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Hii everyone, This is the last chapter of this story. Hope all of you will like it. Thank you for response friends. I am glad to know that you liked my work. This chapter is emotional and I cannot express their face expressions and reactions as I am just only writing. So please guys imagine by yourself. I was not able to Post this as I was having my exams. I am really sorry for that…. and I have read all of your comments on both parts. Thank you so much for so much lovely comments. I will be replying to all of your comments as soon as I will get time. if you wanna check then you can ….


Shivaay looks at anika. She is also looking at him. He smiles at her and is on the verge of crying. Anika senses this. She tries to change his mood.

Anika- aap kaise ho shivaay?

Shivaay- yeh mujhe puchhna chahiye aur tum mujhse puchh rahi ho? Tum kaise ho?

Anika- shivaay mein aap ke samne baithi hue hu, ekdum kidkitod fit and fine bus right hand mein pata nahin doctor ne yeh aafat kyun dal di mein iss se kuchh bhi nahin kar pa rahin hoon. Heart ek dum fit and fine hain haan thodi der pehle sahin nahin tha par ab bilkul sahi hain…

Shivaay- bas meri Jhansi ki rani kitna bolti ho…

Anika- ab jab aap nahi bolenge toh mujhe toh bolna hi padega na. aap toh bilkul…

Shivaay- tum phir shuru ho gayi doctor ne rest lene ke liya kahan hai aur tum ho ki…

Waise tumhe kaise pata ki tumhara dil sahi hain…

Anika laughs. Shivaay is surprised cum shocked.

Shivaay- iss mein hasne wali kya baat hain?

Anika- aap ko nahin pata.

Shivaay- nahin. Agar pata hota toh mein tum se kyun puchhta?

Anika- wo issliye ki mera dil toh mere samne hi hain bilkul fit and fine ek dam kidkitod.

Shivaay understands but thought to tease her.

Shivaay- matlab…

Anika- aap ne ek number ke Billu ho. Pata nahi kaise aap india ke itne bade businessman ban gaye…

Aap ko sach mein hi nahin pata.

Shivaay- kahan na nahin pata ab toh bata do.

Anika- kyunki mera dil uski dhadkan sab kuchh toh aap hain aur aap sahin hain toh iska matlab hain ki mein bhi sahi hoon…

Shivaay- awww…

Anika- awww …

Then realization dawns at her. She bites her tongue and mentally slapped herself. Shivaay is grinning. Anika is looking everywhere except him and shivaay is silently laughing at her condition.

Shivaay (teasingly) – Anika…What happened?

Anika- woh… Woh shivaay mujhe neend aa rahin hain.mujhe rest karna hain. Aap please jaayiye yahan se…

Shivaay- sach mein main chala jaon tum yahin chahti ho. Theek hain main ja raha hoon. Let me help you in adjusting yourself then I will go.

Shivaay helps anika in adjusting herself. Now anika is in completely lying position and shivaay is in standing position. He kisses her on her forehead and (pretends) turns to go. Anika holds his hand and tightens her hold on him.

Anika- shivaay mat jayein na. please maine toh bas aise hi…

Shivaay- I am not going anywhere relax.

At that time nurse comes there. She sends shivaay outside who is reluctant to leave her. He insists to stay with her but nurse refuses. He says he is her husband and has every right to be with her. When anika asks him to go outside he makes a puppy face and goes outside. Nurse checks her and give her medicines. Then she goes. At the moment nurse steps outside shivaay enters in the room fastly. Nurse is shocked by his reaction and is going to fall by sudden jerk but shivaay holds her. Anika laughs by looking at shivaay. Nurse smile at him. After nurse goes he locked the door and comes near anika. She smiles at him.

Shivaay- why you send me out? …

Anika – because nurse has asked you to go outside but you did not so that’s why?

Shivaay- oh …

Anika- Leave it shivaay. Now you are with me.please sit.

He is going to sit at stool near bed but anika stops him and asks him to sit on bed.

