Shivika Ts_Pal Bhar_ Part 1 [Sequel to Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga] (By Anya)

Author’s Note~

Hello my lovely readers.*tight hug*

Here I’m with the sequel of my TS – Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga. This Idea came to my mind when I listened the reprise version of this song Pal Bhar (this is also a soulful song) Well there will be also a sequel of this One also! But it wil come after I’ll finish this.Maybe both of them will end in 2 to 3 shots,Maybe I’m not sure! So I hope you all will like it! As I don’t know what will be your reaction after reading it.

As Iv’e seen most of you wanted me to give a happy ending to it then It willl a treat for them or maybe not!(This Ts is a litle sad one but the sequl to it will be good!) But before reading this you need to read the previous one as it will be easy to understand this one.So do have a look on it and if you have already read it than please continue to read the below Post.

I know I’m looking like a fool while updating this as I have told you all that I won’t be able to give a haoppy ending to it but I’m also a person who doesn’t go well with sad ending and I was thinking about this story for a long time to give it a khappy ending but was refraininf myself to do it but 2 day before I listen to this reprise one and thougth to give a try to my out of the blue thought.

So Do give your review about it!


Main Phir Bhi tumko Chahunga : Part 1 Part 1
Last part Last Part

this is for those who havn’t read the previous part. : )


Please Read the Note above before reading this.It may help you to understand this Ts much more easily.

Kindly Ignore Grammartical Mistakes and Typos.

Happy Reading.


Shivika TS–Pal Bhar–
Part 1

“i felt her absence. it was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. you wouldn’t need to run to the mirror to know they were gone”
–James Dashner, The Scorch Trials

Shivaay went to the party once again after half an hour until he was able to control himself but it seems it never gonna end so with great difficulty he plastered a smile on his face and went to the venue.As he entered,the feeling of being at home was gone and this made him realize that annika was not there and he was thankful for it.If he saw her with sameer once again he wouln’t take that and would have done something which he will later regret.The regret of his dicision was enough for him for his whole life and adding more to it will be immpossible for him to live his life.He just wanted to go home at this very moment but he wanted to say something to sameer and for that he came here.

He looked around the venue and he saw him talking to some guest.With each step towards him,his mind screamed him to stop.Stop this stupid act of his.but he had long before stopped taking the advice of his mind and listened to what ever his heart was telling him.”Sameer”he called out in a hoarse voice while smeer turned to look at this devastated man who seems that he had lost his everything just a few mins ago.”Yes shivaay”he replied and excused himself from the guest.As he turned he was taken into a tight embrace by shivaay making him shock to hell but what he said made him pat his back in an assured way.

“Sameer take care of annika and sahil I know you are the one who can take care of her,I have always made her cry but I know you will keep her of luck bro!”he whispered in his ears while sameer to reciprocated it”I will”sameer whispered but how he truely wanted to say him that he is the one and only person who can make annika happy and how much she loved him and continue to love him.Annika’s words echoed in his ears”Promise me that you will never tell this that I still love him to Shivaay,never!I know you two havn’t met yet but if by chance if you’ll meet him.Don’t dare to tell him this else i will also go away from here”she had told him when he had called her to know if she reached home.He closed his eyes telling a unheard sorry to him for being this cruel.But he had to do this and he is helpless.

Shivaay came out of the hug making him come out of his thoughts and look at him with a guilty expression”I know you must be confused why I’m telling this to you and not beating you black and blue ,this is because I know I can never make her happy and the one thing I can give her is only pain,but I’m happy that she is happy and safe with you,don’t you dare make her cry ever and you are the most lucky person to have her so don’t loose this chance”he said with a small smile with tearful eyes and patted his shoulder in a friendly manner.He smiled at him”I feel envy towards you that you are stilll the most lucky person as you have her”he thought but didn’t said anything.

Shivaay turned to go as he can’t act much now,the mask is slipping from his face and he can’t afford it.he felt a tug on his wrist and looked at sameer”I will keep your promise shivaay I will”he said with a smile while he nodded as he was not abe to make a sentence because of the lump in his throat and vanished out of the venue with tears in his eyes and a broken heart but a satisfaction that his Annika was in safe hands.

It’s been 3 months since he came back to Mumbai from lucknow.He had taken the next flight to mumbai as soon as he left the venue.Well thee two months wa like a hell for him.He barely goes to the mansion earlier but now it seems that the doors of the mansion and been closed for him for his whole life.He didn’t saw the face of his house from the last 3 months.What he will do when he’ll reach home?Ok scratch that his big Mansion where no one is for him.No one is there waiting for him except his mother to whom he had distanced himself from the day she left.where there is no one with whom he can share his feelings.where there is no one to love him.Om is not there as he is still in london.Rudra willl be in the other wing of the mansion as he doesn’t wanted to see his face.Dadi Ignored him and Prinku went abroad for her higher studies.And the one he loved the most his wife is also not there to whom he can love and take care.So is there any reason for which he will go home?aarrgghhh… once again correction– HIS LARGE MANSION.

