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Today there is festive atmosphere in Oberoi mansion. Well reason is that today is a special day for them. Today is the one year marriage anniversary of Shivaay and Anika. And as all of you know Oberoi’s just need a reason for party. So, party is going on outside the mansion in lawn.

It is afternoon. Anika wants to give Shivaay a special surprise. She is going to confess her love for him infront of the whole world as media is also present there. She is somewhat nervous also. Flashback-

Anika ,om , rudra, sahil and priyanka are sitting in a room. Saumya comes running there. She is panting.

Rudra- Kahan thi sumo tum? Tumhe pata hai na hum sab kab se tumhara wait kar rahe hain. Phir bhi tum late ho. How much irresponsible you are sumo and everyone calls me irresponsible.How much ironical it is? Tumhe pata hain na kal mere bhaiyaa and bhabhi ki first wedding anniversary hain aur bhabhi bhaiyaa ko surprise dena chathi nain par unhe samaj main nahin aa rahan hain ki wo kya kare…

He was continuously speaking and everyone was staring at him with wide eyes. Anika was getting angry with each passing minute. Om senses this and tries to stop him but he continues.

Saumya- Shut up you crybaby? Kitna bolte ho tum. I was late for five minutes and I am sorry for that but you know what you are wasting our time from last 10 minutes by your stupid ranting…

Now Anika’s anger reach on its peak. She shouted- what are you doing guys? Here with each passing moment I am getting more nervous and you are quarreling …

Om- Relax Anika…

Anika- Om, I am not able to choose what to gift your tadibaaz bhaiyaa. Then how can I relax?

Then they discuss so many things, gifts etc. but Anika denies everything.

Om- Anika you are not liking any idea then what will you gift Shivaay?

Rudra- Vaise O I think Bhaiyaa is also planning to give Bhabhi some surprise then why do not we go and ask him? Yes Rudy what a great idea? You are great. Rudy is great, rudy is great…

Saumya- You again started Rudra. …

Priyanka- Anika you want to do something special for Bhaiyaa.

Om stares at Priyanka for such a stupid question.

Anika- yes Prinku, itni der se shayad mein yahin soch rahin hoon…

Prinku- just relax Anika. Remember when we were in college and one day when I was upset then in order to lighten up my mood you played guitar and sung a song for me.

Anika- Ha toh…

Everyone was shocked and surprised. There mouth formed an O.

Om- what? You also sing Anika…

Priyanka- yes Om bhaiyaa, Bhabhi is an awesome singer.

Rudra- yeah

Saumya – Then Bhabhi why do not you prepare a song for Bhaiyaa. Does Bhaiyaa know about this?

Anika – About what Saumya?

Saumya- That you knows singing.

Anika- I am not a singer Saumya. Bas jab bhi man karta hain ya phir time milta hain tabhi…

Well Shivaay donot know about this.

Om-Great. So you prepare a song for Shivaay for tomorrow function. Seeing you singing that too for him will be the best surprise for him.

Saumya-So Bhabhi prepare a romantic song. Well which song…

Priyanka- Saumya, Anika will decide by herself. She has good knowledge of songs. I want it to be a surprise for us also that will be great.

Saumya- ok then Bhabhi now you have got an idea for surprising Bhaiyaa and believe us this is the best idea.

Anika- ok Saumya. I will prepare a song for Billuji.

All the time Sahil and Rudra was silent. Anika look at them. Sahil was in deep slumber. She now looked at Rudra and asked him.

Anika- What happened Rudra?

Rudra- Nothing Bhabhi. I did not know infact none of us know except prinku and sahil that you also sing. Will you please a song for me? Please bhabhi please please…

Anika- ok rudra. I will sing a song for you. But there is no guitar here…

Rudra- ok bhabhi I and o will go and buy a guitar. But we donot anything about these things. So you also come with us. Lets go.

Anika- there is no need for that rudra. Actually I have a guitar but that is in sahil’s old house.

