Shivika TS- Tum Ho Toh Part 2


Hiii everyone,Thank you for your response to this story. I am glad to know you liked it. This is the second part of this story. Hope you will like this part also. Please comment if you liked the chapter.

Everyone is shocked. Shivaay looks at anika who is lying in his hold and drenched in blood. Blood is vigorously flowing through the wound. He is numb. Anika then lose her senses and gets unconscious. Shivaay and anika fall on ground. Shivaay is in sitting position and anika is lying in his lap. He is completely numb. It is like that his world has stopped and he is not able to breathe. Everyone rushes to them. Om holds anika and takes her in his arms and rushes towards entrance. Shivaay is sitting at that place only. There is no reaction from him. Rudra shakes him and hold him. Shivaay comes back to his sense. He looks at everyone. Everyone is crying. He then looks at his hands and infront of him where anika was lying drenched in pool of her blood. Only one name come out of his mouth- anika…

He stands up and rushes towards Anika. Om with Khanna had gone to hospital. Whole family rushes towards hospital. Tears are continuously flowing from their eyes. Anika has been taken into operation theatre. Dadi and pinky are continuously crying and jahanvi is trying to console them. Tears are flowing through jahanvi’s eyes but even then she is trying to console them. On the other hand saumya is trying to console sahil. Priyanka is crying and sobbing and she is in the arms of her father and uncle. Pinky looks at shivaay who have not said anything except one word ANIKA that too once. She starts to cry hysterically. Jahanvi tries to console her but is not able to. Shakti comes there and hugs her. He patted her back. Nurse comes there and asks about anika’s family member. Om and rudra has taken shivaay in their arms who is numb till now and not reacting to anything. Om leaves shivaay and signs rudra to hold him. Then om goes from there to nurse. Om replied we are her family members. She is my bhabhi. Nurse asks about patients husband. Om signs towards Shivaay who is looking at Anika through glass and rudra is standing with him and holding him. Nurse is about to go to him but Om stops her. Then Nurse told him to sign documents which state that if anything happens to anika then hospital will not be responsible for this. Om stumbles. Tej and shakti go towards him and holds him. Om- nothing will happen to her. She is anika, strongest and bravest girl I have ever seen in my whole life. Nothing will happen to her. Nothing will happen to her…

Nurse – please sign the documents sir. Otherwise we will not be able to start operation. Already there is so much blood loss. We cannot take any risk. Please sign these documents…

Tej leaves Om. Shakti holds him and tightly hugged him. Tej takes the paper and sign the documents. Tej- now start operation. Nothing should happen to her otherwise you have to face my wrath…

Nurse- we will try our best sir. And we need some personal information about patient like if she have any kind of allergies, …

Tej looks at Shakti and Om who nod their heads in a no.

Tej- We do not have any information actually…

Nurse- Its ok Mr.oberoi .Now please excuse me.

Nurse enters in operation theatre and operation starts. Everyone is looking inside the room through glasses.

Pinky comes near Shivaay and holds him by his shoulders. Shivaay look at her. There is nothing except hollowness and some fear in his eyes. Pinky tightly hugs him but he does not respond. Pinky loosened the hug and shakes him. Pinky- shivaay kuch nahin hoga usse…

At this line shivaay hugged her tightly and cried in her hold.

Shivaay- she cannot leave me mom. Nothing will happen to her. She loves me mom. She will not leave me. She will be fine and then she will again start calling me by my weird names, will throw water at me, will fight with me, will support me in my every decision, will stand by me and I … I will…

Shivaay leaves pinky and tries to move away but Om holds him in his arms tightly.

Om- Nothing will happen to her. Do not forget she is Anika. You always said na ki shivaay singh oberoi ki jaan itni aasani se nahin jayegi. She is your jaan shivaay. Then how can she leave you. She will be fine like before for you, for sahil and for us.

Shivaay- I love her Om. I love her. I cannot live without her Om. I cannot even think of a moment without her. I need her Om. I need her. If you and Rudra are my heart then she is my heartbeat Om. I am nothing without her. Om she is your friend cum bhabhi na then ask her to be fine. She will listen to you. Rudra she is your partner in crime, your best buddy, your bhabhi then ask her to be fine for me. She will listen to you Rudra. Please Rudra please Om please…

Om And Rudra hugged him tightly and shivaay responded back. Shivaay eyes are on anika who is inside the operatin theatre.

Everyone is crying by looking at this vulnerable state of great wall of shivaay. Unable to hold more Pinky with dadi, jahanvi, prinku goes to temple in the hospital and starts praying. All of them pray of her well being because they will be nothing without her. Their shivaay will become lifeless without her. He will completely break without her. Om, rudra, saumya, prinku will not be same without her. Sahil will be completely broken and … Nothing will be same without her. Not they not oberoi mansion. Nothing…

Saumya is continuously trying to stop sahil from crying. She hugged him tightly and both of them are crying and consoling eachother. Shakti comes to them and hugged both of them tightly. Tej goes towards shivomru and put his hands on them and stand with them.

SIX hours has been passed. Pinky, dadi, jahanvi, prinku come there and help dadi in sitting on chair.

Everyone is praying to god for anika’s well being.

After sometime, doctor comes out of the operation theatre. Everyone rushes to him and start asking him questions. Doctor with a smile replied to them- Operation is successful and patient is fine. I have to say she is very strong. Her will power is amazing because in surgery at many points we have lost her but by god grace we were able to bring her back. She will gain conscious in two to three hours. Till then you have to wait and she have to be in under observation for four to five days after that we will decide anything about her. You can meet her once she regains consciousness and shifted into another ward.

Tej and shakti hugged the doctor and thanks him. Om and rudra hugged shivaay tightly. And rest of them also hugged each other.

Doctor- It is my duty Mr. oberoi. Now please excuse me.

Everyone thanks doctor and god. Then they see the smile on shivaay’s face. Everyone again thanks god. All ladies with sahil, shakti and tej go to mandir for prayer and to thank god. Shivaay, om and rudra are infront of anika’s room and smiling by looking at her through window glass. Rudra- My superwoman is fine. I know nothing will happen to her that’s why she is my superwoman. She is our angel. Now we will prepare a grand welcome party for her when she will come to oberoi mansion but only for family members…

Shivaay and Om look at him with a smile on their face.

Om- Shut up duffer. We will plan everything but let her gain conscious and then we will meet her, scold her and then we will do anything else …

Shivaay smiles and three of them again hugged each other.

Rudra- bhaiyaa aap kuchh nahin kaho ge unse. Aap chup kyun ho?

Shivaay- Rudra I am so much happy that I do not know what to say? I will definitely scold her for playing with our feelings like this with me, with sahil and with all of us. There is so much left for me to do. I will…

Rudra- bas bas bhaiyaa aap kya jaan loge meri cute si bhabhi ki. First we will meet her and you will meet her in last and then do anything which you want to do. Okay deal.

After two hours anika regains consciousness. Shivaay comes and kisses her on her forehead and then goes out before anika opens her eyes completely but anika have seen him. Doctor comes and checks her. After that all family members comes and meet her, hugged her, blessed her and scold her except shivaay. Khanna also come and meet her. After everyone had gone to oberoi mansion for rest, shivaay comes and sat beside anika on table and interwine their hands and kisses her hands. Her right hand is plastered. Then he looks at anika who is smiling at him. He smiles back at her. Anika kisses his forehead, cheeks and eyes and hands. Shivaay also do the same. He again looks at her.

How was it guys?

Hope you do not get bored. Please ignore mistakes.





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