NO! A big f**king NO! he laughed a desperate laugh when he realized that he has no one in his life.He is Alone.Alone in this hell of his own life.He laughed a litlle louder because he was the one responsible for his own condition.Yes he was the one to be blamed and no one in this whole wide world is balmed.How happy must be god to see him like this,deafeated,vulnerable ,scaterred,heart broken.He looked up as he saw someone knocking on his cabin door.”Come in”he said and tried to be normal.”Sir this is the invitation card on your name”his secretary said and kept the card on his table and went away when she saw him nod his head slightly.

he doesn’t wanted to see what is that in the golden envelope which seemed to attract him and he stood up,went to the large window which occupy the whole one side of his cabin walls and was able to see the moon clearly shining in the night sky.He smiled sadly because now this moon doesn’t seem to be bright but dull for him from the last two months.He doesn’s know why but it actually seems a little dull and today there was no star in the sky leaving the Moon all alone.Just like him.All alone and dull!Whenever he see the moon he thinks that he is seeing himself in that.The sun gives light to the moon similarly annika was the sun who give light to his lifeless body and make him alive all day.But now when she is not there he is incomplete and dark.

A lone tear escaped his eyes as he remebered her.As her smiling face came in front of his eyes.Many a times he would hallicunate that she is with him but when he tried to get hold of her she vanished in the thin air.”Sir sorry to disturb you but Dr. Sinha had made a visit to you”mishra said while he didn’t turn and asked himto let the doctor come.He wipped his tears and sat on the leather couch driking water when a lady in her early fifty made her way inside.

“Welcome Dr.Sinha have a seat”he said and signed her to sit.She smile at him and sat opposite to him.”Shivaay why are you doing this to youself?one month ago when I met you you were alright and we could have handled the situation but see here is the result of your health.your secretary called me and told me that today you were feeling drowsy,not able to breath and had puked also.Shivaay I’m your doctor try to understand you need to take your medicines otherwise I won’t be able to help you.Here are the reports and it shows that your disease is getting worst day after day.have you seen yourself in the mirror?I bet you that you won’t be able to recognise yourself.You look like a lifeless man.shivaay please try to understand and take your medicines.I beg you”Dr.Sinha showed him his reports but he just looked at it and smiled and kept it aside making her shake her head in disbelieve”Shivaay you are smiling like really?Don’t you want to live? what will be the condition of your family your wife when they’ll come to know abo—“she stopped midway”There is no one doctor No one”he said with a craked voice but smiled at her.

She held his hand and squeezed it lightly’Shivaay now I can’t help it,I’m going out from the next flight but thought to check you once. I’ll be back within a week as my nephew is getting engaged day after tommorow and if you have any problem I’m just a call away my child”she said while caressing his face and he gave a asuured nod”Well give him some good wishes from my side also”he said while she smiled and said that her nephew is also just like him.”Okay I must go now but shivaay for god sake please take your medicines it may effect your heart”she said in a soft tone while he didn’t reacted to it and acted as if he havn’t listened to it.She sighed and went from there leaving him alone in his thoughts.

The reason to live had alreadyleft his soul long before and this small diease is just a mere addition to his painful life so it doesn’t matter to him.he knows that this disease can de dreadful to him but don’t care.Why will he care?Is there any reason to be alive?No! his heart screamed No dammit! you will have to live like this.I will never forgive you because of this pain you are giving me.His heart said while he kept his hand on it and rubbed it trying to calm his stubborn heart down.He just kept his hand over there and felt his heart beat,smiled because he still love her and his heart will beat only for her.

He fidget with his phone and saw the pic Annika and caresses her face with his soft fingers.After sometime he swipe it and there was a picture of him with his brothers.He smiled when he went to the flashback when this photo was taken and laughed at the thought.His fingers involentary went towards contacts and he called Om but as always it went dead.He then called Rudra but he also didn’t pick it up.He sighed and kept his phone and rested his head againt the couch,closing his eyes for a moment.

He looked up and his eyes caught the blue card kept on his table about whom he had already forget.He stood up but once again sat there as he felt his head spinning but after shaking his head violently and trying to be normal he went and sat on his chair and got hold of the card.”SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI was written with bold golden letters in front of it and he caressed it but his eyes started to get hazy because for this name he is in this condition.This name! He hate it..he despise it.

he opened the card and his breath caught in his throat and he heart squeezed much harder this time making him breathless.tears started to come out of his eyes like anything and read the line once again”You are gracefully invited to the auspricious occation Of Annika and Sameer’s Engagement” trying to comphrehend that.He just throw it away from his hand and pushed somethings from his desk, made his way outside the cabin and then outside his office with blood shot red eyes.

He drove faster as he can and stoppped in front of a bar,where he could just loose himself and live a few moments of peace beause alcohol is the only thing which will help him to escape from this living hell of his and he was glad that despite no one can help him to ease the pain but their hand made stuffs is helping him.Yeah,It will give him relief for just a mere hours but he is alright with it.he went and sat on the bar counter ordering whisky,started gulping down one after the other.

