Shivika TS Pinky Promise (shot 2)

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Hi guys here u go with shot 2. Thanks for all ur comments
Anika wakes up and tries to go
Sh: u need rest
An: I can take care of my self
Sh: U r pregnant.

An: So
Sh:take rest
An: I can take care of both of us.You worry about priyanka and her child.
She feels dizzy and sleeps again she woke up to see Shivaay getting ready
Sh: there is ur dress. Get ready and come down.
An: I’m not coming.
Sh(calmly) : I’m not asking I’m telling u.

He leaves
In hall pinky ask Anika to get engagement ring. She goes & is about to slip when OmRu hold her
Ru: araam se bhabhi Jaldi kya hai. They leave Shivaay come
Sh: I told you to take care
She goes ignoring him. Media questions her and blames to break Shitia’s relation. She couldn’t able to bear it and goes in.

In room

An: enough Mr Oberoi. I’m not a toy that you’ll marry when u want, divorce when u want or play with my feelings . I was quite but not know now it’s about my baby. I’ll not live with you anymore
She feels pain in her belly
An: aghhhh……..agghhhh
Shiv comes but she jerks him away.
An: Apki help lene se accha main mar jaogi.

He lift her forcefully & rushes out by the time she has fainted
Shi: (screams): Om………….
They take her to hospital media follows
Sh: doctor…….doctor……..

Dr: I told you it’s not good for her to take stress anyway u do the formalities.(she leaves)
OM: main formalities puri karta hu. You handle media
Shivaay goes to media
Shi: aap log janna chapter hai na ki mera Aur Anika kya rishta hai  whatever is between me and Anika, there is no need to explain it to anyone, our relation does not need anyone’s approval, whatever is between us is just ours because there are some people who has dirt filled in their mind, can never understand it and will keep trying to force dirt on this relation, so its necessary to shut their mouths, you all are asking, how is Anika related to me, today I will tell everyone what Anika means to me, Anika is my wife. Yes she is my wife. She is Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi .Still anyone having doubt on her character.

Media get scared and leaves
He goes in
Shi: Dr is everything alright.
Dr: she’s fine now. You can meet her.
In room
Shi: Anika I told you not to

And starts her don’t care about me and my baby Shivaay places his lips on hers. She gets shocked
Sh: kitna bolti ho Anika
An: y do u kissed me
Sh: I kissed my wife any problem
An: I’m not ur wife
Sh: U r

He switch on tv all channels are showing same news
Sh: I love you Anika
An: I love u too Shivaay
She  hugs him

Precap :surprise

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