You and om go there and bring that. I will tell you where it is kept.till then I will see all other preparations. When you will come with guitar then I will sing a song for you. Now go and remember no one should come to know about this.

Om and rudra- ok bhabhi.

Rudra and om side hugged her and kissed her on cheeks. Then they goes from there.

Saumya- so this problem is also solved. Bhabhi if you need any help then call me.

I am going to my room as I have to complete an assignment and tomorrow I will get no I am going. If you need any help then please call me.

And saumya goes from there. Now prinku and anika are leftin the room as sahil was sleeping.

Prinku- lets go bhabhi and see the preparations for tomorrows function.

Anika- will you please call me only anika.

Prinku- why? You are my bhabhi so I should call you that only. Do not you like it.

Anika- no prinku. There is nothing like that. Actually I am your friend before bhabhi.thats why?

Prinku-ok anika.

They goes and check all the preparations. Om ru come there and call anika in their room.

Anika goes there. Saumya,prinku,sahil, om and rudra are also there.rudra closes all the doors, windows and curtains.

Om- what are you doing rudra?

Rudra- you long hair creature you do not have brain. I knew this and now it is confirmed also.

Donot you know this is our secret. What if someone comes to know this and informed shivaay bhaiyaa? Then bhabhi ke surprise ki toh oh my mata ho jayegi..

Om- ok rudra now stop.anika please sing any song.

Then anika sings a song for them. Everyone was surprised and shocked. In excitement they all hugged her tightly together.

Anika- leave me guys. Let me take breath…

They loosened their grip on her. Om-this was superb anika.i donot know you are a great singer also.

Prinku- this was awesome anika.

Sahil- thumbs up didi. I know my anika didi is great.

Saumya- well bhabhi bade bhaiyaa ke liye isse accha surprise kuchh aur nahin ho sakta. Your voice, expressions were so beautifull bhabhi. Tomorrow bhaiyaa is going to get a superb surprise from our great bhabhi. I am waiting for bade bhaiyaa’s reaction. Just imagine when he will listen song sung by bhabhi for him. Then what will be his reaction?… I am so excited for tomorrow bade baal wale bhaiyaa.

Rudra was still side hugging anika.

Rudra- I know my superwoman is best. She can do anything.

Anika- thank you guys. I hope billuji will like this surprise. But he have so much tadi…bagad billa…

Somewhere at another place-

Tomorrow will be the last day of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Till then enjoy Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. MISSION OBEROI’S KI BARBAADI IS STILL CONTINUE MY DARLINGS. HOPE ALL OF YOU WILL ENJOY IT. and then sound of evil laughter is heared.


Shivaay and anika are standing together. Guests are coming and wishing them.

Pinky- hayee najar na lag jaaye. Dono ek saath kitne sone lag rahe hain na mummy ji and jethani ji. Dono humesha ek saath aise hi khush rahe.meri to mata rani se bas yehi prathna hai.

Dadi- sahee kah rahin hai tu pinky. Ab jab dono ek dusre ke liye bane hain toh saath mein acche toh lagenge hi na.mata rani inn donon ki Jodi hamesha salamat rakhein.

Jahanvi- you are right pinky. Both are perfect for each other. Both completes each other. Jo kami ek main hain use dusra poora kar deta hain aur jo kami dusra mein hain use pehla pura kar deta hain. That’s why pinky they are soulmates.

Pinky- you are corrects jethaniji.

Then they goes to them and blesses them. Om ru come there and hugged both of them tightly together and wishes them. Shivaay – leave us om ru at least saans toh lene do.

They loosened their hug and again wishes them. Shivika – thanks om-ru.

Rudra signs anika something. Shivaay sees them. Shivaay- what are you doing rudra/ if you want to tell anika something then you can speak. She have ears so she can listen.

Anika glared at shivaay. Shivaay- what happened meri Jhansi ki rani?

Rudra- Nothing bhaiyaa. I was just…( om stamped his foot.) ouch… leave it.

