put her hands in between them and he kissed her hand instead of her lips”no more kisses and all main bahut tired feel kar rahi hoon..mujhe sone dijiye..”she said sternly and turn the other side while her face in the pillow.Shivaay made a frowning face and grinned like a 18 years boy.Annika was fast asleep when she sensed as if someone was carrying her in arms and she nuzzled more into him.

She heard a click sound and woke up being shocked as the cold water touched her skin.She opened her eyes in a jerk,sleep was far away from her eyes and saw shivaay face who was having a smirk and she realized that they were in the shower.”Shivaay choriye mujhe ye app kya kar rahe hai mujhe sona tha..”she pouted and tried to come out of his hold.” not now”he said and tighten his grip on her waist.”I’ll kill you”she said with gritted teeth.”would love to”he said and winked at her while she turned into a beetroot. Both of them were fully drenched in water “accha mujhe niche toh utar dijiye”she pleaded as she know it is futile to make any attemp.He hummed in response and made her stand.The shower was on and water was pouring on them while they stood under the shower and shared an eyelock.Shivaay moved forward and kissed her while she too reciprocated it and with that another session of love making started in the morning under the shower.


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