Shivika Ts_Pal Bhar_ Part 2 [Sequel to Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga] (By Anya)

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Shivika Ts –Pal Bha–
Part 2

“To lose a sibling is to lose the one different from you. There’s no one now against whom to say: But I am like this. I am this.”
– Sofia Samatar.

Rudra stared at the man who fortunately was his elder brother but ther was a lot of change in his appearance.He loked like a defeated man who had loose all his hope to live a life,he realized he had loose a lot of weight,there was big black bags around his eyes,hair a little messy as if it had not been cut for months now,beard dis shealved and a no. of stressed line on his forehead.he saw him turning in his sleep.

Shivaay felt as if someone is not letting him open his eyes,he tried to move but it felt as if he was paralised,his head was throbing with extreme pain but he was used to it.He with great difficulty opened his eyes to see the shadow of an hazy creature sitting beside him.He flicked his eyes to clear the view of his eyes and turned his head a little to see that he was in some different place.On a keen observation he realized that he was in his room,in Oberoi Mansion where he hadn’t came from the last 3 months.He was surprised to realize that he couldn’t make out at the first glance that he was in his room where he lived his whole life till now.How can he realize it?The room seemed as if it was a whole new place,He turned a little to left and saw that every thing was in it’s place but still something was missing which was making it looking haunting.Yeah.haunting mabye because it was not gving him the warmth that it gave when SHE was with him in this room.It lack the feeling of being at home and this is the reason he couldn’t decipher that he was in his room.His gaze once again went towards the person who was sitting beside him and he realized that the person was looking like rudra.He must be dreaming,he smiled at the thought.

“Rudra”Shivaay whispered in an inaudible voice to clear his misunderstanding of him being rudra but rudra was able to hear him out.”Yes bhaiya”he said instantly while tightening his grip on his hands.Rudra breath caught in his throat as he saw his brother’s eyes which was empty and dull.He didn’t believe that it was the same eyes which always had thre tendancy to make every one’s heart melt down once but no it is now haunting.shvaay just smiled sadly as tears started to desends down his cheeks”you will again vanish right? I’m once again dreaming”he said with difficulty while rudra shaked his head violently saying he is not right,he will be there with him.”I’m sorry bhaiya I shouldn’t have treated you like this”he said as tears too started to flow from his eyes.He just gave a soft chukle”see I know I’m dreaming,this alcohol always made me hallicunate”he slurred out.”It must be me who must apologize and here you are doing it”

Rudra just shaked him lightly and asked him to believe that he was there in real.”Bhaiya you are not dreaming I’m here with you”he said while Shivaay knitted his brows together and extended his hand towards his face,he just touched his cheeks to believe that his baby brother was there with him and with that a sob escaped his mouth but soon it was replaced with a little wider smile.

Shivaay moved forward and hugged him close to his heart”Rudra! you are in real how I missed you rudra”shivaay cried his heart out in the embrace of his baby brother while he too had the matual feelings.”I missed you too superman I missed you too’he said and hugged him tight.Suddenly shivaay came out of the embrace and touched his face to feel him as he was still having the feeling that this was all a dream and nothing else.Rudra smiled with tears in his eyes”I’m really sorry bhaiya!I was angry with you because you let bhabhi go away but now I think I shouldn’t have done that everyone stands a chance and you too,When I was small you always forgive me for my deeds so now when I got the chance I didn’t forgive you.I’m bad bhaiya!I’m bad!”he hold his hand and started to shake it so that shivaay could slap him.

Shivaay just witdraw his hands and held his cheeks”Rudra how can you say you are bad?Rudra it was the situation which led you to behave like this and I deserve this rudy because it was me who had choosed this”shivaay said with a sad smile.”I lost everyone rudra,you Om annika dadi everyone”He said with a desperate yet defeated sigh.Rudra was feeling as if a sword has been pierced in his heart and again seeing his superman like this.Defeated.He know that he was also the cause for this.he realized that the anger towards him was gone long much before he know that it exists and the last string was cut today when he saw him lying on the road unconcious mumurring annika over and over again.he realized how much his elder brother had to go through in the span of these nearly three years.

How could he just forget all his good memories as well as precious moments with his superman.He felt ashamed that for a dicision–Correction A BIG dicision he left him alone.he disowned him–ok not that but still is was similar to that.he can’t say that he was right at that very moment as his dicision was not at all right and soo he should be angry with him.yes Why not? He should be angry with him,not talk to him,ignore him for sometime.YES for sometime as he was his dearest brother,We say that the one who loves us always forgive us,but what he did?He punished him for whoe 3 years approximately.He is a bad brother,he’s been a jerk and now he wanted to rectify his mistakes his blo*dy mistakes and an urge of making everything alright washed over him.Yes he will try as much as he can.

“I’m here for you bhaiya!and I promise I will bring everyone back to you no matter what.I know Om will be a difficult subject but I know he loves you very much and he will also forgive you”rudra assured him while shivaay smiled at his baby brother who suprisingly is not at all behaving like a child.Maybe these three years had taught him alot of things as both his brothers were not by his side.He smiled a little brighter as now he was assuring him that he will make everything alright.What an innocent soul he is.But does he know that he can make everyone forgive but not one person?Does he know that the person he is talking about is the person whom he had hurt the most?”Thank you rudra!”he whispered “And we will find annika bhabhi also and I wil make her forgive you it’s my promise”Rudra said after a pause”We shouldn’t make promises which we aren’t able to keep rudra , annika will never forgive me.Never.She had moved on.She is getting engaged soon” and soon tears started to stream down his dull orbs,his fisted the sheets in his hands as the thought of annika being with someone else tore him apart’What the hell are you saying baiya?Bhabhi moved on and she is getting engaged like seriously?,She loved you bhaiya,she can’t do this to you”rudra said being flabbastered for a few seconds.”It’s the truth rudy”he whispered but soon smiled,a sad one thought”But I’m happy that she moved on”he said “Yes I’m”and with that he hugged rudra tightly and once again started to sob.

