Shivika Ts_Pal Bhar_ Part 4 [Sequel to Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga] (By Anya)

Hello my Lovely Darling! I’m really overwhelmed by the response I’m getting,it keep me motivating! and It helps me give you all fast updates.I know I’m not regular at it but I really try my best to updat it as soon as possible.Well this story only is left with One more chapter and then I will starting the next series.I hope you all like it.

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Shivika Ts –Pal Bhar–

Part 4.

“A person is, among all else, a material thing, easily torn and not easily mended.”
– Ian McEwan, Atonement

Never in his wildest dream No scratch that before these 3 years when she left him,he had never thought that he will be like this,crying not like really,if anyone will see him now it will like everything is normal in his life,he is contentant with his life why not they will thing this? as this is the time he will surely use his practise of using the mask which he had perfected in these 20 to 15 years of his life but only who are close to him will see how broken he looked and how his broken heart is crying loudly.Well maybe! He is not sure if anyone would see this side of him from the great wall he had created around him but little did he know that his little brother can see it.

Rudra stood just beside his superhero who is apparently wearing that suffocating mask of his on his face in an attempt to hide his vulnerable state from this highly profiled bussiness man and guest in the party.He sigh with blood shot red eyes as he wasn’t able to help his brother his bhaiya in any way. Well his superhero was right “We shouldn’t make promises which we aren’t able to keep it” but he is not an Antaryami that he got to know that this will happen. and he really hoped that it will not happen but his fate betrayed him and here he was standing in front of the people wo had come in his bhabhi.Correction – his annika didi’s engagement with Sameer.he will lost the ritgh to call her bhabhi after a few minutes so he is practicing in saying her did from now on so that later it will be easy to say it.

He is not at all angry with her.Why he will be?does she did a crime?No if thinking of yourself is a crime than it is definately wrong.and She is has thought of herslef so she is not wrong but there is a little part of him who is a little upset with her dicision as she was leaving his bhaiya.It’s a natural response but he will not show this.As she had full right to make her own life decision,to choose her welbeing and little did he know that his bhabhi aggrrrhhh… Annika Didi is lying as he could see the dullness and the stifening of her body gesture when she said that she didn’t love his brother and to his surprise he know why she did it.At that time he was really angry but later when he sat at the bench in the park looking at the childrens playing , He saw a small girl running and aroung when she slipped and got hurt on her elbow,as her parents came running to her helping her to stand up,they instantly throw away her pink slippers which she was wearing and the girl said sadly”You were right ,It again made me slip! I love this slippers but now I’m scared to wear it again what if it made me slip once again and I would be more hurt.So I won’t need this”she finished making his breath stop.

He was surprised that this little act in front of him made his eyes open to the truth.He knows that it was god’s will to make him see this.He realized that his bhabhi – he gave out a groan as again he called her bhabhi but anyways,he realized that she was scared of another heartbreak as he could clearly seee the fear in her dull cocoa brown eyes but at the heat of an argument he was not able to decipher it at that very moment but now he understood it and he was feeling angry on himself for thinking all this.He forgoted all the suffering she had experienced when shivaay bhaiya as with her as he was blinded by the devastated state of his brother but she is totally right at her place.But she should understand that bhaiya had changed, he is a changed man now,not the Shivaay Singht Oberoi who lived his whole life on the principle of naam khoon khaandaan.

Oh god this naam khoon khaandan is the root cause of all this.How he wished that his brother would have taken the right dicision but to his bad luck it didn’t happen and this why they had to face all this.He for the firdst time felt as if he was trapped because he doesn’t know to which side he support?His brother’s or his bhabhi,ok now he will call her bhabhi only and later will try to change it as habit do die hard.He is not able to decipher who is right at this very moment.Does it is annika ot his bhaiya?No both are okay at their place but it is not good for anyone of thm as it will onlt give them pain in return and nothing else.When he reached the hotel he saw shivaay’s face pale and sweat was all over his forehead,he looked like as if few minutes before he had struck with an attack but he just throw this thought at the furthest corner of his head as he saw him sleeping soundly and thought not to disturb him.

