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Part 2
Anika stood there for some time like a statue……. Sab jaise suuunnn par gya tha…….after sometimes her hormones stabilized……..but simultaneously her angry hormones rushed in …..
“had kar rakhi hai inhone bhi…..inki aadatye to din par par bigar ti jaa rahi hai…..khabhi koi kisi larki ke iiinnntna pass ata bhi hai…..aur pata nahi kya blush blush ki jap laga rakha hai……ajj to mai iska matlab nikal ke rahungi.”
With this determination she rushed out of the room.

In hall, everyone was present there except tej and pinky. Youngsters were having hot chocolate and the elders with masala chai were enjoying their evening. It was a very calm and quiet environment.
Suddenly anika enters. She was lost in herself, blabbering and searching something in her mobile. She didn’t even notice the family members sitting over there and walked past them. Everyone were quiet surprised. At last soumya spoke “are anika didi kaha ja rahi ho itna pareshan hoke???”
Anika(coming of her world, bt said in mind): are bas soumya bhi idhar hi mil gyi…
Anika: are soumya ye blush ka aakhir matlab hota kyaaaa haaaai??(quiet fed up with her unsuccessful search )
Sou: bataya to tha di apko…
Anika was still busy with her mob and her back was still facing the family members.
Anika: nahi nahi soumya vo bali blush nahi…….mai to vo bali blush ke bare mai bat kar rahi hu jab koi apke kan ke pas aake kahe jai….tum blushhhhhh kaaaarrr rahi…. Ho..…(her voice screeched as she realized all the family members were present there).
She suddenly turned their side.
Anika: aapp sab yaha??(shocked)
Sahil: haann…..di hum sab yaha..kyu?…
Rud: haan di dekhiye hum log hot chocolate pi rehe hai….
Om: par anika tum kuch blush ke bare mai bol rahi thi…
Ani: kuch kuch nahi bass aisai.
Rud: are nahi aap kuch parehan lag rahi hai….dont worry u can share.
Ani: actually mera dimag nah tumhare bhai…I mean kanji ankho bale bagad billa mr. sso kharab kar rakhe hai.
Dadi: kyu puttar? Billu ne phir kya kiya?
Ani: kya dadi apke billu ji to jab bhi dekho tub blush kar rahi ho…..tum blush kar rahi ho…bol bol ke pareshan karte rahte hai…..akhir ye brush hota kya hai….bhala din bhar kon brush karta hai?(while coming nearer to omru)

Everyone was shocked by her statement. Sahil just nodded his head in disbelieve.
In the mean time, Shivaay entered the hall with his espresso…….smelling and enjoying its deep aroma…..
Only rudy noticed him and just when he wastaking his first sip rudy asked “bhaiyaa….akhir app aisa kya karte ho ki di itna blush karti hai???”
This sudden question made him cough heavily and he spitted all his expresso on anika(just compare the situation when it actually happened in serial). He starred at anika indisbelive…..other present there shocked and surprised as if the sky is falling on them..
Shi: (almost in anika’s ear) tum ye question idhar puchne aaiho??(literally greeting his teeth)
Ani: haan too…(turning towards om)..hain batao to om …..yeh blush kya hota hai?
Om looked at shivaay with a teasing smile.
Unable to tolerate more ……shivaay shouted “shut up anika……(again coming close to anika’s ear)..hamare bedroom secrets sabke sath share karna jaroori hai kya anika??(his whole face had already gone red…looking as if it will brust now).
Others present there was enjoying the show…..juniors were still continuing with their hot chocolate… whatever anika said after that made their mouth gain characteristics of Bermuda triangle.

Anika(loudly): BEDROOM SECRETS???
Apke bedroom main koi secret chipa hai kya??…..aur mai kaise bedroom secrets share karungi??…mujhe to iske bare mai kuch nahi pata…..haaaan jarur omru ko pata hoga…..kyu omru??(with a cute smile)
In the mean tym pinky entered and hearing the last part she was surprised, said “oh my mata Shivaay tu apni bedroom secrets omru ko batata hai…..”

This made omru spit out their whole hot chocolate on shivaay and cough badly…..shivaay ki to pucho mat…..others were just trying to hold on their laugh a little to minimize stomach ache.
In between rudra stammered “are aree diii dii bhaiya humse kyu kyu bedroom seeecrets share karennge.”

In between all this sahil our intelligent ghora took the stirring and said “aree diiidiii…..apko nah shadi karne se pehele mere se thori bahut training le leni chahiye thi…….atleast app iss tarah iss bagar bille ka majk to nah banati…..btw blush ka matlab hai sharmana jo ap mai to hai nahi…..aur bedroom secrets vo hota hai jo husband aur wife ke bich mai hota hai……publically announcement nahi hoti.”

This made anika go red like tomato and hot like burning coal.

*sorry for any mistake………all rotten eggs and tomatoes are excepted

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  1. Shivika

    Hahaha….shivaay ki toh oh my mata hi ho gyi……..osum one……amazing

  2. was this a end???

    1. Khusb002309

      yeap dear….it was a short story

  3. Samm

    hahaha! what an entertaining sight it must be! 😀 😀 loved it 🙂

    1. Khusb002309


  4. Very nice… superb

  5. Dev

    It was soo fun….keep going buddy…..lovely….

  6. haha…anika ne to raita phaila diya…yaha to sahil anika se zyada smart nikla

  7. Mukta

    Awesome…. Sahil is too intelligent btw ??? this episode made me laugh like hell…. even I was trying to minimize my stomach ache…. ????? fabulous update yar…. ??????

  8. Mukta

    Anyways is this the end….. if yes, then plz don’t do so…. I want more of your ff…. plz don’t end it like this…. please…..

  9. Salo

    Wow u r seriously amazingly awesome….ur writing skills are just ……just that can’t be defined in words…. u r seriously amazing…I am I’m luv wid ur ff??n don’t u dare 2 stop it

  10. Amazing….waiting fr d nxt

  11. Pinkyyy

    Awww so cute ???? awesome update dear

  12. I bete ki shivay ki to o my matta ho gyi keep it up dearr

  13. It was hilarious?????I Was literally laughing hard after reading it….. Its superbb….. Nd plz dont end it….

  14. Khusb002309

    thankx everyone over there……ur comments only motivated me to write this one…….i was quiet unsure about this……

    i am seriously not a blue blood writer……these are something which are my random hobbies……and this slot is also a little slot…without any future……actually mera khurafati mind kabhi kabhar ajibo garib ideas nikal te hai…….aur mai akele bait ke hansti hu…phir socha akele kyu dekte hai kitno ko mere bat pe hasi ati thought of sharing it ….

    but i will definately try to write more…..

    1. Samm

      that’s a nice thought khushboo 🙂 keep going like this with your enthusiasm and come up with such awesome pieces of work for us 😉 🙂

      1. Khusb002309

        thankuuu……samm for ur encouragement

  15. Fabulous episode… loved it…

  16. Loved it!!Hahaha???

  17. Shivaay baby ne shaaid aj rekhi nahi ki thi islia yea sab hua aree billuji apko lady baba we training lena chahia. Awesome ep.

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