Rudra just couldn’t decipher what his brother is talking about,he waited for him to calm down a bit and when shivaay controllled himself”But you must be misunderstood bhaiya.But where did you meet her?”he asked in a literally curious tone.Shivaay just narrated the entire think that how he had met her and how he had saw her with sameer and later today evening he got an invitation card of her and sameer’s engagement.”Bhaiya annika bhabhi will never do it,I will make her realize that she loves you and she can’t move on like this”rudra said once again in a assured tone “Maybe it come true rudra!”he whispered hoarsily.Rudra knows how much annika loved shivaay,and he had faith in her that she can never do it.He hope against hope that this is not the truth.


“Bhaiya are you alright?”rudra asked in a worried tone seeing shivaay taking deep breath and loosening his tie with a pained expression.”yeah I’m alright it’s just this tie is a little suffocating”shivaay said with much difficulty and got hold of the glass of water which was passed by Rudra.”have this bhaiya you will fel good”he said and made him drink some water.Shivaay put his head at the back of his chair resting for sometime as he was now feeing better when rudra voice made him open his eyes”bhaiya tell me is there anything you are hiding from me?”he asked with a curious tone”No rudra there’s nothing !Trust me I’m ok it’s just—“Shivaay said and streched the last part”It’s just what bhaiya?”he asked a little aloud”It’s just the old disease and nothing”he said with a sigh”How cold you say it’s nothing?bhaiya you should have gone to a doctor for this”he said enraged at the carelessness of his brother towards his health”yeah,Iv’e gone to a doctor and prescribed medicines” “So are you taking them?” “Hmm..yes!”shivaay replied after a pause.

How could he just say that his condition is getting worst day by day because he is not taking his medicines despite being know that it can be dreradful for him.He really don’t want to take those medicines.What he will do after taking them?Just that his lifespan will increase and he can live more?just to feel the pain more?Just to think of her and carve for her?No he can’t live without her and if the uneasiness and this unbearable pain which he is suffering from these years could finish for not having the medicines than he will do that,He knows his family will never forgive him but they should understand tha he is also a human and not superman or supernatural that he can bear the pain.It’s enough! he won’t be able to do it more.

“But why are you not meeting with anyone bhaiya?”Rudra asked while bringing him back from his thoughts”I won’t be able to face them Rudra”shivaay whispered while rubbing his face with his palm”No I can’t”he added , rudra just gave a defeated sigh.

“Why ?Bhaiya why aren’t yo able to face us?”he said in urgency”I Don’t know!But still I can’t”he said and gulped down the left over water.

“we are going to land in lucknow in 5 mins—-“the pilot announced making them end this conversation here.

Shivaay heaved a sigh of relief as he thought that today rudra wouldn’t leave him before getting the answer.yes he was afraid that if he nudge him totell the reason he will be at sort of words.Why?Because he too don’t know the reason.Maybe his condition was not letting him meet them as they will come to know abou it.He is not leaving in OM yet,and one big reason for it is that he doesn’t wanted to face his mother.the mothere who took everything from him.He shouldn’t have been saying this but still he can’t forgive her.No he just can’t.And he also don’t wanted his family to be panicked because of his health because he is the one who is responsible for this and he is the one who will face it without letting anyone know about it.Deep in his heart he is going this to punish himself,because he hurted his family and that pure soul whom he is unconditionally in love with.

his heart once again squeezed in his chest as he realized that hwe was going in her engagement.Yes he will go ,he will go and see her becoming someone else in front og his eyes,punishing himself! But at the same time will be happy that she finally had moved on.Had left all her haunting past behind which unfortunately is all because of him and walk in the path which will bring her immense happiness and love which she deserves.A small smile made it’s way to his lips at this thought.But still it will hurt him,Hurt?It will destroy him inside out crushing his heart into power as it is already broken.

He was taken out of his thought as he felt been on the groung once again,which means the flight had been landed in lucknow and few haours hence he will see his love becoming someone else.

Rudra first didn’t believe this but seeing the serious and broken look on shivaay’s face he was forced to believe that his bhabhi had finally moved on and was for real was getting engaged,this had come like to blow to him but still he wantwed to meet her last time,asking her what was the reason that hse left his bhaiya like this and also that doesn’t she love him now? and so after pleading him which felt like enternity he had accompained him here.And he will took this chance for himself,no for the betterment of his bhaiya bhabhi.Yes he will ask annika all of that and if her answer will be yes that she had moved on than he will just leave her,and will be seeing the destruction of his bhaiya’s life in front of his eyes.

And he Hope against Hope that what he wanted come true.


So this is the end of part 2.I know I should have shown Shivika meet but it seems it will be in the next update though or maybe not!

I really wanted to clear something with you all,

See Firstly don’t hate this annika in my story , there’s a lot to it which you will come to know as I will proceed.Anika is not at all bad she is just tra in a situation from which she can’t escape! I know this is wierd but I won’t be able to tell more.

Secondly Om will be not here in this Ts maybe he will be in the last part or not but I think he will be in it’s sequel.Yes he needs to be there.Until then rudra is their for his superhero and I too hope that you all are liking this.

Now coming to Shivaay,I know it is really sad to see him like this but I don’t know what will be your reaction in the coming updates as there’s alot for shivay to suffer.Oh Gosh! I don’t know what you all will do to me,Kaccha Chaba jaaoge tumlog! LOL But I’m a brave girl and I will take the risk.

I hope I have cleared alot of things.

With Love,
-Anya : )

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