Shivika Ts_Calming Silence _[Sequel to Pal Bhar]Part 8 (By Anya)

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Shivika SS_Calming Silence_
Part 8

“I’ve begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own.”
― Chaim Potok, The Chosen.

There was silence, dead silence even the breathing of one’s soul was heard there, Annika looked at the closed door with hopeful eyes, praying that it may open in an instant but she know how is Sameer he will not open this door until and unless she didn’t talk to shivaay even if it will take a lifetime for this. He is one such stubborn ass, she just cursed him under her breath but she knew that he is right. For how long she will run away from him? this distance had really been worst for her as well as for him and extending it more will be of no use else it will backfired her.

“Annika just turn and talk to him”her heart whispered making her took some deep breath. After a few second she turned, but she didn’t dare to lift up her gaze that is when she noticed the condition of the room, due too all that she didn’t noticed anything there, a gasp involuntarily escaped her mouth. She was still looking around when she heard some sound, in alert, lifting up her gaze she saw Shivaay trying to stand up and moving towards the side table.

She saw that if he move a step ahead then a sharp piece of crystal would pierced in his foot, in an instant she ran towards him not giving a damn of the surroundings “Shivaay” she called out panickly getting hold of him as he tripped not giving any attention to the sharp pain emerging at the tip of her foot and made him sit on the bed as he looked at her with a million of emotions flooding his mind.

“Have you lost it? Don’t you see the glasses on the floor what if it hurt you?”she said trying her best to keep her voice steady as the crystal pierced more into her fair flesh.

“Hurt?” he gave a dry chuckle “this mere word had be given to me as I’m worth it”

She closed her eyes shut as his words pierced in her heart and cause pain thousand times more “I have hurt you alot so why don’t you let me had this small one?” he whispered, his eyes questioning making her look at him with tearful eyes. She wanted ta say a whole lot of thing but whenever she opened her mouth nothing came except silence, it seems she had lost her power to speak or even mummur right now, sighing she asked “tell me what you want?” completely ignoring his question as well as his eyes which seems to bore into her.

He sighed, when she didn’t met his eyes, “what do you want? Water? wait I’m giving to you”saying so she moved to the table a little away trying her best not to limb, filling the glass with water with trembling hands she once again made her way towards him hurting herself to no extend, painting the pristine white floor with her blood.

As she extended her hand to give him the glass he just held it tight”I don’t need this, I just want my answer did you hear me?” he said taking the glass and keeping it aside when his eyes caught the red colour on the floor making him worried, he took his gaze along with the footprints and it ended up near her, being alarmed he pushed her further making her sit infront of him and with great difficulty got hold of her ankle “Annika what’s this? you arr crazy see it’s bleeding Damn it!” she could sense the worry in his voice making her smile softly, he didn’t waited for anything, from beside the table took the cotton balls and pressed it on the blood making her whine in pain.

“I’m sorry” he involuntarily said an apology and within a sec he had taken out the piece of glass from her feet when she said”it hurts” inaudibly but loud enough to be heard by Shivaay “where? let me call for the doctor” he panicked and opened his mouth to call a nurse when she stopped him.

“She can’t do anything” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I said she can’t decrease the pain” her eyes started to stink as it filled with unshed tears, Shivaay was numb for a moment, he don’t know what to say. “you asked me why I can’t let you have the pain right? it’s because it hurts me Shivaay” she started softly taking his big hand in hers”it hurts”

“But I deserve it” taking his hand away from her “you know what it would had been good if I di–” his words died in his throat as her hands clasp his mouth shaking her head in a negative manner. “don’t you dare complete that sentence shivaay” she whispered sternly as tears finally decend down her cheeks, with out waiting for anything she just took him into a tight embrace while he stilled, “You know how much I had been through this few hours? I was dying every damn second thinking of the possibilities that if anything happen to you than what would have happen to me?and here you are saying it was better if you died?” she scolded between her sobs clutching on to his shirt while his hand as if in it’s own accord held her tight.

And the only thing which come to his lips was a Sorry, Argh! again a sorry, but what he should say? is there any other word beside sorry for him to say to her, Well no, he sigh because he know that how much he say sorry he can’t rectify his sins does he? Once again a NO but soon a whimper escaped his mouth as he felt a sharp pain shooting up in his chest making her come out of the embrace and holding his cheeks with her palm “Shivaay are you alright Wait I’m calling Ketki Aunty” she made him comfortable on the bed as he tried to speak but due to the pain it was getting diffifcult.

She felt a tug on her wrist and turned to see shivaay holding her tightly not letting her go, “Please stay here” he said with difficulty making her stop due to the raw pleading in his dull orbs and sit beside him holding his hands in her small one, as more tears decend down her cheeks. He had his eyes closed, while she continue to draw circle on the back side of his palm. After a few minutes he flet a little relieved, opening his eyes he took a good look of her, as her gaze was on their gripped hands.

She lifted her gaze and after a long time her eyes locked with him. Both of them having millions of emotions running in their soul that tgey aren’t able to comprehend any one of them. Silence was the only thing which took place there, CALMING SILENCE–it is what called for them as they sat there with their fingers intertwined with each other,lost in each other eyes after a long time which felt like a decade for them. They really don’t wanna end this moment which felt so right and soulful.

