Shivika ts dil awara hua chap 2 for mannat

Heyyy everyone!! I am back I know no one missed me but its kk i am bit busy so directly on the epi…
anika pov#
Life is soo strange so unpredictable so upsetting yet so beautiful ??it’s true u can’t have everything but u will surely have something!! Me too have SHIVAY??
don’t know why how but yea he is the key to my happiness….. SHIVAY
pov ends
Her thoughtz were disturbed with a car horn she looks at the watch and then at the window its 1 at night anf shr know what happening
She immediately opened the window and looked at shivay standing at the entrance
????((wht u thought him climbing it’s my story not film story))
She sighed defeatedly and went down
She opened the door and welcomed him with blood shot eyes but kept quiet and took him to his room

She just make him sit on the bed and shouted at the peak WHY YOU CAME HERE SHIVAY??
Sunshine remember day out ?? shivay said innocently..
But it was day out not night out anika questioned in an ? toney
Look there!! Shivay said pointing towards clock and said it’s 1 that mean new DAY arrived….
Anika was again frustrated as she knew her neighbor who have definely saw her with him… But for her now only shivau matters and she accepted ???
Won’t u ask me what’s special ??shivay asked naughty ly
Anika smiled but nxt moments just widened her eyes and she almost screamed NOO
Shivay just smiled and said… Will u upset me now??
Anika just kicked himm?? ane said ???never sunshine!!!
Leqving shocked shivay???
I never do that… Shivay complaint??making anika laugh whole heartedly ????
Lets leave!!anika said like shivayy

Both went to a slum area where no one knows them
SHIVAY—gestures anika what r u doing? ??
SHIVAY—acts like anime and keep mum
ANIKA pinched him making him shout ????
Both went towards ahut????
Both changed their attire as of ghosts with masks black long nails ????
Both thumps up and went inside….
A man was seen sleeping murmuring something in his dreams ????

JANU MY BABY GIVEE ME A KISSS???….he said in sleepy tone
Anika went to him anf said okkk babyyy have my kisss ???on dangerous voice while shivay was managing sound system for required effect..
That man opened his eyes and saw the most disgusting creature in front of him!! ??????
He was shocked to the core and begged the ghost to leave him
MAN–ols leave me ghost g??
Shivay too joined her and entered the scene!! 0
If she left uuu I won’t ??shivay said
Man was really confused to see 2 ? ? ghost in front of him and just peed in his pantss!!!!
Making three of them shocked as well surprised as they didn’t expect something like this ??

They just laughed whole heartedly ?????????shivay was just laughing not bothering about anything whereas anika was trying to get hold on her..
Man was really confused and ran away from there for his safety ??
Unaware of the fact that everything was recorded ?????
Shivika just collected that video and went away
After some time they reached their destination BEACH ?
BOTH were laughing till now
ANika while managing her laugh said THANK YOU SHIVAY THNK UU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!
both were lost in each other eyes for getting all their worries sorrows anf rest of the world!!!
Snika just hugged tightly and thanked him for this wonderful day night out?
anika I have planned something for today
Shivay told her about exchanging their roles for one NIGHT such that one will behave like other and vice versa!!
Flashback ends
U know shivay i am so reserved i don’t talk much after that!!
I don’t have more friends or better only 3 friend and bhai people sometimes think I am on mute button I can’t talk but it’s not in my hands I can’t help it now!!! Aniak said teary eyed
Shivay just hugged her tightly in his embrace feeling her so close near him and said… U r the most talkative person CHATTER EYED ur eyes speak alot I can hear them all my life!!
Shiva’s words were from heart and reached her soul
I have to tell you something something shivay!! Anika said more serious ly
About what?? Shivay asked worriedly
About our future anika said with unshed tears

PRECAP –no anika can’t be my SISTER???!!! 0???I AM IN ? LO…….. SHIVAY SAID IN DRUNK STATE!!!


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