Shivaay sit on the bed holding her hand with his one hand and with second one he is holding her face.

He is caressing her cheeks with his thumb and continuously kissing her hand which is in his hand. He is having tears in his eyes which are threatening to fall anytime. Anika again tries to change his mood but shivaay stops her. He is crying by now.

Anika tries to sit but shivaay stops her. She holds his face with her hand and caresses his face. She brings his face near to her and kisses his forehead and let her lips linger there for some time. She is able to feel shivaay’s tears which are falling on her. She runs her hand on his back in order to soothe him but nothing is working. He is sobbing and continuously crying. She hugs him. She wipes his tears and caresses his face. “I am fine shivaay” she again said.

Shivaay is kissing her hand as his life is depends on her and he is trying to feel her near him, with him. She again speaks. He looks at her. He asks her not to speak anything through eyes and joins their foreheads. Both stay in this silent for some time. This is soothing both of them. They are feeling rest and peace with each other in this silence. After sometime

Anika- mein bilkul sahin hoon shivaay. Kuchh bhi nahin hua hain mujhe. Look at me. I am completely fine.aur ek baat bataun aapko mujhe na aap ke sivaay koi nahin sambhal sakta hain bhagwan bhi nahin. Woh bhi mujhse pareshaan hokar mujhe aapke pass vapas bhej denge kyunki mein itna bolti jo hoon.itni pagalpanti karti hoon toh bas woh bhi mujhse pareshaan ho jayenge aur mujhe aap ke pass vapas bhej denge aur aap ko kya lagta hain mein aap ka peechha itni jaldi chhod dungi? Kabhi nahin. Har janam aap ke saath rehne ki, aap ke saath jeene ki, aapke saath chalne aur aap ko tang karne ki deal sign ki hain maine bhagwan ke saath. Aur mein na india ke no.1 business man ki wife hoon toh unke saath rehkar deal karna toh sikh hi liya hain aar voh bhi profit wali…

Shivaay- I love you.

Anika- hun… Mujhe pata hain. Koi nayee baat nahin hain. Kuchh naya ho toh bolo vaise bhi mujhe pata hain ki aap mujhse pyaar karte hain aur yeh sab formality type things karne ki koi jarurat nahin hain. Hamari relation mein formalities ki koi jagah nahin hain shivaay…

Shivaay- mere pass kuchh bhi naya nahin hain bolne keliye toh tumhe purana hi sunna padega. Ab iske baad tum kuchh nahin bologi aur sirf mujhe sunogi. Chup hokar sirf aur sirf mujhe sunogi aur beech mein nahin bologi bas aaj mujhe bolne do. Aaj ke baad hamare rishte ki ek nayi shuruaat hogi jisme koi bhi formality nahin hogi.

Anika nods her head in agreement. Shivaay stays silent and is only looking at her.

Shivaay- I know anika that the relation which we share cannot be named. Is it love? I do not know. But believe me it is not love. It is even beyond then that. What we share is not common. It is something different, something unique which is just only for us. What we share is only and only ours anika. There will never be any third person in this relation, in this feeling. Whatever it is is only for us to feel. Even if I will say I love you to you that will be like a custom but even then I want to say it to you. We will be together and equal in this relation… we both are like a piece of puzzle meant to be together and meant to complete the puzzle.

He takes pause and then continues

Shivaay- anika I do not know how to express myself? I also do not know singing like you so I cannot sing anything for you but…

Anika- shivaay mujhe singing aati hain aur dadi kehti hain ki pati-patni ek sikke ke do pehlu hote hain. Dono ek dusre ko pura karte hain. Jo ek ki kamjori hoti hain dusra use pura karta hain aur jo pehle ki kamjori hoti hain use pehle wala pura karta hain.par humare case mein toh hum dono ek saath hain. Na koi pehle na koi baad mein. Toh aap ko singing aati ya nahin koi farak nahin padta. Aur ek baat aur aap ko surprise kaisa laga aur song kaisa tha…

Shivaay shakes his head and smiles.