Om engages shivaay in his talk. Anika sees in the direction in which rudra is signing. She sees saumya, prinku and sahil there. They shows her thumbs up.she smiles.then she looks at shivaay who have clutched her waist tightly with her one hand and his one hand is intervined with anika’s hand and he is talking with om. Anika- shivaay, I have some important work. I will be right back.

Shivaay- more important than me.

Anika- no…umm… well yes.

Shivaay- accha ji. Will you please tell your pati parmeshwar about this so much important work.

Anika- waqt aane par pata chal jayega pati I have to go.

Shivaay- come soon. Waiting for you. And kisses her forehead.

Omru- ohhh. Control guys control. We are in public …

Rudra- and for all these things you have your room. and now you cannot go to room also as party is going if you want to do anything then you can continue this is your room after party.and please donot forget to close the door as you know ghar mein chhotein-chhotein bachhe jaise Om, sahil, saumya and prinku bhi hain toh unpar kya asar padega…

Shivaay- shut up rudra.

Anika was blushing and leaves from there. She turns back and look at shivaay who is looking at her. She smiles then leaves from there.

Omru smiles. Rudra- bhaiyaa aap apna chori chhupe wala , vo aankhon hi aankhon mein wala romance baad mein shuru karna bhabhi aap ki hi hain. Pehle yeh batao ki aap bhabhi ko kya gift de rahein ho aaj.

Om- haan shivaay, aaj tu bhabhi ko kya gift de rahan hain. Tell us. We will keep it secret.

Shivaay- gift kaisa gift. Aur main kyun use gift dunga…

Omru is shocked. Rudra- bhaiyaa aap bhabhi ko koi gift nahin de rahein ho. Aaj to aapki wedding anniversary hain. You both are of one today. Hey bhagwan aapne mujhe kaisa bhaiyaa aur bhabhi ko kaisa pati diya hain…

Someone calls them. They go from there. Shivaay smiles and thinks ” well om rudra, I have a surprise for her just hope she will like it. I can gift her anything which she wants or likes but actually reason is that your bhabhi is different from others. She do not like all these things. I want to do something special for her and make today the best day of her life. So I have decided that today I will gift her the thing which I only can gift her and I know she will like that-my love and me. Today I will confess my love to her and make her mine in every sense. Today I will gift her me and will complete both of us. I know she loves me and she also knows that I love her but have never confessed my feelings to her. I know she understands me and knows that I cannot express myself. But today I will express myself, my love to her and I know she will like it no infact love it. so mrs. Anika shivaay singh oberoi be ready for my gift and a long night.)

There is an announcement.

Rudra is standing in middle of all the guests and have a mike in his hand.

Shivaay- What this duffer is doing there? Hope yeh koi raita na phela dein.

Rudra- hii everyone hope you are enjoying party. Thank you everyone for coming here and grace us with your presence. Today is a big day for my bhaiyaa and bhabhi. Many many congratulations to them. May God bless them and they always stay together and love each other.

Everyone claps and cheers.

Rudra- so guys as you know today is a big day for the most lovely couple. So My bhabhi Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi wants to give my Bhaiyaa Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi a surprise. So are you guys ready?

Everyone again claps and cheers. Shivaay is shocked after listening to this announcement. He thinks what this pannika is going to do? Hope koi raita na phela dein.

Anika comes in the center. She stands there and takes mike in hand and sign rudra something (for guitar).

Anika- Thank you everyone for coming here and for being a part of our happiness. As all of you know today is my and Shivaay’s first marriage anniversary.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MR. OBEROI and this is a small gift from my side to my husband. So this one is for my dearest hubby…

Shivaay was surprised and shocked and all family members as well. All family members are smiling. Dadi- Dekhte hain Anika kya surprise deti hain humare Billu ko. Par voh job hi hoga sabse khaas hoga.

Jahanvi- I think mummyji she is going to do something special for shivaay.

