Shivika Ts_Calming Silence_[Sequel to Pal Bhar] Part 2 (By Anya)

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Shivika SS_Calming Silence_
Part 2

“Just when it seems like life is getting good, something always has to come along and ruin it.
– Susane Colasanti, So Much Closer.

“Can you tell me what is going on?”rudra asked with a panicked voice”Doctor bhaiya is alright no?”he asked and looked at sameer who seemed to be pale.”As I have feared the most,the same thing happened we have to do an operation and then we can say if shivaay is alright or not”Dr.sinha said while looking at the file in her hand,”can’t there is anything else we can do?”rudra asked with a hopeful voice”medication is not working! so we have to take this risk”she looked at him with helpless eyes.

“Do watever you want But I want shivaay alright aunt! Please”sameer said voicing rudra thoughts and with a slight tap on their shoulder she went to do the requirements.

Rudrta slipped to the ground and started crying like anything,”No bhaiya can’t leave me like this!”he chanted this line continously while sniffing Sameer sat beside him”have faith in him rudra”he whispered in an assuring way.Rudra just turned and hugged him tight and started tearing up aloud”yes he will be alright!He is a fighter,he can do anything” he said much to himself,making his heart to believe thses words which are to an extend true but now at this very moment it seems to be flickering between true and false.”yes he will”sameer said while runing his hand to his back trying to calm him down.

“Excuse me!”a nurse came making them come out of the embrace “Are you two from Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s family?”she asked making rudra nod his head and stood up instantly”Yes I’m his brother!what happen?”he asked as he rub off his tears with a trembling voice.”These are some documents which you need to fill so that we can start his operation”the nurse handed him the paper while he took it with trembling hands and looked at the paper to see it is a contract which tells that if anything happens to the patience,the hopital and doctors are not responsible for that.he continue to stare at the paper balnkly as floods of memory of that day hit his head making him feel nauseous “I will bring you the paper”Sameer said politely to the nurse,she just gave a curt nod and went from there.

Rudra remembered the day when gayatri had given shivaay poison and shivaay had to do an operation and they had to sign these papers,He had thought that this situation will never come back again but it had came when Shivay had saved annika and he hd again wished that such situation doesn’t come but Karma is a holy b*t*h ,see fate had once again made him stand there,where he need to fight with his demons and sign on these paper so that his bhaiya could be either safe or– No he will not think about the wrong possiblities ,think positive rudra,think positive,maybe that day when bhaiya got safe this time also he will be safe,but little did he know that there was a vast difference between both the situations–that time shivaay had a ray of hope to live and this time there is nothing it’s totally null.But he again tried to make himself understand that he will be safe,he will fight for his life.

“Rudra?”sameer tapped on his shoulder bringing him back to the earth”You need to do it fast so that they could do the operation soon”he added while he nodded and with trembling hands filled the form and with each blank filling his heart skipped a bit!after what seemd like a century he gave it to sameer who in turn went and gave to the nurse and asked her to start the opertion soon.

The clock strike 2 in the morning as they continue to pace the full lenght of the corridor waiting for the operation to end,Sleep was far away from their eyes,It’s been only half an hour since shivaay had being in the operation threater.

“I think we should let annika know about it”sameer said as he pressed his back at the door while rudra stood beside him with a blank look,but the sentence made him look at him bewildered

“what No wait she doesn’t come to know—”

“She needs to know this!”sameer said with a affirmative tone


“I’m going to bring her here she is the only one who will be able to make shivaay come out of this”sameer said and started moving towards the elevator when he felt a tug on his hand

“don’t do this bhabhi won’t be able to handle this”rudra whispered.

While the word bhabhi felt like a sword being pierced in Sameer’s heart.This made him realize that annika was someone else!and the person needs her.”Shivaay needs her”he said and got out of his grip and entered the elavator leaving a dumfound rudra there.

As he entered the car he rested his head on the steering wheel as tears finally started to decend down his cheeks.he don’t know what to do?Does he should go to annika and tell her about this?Or not?well she had full right to know about this.But at the same time his mind is telling him not to do this.He was at a constant battle between his heart and mind. No one ever thought that a person need to fight with his own heart and mind at the same time and had to choose only one of them and that dicision may be the worst or the best dicision ever.It’s the person who had to do this wisely and Sameer know what he had to do, He determindly went towards annika’s place as he know that the party had been ended and everyone must have went.He really felt bad that he had to do this but the situation was way more important than this.

As he reached the place,he knocked on the door and after few knocks he saw sahil opening the door yawning”Arre sameer Bhaiya you here?Where is di?”he asked being drowsy making sameer look at him shock.He glanced at his mobile and saw the time which reads 2:27 pm making him panic “What do you mean Sahil? Is she not here?”he asked while sahil this time seemed alert”No she told me to go home as she is waiting for you there,and you are coming so I came home as I had my school,but now where can she be?”he asked aloud while sameer just turned around and was going when sahil voie made him stop”Where are you going?” ‘At the venue he said as he tunred”I’m also coming”he said started to move when sameer topped him”No you wait here ,she must come here also ,i’m going there to see weather she is there or not and let you know”he said and sahil thought that it is right option so he stayed back while sameer headed towards the venue.

As he entered the lawn he saw that everyone was gone and on running his eyes everywhere he saw a figure sitting on one of the benches which was adorned with the fairy lights.As he moved toward it he realized that she was annika.He first called sahil and told him that he had found annika and that she will not go home tonight and will be with him so he should sleep and go to school tomorrow.Sahil didn’t asked much about it as he thought that his Di should spend sometime with him so he just agreed to it and ended the call.