Shivaay- tum thodi der ke liye bhi chup nahin ho sakti na… aur mujhe tumhara surprise bahut pasand aaya nahin infact I just loved that surprise.

Anika- sachi aap ko mera surprise pasand aaya. Thank god mere bagad bille ko mera surprise pasand aaya. Ha toh bataiye mein kaisa gaati hoon…

Shivaay ( pretends to be thinking)- umm…theek thak

Anika- bas theek thak…

Shivaay- haan toh aur kya sunna hain tumhe…

Anika- kuchh nahin aap boliye.

Shivaay- tum bolne kahan deti ho…

Anika- achha theek hain ab nahin bolungi. Pinky promise.

Shivaay- sachhi…

Anika- haan haan ab boliye job hi bolna hain.

Shivaay- Ok baba. I love everything about you anika. So how can I not like your song? You are special; everything related to you is special for me. I love everything about you. That was the one of the best surprises I have ever got; other surprises are given to me by my family. The best surprise and gift I have ever got is by my mom. She has given birth to me. She has gifted me my life. The pain she has taken for me… I cannot even imagine. Then by dad, dadi, bade papa and badi maa. They took care of me when I was so small. Then I got one of my best surprise gifts by badi mom as om. Then I got rudra and prinku. These are the best surprises and gifts I have ever got till the day you entered in my life as a hurricane. Then your kidkitod entry in my life. Our ego clashes, our cat fights, our marriage everything happened in such a way I donot get time even to understand how all this happened. I, Shivaay Singh Oberoi got married to Anika with no surname. The person who belived in naam, khoon and khandan so much ki use apne dushman bhi khandani chahiye; got married to a girl who even donot know her origin. Who do not anything about herself, her family? Our trust not our, your trust on me, on our relation. Problems we faced together, everything… in the midst of all this when I fell in love in you I do not know. I do not know when may be on the first day of our meeting, may be when you came as my wedding planner, may be when you were working in my house for my marriage, may be when my family members liked you, may be when you helped my family, may be when you stand up for me and saved me in gayatri murder case, may be when you proved bade papa and papa innocent, may be when daksh came, may be before our marriage or may be after our marriage … I donot know but…but I fell for you and that too head over heels in love with you. Your engagement with daksh was like a worst nightmare of me then all the misunderstandings created between us by daksh I donot know why but I was not able to imagine you with someone else. I was not able to breathe. It was like someone close to me; a part of me was going away from me. Then tia’s drama of kidnapping on mine and tia wedding. Then I do not what got into me and how I fell so much? I threatened you by kidnapping sahil and got married to you forcibly. These memories are so much painful that these scare me to hell even now. I hate myself for that but you know what? This is the best decision of my life which I have taken in a worst way. This is the best deal I have done till now. Through this deal I got me, myself in you. I got you anika. I got my wife, my love through this decision. I got someone who is just mine, whom I will never share with anyone, who is just mine to do anything, everything, who is completely and only mine. I never knew that the Shivaay Singh Oberoi will be able to love someone else other than his family but you proved me wrong like every time. I do not know when you become my life, my reason to live but you become. I never expressed myself, my feelings to anyone till now but you understand me more than me, more than anyone else. You are the great wall of the great wall who never allows him to break, who always supports him, who always stands by him. You are my everything anika. I cannot imagine myself, my life without you anika not even a single moment without you. Your presence calms me. You are a painter anika and my life and I was a canvas which you have made colorful by your presence. Your name is enough to bring a smile on my face in the worst situation even.

You always come infront of me and save me. Even today…

Please donot do anything like this again otherwise I will not be able to handle myself…

Now you are fine and everything is fine.

