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An Ending…..

St. Joseph College, in a classroom all the students were standing in groups.
A professor was standing in front of them with few papers in her hand.
Professor-“so students, I am here with the results of that competition which held 2 weeks ago. So the group which won the competition will get an opportunity of three months internship in a multinational company in Delhi. So the group which won that competition is group…4”
Group 4 students jumped in happiness. All hugged each other.
(Group 4 Members- Shivaay, Ishana, Om, Kabir, Kiara)
Ishana-“Shivaay, its just because of you that we won this competition”
Shivaay-” no, its team work, we won because of all of us” and soon everyone congratulated them. But his eyes were searching for someone else.
Shivaay(in his mind)-“where is she??” And then he turned to others
Shivaay-“guys, I will meet you all later on”
And he went out in search of his girl, Anika.
Shivaay-“where did she go??” and he was looking here and there. And when he was passing by the basketball court, his eyes caught her sitting in the corner on the staircase.
He slowly went towards her and sat beside her.
Shivaay-“hey…Ani what happened??” and Anika looked at him. Shivaay noticed tears rolling down her cheeks. Shivaay immediately caressed her cheeks and whipped up her tears.
Shivaay-“Ani..why are you crying??. You know na that I can’t see tears in your eyes.” Said while caressing her cheeks. But she didn’t utter a single word.
Shivaay-“what happened?? Are you not happy that my team won” Anika whipped up her tears
Anika-“how can you even think that I will not be happy with your success? I am very happy but” and again few drops of tears find their way from her eyes.
Shivaay-“but…what??” he asked worriedly and whipped her tears again
Anika-“actually….you will be away from me for 3 months…” and shivaay smiled to his innocent girl and hugged her tightly and caressed her hair and kissed on her hairs. After sometime he broke the hug.
Shivaay-“so that’s the reason,ok then…I will not go”
Anika-“are you mad? You will go…understand, its such a great opportunity” shivaay saw sudden change in her expressions from sad to angry.
Shivaay-“but I will be away from you for 3 months..”
Anika-“ok…don’t repeat my words, its just that we were never away from each other..for so long”
Shivaay-“these 3 months will end soon..and then I will be back to you..”
Anika-“hmmm..” shivaay took her palm in his.
Shivaay-“ok…then promise me something..”
Shivaay-“you will not cry”
Anika-“ok, I will not”
Shivaay-“you will live your life as you used to live”
Shivaay-“ will be always happy..”
Anika-“promise..” and again shivaay hugged her
And after sometime anika came out of the embrace
Anika-“by the way, why you are talking like if you are going right now”
Shivaay-“no, nothing like that, its just that(shivaay looked at anika)…I don’t know..” anika simply smiled as she know that sometime its very difficult for her shivaay to express what he feels.
Anika then stood up
Anika-“let’s go” and forwarded her palm towards him
Shivaay-“hmmm..” and he slipped his palm on hers. He stood up and entwined his fingers with hers.
While they were walking
Anika-“so when you guys will be going?”
Shivaay-“tomorrow morning is our flight”
Anika-“hmmm…” shivaay gave her a side hug.



Shivaay came out of his house with his bags and found anika standing at the entrance
Shivaay-“anika, what are you doing here?”
Anika-“just came to see you off..” and she hugged him and shivaay also responded equally.
In the mean time, Om came there with his car and called shivaay from inside the car
Om-“shivaay quick” and shivaay nodded looking at Om
Shivaay(to anika)-“ok..bye..” and kissed her on her cheeks and anika again hugged him.
Anika-“bye..” and shivaay went towards the car and was about to open the door of the car, but he turned
Shivaay-“don’t forget your promise” anika remembered the promise she made to him
Anika-“never..”and smiled to him.
Shivaay then sat in the car and waved to her.
Anika then went to her home. Her mom saw her
Mom-“ani..where were you?”
Anika-“I went to see off shivaay..”
Mom-“ go and freshen up..”
In the evening, anika’s friend saumya came to her home
Anika-“hii saumya, how you are here?”
Saumya-“actually shivaay left something for you with rudra but rudra got little busy and he was not able to make out time, so he sent me to you with this” and saumya gave anika a thin cuboid box wrapped up properly.
Anika-“why he didn’t give me by himself”
Saumya-“that’s he himself know..”
Anika-“ok, leave it. What you will have, tea or coffee?”
Saumya-“not today, got to go”
Saumya-“some other day..”
Anika-“ok” and saumya went.
Anika went to her room and opened the box. In the box she found a C.D. and a letter. Anika opened the letter and read it.