Sameer taped on her shoulder while she who was rotating the ring in her hand become startled and looked upward to see sameer smiling at her with blood shot red eyes”Sameer! Thank god you came!I was waiting for you from that time”she said as she stood up and held his hand”You should have gone to home gorgeous why have you stayed here till now it can be dangerous”he asked as he tightened his grip.”I didn’t like to go so i stayed here as th fresh air was making me calm my heart as I was feeling really restless”she said while he just noded”were you crying?and what is this?Did you have a fight with anyone?”she asked him while rubbing the part just beside his lips which had swollen, he just didn’t met her eyes making her suspicious come true.

“sameer look at my eyes and tell me what happned is everything alright?and i havn’t seen
ketki aunty do you know where she is?”she asked confused while sameer’s eyesv remained downcasted.”Let’s go”he said and started dragging her from there while she asked him where he is taking her”You will come to know about it soon”he said as he made her sit in the passenger seat while he take the wheel and zoomed out towards the hospital.In the whole drive annika was continuosly asking him where he is taking her but after seing the route she realized that he is taking her to the hospital”Sameer why are we going towards the hospital?”she asked scared as her heart started to fill with fear.”Sameer!”she screamed “we are going ot the hospital only”he said as he looekd ahead on the road.”but why?What happen?Is aunty alright?”she asked “Yes she is”he replied “than who is there in the hospital that you are taking me”she asked highly confused”Taking you to meet someone special”he tried to grin but failed miserably”Sameer this is not he time to say these useless jokes,I’m kinda serious”she said frustated,”And So Am I”he said and entered the parking lot of the hospital.

he opened the elevator and pressed the seventh floor button and Sameer just held her hand tightly as she looked at him with fear visible in her eyes.In the party When she moved around to find sameer as she flet restless she realized that he was not there,she called him but he didn’t picked up and when she texted him he said he had an emergancy work and will come and tell her about it,She tried to call him but he didn’t picked it up,making her more scared as she was getting bad vibes as something is wrong.Now seeing sameer like this this and being in the elavator of this hospital she knew that there was something terribly wrong! Terribly.

As they come out annika saw rudra standing his left side was only visible but she had recognised him , and she was still at her spot.Sameer who was holding her hand and moving towards him felt a tug and turned to look at her,who in turn was looking at him with hope,Hope that what she is thinking is not true”Please tell me this is not true”she whispered as she moved a step back “I’m sorry Gorgeous”he said while annika’s hand slipped from his grip and flood of tears started to come out of her eyes making her feel dizzy.”Sameer don’t joke please!you know I hate such jokes?Don’t you?”she said with a trembling voice as tears continue to desend down her cheeks.She just turned around and entered the elavator ,sameer in a swift move was able to enter it otherwise it would have been closed,”Annika what are you doing?”he asked as she looked pale,her form trembling in a whole new phase,eyes loooked blank while tears continue to decends her cheeks.

As he moved towards her to hold her she slided down the walls while holding her hair and cried out loud,Sameer crouched in front of her and asked her to look at him”Gorgeous you need to be strong”he whispered “No!NO I can’t believe that this is true!NO! Please wake me up from this nightmare sameer!I don’t want to experience this!”she said while shaking him badly asking him to say that this is all just a dream.”Annika control yourself!if you will fall weak than who will look after shivaay?”he tried to encourage her but it seemed to be getting worst.She just held his shirt in a tight grip and shut her eys closed as yet another sob escaed her mouth.

“Sameer I can’t handle this! Shivaay ko aise dekh kar mujhe nahi pata ki main kya kar bhaithongi?I will die! Sameer and the thought that this is all because of me is making me more vulnerable!I can’t loose him”she said as she sniffed while sameer took her in his embrace running his hand though her hair trying to make her calm.”Annika if you don’t wanna loose him then come with me,I know you will face this situation the same way you have faced all your problems,with confidence and without fear”he said and tried to encourage her her sobs get a little diminished as she is not weak,she will fight with god to bring him back if it requires,she will face this situation.

He made her stand and came outside the elavator.

“annika you need to be strong!”he whispered as he moved forward and dragged her toward the ward where Rudra was standing.With each step annika felt her confidence dying , making her feel yet once again weak,Sameer hold her hand tightly and with a “You can do this”reached rudra,while she noded silently.

“Rudra is there any news regarding shivaay?”sameer asked while Rudra didn’t turned”No!No one came yet”he said when he felt a feminine hand holding his shoulder ,he turned and a gasp escaped his mouth.

I hope you alll liked it .Do read the note below!

Author’s Note~

Hello Darlings,

Back with the next part and I’m pretty fast this time don’t know how I did this?LOL Still I can’t promise that I will be able to update it soon or not as I’m sure that the next part will be late,Don’t know why but I getting this bad feeling

Okay first of all leave all this and let me tell you all a big Sorry for not replying to anyone of you , I’m not at all gettting time So this is why I wanted to thank each one of you for liking and commenting on this! it really mean alotHeart

As I gone through all the feedbacks I realized that you are eagerly waiting for my Omie well i’m too eager to bring him into view as soon as possible but I think this is not the time for his entry! I know it sounds wierd that Shivaay and rudra needs him now but still he can’t come now as he will come as per my wish [Ok just kidding] but i’m sure you all will be also satisfied by my dicision as I will proceed further. He can show up in after 2 to 3 update later or it can take more than that as I havn’t written anything for now,So it will be based as per my moods.

And 2 to 3 updates se yaad aaya that I have changed this into SS as I know I can’t finish this in 3 shots *Mission Impossible*

Regarding annika she had to suffer more,as of for now! So be ready to see her flow of emotions soon.
Okay enough of my talks but seriously thank you alll for your wished as I think because of them my fast is going pretty much easier!

Love you all ALWAYS,
-Anya <3

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