Shivika Ts_Calming Silence_[Sequel to Pal Bhar] Part 1 (By Anya)

Author’s Note~

Hello Everyone! At last I’m back with this story.
For those who are new to this thread I wanted to let you all know that this is the continuation of completed series.
1. Main Phir Bhi tumko Chahunga.
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2. Pal Bhar. [Sequel to the above one]
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And this story is the sequel to Pal Bhar. I have already told you all that I will be having a sequel to Pal bhar so here is the one. I don’t know wether it will be ended in 3 shots or not So I will change the TS to SS if required and I think I will need this.But anyways will see it when the time will come.

The above stories had being filled with angst and pain and so I wanted to seperate this onne from them. As I thought that it will start with a fresh phase,but but but! I have given a twist at the last moment and I hope you all like it. as before starting this I thought to give a leap but I though to continue where I have ended and a warning for all of you,that it may be a little angst filled in the starting and if my mind changes the whole thing will be like that but it is null so don’t worry I will keep it in flow and will try to show less of the vulnerability.

One last and the most important thing is that From today Ramadan will be starting and I will be fasting so Maybe for some reason the updates will be late.I don’t think it will be that late but still I just wanted you all to know about it.And yes Ramadan Mubarak to you all my lovies!Heart

I hope against hope that i would be able to make you all hook to it just the way in the previous one.Thank to each one of you who had liked and encouraged me to write the above stories! And special Thanks to Cutiepie aka Jerry for the support.It really means alot.Because of you all I was able to write it as writting this story was a really difficult task for me!I just swrered my brain sitting in front of my screen for hours and hours.And feared that it may not work but to my utter shock you all liked them.So Once again THANK YOU!Heart


Please read the above note before reading this it may help you all to understand this story at much ease.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and Typos.

Happy Reading.


Shivika TS_Calming Silence_
Part 1

“When you have wit of your own, it’s a pleasure to credit other people for theirs.
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Hello!hello is this Dr.Sinha I’m talking to?”Rudra said in urgency not letting the other one to say anything while taking a sharp turn on the road,he just put the accelarator at the hightest speed and adjusted the phone on his ear”yes but who are you?and where is shivaay?hello!Shivaay?Shivaay?” Dr.Sinha screamed as she moved out of the noisy place but there was someone who had heard her conversation and was going behind her to clear his doubt weather he heard it right and if he heard it right than what is the connection between them both. Dr.Sinha pressed the phone to her ears more as it was noisy and she wasn’t able to hear the other person on the line.

Rudra had search shivaay’s phone contact and only a name with doctor came so he had called on it and he was glad that he was able to talk to him.

Once she came out she again asked the same question”I’m Rudra , shivaay’s younger brother , Bhaiya was feeling difficult to breath and he went unconsious”rudra said as tears continue to decend down his cheeks as he gave a glance to his unconcious brother next to him. ‘Oh god! I knew It I have told him to take care of him but he never listen to me!Where are you now? I’ll ask my friend doctor to attend him as I’m out of station”She said as she paced back and forth rubbing her forehead with her fingers “oh shit! we are too not in mumbai”he said “So where are you tell me If I know someone there then I would able to help you out”she said “we are in lucknow”he said and she gasped “Oh great I’m too in Lucknow! Oh God thank you very much,where are you taking him,I’m coming there”She said as she gave out a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to life line hospital”he said as he again took a sharp turn.”Okay it’s nearby,I’m coming you reach there”she said and ended the call,turned to go inside to tell evryone that she got an emergency so she needs to go when she saw him standing just a few meters away from her.”thank god you are here Sam!I was going to come to you only,I had an emergency so i’m going to lifeline hos—” she was cut off by him”Is your patience name is Shivaay?”he whispered and deep down he woished that it is not true.”yes”she replied confused making him took a deep breath “But what is that with you?”she added “Aunt what is his full name”he said while holding her shulder with his hand and shaking her slowly’What happened child?Why are you stressed”she asked holding his cheeks”Aunt what is his full name?”he asked once again
“shivaay Shivaay Singh Oberoi”she said and his hands slipped from her hold as he moved a little backward.