I know it’s not my type things to do. But since you have entered in my life, I have started doing all the things which I don’t use to do earlier.
(anika smiled) in this C.D., I have saved the recent song of your favourite singer Darshan Raval. I know I could have sent the song to you, but I don’t know why, I ended up doing this.
(again anika smiled)
You enjoy the song..
Love you,

Anika folded the letter and kept it in a drawer. Then she took the C.D. and inserted it into a media player and played the song.

[guys here just imagine that the time is passing with music]

saari ki saari meri hai tu
tujhko kabhi na main baanToon
(you are all mine,
I’ll never share you.)

anika called shivaay
shivaay-“did you get the gift?”
shivaay-“how is it?”
anika-“I loved it”

kahunga jo main tumhe sunoge kya
rahoge na paas tum hamesha
(what I’ll tell you, will you listen to it?
You’ll be with me always, won’t you?)

both were talking for long, and when night passed they didn’t even realize.
Then they went to their respective places i.e. college and office.

har wo lamha jisme tum ho
wo meri zindagi ho
(every moment in which you are there,
may that be my life.)

shivaay was having his lunch with his friends when he remembered how anika for the first time made food for him

flash back
anika-“I have made food for you”
shivaay-“its looking delicious” and ate a bite
anika-“how is it?”
shivaay-“its tasty….its yummy..” and he ate the whole food
anika-“you ate whole alone, I didn’t even taste it” and made a puppy face. She saw about one morsel was left in the bowl and she ate it.
Shivaay-“ani..don’t” and anika spit it out
Anika-“yuck, its tasteless. Why did you ate it”
Shivaay-“because you made it..”

Flash back ends

saari ki saari meri hai tu
tujhko kabhi na main baanToon
(you are all mine,
I’ll never share you.)

anika was searching for a book in the library by standing on stool. When remembered hoe shivaay saved her from falling

Flash Back
Anika was standing on the stool and shivaay was standing on the ground
Shivaay was searching for a book
Shivaay-“be careful”
Anika-“yah..” and she stretched her hand to get a book. And her feet slipped. she was about to fall but shivaay saved her in time by holding her by her waist and anika’s hands were on his shoulder. They shared few seconds eye lock.
Flash back ends

Anika came down the stool and smiled

yoon khushboo meri
hawaaon mein mehsoos karna tum
(feel my fragrance in such a way
in the winds,)

anika was standing in her balcony with her eyes closed and a sweet smile on her face.

likhe har lafz mere haathon se
use yaad rakhna tum
(every word that I have written with my hands,
remember them.)

Then she came inside and took out the letter written by him and smiled.

jab jab neend na aaye
meri yaad sataaye
mujhe dil se pukaar lena
ehsaas banke tere paas rahoon
bas mujhko Dhoondh lena
(whenever you don’t get sleep,
and my memory troubles you,
call me with your heart,
I’ll be with you becoming a feeling.
just find me.)

She lay down on the bed and was trying to sleep but was not able to sleep. She then closed her eyes and remembered the moments they shared.

Flash back

They were laying down on the grass at night under the sky with their fingers entwined together.

Flash back ends

har wo lamha, jisme tum ho
wo meri zindagi ho
(every moment in which you are there,
may that be my life.)

Both of them, shivaay and anika, slowly drawn into a peaceful sleep with a smile on their faces.

saari ki saari meri hai tu
tujhko kabhi na main baanToon
(you are all mine,
I’ll never share you.)

Soon the three months came to an end.

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  1. Surbhi Sharma

    ….. this is how I am . U left me speechless. I loved it to the core ….😘😘😘😘😘


    It’s was an awesome lovely story. And nice starting. It was very interesting. The entire episode is fantastic. I’m waiting for your next episode, update soon……….

  3. Vivikhta

    This is wonderful.
    its so sweet and awesome that I am left speechless.
    Keep writing more of thus pls and update ASAP!
    Will u b my find?
    Vivikhta 💕

    • Angel_writer



      glad u loved it dear..
      such an appreciation..really means a lottt..
      will update soon..
      ya surely dear..i will be your friend…I love making frnds…
      love u
      n thank u 🙂

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