His eyes went towards their hand when he felt all the blood gushing out of his body, within a second his hands were away from her’s. How stupid he can be? He thought that everything is alright His annika is with him, although she hadn’t said but her eyes says that she is with him but again his instincts went wrong, He sighed deeply, fate had been cruel to him once again.

Seeing this indifference in his behaviour she become anxious, Is it still hurting him? “Shivaay is everything alright?” she asked tenderly taking his hands once again but the grip was from her side only, he didn’t reacted at all looking sideways as if trying to hide the tears from his eyes which were threatened to fall off. “What’s the problem?” she said gripping his hands while he tried to remove it.

“Just Go” he said with a cracked voice jerking away her hand making her look at him with bewilderment, a gasp escaped her lips “Shiv—” she called out “Go” he cut off her in between making her vulnerable. Millions of thoughts escaped her troubled mind making it more troubled, Maybe he is angry with her? Yeah this is why he is not talking to her but why all so suddenly? Wait this is not suddenly,Right from the beginning he is not talking to her she the fool thought that he had forgiven her.

He needs to be angry, because she hadn’t yet apologise for her part, she was the biggest cause for all this and she know she would never be able to forgive herself for what she did to him, she punished him for the things he was not in control off, his Principles were been a forced application to his system and how much he tried he wasn’t able to part with it. And when he came to talk to her, she being the fool once again distanced him from her, in a fear that he will break her heart once again, but little did she know that he is the only one who can break as well as mend her at the same time, he is the worst as well as the best thing ever happen to her. He gave her pain but also love in much higher folds. He was the darkest tunnel as well as the speck of light in the end.

“I’m sorry” she whispered with her head bow down,He was amused,Why was she saying sorry to him? “Why are you saying sorry”he whispered still not looking at her. “Because this is all because of me”she said as more tears come out as she sniffed.

She felt her breath caught in her throat when she heard him say the next words”And this is the reason you are here with me?Just for today Right?”she could sense the hurt in his inaudible voice, “It’s noth—“she tried to reason herself but he cut her off “You don’t need to say anything more”cutting her off,he just,kept his whole weight on the bed, pressing his eyes shut in an attempt to say her that she should go.

“Shivaay please listen to me once”Annika whispered begging him to listen her as her eys started to stink because of the unshed tears.Shivaaay didn’t said anything, he felt worst doing this to her but what can he do?Say?is there any thing else he should do rather then not talking to her? and if he does and his heart started to mend because of the hope she is back it will meant to be broken again and he doesn’t want it.All those pain were enough for him to live with and if it started to pile up he won’t be able to take it.

Rather he would see her happy with Sameer without being mended just for a few hours, years of pain is better then just a few hours consolation. Yes he will be alright without her,seing her happy with him “Yeah you are f**king right”his heart answered sarcastically making him grip his hand move tightly.

Annika look desperately at him, trying to make him understand that there’s nothing such but Ketki aunty’s voice rang her mind “Annika don’t stress him much, it can be dangerous for him” thinking of not stressing him much, she thought to leave him, with a last glance at his rigid form, she wipe of her tears which continue to flow even more and stood up when a gasp escaped her mouth making shivaay spnap open his eyes worriedly as he know her wounds had not yet mended but held back himself, seeing her with tearful eyes he saw ehr moving towards the door limping, with ehr shoulder drop in defeat.

Both of them were in the same situation but on different boat, there she was broken because he doesn’t wanted to listen her and here he was broken thinking of the possibily of her with Sameer. She knocked on the locked door waiting for someone to open the door, when after a few second the door open and there stood smaeer with a bright smile thinking that everything is alright between between the two but his face fall as soon as he took a look of her, it elt as if she lost her every hope, not at all thinking of anythink, eh got hold of her arm,”Annika what happened?”he asked , shivaay could see everything from his bed but didn’t reacted.

Annika looked at Sameer as tears continue to decend her dove shaped eyes, while he gave a confused look, fear gripped his heart if anything happened to her when she didn’t said anything and pushed him aside ready to go from them, but she felt a sharp pain in her foot and whine in response making Sameer alarl all at once”Gorgeous what happened”he askd and looked att he ground when he gasped,he saw her foot bleeding and as if in reflex he got hold of her stumbling form, holding her sideways as she continur to cry silently gripping his shirt and took her towards the nearest chair.

Shivaay saw how he holded her and tok her away fromt he door, how he wished he would have been there? but see the irony, he is the one who had hurted her.His heart squeezed in his chest as he could feel the pain rising at much higher level but he knows he had to suffer this through ou t his life so he just seeped the pain like happiness with lost of regret.


I hope you all like it, And I’m really sorry for being late.Like really sorry. I know the outcome of the meeting doesn’t came out good but what can I do you all wanted to see Shivaay suffer more so here’s the result LOL

Okay I was kidding, but from the starting i have told you all that Sameer will play the most important role in this series?Didn’t I ? so you will all come to see it really soon in the coming update I think. So just have a little pateience my lovely readers. I will sure won’t dissapoint you all.

Do tell me how was it.

With Love,
-Anya <3

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