After some time when he woke up he had asked him not to go as it is not nesseccery but shivaay was one such stubborn lad and he came here to see his love becoming someone else.Rudra had tried his best but failed miserably he wanted to shake his brother badly and ask him why he is doing this?Punishing himself?but doesn’t these three years of punishment is not enought?well he aksed this to himslef and to his disbelief or utter shock his answer was NO.and he realised that his brother had down one such big sin that he won’t be able to forgive him.and so shivaay was right in his place,he will punish himself.

“Arre shivaay beta!I ‘m glad that you came”Mr.Ahuja hugged shivaay who smiled fakely at the old man”hello Uncle, how would I han’t come here as it was your daughter’s engagement”he said and tried hard not to make it look like a dead voice as deep down his heart was squeezing in his chest making him grip his hand to control the pain.”and meet my brother Rudra Singh Oberoi,he also wanted to accompany me”shivaay introduced him while he gave a warm smile towards the old man who in turn did the same and went away not before asking them to enjoy themselves.How they will enjoy? Shivaay just wanted to laugh out loud at his cruel fate,if thsi person was someone else then he would have just said”yes we are literally enjoying it”in a mocking tone but stop himself.


“Gorgeous?”Sameer asked as soon as he entered the room,he looked around to see her standing att he other end of the room near the window gazing outside,she looked like as if she is in deep thoughts.With slow steady steps he reached her,he saw her eyes red with tears, he realized that she had been crying few minutes ago and with a slight tab on her shoulder , she was back to the world”what happened Gorgeous?Are you ok?”sameer aksed with concern dripping from his his each word.Annika hadn’t met his eyes and the mat on the floor had suddenly become a very attractive thing to watch. She just nodded her head in affirmation , when he heard a chuckle from his side making her loook at him shocked “Annika tumhe kya lagta hai ki tum mujhe jo bhi bologi main wo sach maan jaaonga?” he asked softly maing her tear up a little more while he smiled lightly.

he just made her sit on the cough and sat infront of her taking her hand in his”Annika I hope that you remembered what I have told you when I proposed you that whenever you felt that this relation is not for you,you are free to break it.Didn’t I told you?” he asked tenderly while tears finally started to decend down her cheeks “No sameer I’m happy with this, I don’t know why are you asking me this at this time when we are going downstairs” , she just sniffed and wiped off her tears stood up dragging him downstairs,as she started to move she felt a sharp turn making her face him”Then why are you crying? and please don’t tell me that these are tears of happiness”he said making her look up at him bewildered,what she will tell him about these tears?As she too herself don’t knw why she is crying.

“what I’ll do Sameer?”she asked with a defeated sigh “Just called off this engagement” he whispered whle she looked at him as if he has grown horns on his head “Arre why are you looking at me like this?I hadn’t asked you to give your kidney to me so stop gawking me like this”he said playfully while his eyes get covered with a thin layer of water.Annika was taken aback by this gesture of him.Had he lost it?He is asking her to call off their engagement.”sameer what are you saying?”she gasped.

“I’m telling that called off this engagement”he said while keeping his hand on both sides of his pocket with a cacual shrug. “please Sameer this is not the time to joke”annika was infatuated , sameer just pulled up his hand in surrender and with a swift move he made her sit on the couch once gain”Annika I’m not joking! I’m serious”, annika just took away her hand from his grip “have you lost it sameer? why would I call off this engagement?” she asked still in shock “because you love shivaay, annika admit it” annika just closed her eyes as soon as the name shivaay entered her eardrum,”It’s nothing like that Sameer , I had left my pas—” she was cut in midway by sameer”I told you tumhare kehne se jhoot sach nahi ho jaayega” making her curse him as he had very well know her.