“What happened sameer?Do you know him?”Dr.Sinha asked as he saw his face turn pale as soon as she took his name “what happened to him?”he asked ignoring her question “Oh heck I totally forgot about it,I need to go he need me,and I can’t tell anything now”she said and move towards the parking lot , sameer to followed and asked that he will also go with her.She doesn’t said anythuing and both of them headed towards the hospital.Sameer didn’t asked a word from her while driving and prayed to god that shivaay was alright and nothing much happned to him.

Thw silence was abondoned by the ringing of his phone,He saw the caller Id and held it tightly in his hand but didn’t recieved it.After four to five call he recieved a text message from the person.

“Sameer where are you?I’m really feeling restless I don’t why?and why are you not picking up my calls?”Annika message flash on the screen

“Annika I have a got an emergency work so I’m going there , I will be back soon”he texted back as he doesn’t weanted to talk to her at this very moment.

“What happned?Is everything alright?Why are you not talking to me.See I’m feeling really scared”an instant reply was given.

He sigh! He don’t know what he will tell to her? “when I’ll come I will tell you about it”he said and kept his phone in his pocket in silent mode as they reached the hospital.”Aunty nothing should happen to him”this was the last last words he had spoken in the car while she just nodded her ehad.

They reached the receptionist sameer asked about shivaay and they immediately went towards there.As they reached the corridor of the seventh floor sameer saw a hypered rudra moving back and forth calling someone on the phone.His eyes look blood shot red as fresh tear strains were seen on his cheek.”Why the hell he is not picking up the damn phone”he said aloud being frustated and was going to throw it when the voice of someone held him back”Rudra”sameer called out hesitantly.Rudra felt a wave of anger pass through him as soon as he saw him.What he was doing here?had come to see his brother suffer?how f**king dare he?Eyes spitting fire and hands curled up into fist as he just wanted to go and punch him straight on his face but refraine himself.

He saw a lady in early fifties coming his way and realized that she must be the doctor. “Dr.Sinha?”rudra asked “Rudra?”she inturn asked and rudra immediately held her hand and begged her to save his brother’Please Doctor save my bhaiya I can’t afford to loose him”he said as fresh tears started to decend down his cheeks”I will try my best Rudra”she said in a confident yet fearful voice and made her way to the ICU were shivaay had being unconcious.

He was standing near the door and tapped his feet against the floor continuosly as he does when he is hell nervous or scared”Everything will be alright rudra”Sameer said as he kept his hand oon rudra shoulder trying to keep him calm.Rudra thought the anger shoot him once again and this time in a more powerful manner.He just turned and gave a punch on his face”You are telling me that everything will be alright when you are the cause for all this?it’s alll because of you dammit!”rudra said enraged while sameer just rub the blood oozing out from the corner of his lips with his thumb”Not bad!”he replied seeing the blood on his thumb

Rudra moved to give him another punch when he hold his hand and asked him to calm down as now shivaay needs them , “Shivaay doesn’t need you!”rudra said and once again punched him making him hiss in pain and this was it,Sameer was now frusated,here is was trying to make him understand and he was continuosly punching him.He too gave a punch to him”It’s enough Dude”and with that both of them started fighting , All the oter peoples were trying to make tem stop”What the hell is happening over here?”Dr.Sinha asked and tried to amke them apart.”have you two lost your mind?shivaay health is not good”Dr. sinha’s words ranged in their ears and they both stopped and started questioning her.