Pinky-dekhte hain mummy ji meri bahu kya surprise deti hain shivaay ko bas voh apni tadi na dikhaye … ( rudra comes and handovers her guitar. ) pinky- lagta hain mummy ji anika shivaay ke liye gaana gaane vali hain. Oh my mata kitni acchi, sunder aur guni bahu mili hain mujhe mummy ji mujhe toh yakeen hi nahi hota…

Rudra, om, prinku, saumya and sahil shows her thumbs up. She smiles and looks at everyone. Everyone was smiling except her husband who is in slight shock. She smiles at him and signs him to smile by hand gestures. He smiles.

Anika starts playing guitar. All the time she is looking in shivaay’s eyes as they locked with him by their own accord. Then she starts singing-

Tum ho to lagta hain main hoon, (she remembers the moments of her and shivaay, shivaay laughing on her antics etc.)

Na ho to lagta hain kyon hoon, (she remembers when shivaay was kidnapped and replaced by fake sso, her restlessness at that time etc.)

Tum ho to udta hain man yeh, (she remembers her and shivaay’s outings. And her dance in rain with shivaay)

Na ho to thehra sa hain kyun, (she remembers when she was waiting for shivaay as he had gone for some meeting to USA for 2 days and he was late and also not picking up phone. It was like everything is stopped for her that moment.)

Then she opens her eyes and looks at shivaay who is smiling.

Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere,

Ho bure ya acche halat mere,

Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere,

Ho bure ya acche halat mere,

Saath mere ooo, saath mere,saath mere ( she handovers the guitar to Saumya who then starts playing it.)

Tare saare bechare neend se hare, (she goes to him and takes his hand in her’s and continues singing by looking in his eyes.)

Magar humko aur tumko sona hain kyon,

Kahin bhi tum na jaon, (she back hugs him. Shivaay placed his hands on hers)

Yahin pe hi ruke jao, ( she tightens her hold on him)

Tumhe jane ki jaldi itni hai kyon,( she then moves away from him but her one hand is in his)

Ho sake to jagna tum saath mere, (she interwines both of them hands)

Bin tere na kat te din raat mere, (she hugs him)

Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere,

Ho bure ya acche halat mere,

Saath mere ooo, saath mere, saath mere,

Apne dil mein banake dhadkan mujhko, (she comes in front of him and points towards his heart)

Tumhe rakhna hi hoga darte ho kyon, (she puts her head on his heart place i.e. chest)

Pagalpan ki hadein todo na aake, (she moves away from him and sings)

Na jane tum ne khud ko roka hain kyun,

Mein zameen hoon tum ho aakash mere,

Aur thoda aao na pass mere, (she comes infront of shivaay in such a way that her back is facing shivaay. She takes his hand and put them on her waist and put her hands above them. Then she closes her eyes. Shivaay is smiling, and she continues)

Ho sake to rehna tum saath mere,

Ho bure ya acche halat mere, ( she leaves him and now come in his back side both of them backs are facing eachother then she leans towards shivaay. Shivaay leans towards her. Both closes their eyes as to feel each other, their love. A tear came in anika’s eyes shivaay senses this and is going to turn her towards him but at that moment there is a sound of gunshot. Everyone is shocked. Anika is in the pool of blood. The bullet pierced her heart. She screams shivaay… ).

The music continues…

Ho sake to rehna tum saath mere, ho bure ya acche halat mere

Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere,

Ho bure ya ache halat mere.

Everyone is shocked. Shivaay is numb by seeing Anika’s state. He do not know how to react.

Anika falls in his arms. Blood is vigorously flowing from her wound and both of them dresses are soaked in Anika’s blood.

She looks at shivaay and smiles. “Shivaay” is her last word and then she gets unconscious in the most perfect place for her in the Whole Earth, Whole Universe – in the arms of her love, her husband.

How was it guys?

Original song is in male voice but I liked this song and then wrote all this.

Please ignore mistakes.

Thank you for reading this and for giving your precious time to me.

I am new to Telly Updates and this is my first story here. Hope all of you liked it.

Waiting for your response.

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