“You know sameer that why I can’t go to him.Don’t you?than why are you digging that now?making me miserable? and if you are going to called it off than hear me out that I will be not going to shivaay.Did you hear me?I will not go to him”she said as the tears burned her eyes “But—” sameer thought to reason it but he was cut in midway”No sameer! I can’t just leave you like this,and neither can’t I just go to shivaay,I never thought that you will do this! sameer I wanted to give this relation a chance did you hear me? I want”she whispered the last part and hide her face in her palm,moving it in a leftright direction.

“Okay gorgeous I won’t force you to do this, but just think about it once again it’s not like if we’ll get engaged than you can’t freee yourself from this,you had this right now as well as that time”he said while cupping her face,”Wait a minute I wanted to ask you something are you drunk or what?”she asked with a curious look,he just laughed out loud making her look at him more confusingly”No not at all gorgeous! I know this behaviour of mine is out of my character and it let people think that I’m drunk but trust me whatever I said,I said in my full senses”Annika was overwhlemed by his gesture,she will never stop loving him as a friend.She was feeling like blessed to have him as her best friend and as a gratitude she hugged him tight whispering a thank you while he smiled reciprocating the hug.

“But I think I look handsome being senti don’t I?”he grinned making her hit him on his back lightly while hugging “you will never change Don’t you?”she said while coming out of the hug “here we were serious and you had to praise yourself”she twisted her mouth making him pull her cheeks in admiration “Oh god I would never ask you again this question”she said with a sigh “Good girl!”he smiled brightly and rubbed off her tear stained cheeks making her irritated.

“Let’s Go”he said and made her stood up when she stilled,sensing her like this he looked at ehr with questioning eyes”Shivaay”sh wispered as once again tears started to weld up in her cocoa brown orbs”I know you will face him.and I will be with you”he said with a assured nood while she was still unsatisfied but nodded her head and started to move to go to the lawn.


Well today shivaay realized that what is the restlessness of seeing someone you loved.Well his eyes were continuosly moving in it’s own accords everywhere trying to get a glimse of someone he is unconditionally in love with. His heart was all in a different path “Just walk out from here you stubborn man the feeling is itself suffocating me and you are standing here to see her with someone else? Don’t you understand that I won’t be able to handle it! Just go from here” he just shrug of the thought as it is normal because from the day he had taken that unfaithful decision he was at constant fight with his heart and regarding his mind he had long before shut it down,not at all giving a glance on it.He glanced at his side as he felt a tug on his hand to see rudra staring at him with hopeful eyes,giving him silent pleading to go from here,but he just noded in a No,he just gave a defeated sigh.

“bhaiya How can you just see bhabhi like this?Don’t you feel pain?”he asked while turning to him,he just gave a dry chuckle making rudra groan in frustation,he doesn’t understand what had enetered his brothr’s body?which is leading him to do all this “Rudra! Mere BHAI It pained but I’m used to it, but today it is paining more,I don’t know why?”he asked as he rubbed the portion just obove his heart with his hand,Making rudra close his eyes as he felt his eyes stink.”Oh Yeah I know why it is hurting?It is hurting because of my deeds”he said with an amused tone”Rudra did you listen it is hurting because of me,I’m responsible for this”he said shaking him a little while he just looked at him blankly”Why are you doing this bhaiya?”he whispered desperately “Because I deserve it”he said hoarsily making rudra breath hitch at the intensity of his deep voice.


So this is it! I hope I was able to make you hate Sameer more or love him more,Well I want this answer from you all.LOL And one more think I’m writting sameer’s character imagining Mishkat Varma he had play the role of Kabir in Nisha aur uske cousins and I was crazy for him just like I’m for Nakuul nowadays. <3

I really hope it was upto your ecpectaions.

DO give your reviews regarding it and constructive feedbacks are always welcomed and I will be glad If I'll get response from my lovely silent readers.It will be a pleasure to read their thoughts regarding this story!

With Love,
-Anya <3

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