You sung a song for me and I know you meant every word you said. So now I want to say. You said na when I am with you then you feels alive. Same is with me anika. A moment without you seems a life time anika even a small distance from you makes me restless. When you are not with me then it feels like why am i? Everything feels like it has stopped when you are not. When you are with me then I do things which I have never ever done in my life and never ever thought that I will do something like those. When you are with me then I am in a different world, away from everything just me and you and I live my life to the fullest with you. I want to spend my nights with you in my arms. I want to see you first in my mornings when I woke up. I want to sleep with you, you cuddling into me. I want to know your deepest secrets which no one knows and will never know because I have that right. I want to do everything with you only with you. I want you to love me more than anything. I want you to know my deepest secrets. I want me to be in you. I want myself in you anika. I want to wake up with you in every morning. I want it be you, I want it to be you so badly to know me and be mine. I cannot imagine my nights, my days without you. You said na you are earth and I am your sky and you know earth takes everything which sky gives her. You were right because you have taken everything which I have given you be it insults, pains anything and did not even complain to me. You know what if there is no earth then what will sky do? It will be present but with nothing. Same is with me anika. Without you I will be here but with nothing. So you have to be with me always because no one can handle me as you can. No one can make me understand anything not even my family except you. You told me that you have done a deal with god about us together. And you also told that no one can handle you except me not even god I am more than ready to handle you darling what about you? Will you be able to live with me whole life, bear me with my stupidities and give me complete right to hold you in my arms, to know you, your secrets, to love you till infinity and beyond that, to spend sleepless nights with you in my arms. Will you? I am not perfect, I am not best but when we will come together then it will be more than perfect, more than best. Will you allow us to be us?

Anika is smiling and having tears of happiness in her eyes.


Shivaay- hun…

Anika- kitna blote hain aap. ek baar shuru hone ke baad toh rukte hi nahin hain aur mujhse kehte hain ki mein nonstop train ki tarah bolti hoon and now listen to me.

“In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find someone who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you.”

And I have found you. I love you more than anything. But as you know “But the heart’s not like a box that gets filled up. It expands in size the more you love.”

I love you more with each passing minute. I never knew that you are so expressive. I have never heard or imagine a confession like this so beautiful, mind blowing and soul full. And you always say that you can never express yourself. Believe me there is no one who can express anything so beautifully and soulfully like you have done.

I just know that the greatest thing in this world to learn is to love someone and then loved in return. This is just amazing. And “we come to love not by finding perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”. Shivaay I am happiest when i am being myself and myself when I am with you “. you completes me shivaay and makes me better person as I makes you. I also want to spend my life with you in your arms. I want to wake up every morning with you in your arms. It’s a completely and definitely yes from my side. I want you to love me to infinity and beyond that. I want it to be you; I want it to be you so badly to know me, to love me. Dadi always says that we are takkar ki Jodi. Yes, we are shivaay. Shivaay I donot know what to say more? I want to say so much but do not have words. How can you express yourself so soulfully beautifully and I even do not have words. Let’s say that three words together to each other at same time.

Shivika-(together) I love you to infinity and beyond that. I love you so much which no one have ever done and may be more than that. (To each other).

Then they kissed eachother on foreheads and join their heads together.

Anika- I want to sing something for you but do not have guitar here and also I cannot play that…

Shivaay- it’s ok anika. If you want to sing something that too for me then you can sing even without guitar. I will also love that but if I am not wrong you are not in position to do something not even singing. so now please take rest and you can sing anytime I will listen that but after you are completely fine. so now…

Anika- Shivaay I am fine. I have taken pain killers and I am not feeling sleepy even a single bit so please I can do this. I just have to speak and you just have to listen. so…

She starts singing and sings Humsafar.

Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar,

Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar,

ki teri saansein chalti jidhar,

rahungi bas wahin umr bhar,

rahungi bas wahin umr bhar,

muskurana bhi tujhe se sikha hain,

dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hain,

aitbaar bhi tujhe se hota hain,

aa na hosh mein main kabhi,

baahon mein hai teri zindagi,

hai nahin tha pata ki tujhe maan lungi khuda,

ki teri galiyon mein iss kadar aaungi ab har pahar,

Sun mere humsafar kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar,

ki teri saansein chalti jidhar,

rahungi bas wahin umar bhar ,

rahungi bas wahin umr bhar,

She completes the song by looking into shivaay’s eyes which are shining with limitless love for her.