“Doctor what happened to bhaiya?”Rudra asked while rubbing the blood which oozed out of his nose,”yes aunty how is he?”sameer interupted “shivaay had a heart attact”she said as a matter of fact making both of them gasp in response”So does it is serious?”Rudra asked hoping against hope that everything is alright”No it’s a minor one but his heart condition had become a hindrnce in this and it can turned into something serious,let’s hope it doesn’t”she said making rudra moved a little backward in disbelief.his super hero is not alright,he is fighting between life and death.No he can’t leave him like this.No he can’t,he is the great wall of shivaay Sinh Oberoi and SSO ki jaan itni asaani se nahi jaa sakti,he just sat on the chair numb. sameer held her hand”Aunty you need to save him,he needs to be alright!it’s really important”he whispered sinecrely much enough to be heard by rudra.”I will try my best child”she said and went away to see the reports of Shivaay with a subtle nod.

“Why bhaiya is important for you”Rudra whispered breaking the silence as they sat beside each other while keeping a safe distance”I don’t know”sameer just gave a casual shrug.”is it becasue annika bhabhi still love him?”this made sameer look at him with an alarmed look “So you know about it”he said hoarsily”It’s there any reason to say about it?”rudra said while sameer sigh a defeated one.”So should I take it as a Yes?”rudra asked as he looked at his eyes sharply,again getting a silence he know that this is the reason”Okay you don’t need to say anything,Becoz your silence had told me alot of thing”sameer just downcasted his gaze as he wasn’t able to take his gaze which seemed to mock him.

“Do you love her?”rudra asked after a long pause as he sniff”Yes!”he whispered as he rubbed his face with his palm”But…”he started and dragged the word “But?”rudra asked “But I want her to be happy and her happiness lie—“he said as his eyes started to become moist but he was cut off”Lies in Bhaiya”rudra completed his sentence as sameer gave out a groan in response”So don’t you feel pain?”rudra asked suprised as this person was totally opposite which he had imagined maybe people always say right”We shouldn’t judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes” “yeah!But annika’s happinees is more than this”he said and rudra recieved a call,he just jump off his seat as soon as he saw the caller id and went away from there to answer it.

Sameer too removed his phone to see 23 missed call from annika,he gasped as she continue to call him and there were about 11 text messages which said
“where re you sameer?”

“I’m not at all feeling good,”

“I thing something is really wrong”

“someone close to my heart is leaving me”

“Please tell me what is the emergency that you just left from your engagement?”

” you are scaring the hell out of me”

“Pick up my damn call!”

“sameer! where are you?”And many more.

Seeing all this he realized that annika was in a panic and he don’t know what will happen to her when she will come to know about Shivaay’s condition? but he know she had to know about this but his heart was constantly telling him not to tell anything to her now,first wait for the reports and then tell her.But what if it become worst? another thought came to his mind making him shut his eyes in response NO No nothing will happen to him! Just stop thinking negatively Sameer! he can’t leave annika like this.

On the other side rudra picked up the call and heard a hello from the other side but he was least interested in wishing the person back”Bhaiya condition is not good!he went through a heart attack”making the other person gasp and with a second there was dead silent on the other line.”Are you listening me?Dammit! If you wanted to come and see him than I’m in lucknow , in Lifeline hospital,Come as fast as you could.Did you hear me?he need us.For god sake from how long will you be angry with him?It’s been almost three years and now I have also forgave him so why can’t you?”rudra said frustatly while running his hands through his hair for the umteenth time now,”O? Are you listening me?Bhaiya is fighting between life and death,Answer me dammit!”Rudra screamed as he was not replying but the line went dead making him throw the phone which lay lifeless on the marvelled floor scattered into small bits of pieces.He just gave a punch at the side of the pillar while a wave of feveracious pain shook his body but he seems to be least interested in it.

“I don’t know why he is doing this?Hoping for that he come”he sigh a defeated one and moved towards the place and increased his pace when he saw sameer talking to the doctor”What happend doctor?How’s bhaiya?”he asked with a trembling voice and his fear increased as he saw the falling face of sameer as well as the doctor


So here is the next Part! I hope you all like it.I have really tried to show the character of Sameer in this one and you will see most of them in the upcoming parts.DO give your reviews regarding this one as I’m eagerly waiting for it.

With Love,
-Anya ; )

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