“Sir the bar is going to be closed”the bartender called out to an highly intoxicated shivaay who had till now gulp down a number of glass.”hmm..yes”he said in a slurry tone and tried to stand up,he took out his wallet and gave a handful of money and started to walk out of the bar.Once outside,he looked around to see that the area was almost deserted,Empty Dark just like him.As he walked he looses his control and tripped making him fall on th road and faint.

“Hello is this Rudra?”A person asked on the other side of the phone”Yes but who are you? Where is Bhaiya?”rudra asked in panicked voice.He doesn’t wanted to pick his call but something trigerrred in his heart which forced him to recieve it.”I was passing by when I saw this person with whom this phone belong lying unconciously on the road and you wwere the first one on the call log so I called you”the person said politely and said the address to Rudra who came running to his bhaiya within 15 mins.

He took him into the car and tried to shake him to make him come out of his unconcious state.Welll his heart squeezed when he saw him like this.He hadn’t saw him from past 3 moths and when atlast he saw him,It made him guilty for his decisions,for not being with his superman but on the other side he was still angry with his dicisions.But At this very moment looking at this devastated man in front of him had melted his stone like heart for his brother.He drove to the Oberoi mansion and took him to his room which was still the same way as it was 3 months ago.


I hope I didn’t made you all hate me for showing shivaay like this.Well there are a lot to it!This is just the trailor.Shivaay is still suffering! and he had to but as we say every struggle come to end this will also have an end!Do give your reviews regarding this update and should I continue it or not?

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      you don’t need to be sorry dear! As i’m happy to get some constructive replies from you all.Well I think you have read it’s previous story so you have seen that annika is not able to give another chance as she is affraid that he will again break her heart!so according to it annika must know that she can’t live without shivaay! and despite of her fear she will give shivaay a chance and will move on so it’s just the build up so don’t worrry it will end in a happy note!
      I hope you understand what I wanted to tell you.

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      thank you sofiya! You are right time is the perfect healer for all wounds and suffering so this will also end with tme.

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    Coming to the story it’s flawless as always. Your imagination is amazing.
    I’m really a very big vaali fan of your work.
    May God bless you soooo much stay blessed and lead happy and healthy life :))
    Hope you will read my comment and reply to ensure me that you read.

    1. Anyakhan32

      Hello Ishu! Well I would have definately replied to you despite of you asking me because i always adorn silent readers reply and your reply had also made my day! Sweetie thankyou for replying it really means alot.! and I’m glad that i got the honor to get the first reply from you on TU.Thank you so much for your kind words dear!

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    1. Anyakhan32

      hello sweetie! well you had a registered account so why are you replying like this.
      Anyaways thank you very much foe this feedback.hmm.. your guess is 50 50 right yeah it is to a point right and I hope you will like the next part also.

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    Sameer and Anika’s engagement- oh my god, how will Shivaay handle the pain ? Curiosity is at its peak and you are beautiful. Just wonderful.
    And you know what I have my cousin sisters who do not watch ishqbaaz but I send them the links of this story and on my repetitive insistence they read it and are very happy. They were praising you and I was so happy.
    We all are eagerly waiting for your next part. Please post the next one soon. Love you loads and loads for giving us an amazing chapter.
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    From you biggest fan❤

    1. Anyakhan32

      Cutiepie! *BiG hug* Me too sorry for replying! As I have come over here now only was busy with some work.Yeah I need to give this story a proper ending!As this tory was haunting me continuosly.*Sigh*
      yes annika ans sammer are getting engaged and you will soon come to know what will happen to Shivaay.How he will handle this.
      Oh gosh! I’m so over whelmed to know that your cousins love my work it really means a lot! I will try to update it soon as from Tommorow I will be free so will updtae it within this week*Finger crossed*

      With loads of hugs and kisses,
      -Anya ; )

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    Wow dear Anya….I can go on praising u for hours…..
    U know even I love both the songs so much. Since there were some TS n FF named phir bhi tumko chahuga, I had thought to write a story on it’s second version phal bhar when I am back….I love both these songs so much….
    But I am glad that u are doing it….I didn’t even have a proper story in mind….N u are slaying it girl…..

    Even sameer could feel Shivaay’s pain….But still knowing everything he couldn’t do anything…..
    Oh God….your description about Shivaay’s pain made me cry so badly…..
    First family’s behaviour towards him made him feel all alone and then everything he sees reminds him of Anika n his loneliness….that is so beautifully written…..And to add on to it his disease n what….? Sameer Anika’s engagement…..I can’t see him in so much of pain Anya…..
    But now thankfully Rudra is there with him….

    (The comment option was available so I thought to comment here only cause the chats have word limit n all)

  22. Anyakhan32

    Arre no not at all problem dear. Glad that you liked it. Yes you are totally right! I just love both the songs ? they are love❤
    I’m glad that with this decision of mine you are happy as this story keeps on revolving in my head and I thought that this story must have a proper ending so I just started writing this. Shivaay surely needs a second chance,although he had done a great mistake but I just can’t hate him,his love for me is more than anythingelse so I dicided to make everything alright.
    Yes rudra is with his superhero and he will be with him in the coming updates and I’m sure you are going to love the coming updates.

    Love you always,
    -Anya ?

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