After the songs ends shivaay claps for her and stands up and bows down infront of her. Then he sits on the bed. Anika smiles.

Anika- how was it? Did you like it? vaise aaj suraj kahan se nikla hain mera matlab The Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi, greatest tadibaaz, SSO, bagad billa, billuji… kisi ke samne jhuk rahein hain.

Shivaay did not say anything and leans towards her. Anika is shocked cum surprised with his action. Now she is in sleeping position and shivaay is on her not completely.

He kisses her. She is surprised with this sudden action of shivaay. After sometime she responds back and starts kissing him. The kiss lasts for few minutes. It was full of love and trust…it was soulfull. After the kiss they get apart and look at eachother. Both are smiling.

Shivaay- kisi ke samne nahin apni biwi ke saamne.

Anika- shivaay you have not taken rest and also have not eaten anything and we donot know that everyone at home have taken dinner or not? Call om and ask him.

Then please eat something. I want to talk with them and will ask someone to bring food for you.

Shivaay video calls om and everyone comes there.

Anika talks with them before she could say anything they told her that they are coming to hospital and will bring something to eat for shivaay and his night clothes also or he can come to home for sometime till then they will be there with her and after that he can come back to hospital. She smiles and told them that shivaay will go to home for some time and will take rest after that he will come to hospital if he wants to…

Shivaay glared at her. She again smiles.

After sometime everyone comes in hospital and meets her. Tej informed Shivaay that shooter and his masterminds who are none other than roop and swetlana are under arrest. Shivaay goes to home, eat dinner and take rest for some time. After that he goes to hospital. Everyone is happily chatting with anika who is listening to their talks and smiling.

Shivaay comes there and smiles at the scenario in front of him. Om, rudra and sahil are sitting on bed with anika. Dadi, jahanvi and pinky are sitting on stools near bed.

Tej and shakti are standing on other side of bed with prinku and saumya and talking to her.

Then nurse comes there and told them that visitor hour have been passed and now only one person can stay with her but now they have to check her and give her medicines so all of them have to go outside. Everyone kisses anika on forehead one by one and leaves. Rudra and sahil makes a crybaby face. Om slaps them on their heads and takes them outside but shivaay is standing there.

Nurse- mr. oberoi…

Shivaay looks at anika then at nurse. He then comes closer to anika and kisses her on forehead and tells her that he is just outside and goes from there. Doctor comes and checks anika. Everything is fine and nurse gives her medicines. Outside everyone says that they will be with anika but shivaay refuses and says that only he will stay with her. When nurse comes outside everyone come in room and kissed the sleeping figure of anika on her forehead and then leaves from there except om and rudra who are with shivaay and talking with him. Anika is sleeping peacefully. After sometime, late at night shivaay also send them home back and goes to company them till entrance. Before going they comes to anika and kisses her on forehead and cheeks and wishes her good night and then leaves from there. After they have gone shivaay comes back and sits near anika, kisses her forehead, eyes and cheeks and wishes her goodnight and is going to stand up but by that time anika is awake. She holds his hand and signs him to sleep with her. He denies but she insists. So he climbs carefully on bed so as to not hurt her and sleep besides her. She put her hand around his waist and head on his shouder and goes in deep slumber. Shivaay smiles by looking at her sleeping form and kisses her forehead, wishes her good night again and goes to deep slumber. His one hand is around her waist and one is underneath her head. Both souls who are bound and destined to be together, to love each other are sleeping peacefully in each other protective arms. This is the start of a new chapter in their journey- a journey full of love, care, respect, protectiveness, little possessiveness and every other thing.

This is the end of this story friends. Finally able to imagine something like this only and able to complete it as this chapter have 4367 words or even more than that.

Hope you liked it.

Please ignore mistakes.

Thank you for reading and for giving your precious time to me.

Please comment if you liked this story.

Thank you
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